. I rarely listen to “Any Questions” but was unlucky enough to catch about 15 minutes of it this evening. Naturally the ubiquitous Ken Livingstone was on the panel – as was putative suicide bomber Jenny Tongue. (She’s a lady, you know) Livingstone was permitted to trot out some amazing claims about his pal and employer Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez to loud applause from the audience but the bit that struck me was an almost unanimous assault from the panel on all those millions of folks who like to travel by air. Even Peter Hitchens joined in – with the panel droning on about the wonders of rail travel and how IT should be supported. (Not a great transport mode for getting across the Atlantic) This fits into the BBC agenda that air travel should only be for special interest groups like themselves. The plebs should stay at home and restrict their travel mode to bus and train, preferably run by the State.

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18 Responses to GET RAIL

  1. Arthur Dent says:

    So did all the hundreds of BBC staff get to Beijing by train and does the Sainted Ken visit Mr Chavez by boat?


  2. Martin says:

    The BBC like Gordon Brown think that everything “we” earn belongs to them by right.

    If the bastards could get away taxing us at 100% they would do.


  3. GCooper says:

    Yet more evidence that the Left doesn’t think – it feels. the maths of rail travel simply don’t work any longer. Recent studies have show that a modern car can actually be more efficient than a train.

    But, just as with AGW, there’s simply no point trying to confuse a collectivist Leftie with facts, is there?


  4. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    Martin, you really should know by now that you exist for the sake of others! 😉


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    Can a FOI request be put in to ask how much the BBC has paid Red Ken since Boris won? He’s never off the airwaves!


  6. David Vance says:


    It is astounding to observe the regularity of his appearances.


  7. Martin says:

    The problem with trains is that they go to rail stations. I often wonder if beeboids ever actually use public transport?

    So how do you get from a railway station to your final destination if it’s 20 miles away? Walk?

    Bit of a pisser if you’re a salesman who sells heavy engineering equipment isn’t it?


  8. Gibby Haynes says:

    How will Red Ken get to his new job without air travel?


  9. cameron says:

    gotta hold my hands up here chaps – i drive buses,and yes my city is at a standstill with cars etc etc blah blah – but – people have a CHOICE in this day and age as to how they travel – the fucking beeb should not be lecturing about transportation when they have -2.3 million £££ of taxi fares a year for there employees [oyster card any one?] and there massive bill for flying there over paid plebs to china…wish they would have stayed there.

    One can only hope eh?

    ps – at least Ken [who i loathe] uses the bus and train/tube.


  10. Rob says:

    Ordinary people should take the train. Special people, like socialists, can take the plane or car because their sanctity cancels out any carbon emissions.


  11. disillusioned_german says:

    Okay, let’s scrap the TV License Fee and build a railroad from the UK to mainland America. Works for me…

    Just make sure the wagons have smoker’s compartments!


  12. disillusioned_german says:

    David: I hear Ken Livingstone will sit in for Alan Hansen on MOTD tomorrow.

    It surely would be easier and cheaper to commission a statue of him?


  13. Harry says:

    Ken Livingstone should be allowed onto every TV show, this anti-white/catholic/jewish hater must be the best recruiting campaign the Conservatives could have possibly wished for.

    Mr Livingstone is a typical example of the newts that infest the toxic pond that calls itself the Labour party.

    How Londoners allowed this obnoxious waste of space to become mayor of London is beyond reason.

    I also wanted to add that Boris Johnson’s appearance on ‘who do you think you are’ was a great example of the BBC producing riveting entertainment without allowing it’s left of centre bias to creep in.


  14. Ron Todd says:

    When Blunkett was kicked out the first time he became a regular on the BBC. They were almost running a campaign for him giving him a largely uncontested platform for his policies.

    I did complain to the BBC asking why digraced tory MPs were not given the same oportunities.

    The reply was David Mellor is doing a music programme on the radio so we have balance.

    I have a job interview up north next week. As a non driver I can fly up do the interview fly back and be home in time for tea. Or I can leave at what the heck time is this in the morning sit on trains for six hours (virgin say rail works could make that conseiderably longer) have the interview get trains that get me home very lat.

    If I was a beeboid I would get a taxi or bbc driver to transport me about.

    Probably if I was a beeboid I would never go that far away from Isllington.


  15. ThePissWizard says:

    Gcooper says “Recent studies have show that a modern car can actually be more efficient than a train.”

    Care to cite these recent studies then?


  16. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    I also wanted to add that Boris Johnson’s appearance on ‘who do you think you are’ was a great example of the BBC producing riveting entertainment without allowing it’s left of centre bias to creep in.
    Harry | 30.08.08 – 1:45 am |
    Surely you jest? Wasn’t the whole point to show what a Toff Boris is? And seeing as how they found him related to the Uber Toffs then they succeeded!

    Also have you noticed how few of those celebs who get the WDYTYA ‘treatment’ have foreign ancestry? 90%? More? Why? Cos we are all multi-culti now! These’s no need to fear Johnnie Foreigner when every one’s foreigner really …

    In reality the vast majority of people in this country have to reach back a couple of millenia to find such links …


  17. Original Robin says:

    I dont mind if we take the BBCs advice and stop cheap air travel. That will stop EUroman living in one country and working in another.Less travel in EUroland for students as well.Two things often quoted as a good reason to be in the EU.I bet the BBC didn`t think about that aspect.


  18. Rog says:

    BBC flights spending ‘frivolous’

    “The BBC has been accused of being “frivolous” with licence fee-payers’ money after it said £10.4m was spent on flights last year.”…

    You really couldn’t make it up, could you?