Did anyone else just see Justin Webb on the BBC 10 0 Clock news suggesting that by selecting the “inexperienced” Sarah Palin the GOP has made it much more difficult…. for themselves to attack the Obamessiah? Amazing to see the BBC twist in the breeze as it struggles to come to terms with McCain’s audacity in his VP selection! They are looking to find ways to character assassinate Sarah Palin and watching the venom coming through is quite an experience. Anyone else feel a BBC bubble being burst..?

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  1. Martin says:

    Good site about Palin


    Yes I don’t get this. So Obama has NO experience to be President, but the BBC says that’s OK as he’s good at speeches and he has some old white dude who nover got more that 900 vote in anything as his VP.

    But Palin who got where she has without marrying into a dynasty or shagging someone sensless is NOT qualified to be a VP? She’s not going to be secretary of state is she?

    And as I posted below on CNBC she was being interviwed (a while back) about energy. She really knew her stuff.

    What does Obama know about energy?

    Webb and Frei. We lick ass for free, so long as it’s Democratic.


  2. John Bosworth says:

    Yes, folks, here it comes….tumbling out…as we predicted.

    “Some commentators (RULE #1 QUOTE ‘COMMENTATORS’ IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING YOURSELF)are calling Mr McCain’s running mate decision the strangest since Dan Quayle, George Bush Senior’s young and untested pick in 1988.


    The choice seems an audacious, perhaps slightly desperate (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!) effort to bring youth and vigour to the Republican ticket, our North America editor adds.


    Why are we not surprised?


  3. Martin says:

    Justin Webb. “No one saw this coming”

    From the website I mentioned

    “…As we enter the final week, Gov. Palin’s name is increasingly mentioned in the media, and Monday and Tuesday were our first ever consecutive days with over 5,000 hits each…”

    Note to Webb and Frei. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF OSAMA’s ARSE!!!!


  4. Martin says:

    Hey! The BBC brought up the allegation over the state trooper sacking.

    Funny that the fucking cunts at the BBC didn’t mention Osama’s link to fucking terrorists.

    I’m going to make a formal complaint


  5. Gibby Haynes says:

    No one saw it coming my arse. I’m watching an interview with her on C-Span right now that she gave in february and the interviewer asked her about talk of her being a potential VP pick and how she’d react to it. Maybe by ‘no one’, they meant ‘us’. Hardly surpising though, since the BBC suffers, amongst other things, from severe myopia.


  6. Kit says:

    The Newsnight demolition of Palin was shocking. There was no attempt at balance. I’m stunned. This attack was the worse case of bias I’ve ever seen from the BBC.


  7. Martin says:

    Kit. Bang in a complaint then. I’ve just done one. The BBC are so up the arse of Obama it’s a joke.


  8. Lemar says:

    The online BBC news
    McCain picks female running mate

    is a disgrace. Every sentence is anti Mccain. BBC cant get away with this bias, you cant believe a word BBC say. Start a web site. STOP BBC LIES



  9. Roland Deschain says:

    David Vance says “Anyone else feel a BBC bubble being burst..?

    No, actually I feel it getting bigger. But burst it will, preferably in a very messy way. This Presidential election is providing some wonderful evidence of bias which may well prove vital in ending the Beeb as it currently exists.


  10. Martin says:

    The only way to stop the BBC is to deprive them of their easy money.


  11. Adam says:

    The only consolation is that no one in America cares what the BBC thinks, and their reports won’t affect the outcome of the election. the BBC keep implying that McCain is too old, now they’re saying palin’s too young (a whole 3 years younger than Obama, what a difference! They never criticized his age.)


  12. Martin says:

    Adam: Very true. But it shows that the bBC will stoop to anything to ensure that “their” candidate wins and that has an impact for our elections.


  13. JohnA says:

    Transcript and video of Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech today. It looked to be extempore, not teleprompted. A rough tough opening statement.



  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    As I have said so many times before, here’s where Justin and Matt get their opinions:

    McCain’s Hail Mary Pass

    The New Republic

    And most obviously and importantly, here is why Beeboids are so surprised:

    Republican Veepstakes Line: The Final Cut

    This last is from a VP-centered blog on the Washington Post website. This is where Justin and Matt get their daily information.

    Note the shared language and themes, perilously close to plagiarism. Also notice how the Washington Post has five finalists on their own short list (this is supposed to be the insider track), yet no mention of Gov. Palin. They even mention a female – former Gov. Whitman of New Jersey, but that’s only because she was Secretary of the Interior under Bush for a while. The Leftoids are so blind and stupid that they think McCain might pick her just because she was part of the Bush Administration, even though she hasn’t done a damn thing for years. And we all know that McCain is just another four years of Bush, right, BBC?

    I guess if a few fellow travelers discuss this over drinks, then go their separate ways and write the exact same report, it’s technically not plagiarism. It’s Groupthink by another name.

    The BBC employees – and, by extension, representatives of your official state broadcaster – who are covering the US election do not engage in real critical analysis. They think they do, but all they actually achieve is the regurgitation of the pearls of wisdom spewed by the East Coast Leftoid US Media, but with a British schoolboy delivery.

    If there are any Beeboids lurking about this evening, please pass along a message to someone in the actual news division that your shallow, uninformed colleagues are an embarrassment to journalism, as well as to the British public.

    I’ve been saying this exact thing for months and months, and here they are proving it yet again. Even a cursory glance at libertarian or Conservative blogs or media for the last two weeks will have revealed the name of Gov. Palin being mentioned as a slam dunk. This is just more proof that the fools who cover the US for the BBC are totally out of touch, don’t do their jobs in a professional manner, and are biased to the core.

    Nobody saw Gov. Palin coming? Well, nobody with their head up their BBC ass, anyway.


  15. JohnA says:

    Palin comes out with more clear views on energy policy in one interview than Obama has in his whole campaign.

    Biden better watch out.



  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I forgot to mention that it’s an outright lie that Gov. Palin is no more experienced than the Obamessiah. She may have been governor for only two years – the amount of time the Obamessiah has been a Senator – but that’s executive experience. Furthermore, she has spent the last two years actually doing her effin’ job, as opposed to the Obamessiah.

    She was also a two-term mayor in Alaska. Any BBC employee who calls equates her government experience with the Obmassiah’s is telling you a lie. Every time you hear that from a Beeboid, they are lying. They haven’t done their homework, they’re just parroting what their US Leftoid Media mates tell them.

    There’s just no other way to say it, and Mark Thompson and Helen Boaden don’t give a damn. In fact, they probably think that lying to the public in this instance is a good idea.


  17. Jon says:

    John Bosworth | 29.08.08 – 10:42 pm |

    “Analysts say Mrs Palin was chosen to rejuvenate the campaign of Mr McCain, who is celebrating his 72nd birthday.”

    Some more anonymous people “Analysts”,
    and “ageism” all in one sentence.


  18. JohnA says:


    Are the Frei and Webb stuff being broadcast on your side of the pond ? If so – they must appear real stupid ?

    The Dem convention was an exercise in papering over the cracks. Half the base feeling unhappy, grudgingly supporting the ticket in spite of the VP selection.

    All the signs are that the Repub convention is going to be a storm. The entire base energised by this VP selection. It will be interesting to hear her speech next week.


  19. Martin says:

    I hear that Palin put a tax on the oil companies in Alaska and then used that money to give back to the folks (about $1200 per family). Anyone know if that’s correct?

    If so that doesn’t sound like someone who is in the pocket of the oil companies does it?

    Not that the BBC would ever report it if true.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    JohnA | 30.08.08 – 12:00 am |

    Are the Frei and Webb stuff being broadcast on your side of the pond ? If so – they must appear real stupid ?

    Oh, yes. They’ve been attempting to poison the minds of United Statesians since last October.

    Monday thru Friday, once at 7pm and again at 10. On Fridays instead of the repeat we get a “Best of Newsnight” medley. Matt Frei is the anchor for this low-budget propaganda show, and Justin Webb is the main analyst in the field. The executive producer is the guy who was in charge at CBS when Dan Rather destroyed his own career over those fake National Guard memos smearing George Bush.

    It’s an embarrassment, and no mistake. The BBC World News America homepage says it best:

    Matt Frei aims to ‘bring the world home’ to American viewers using the unparalleled international reach and resources of BBC News…and to cover stories IN America with the fresh and distinctive flair that only the BBC can provide.

    Quite so.


  21. JohnA says:

    I believe there was no new tax – but revenues rose in line with the rise in oil prices. Eg sales tax would be a fixed percentage.

    Palin chose NOT to spend the extra money – the way most legislators would She instead made a rebate to taxpayers.


  22. Martin says:

    JohnA: In that case does she want to come and run England? WE can send those two failed jocks packing!


  23. dave t says:

    Meanwhile ALL the comments at the top of the Have Your Say on this choice of an experienced anti corruption candidate who has been running a state whilst Obama has sat in the Senate doing nothing are negative. Good old Beeb – never let the truth get in the way of their ridiculous bias!

    On the one hand Hilary has NO experience at running anything and claimed to be an expert on foreign affairs when she wasn’t dodging non existent snipers whilst bringing world peace etc and now the Beeb claim that Palin, a near perfect choice for lots of Americans on BOTH sides of the political divide is not good enough for the Beeb? Plonkers.


  24. JohnA says:

    There is more info on Palin on blogs than the entire “BBC” news operation brings us.

    Yes, Palin is relatively unknown to the audience – as were most of the otherpossible VP picks. So shouldn’t the “BBC” give full descriptions of her record, before they start opinionting on her ? Let the dog see the rabbit ?



  25. GCooper says:

    As I urged on another thread please lodge formal complaints about this travesty.

    If Webb and Frei genuinely did not see Mrs Palin coming then they are lazy and incompetent journalists. If they did, then they are the most wicked liars, to pretend otherwise.

    Not 12 hours into her new role and Newsnight has already tried to undermine Palin, while continuing to ignore Obama’s deeply troubling past.

    A line has to be drawn and the BBC needs to be told that they are being seen for what they are. Naked and unashamed propagandists.


  26. Jack Bauer says:

    The description that is eluding the BBC, because they are basically mendacious and/or ignorant, is “Executive Experience.”

    The POTUS is the “Chief Executive,” and that means something quite specific.

    State Governors are the states equivalent of President. The are the “Chief Executives” of their state.

    By that definition, Palin has more executive experience than the three Senators on the various tickets.

    And as a matter of fact, it is Governors, rather than Senators, or Congressmen, who predominate in winning the Presidency.

    Senators may have experience in many areas, what they don’t have is executive experience in running a large organization.

    So whichever way you look at it, the McCain/Palin ticket has vastly more “experience,” than Obama, who has spent his two years in the US Senate running for President.

    That’s HIS experience.


  27. disillusioned_german says:

    David: I guess you could fill your Biased BBC book by focussing on the US election alone.

    I have already joined the Sarah Palin fanclub 🙂

    P.S.: Whilst watching Fox News Channel I’ve seen Mrs. Palin shoot an automatic rifle. Maybe we should tell her the location of Justin Webb and Matt Frei.


  28. mark says:

    Sarah Palin is a creationist, and wants it taught in schools.

    she is anti abortion, pro gun and anti science.

    She may be running against the Obamessiah but don’t paise her too highly, i really wouldn’t want someone of her beliefs in the whitehouse.

    Religious fundamentalists are ALWAYS a bad thing.


  29. GCooper says:

    I’m not at all sure about that ‘anti-science’ slur.

    My worry about her is that she is too orthodox: I gather she believes in the AGW fairytale.


  30. JS says:

    The BBC’s Mr Webb’s reportage breaks OFCOM’s rules on impartial broadcasting.


  31. JS says:

    Sorry, forget to add that it also breaks EU political compliance laws.


  32. Pete says:

    This comment is just another piece of the famous ‘analysis’ that the BBC prides itself on.

    So, according to the unelected, electorally inexperienced, tax-funded nobodies at BBC news, the Republicans have made it more difficult for themselves by their choice of Palin. This fits the BBC view that all Republicans are stupid, not like the clever, caring Democrats.

    Why do we have to pay for such tripe?


  33. Jason says:

    Did anyone else notice this horrible, callous, insensitive sentence in the BBC’s online coverage of Palin?


    “She also opposes abortion and her baby son has Down’s Syndrome.”


    The context – Mrs Palin’s ideological leanings. At a stretch, you could infer from this sentence that what the BBC meant to get across was that her decision to knowingly give birth to a baby with Down’s syndrome is linked to her stance against abortion.

    Yet if the BBC had any kind of morals or tact or just plain old fashioned writing skills, they would have phrased it as such. Yet look how it came out – so insensitive and kak-handed you’d think a 10 year old snot-nosed kid wrote it.

    How it sounded to me, was that her “Down’s Syndrome kid” is somehow relevant to her ideological leanings. As in – “only right-wing pro-lifers have Down’s Syndrome kids”.

    God how this election has really brought out the worst in the BBC. I think it could, actually, be the final nail in their coffin.


  34. Douglas Quaid says:

    People here need to count their blessings. imagine if Hillary had been nominated – you’d see ten time more bias.

    One issue no one here seem’s to mention is the issue of Obama’s race.

    Everyone refers to him as potentially the first black president etc, but he is mixed race and just as much white as he is black. Why do the media never correctly describe his race accurately – quite an insult to his mother to pretend her side of the fmaily doesn’t exist.


  35. thud says:

    This just keeps getting better and better…the beeb,obambi and hill must be going crazy…when McCain wins, Palin is a shoo in for president next time round…it’s just beautiful!


  36. Susan says:

    Jack Bauer is correct. US presidential politics is hierarchical, and it’s roughly like a hand of poker: a sitting Vice President is an Ace, a governer is a King, a Senator is a Queen (and a Senator with only four years’ experience is probably a Knave at best, maybe a 10.). (Maybe if we made them Dukes, Marquesses and Earls, they’d get it better?)

    Why does the BBC not grasp this one simple fact? Do they not realize that no one has been directly elected to the Presidency from Congress since JFK, and that was almost 50 years ago, and that he only won by the skin of his teeth? The Beeb’s lack of understanding of American politics is frightening considering how much they probably pay Frei-cook and Cob-Webb. The huffy superior “I’m so smart” attitude they project is just, so, so unjustified.

    Side note: If Hurricane Gustav hits New Orleans and causes as much damage as Katrina, can we expect a reprise of the Frei-cook’s famous boat trip “rescue” through “flooded” city streets in calf-deep water?


  37. deegee says:

    Given that the choice of a presidential running mate is often (normally?) a ploy to gain votes in areas where the presidential candidate is weak, I think the choice of Palin was brilliant tactics.

    On one hand it gives the feminists something to think about. Would they prefer a white woman or a ‘black’ man in the White House (or some annex?). On the other it boosts McCain’s conservative cred with mainstream Republicans.


  38. archduke says:


    “Palin is a terrible choice. She is far less experienced than Obama, with only a year in office”

    which is a lie. she was elected governor in 2006…


    plus she’s been in the political game since 1992 (have a read of that wiki page)


  39. archduke says:

    “mark | 30.08.08 – 1:27 am | ”

    bear in mind that Alaska has a strong libertarian streak. anything goes up there, so her creationist stance doesnt really bother me.

    and anyway – its obvious that McCain picked her to accomplish two things – attract conservative Democrats who voted for Hillary , plus shore up the traditional Repub conservative base.

    game set match to mccain.


  40. archduke says:


    “Conservatives are thrilled with the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running-mate. Scroll through the postings at RobinsonandLong.com, or listen to the hosts and callers on any of the talk shows today. “


  41. fewqwer says:

    Teaching creationism in schools is far less damaging than reinforcing leftism.


  42. James says:

    Call me suspicious if you want BUT
    Saah Palin is an anagram of
    Sharia Plan.
    Bad omen if ever there was, I wouldn’t trust or vote for them even if I could


  43. NotaSheep says:

    The BBC’s bias towards Obama and against McCain has been disgusting for months and still Obama is not a dead cert to win. Having praised every decision he has made and enthused over the Democratic convention, expect denigration of McCain and negative coverage of the Republican convention. Complaining of BBC bias will make no difference, the BBC don’t care what we think. They have three big priorities for the next two years: to get Barack Obama elected POTUS and so make up for George Bush’s two wins, to get Labour re-elected in the UK and to get the UK so embedded within the EU that there is no way out. All BBC news and current affairs output must be examined with the above in mind.


  44. thud says:

    Watching tv out in California right now its all Palin…obambi is invisible…..oh dear!


  45. knacker says:

    This snippet about Palin from the AP:
    …her husband, Todd, a blue-collar North Slope oil worker who won the 2007 Iron Dog, a 1,900-mile snowmobile race. He is part Yup’ik Eskimo. The two [Mr and Mrs] have spent summers fishing commercially for salmon, an enterprise that once left her with broken fingers aboard their boat.

    Some here struggled w/ the implications of The One’s comments about Whole Foods/arugula. It helps to have been in a Whole Foods store. Todd wouldn’t shop there, ever; men who moisturize wouldn’t go anywhere else. The US has many more Todds than metrosexuals. O’s attempt to portray himself as tribune to the proles works only w/ the MSM.

    Palin has actually done stuff, so the VP debate will be very interesting. Good time to place a modest bet on McCain.

    The BBC continues to play you for fools. But you already know that.


  46. JohnA says:

    Excellent summary of the Palin effect :



  47. El Cid says:


    “Call me suspicious if you want BUT
    Saah Palin is an anagram of
    Sharia Plan.”

    OK, you are suspicious. I think you will find that the letters “Barrack Obama” equate far more closely to that plan.


  48. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    More bias:

    BBC Radio Two’s headline news writers position the Palin VP story from whose particular persective?

    Go on, you know!

    Yes, we were treated to a comment by Obama on Palin! Instead of reportng McCain saying why he chose her, the Radio Two newsroom report what Obama has to say on her.

    In particular, we hear Obama congratulating her […that’ll make BO look good, the Beeb think…] but then we hear him criticise her for her lack of experience on foreign affairs!

    And so in Beebland, there is only one viewpoint worth quoting on any development in the US Election.


  49. Lemar says:

    The BBC are using USA elections as a trial for UK election. The same will happen here where Labour will be shown as unlucky due to world recession and Tories have no experience


  50. dave t says:

    Beeb are backtracking..they removed the link to the comments (where they stuck the negative ones at the top despite the fact that most were positive) and they must be knashing their teeth now that their ObaMessiah has come out and said Palin is a good pick and slapped down his staffer who slagged her off last night! 3 billion for these clowns? Waste of money!

    “James: Call me suspicious if you want BUT Saah Palin is an anagram of
    Sharia Plan.Bad omen if ever there was, I wouldn’t trust or vote for them even if I could”

    What a strange and childish thing to say….do you work for the BBC Kiddies Dept or something?