? I think that the BBC coverage of this US election really does warrant a whole chapter to itself in the forthcoming Biased BBC book. It just goes from bad to worse. Did you catch Sarah Montague’s 7.12am interview with the Beeb Washington correspondent Kim Ghattas concerning the selection of Sarah Palin to run as V-P? It’s laced with subtle and not so subtle attacks on Palin and the buzz words are “inexperience” “anti abortion” “very conservative.” Sarah Montague and Kim Ghattas both agree that McCain has “undercut” his best line of attack against the Obamessiah by choosing such as inexperienced candidate and then tried to present this GOP choice as a victory for the Dems. I am no fan of John McCain but let me say that should he win in November, then there will be at least one bottle of champagne strewn across the corridor in my house! The BBC are bound to declare a day of national mourning with accompanying solemn music, before launching into the “racist” America diatribe that is never far from the surface in their toxic left wing minds. Their coverage of this election has been staggeringly biased and in my mind it is more evidence why the axe needs to be taken to such a powerful but unbalanced State broadcaster.

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  1. Martin says:

    Does she have links to murderers and terrorists like Osama does?


  2. Jack Bauer says:

    As a Rep spokesbod said, even as Mayor of her small home town, Sarah Palin gained more EXECTUTIVE experience on her first day in office than Barack Obama has in his 143 days in the US Senate.


  3. Martin says:

    Obama has hardly ever been in the Senate. He’s spent most of his time running for President.

    I wonder who Putin would fear most? One of Obama’s speeches or a verbal slapping from Palin with a large wet Salmon?

    I think the Americans may have found their Maggie Thatcher.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Matin — yep, unlike that fake feminist Hillary.

    Clinton only achieved anything politically because she was married to the former President.

    Palin is clearly more comparable to Thatcher in that sense, who achieved mighty things by the time she was 30 at a time when women with 2 kids were expected to be at home, not running a career, and running for office.


  5. archduke says:

    note how the bbc constantly refers to Sarah Palin’s “conservatism”…

    and yet , never refers to obama’s liberalism or socialism,


  6. Gerald Brown says:

    I too heard the interview on the Toady programme. Exactly what one would expect. Most balanced report I have heard was on The World Tonight by Claire Balderson (apologies if spelling wrong). Obviously not got much of a future at the BBC if she reports like that!


  7. Martin says:

    The more the BBC smear and lie (it’s what they do best) the more you know they are worried.

    Look at the reaction of the media to Biden. No one gives a shit. A dull man in a suit.

    But Palin has got the Dems panicing.

    She’s very attractive, which means she’ll get more photos on the front pages than Obama does.

    You just know everything she says will get reported. Obama has just been pushed to the back of the crowd and he won’t like it.


  8. Anonymous says:

    the buzz words are “inexperience” “anti abortion” “very conservative.”

    I would expect, as a Catholic, Joe Biden is “anti-abortion” too.

    But the BBC probably won’t mention that.


  9. George R says:

    Yes, here’s ‘Today’s cryptic (audio)2m.:11sec comment on SARAH PALIN, from the BBC Democratic Party perspective. McCAIN’s nomination of PALIN, really caught the BBC’s anti-Republican commentators on the hop. They were clearly looking the other way:

    Scroll to 7:12 am.


  10. archduke says:

    the obamessiah put his foot-in-his-mouth again..

    he’s said that he thinks china’s infrastructure is VASTLY superior to america’s.

    somebody needs to remind him of what happened when an earthquake hit.


  11. George R says:

    SARAH PALIN: a non-BBC assessment-

    “Sarah Palin for vice president – an inspirational choice”


  12. Shirley says:

    HEAR! HEAR! The BBC’s US-Election coverage is an utter disgrace. Nothing will ever change until the BBC is privatized.


  13. Mailman says:

    Its also telling how Al Beeb ended its story on Palin. Making reference to an issue in Alaska without actually digging in to what actually went on and why that guy got fired.

    Then again, why would Al Beeb give its readers the full story aye?

    Tell you what though, if I was the Dems Id be worried. Inspite of the love affair from the media, their all out efforts to saturate the good story and throwing more people under the bus than is on it they are still only neck and neck with McCain, who to be fair, hasnt exactly been on fire has he.

    Then again, McCain seems to be actually getting out there and pressing the flesh and meeting the people, you know…doing all the things required to get people to vote.

    Im going with another Rep win in November.



  14. Andrew Daley says:

    Both the Guardian and the Indy, beacons of leftism, PC and Gore-worship, ran flattering pictures of Sarah Palin on their front pages, accompanied by reasonably positive captions and headlines. It now seems that the BBC is well to the left of both these papers. This is despite the fact that the Beeb has supposedly much stricter rules on impartiality.
    If the BBC ran a newspaper, the headline would probably have been “Desperate McCain Chooses Unknown, Rabidly Conservative, Pro-Gun, Failed Beauty Queen”


  15. Arkangel says:

    I’ve just been reading the HYS on the Beeb. It’s noteworthy that it’s now up to 123 pages of comments. Not one commenting on the crap Beeboid reporting though!!


  16. archduke says:

    and she’s married to an eskimo!

    how cool is that??


  17. Jack Bauer says:

    arch — and, unlike Barack Teleprompter Obama, Sarah Palin delivers an effective, relevant speech without a TELEPROMPTER.

    As she did yesterday when she flawlessly accepted her nomination in an extemporaneous, attractive and compelling manner.

    A uh…feat…um… that’s errr… beyond… um… the errr…capacity um…. of… ahhh… NOBAMA.


  18. Sutekh says:

    Does she have links to murderers and terrorists like Osama does?
    Martin | 30.08.08 – 10:40 am | #

    Define ‘links’ in this context…


  19. Anat (Israel) says:

    Jack Bauer | 30.08.08 – 11:10 am | ‘Palin is clearly more comparable to Thatcher”.
    The comparison has crossed my mind.
    I mean this as a complement, although at the time I was a leftist.
    Not any longer.


  20. Martin says:

    Funny that up until yesterday the BBC didn’t think the VP pick was important at all (basically do no harm)

    Now the BBC is saying that the VP pick is so important because of people like Al Bore (and hat did that fat shit do for 8 years as VP by the way?)

    The BBC is running scared.

    But lets get real here. Obama is crap speaking off the cuff. He stutters and tends to struggle to find the right words. Biden is a bomb waiting to blow up. He puts his foot in it more often than Gordon Brown.

    McCain’s stongest point is when he speaks off the cuff he’s very good and gives direct answers.

    Obama said he’d meet McCain anywhere any time ot debate. Well so far he’s run away. Even at Saddleback they did the talks apart.

    However, come the big TV debates, Obama won’t have the whole media in the tank for him this time.

    When American’s see Obama spluttering and stuttering every 5 seconds and McCain being positive and decisive, they’ll see who is the better CIC.

    Oh and suppose McCain did die in his first term, the Replublicans would have to appoint an experienced VP to back up Palin. So what? That’s what the Dems have now.

    And I have to laugh when leftoids at the BBC were saying that people can’t see her as a President. You mean they see Biden as one? Just how many times has he run for President? And how many people voted for him again? So clearly Americans don’t see Biden as a good choice either. Oh and The Americans didn’t vote for Al Bore as President when he had his chance either.

    Lies. It’s what the BBC does best.


  21. JohnA says:


    I think that Palin performance lasted about 12 to 15 minutes. As you know – that is a long time to speak withut notes.

    Yet she seemed to get a lot of points across clearly and effectively. Not much difference between her performance WITHOUT a Teleprompter and Obama’tightly-scripted stuff WITH one.

    Of course it is always easier to speak clearly if you are honest, have honest and open policy positions. That is Obama’s problem – he is having to dissemble, to hide a lot of his actual views and positions. Which was clearly on display at Saddleback. And will become clear in the autumn debates, I thin

    If anything – Palin looks as though she may be a more effective speaker than McCain. And she is plenty bright enough to get up to speed on all the policy issues, especially economic and social policy.

    On defence and security , she likely has it down pat already. And will make Obama look like the appeasing wimp he truly is. Also, she seems to be a scorcher on energy policy which is up front and central in the election.

    What would be really intriguing is if she played her reputation as a chaser of corruption / sleazy government practices to open up some attacks on Obama and Biden. The whole Ayers / ACORN / lockstep with Daley in Chicago / links with lobbyists theme. Any attack she makes will have the ring of honesty ?

    Biden was stated to be the attack dog for Obama. Palin could be just as effective an attack dog for McCann, pitching into the hypocrisies and murky corners of Obama especially. The Ayers issue is now breaking into mainstream media in spite of their negligence so far – I could see Palin really getting her teeth into that one.

    She has been criticised for inexperience – undercutting McCain’s theme against Obama, as Justin Webb and others claim. But firstly she has had executive experience, has faced down entranched interests – and has actually reached across the aisle when necessary.

    Secondly – she is not the lead dog in the repub team. That is – the second dog Palin has more claim to exec experience than the Dems’ lead dog. (Which is not hard, really, as Obama has nil)


  22. JohnA says:

    For classics fans – a parody of the Obama odyssey :


  23. Pete says:

    BBC news is hopeless on most political and economic issues. It’s OK for the easy stuff like telling us that investigators of a plane crash are looking for the black box or that the police are mounting a large search for a murderer, but it’s useless for anything more challenging.

    But what can you expect from the quasi local government officers/civil servants that the BBC staff are?


  24. Bryan says:

    As someone mentioned on another thread, the scrupulously balanced, impartial and fair BBC did a real hatchet job on Sarah Palin and the Democrats last night on Newsnight. They introduced the subject with the briefest mention that she was governor of Alaska and then had Peter Marshall on, who took great pains to inform us that, “Two years ago she was the mayor of a suburb of Anchorage, population eight thousand….” giving, of course, the exact population figure and practically raising an eyebrow at the camera while omitting any mention of the fact that she was Governor of Alaska. Then on to the usual non-critical coverage of Barack Obama speaking for close to two minutes (the entire coverage was eight and a half minutes) with empty words about Bush’s faults and McCain’s potential faults, and bolstering his speech with praise like, “Obama offered immediate tangible solution for economic woes.”

    I was beginning to wonder whether I’d got it wrong and the subject under discussion was Obama, but no, Newsnight eventually condescended to wrench their gaze away from their hero and turn their withering scorn onto McCain and his choice for VP, introducing them with these words: “The Republican nomination was supposed to give them an early lift off but they are standing around the launch pad scratching their heads. They are hoping Palin will serve as bait for disaffected Democratic women voters. The ploy is blatant.” [Gee, don’t hold back, BBC, tell us how you really feel about Republicans.] Then Sarah Palin was graciously given voice by Newsnight for a full 20 seconds, just time enough to prove the “blatant ploy” with her praise of Geraldine Feraro and Hilary Clinton. Peter Marshall naturally mentioned that she was under investigation and then the programme moved on to Scott Reid, a Republican strategist, who was allowed to give one and a half minutes worth of his opinion.

    Anyone who wants to check this out can click on the Newsnight: Real/Windows version at the top right:

    This was a typical BBC exercise in cuddling up to the Democrats while scorning the Republicans. As usual, it was an absolute disgrace.


  25. Joel says:

    The BBC had the selection of Sarah Palin as VP as the top headline on their website yesterday. Why is that of interest to me in the UK who pays a licence fee.

    I am sick of this pro-Republican bias and it has to end. Boo hoo.

    Ps. I hate Moslems too.


  26. Martin says:

    Joel: No rent boy today then?


  27. Martin says:

    Bryan: The BBC is full of shit. The truth is 25% of American women are undecided. Hardcore Clintonites won’t vote for McCain anyway.

    However, women made up 54% of all voters in the last election, so picking a woman who is a pro lifer will help shore up Conservative women and will make some independent women voters take another look at McCain.

    They will see that there is a good chance she will be running for President in 4 years if McCain wins.

    The BBC is so full of shit. It’s those female voters McCain is after.

    Are we supposed to believe that the Dems didn’t pick Obama to get the black vote?

    Oh and I can’t wait to see Biden get his butt kicked by her. Biden is just full of hot air.


  28. Martin says:

    Watching a bit of Fox News the Dems are in a real panic. So much talk about the VP pick. No Osama talk. Oh dear. The Dems are doing exactly what the Republicans want. All of a sudden no one is talking about Osama!!!



  29. DB says:

    Bryan | 30.08.08 – 2:17 pm
    “The Republican nomination was supposed to give them an early lift off but they are standing around the launch pad scratching their heads.”

    Peter Marshall is either self-delusional or wilfully misleading (or – most likely – both). The McCain camp says it took $3m in donations before 6pm yesterday after Palin was announced and there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to support that. The Republican base is energised by the choice. Even Rush Limbaugh is now on board – worth reading it all, but this crack about Obama’s acceptance speech made me LOL:
    He actually said in his speech last night — the audience sort of looked a little stunned. He said, “I am my brother’s keeper.” He actually said it. His brother lives in a hut! On twelve dollars a year! His brother lives in a hut, a shack, a six-by-nine-foot hut outside Nairobi. He is his brother’s keeper? He hasn’t even sent his brother a “Hut, Sweet Hut” sign to put up inside the hut.


  30. Jack Bauer says:

    Bryan… did Peter Marshall of the ill-informed BBC actually state on air that:

    “Two years ago she was the mayor of a suburb of Anchorage, population eight thousand.”

    Problem is it’s NOT TRUE.

    Sarah Palin was Mayor of Wasilla from 1996 • 2002.

    If Marshall cannot even get that basic fact right, why believe anything he says?


  31. Matthew says:

    What makes Sarah Montague particularly infuriating is that, in addition to being a left-wing ideologue, she is a cringe-inducing idiot. Whenever an interviewee makes a point that is even slightly subtle, Montague misconstrues it or misses it altogether. Her cretinousness is as objectionable as her political tendentiousness. I frequently turn the radio off when her voice comes on, because I can’t bear to listen to such a bimbo.


  32. Anonymous says:

    shes far too posh and ugly to be classifed as a bimbo. I think shes more of a stuck up snotty bitch than a bimbo


  33. Jack Bauer says:

    25% of American women are undecided. Hardcore Clintonites won’t vote for McCain anyway.

    Dittos. Obviously all this is too subtle for the BBC to understand. The last two US general elections have been decided within the margin of error.

    Putiing Palin on the ticket doesn’t mean she’ll attract all those Hillary voters. She doesn’t need to. All she need do is attract a small percentage who could sway the vote in some states.

    And believe me, there is a largish group who are obsessed in voting for a woman, no matter which party they represent.

    Again, the BBC chooses not to explain to its viewers (who probably couldn’tr care less about the US election anyway) that in the general, citizens are not voting for a President, they are voting for delegates to the Electoral College.


  34. Lee Moore says:

    I didn’t think the BBC was too bad yesterday on Governor Palin – with the exception of Peter Marshall who I did see and who was frankly embarrassing.

    My main criticism, which applies to Sky too, was that they all ignored the anti-Washington, anti-corruption angle to her, which was the biggest part of McCain’s speech introducing her, and banged on about her sex. I have no doubt that her sex was important in McCain choosing her, but if he was determined to choose a woman, there were clearly reasons why he chose this particular one, almost all of which were ignored or glossed over.


  35. archduke says:

    “What other country in the developed world produces beauty queens who hunt caribou and serve up a terrific moose stew? ”


  36. JohnA says:


    I had just found the Mark Steyn comments on Palin too. Trust Mark to refer back to the old Irving Berlin song. He used to present a “Broadway” prog on the BBC, it was a treasure of wit and information. Now we get the likes of Wark on arts reviews, Lord help us.

    “Naughty librarian” – love it.

    I missed Peter Marshall last night – but it sounds like a prime example of “BBC” bias – and putright ignorance.

    Palin’s selection has really got the base jumping – for the first time since McCain took the lead position. This will matter in money, in local organisation terms and in the whole verve of the Repub campaign.

    Marshall seems utterly oblivious of how broad the welcome has been. And how many plus points that Palin brings to the party.

    It is reprehensible that people like Marshall should be injecting their own opinions. I want to hear what Americans think. I bet the “BBC” doesn’t report this Rasmussen poll on first impressions, Palin compared with Biden :

    And how about this from a Dem journalist / TV commentator:

    And when Dem commentators as diverse as Hugh Hewitt and Bill Krystol approve Palin, something big is happening ? Game-changing ?


  37. JohnA says:

    Has the “BBC” at any point asked psychological qwuestions about Obama ? They often seem to imply problems with McCain – but how about Obama’s narcissism, his vanity, his extreme distanmce from normal folks ?

    “The boy with the hole in the middle”


  38. Gerald Brown says:

    Are foreigners allowed to make donations to U. S. of A. Presidential campaigns?

    If so links to both?


  39. RAB says:

    I suppose you could find a way but I didn’t see it as a option on the website.

    In any case a politician taking donations from a foreigner (no matter how well intentioned) is asking for the kiss of death. Better not to risk it.


  40. Martin says:

    Jack Bauer: Spot on. A lot of women did’nt like the way Hillary got beaten about by the MSM when Osama was getting free hand jobs from them.

    Some women might just vote for McCain now just to stick 2 fingers up to the Dems who are so smug about thier terrorist loving candidate.

    However, many women have someone they can relate to. She is a successful woman in her own right. She’s not some rabid man hating dyke so plenty of men will like her as well.

    As for this experience thing. Just who is going to have their finger on the nuclear trigger? Obama or McCain, not their VP.

    Any every time the Dems refer to Biden as being experienced, they are admitting Obama isn’t!!!

    Her approval ratings in Alaska were up in the high 80’s. But you just know that the BBC will do a vox pop and only interview people that hate her. If they have to wait all day to find them, they will do.


  41. JohnA says:

    Not really much sign of a bounce for Obama from his big speech, his convention, his wife’s speech, Kennedy et al, and the selection of Joe Biden :

    Yes, Gallup yesterday was showing a bigger blip – but this was before the Palin announcement. Taking these two main tracking polls together and last week looks like a bit of a damp squib for Obama.

    Now the weekend press and TV are going to be full of Palin. Rehashing of Obama’s sppeech will be ignored – a waste of newsprint.

    Word has gone round that Palin is a good speaker. Lots of people will want to focus on her speech next week. It would be fun if she prefaced it by saying “I am not reading a Teleprompter, I am telling you what I REALLY believe.” Her audience will be huge – possibly bigger than McCain’s ?

    And I want to see the greeting she gets from Laura Bush, still an extremely popular woman across the spread of opinion.

    The Repubs now have a family with young kids to match the Obama family.

    Plus there will likely be barnstormers from Fred Thomspon, Mitt Romney and ? Rudy, all hammering the Dem platform and the Obama image. Plus Joe Lieberman saying that his party has lost the plot on national security.

    Much of Obama’s convention was a tense affair, the Clinton bomb ticking away. The Repub convention will look far more united, and could well result in a much bigger bounce – if there is not already a bounce developing from the Palin appointment.

    (Of course it is otiose for me to be writing this sort of stuff, it just duplicates the sort of positive appraisal we’ll be getting from all those high-paid “BBC” reporters.)


  42. Jack Bauer says:

    Her approval ratings in Alaska were up in the high 80’s. But you just know that the BBC will do a vox pop and only interview people that hate her. If they have to wait all day to find them, they will do.
    Martin | 30.08.08 – 4:33 pm | #

    They’ll probably find their only three anti-hunting, anti-gun vegans in the state, plus the gay hairdresser from Men In Trees (a recent US show set in Alaska!)


  43. DB says:

    Peter Marshall:
    “The Republican nomination was supposed to give them an early lift off but they are standing around the launch pad scratching their heads.
    Scratching around for spare money, more like:
    “All that attention combined with the good vibrations from the base delivered McCain a financial shot in the arm yesterday.
    His online haul from the Palin pick: $4.49 million, per a campaign aide.”

    Has the “BBC” at any point asked psychological qwuestions about Obama ? They often seem to imply problems with McCain

    I’d like to see Peter Marshall push the “McCain is short-tempered” meme:
    Mr Marshall’s reponse was succinct: “I hope you can live with yourself, distorting people for cheap Daily Mail pieces”.
    When I pointed out that I did not distort a word of what he said, he responded thus: “You fat fuck. You fucker” and terminated the conversation.


  44. HSLD says:

    It’s hardly scientific, but a goodly number of my American friends have been very disillusioned of late with the Republicans. They call them the ‘Stupid Party’ and mutter darkly about maybe not bothering to vote ( none of them would vote Dem in a million years )

    Their reaction to Palin ranges from positive to ecstatic.

    I can’t believe this is an isolated phenomena, although I can believe the BBC won’t try and explore it.


  45. nbc says:

    Heh, I’m going to have to renew my TV licence next month just to watch Matt Frei’s head implode in November.


  46. Martin says:

    Anyone else noticed how all of a sudden the BBC has dropped the US elections down the news order?

    All of a sudden the floods in India are important. Well those floods have been going on for days, but that didn’t stop the scum at the BBC putting ofuckingbama as the top story did it?


  47. archduke says:

    “JohnA | 30.08.08 – 4:07 pm”

    probably a typo on your part – but Hugh Hewitt and Bill Kristol arent Dem. their out and out Repubs.


  48. archduke says:

    “HSLD | 30.08.08 – 4:47 pm”

    have a look at the amount of comments rolling into this blog

    ecstatic? you betcha.

    at a stroke, mccain has got the base onboard.

    genius – just pure genius.