I see that the BBC have managed to claim the political scalp of a senior republican in New Mexico. Fernando de Baca, the chairman of the Republican Party in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, also said Hispanics “won’t vote for a black president”. Mr de Baca had been approached by the BBC’s Jon Kelly for comments on the presidential election campaign at the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque, part of Bernalillo County. He was explaining why he thought John McCain would do well in the state, which has large population of Hispanics. “The truth is that Hispanics came here as conquerors. African-Americans came here as slaves.”Naturally this allowed the MSM thought police to hound de Baca from his position. One little victory for our non-partisan State Broadcaster.

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14 Responses to BBC CLAIMS GOP HEAD.

  1. Martin says:

    What do you expect from the BBC?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep, for al-Beeb the cost of that bus to cross the US is now worth ever penny they’ve (er, I mean we’ve) spent on it.

    Their rare foray into Flyover Territory has paid dividends for them. I wonder where their next GOP scalp will come from? Fayette county, Kentucky? Ralls county Missouri?


  3. David Vance says:

    ..and yet, no Democrat scalps yet. How odd.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Newsnight was at least partially responsible for The Obamessiah’s former foreign policy adviser to get the sack. She contradicted his stated policy about Iraq there and in The Scotsman. She was gone within the week. Although I don’t remember the BBC taking credit.

    This guy obviously put his foot in his mouth after the fact as well. He claims to have been merely bringing up attitudes of the older generation of Hispanics in New Mexico, but then he himself is 70. Oops.]

    But still, Mission Accomplished for the “Talking America” bus trip. As minor and probably deserved as this is, does anyone else care to insult my intelligence and say I’m making stuff up when I claim the BBC is interfering with the US elections?


  5. gordon-bennett says:

    Did you notice that they tagged the Republican Party twice, just to make sure everyone got the sub-text.


  6. Anonymous says:

    If a Democrat made an injudicious statement to this Beeboid hack-on-a-jolly do you think the BBC would pursue that? Of course not, they’d spike the story ASAP.

    Only if a Democrat were to blurt out something live on-air, so the story couldn’t be squashed, would the BBC run it. A Democrat gaffe on a non-live report? That’ll end up on the cutting room floor.

    But with a Republican the story gets prominence with no doubt a few tip-offs to their chums at DemocraticUnderground as well as the Kos Kidz morons to stir things up.


  7. whitewineliberal says:

    happy to insult it david.


  8. Mailman says:

    Isnt there something about a foreign broadcaster interferring in a counties politics?



  9. Verity says:

    This Jon Whatsit should come to the attention of the US Justice Department. It’s possible he may not be eligible for further entries into the United States and may not be allowed to board a plane to any destination there.


  10. Cassandra says:

    A quick quote from Obama during the recent debate with McCain, if McCain had said these words the BBC would be screaming blue murder!

    Obama: “We have to go into Afghanistan for BinLaden to capture and then KILL HIM”

    Ooooh so Obama sanctions killing prisoners out of hand does he, Serb style, line em up N gun em down eh?
    According to the Geneva convention a prisoner is entitled to fair treatment and a trial!

    The BBC shrugs off its ‘moral code’ like we take off a coat, when it suits their agenda!


  11. Martin says:

    Cassandra: The BBC has been wanking on about US troops going into Pakistan, but the BBC fail to point out thatOsama has openly said he’d invade Afghanistan. mcCAin basically called him an idiot for saying that.


  12. NRG says:

    The BBC has given up doing news in favour of propaanda.

    Back in UK, as the great leader is looking vulnerable at the moment, look out for a Beeboid hatchet job on Conservative conference this week.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    whitewineliberal | 28.09.08 – 12:09 am

    The Official State Broadcaster of Britain should not be attempting to stir things up in the election of a sovereign nation. That’s what Kelly was doing. The BBC isn’t a regular broadcasting organization, and it has certain responsibilities.

    Even though de Baca deserves to be out on his ass for thinking things like that, it’s not the BBC’s place to instigate. But that’s what happened in this case.

    I understand that you don’t see this at all, that this is just normal, everyday solid political reporting. That’s a shame.


  14. James says:

    martin i’m not sure you can do your hilarious osama obama thing when we’re actually talking about osama bin laden