How interesting. The BBC reports that London’s population has soared by more than half a million in a decade. This is down to “people moving from abroad”- apparently. Mmmm – wonder if there is any more detail on who these people might be and where exactly they might have come from? Do you think there is any chance that ten years of Labour having abandoned any pretence of national borders might just possibly have had an impact on London’s booming population?

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  1. George R says:

    The BBC refuses to see Mass Immigration as a vital problem for UK society, and Mr. Brown didn’t even refer to it in his Labour Conference speech.

    ‘Migrationwatch’ leads an intelligent critique of Mass Immigration:

    ‘Immigration divides England into two zones’


    “This mass immigration is dividing England into two zones. In the countryside life continues much as usual. In the cities, multiculturalism is rapidly taking over. In London, one third of the population are immigrants and half of all children are born to foreign mothers. In many city schools immigrant children can find little British culture to adhere to, even if they wished to do so. Trevor Philips was right to suggest that we are ‘sleepwalking’ segregation. Second generation Muslims have not only failed to integrate – a small dangerous minority are so filled with hatred for our country that they turn into suicide bombers.

    “The situation is now very serious but not hopeless. The first requirement is to get the numbers under control. The government reel off a list of measures, many of them admirable in themselves, but they still refuse put any overall limit on immigration despite the fact 75% of the public wish to see one.”


  2. Martin says:

    Don’t forget that extra 500,000 is 500,000 more tele tax payers.


  3. archroy says:

    Martin, you reckon?


  4. Martin says:

    acrhroy: Oh yes, do you really think the BBC wouldn’t send round the shavenheaded scum from the Licencing authority?


  5. John Bosworth says:

    On the subject of population breakdown in general in Europe please read “America Alone” by (former BBC producer among other things) Mark Steyn. Be warned: it is a thoughtful but terrifying book.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Martin | 27.09.08 – 10:07 pm |

    Oh yes, do you really think the BBC wouldn’t send round the shavenheaded scum from the Licencing authority?

    Come now, Martin, you know perfectly well that Mohammedans consider dogs unclean. They’d never let them in the house.

    Maybe if they wore those booties the police now have to put on their sniffer dogs….


  7. D says:

    I will vote BNP not because I want a BNP government but to kick the other bastards up the arse.


  8. George R says:

    Can we now expect an honest debate on Mass Immigration into the UK?

    There has been very little so far from the Labour Government and the BBC:

    “Comment: Honest Debate at last? Don’t be fooled” (Dennis Sewell):

    “Only one per cent of Polish immigrants claim income support, as opposed to 21 per cent of Turkish immigrants and 11 per cent of Pakistanis; only 8 per cent of Poles live in social housing, compared with 80 per cent of Somalis, and 41 per cent of Bangladeshis.

    “There are very good reasons why politicians should take special care to avoid stirring up popular resentment against Muslim communities, so the present suspension of the immigration taboo is likely to be quite short-lived.

    “The taunt of Islamophobia will doubtless prove just as effective as the taunt of racism once did in closing down discussion altogether.”


  9. dave s says:

    I am sure the BBC is well aware of the situation and, in common with the rest of the elite, is determind to distort and confuse in the name of ‘social cohesion’ .
    Ultimately a disastrous policy which has real dangers for us all.
    The flight of the ethnic English from the cities is real. Where I live- almost 100% English- those recently arrived make no bones about it. They have left because they can and because they are desperate to educate their children in schools where one language and one culture are dominant.
    At the moment the situation is containable. The problem will arise when immigrant numbers in the cities increase and a movement out commences.
    It is the height of folly by governments to allow a situation to develop- which was entirely a matter of policy- which threatens us all. Natives and immigrants alike.
    It is a question of numbers pure and simple. The great heresey that the BBC in common with the rest of the elites is determind to deny a voice to until it is too late


  10. disillusioned_german says:

    Considering a lot of these people are probably of the self-exploding kind that might equalize the growth of the population somewhat… (irony off)


  11. Kill the Beeb says:

    Martin, I think you are alone on your fear of TV licensing. I doubt immigrants could care a damn about a knock on the door from some idiot from TVL with no powers except a big gob.

    Fear of something that doesn’t exist is reserved specifically for the cowardly indiginous population of Britain.

    Namely those that pay their telly tax because they are too scared to do anything other than moan about the BBC on the internet.


  12. D says:

    Question – Does anyone agree that voting BNP will send a message to the other parties and encourage them to see sense ?


  13. Verity says:

    D – Yes. Me.

    What’s more, I’d like some of them to get seats and keep Parliament under control. They would be a group to be taken into consideration when publishing any further destructive legislation.


  14. HSLD says:

    The TV tax threats go through a cycle – we own two houses and house number 1 is currently at Defcon 3 with the ” we know where you live ” letter, while house number 2 has just received the scary blue leaflet explaining how we’ll be sent to Folsom prison and butt raped by the Aryan Brotherhood if we don’t comply.

    Eventually the cycle of impotent threats resets itself back to the beginning, with the polite ‘please buy a TV license or Jonathan Woss won’t be able to afford to buy gold taps for the bathroom in his private jet’ letter.

    I should know, I’ve been watching it happen for the last 18 years.

    I’m hoping they send someone out this year ( in 18 years we have had maybe 3 visits while we have been at home ) – we now have a large Rhodesian Ridgeback dog who needs some practise in terrifying jumped up clipboard wielding Stazi.

    I usually terrify them myself, but why keep a dog and bark yourself 🙂


  15. Jon says:

    D | 28.09.08 – 1:21 am |

    The government of whichever complexion would probably ban them, and sweep the problem under the carpet.

    Anyway, apart from being rather obnoxious politically – the BNP are also socialists.

    Immigration has been a fact in this country since the 1950s and there is no going back. The only sensible policy would be to end the influx now. Although I can see that people feel that whoever they vote for there will be no difference – the only way to curb further immigration is for Britain to leave the EU.


  16. whitewineliberal says:

    The centre of London’s rise in population is likely to be people here to work (east europeans mainly); ditto in the eastern region (agriculture). My guess is this equates to migration of mobile labour in the main. So a good thing. The declining economy is already seeing a reverse in this process. So the Stormfront tendency on this site ought not get too excited. The BBC story is basically a PA lift. Lazy, but not biased.


  17. Ron Todd says:

    The declining ecconomy will reduce the number of Poles. I have seen that first hand where I work.

    What it will not do is reduce the numbers of Somalies on benefits. Or Romanian pickpockets. They don’t care about the number of jobs.

    The number of women forced to marry a cousin from Pakistan who wants a British Passport will not change.

    The number of intelligent productive native British leaving the country will increase.

    The move away from white European Christian toward asian and Africam Muslim from self reliant to dependant on the state will continue.


  18. ST says:

    The immigration exploded because those in power wanted cheap servants and labour and to hell with all of us bearing the cost in reduced public services and overcrowding


  19. D says:

    whitewineliberal – The majority of immigration is from sub-Saharan Africa and not the EU, although the media concentrates on east europe. . You will br asking – “What has the BNP got to do with the BBC and this web site ?”. Answer – I think that the BBC by it’s wilful misrepresentation of the conservatives generally and particularly during the last election, has forced the conservatives to re-brand themselves. Not because the public is dissinterested in what they have to say but to avoid being sidelined and ridiculed by the BBC. The BBC has distorted our demoocratic process. It may be that the conservatives when re-elected plan to re-occupy their old terrritory but my strong objection is that the BBC has forced them to play this game.


  20. whitewineliberal says:

    Is the BBC responsible for the BNP moving to the left? When Griffin and his thuggish ilk were NF, they were a lot more openly racist. They’ve softened that side of their platform, rather disingenuously, but quite effectively. The BBC really is a scarily omnipotent force in UK politics. How on Earth did Thatcher and the Tories manage to govern for so long in the face of this onslaught.


  21. Martin says:

    Ron Todd:

    “…What it will not do is reduce the numbers of Somalies on benefits. Or Romanian pickpockets. They don’t care about the number of jobs.

    The number of women forced to marry a cousin from Pakistan who wants a British Passport will not change…”

    You forgot to mention just who these people will vote for once they get their British Citizenship.

    I just wonder if a few hundred thousand of these people were moved up to Scotland just how long the left wing Scottish mafia would tolerate it?


  22. Ron Todd says:

    The part of the left wing Scottish mafia that is old labour will support anything that will help them see of the challenge of the part of the left wing Scottish mafia that is SNP.


  23. Tom says:

    David Vance

    Mmmm – wonder if there is any more detail on who these people might be and where exactly they might have come from?

    Yes • here it is:

    Origins of Immigrants to London 1998-2005

    Western Europe 18 % (of which France 5%)
    Central/Eastern Europe 14% (of which Poland 5%)
    Africa (excluding SA) 13%
    South Asia 12% (of which India 6%)
    East Asia 10%
    Australia/NZ 9%
    North America 6% (of which US 5%)
    South Africa 6%
    Central/ S America 5%
    Middle East 4%
    Caribbean 2%


  24. Jon says:

    “Is the BBC responsible for the BNP moving to the left? ”

    No they are not , but the BBC and the left elite are responsible for the stifling of any free debate on the subject of immigration which has boosted the popularity of the BNP.

    Remember the “pact” that had to be signed by the political parties during the elections not to make immigration an issue? A fundamental issue had to be brushed under the carpet. When Michael Howard made it an issue in the last election the BBC riducled and spun how nasty he was to even mention it, even sending their own heclars to the Conservative press conferences.

    The BBC has a responsibility to report the news impartially and as we all know it does not. The whole corporation is full of Labour supporters, its trust has been headed by Labour doners and party members for years.

    And yes it is suprising that Mrs Thatcher lasted so long, this was more down to strong leadership and the rotten state of the country that the Labour party had inflicted on us in the past.

    I hope the Consewrvatives do win the next election and then dump Cameron and his cronies. And put the privatisation of the BBC at the top of their priorities, along with routing out all the anti-British members of the establishment.


  25. D says:

    whitewineliberal said – “How on Earth did Thatcher and the Tories manage to govern for so long in the face of this onslaught?”

    Reply – The BBC has changed dramtically since the days of Mrs. Thatcher, it’s left wing stance has been developed and hardened particularly during the last eleven years.


  26. max says:


    I think David Vance highlights the BBC’s misleading use of the term ‘People moving from abroad’ instead of the term ‘immigrants’ (which is, BTW, used in the title of your reference), or the diluted PC term ‘migrants’; presumably to try and avoid discussion of immigration related issues.


    If Tom’s statistics above are correct than your assertion that “The majority of immigration is from sub-Saharan Africa and not the EU” is clearly off the mark.
    Even if you add the number of immigrants from South and East Asia, Africa and the Middle east- at 39% of the total- they are not a majority.

    Which brings me to a question I have for you and Verity:
    If, as you say, voting BNP is more of a protest vote rather than a vote of substance, why not vote for UKIP (They address the immigration issue without the extreme nationalist/neo-fascist overtones)?


  27. adam says:

    the eu may change its mind on immigration, they have been hinting at tighter eu wide borders.
    Watch the lefties change their tune if the eu does.
    No more love ins with illegals.
    Beeb will do undercover investigations of employers of illegals.

    On betfair politics when someone asked the left to explain themselves, why they are so pro immigration, they claimed they are anti immigration, its the nasty tory cbi that is pro.

    the left is bonkers


  28. Gaeden Trash says:

    “Origins of Immigrants to London 1998-2005”

    Legal immigrants?


  29. D says:

    MAX – I think that the Migration watch website asserts that the majority of immigrants to the U.K. are from sub-saharan Africa. The figures above are immigration into London only. If UKIP had the level of support that exists for the BNP, I would happily vote for them but UKIP does not have the critical mass and I can not see much future for them.


  30. George R says:

    The very recent 60 page document (in PDF form), ‘BALANCED MIGRATION’, contains much useful information on mass immigration to UK:

    [Extract, from page 4]:

    “Our concern is not the principle of immigration, but its scale. In recent years we have
    seen an entirely new phenomenon: very large scale immigration, the impact of which
    has become a matter of increasing public concern. Official figures show that, over the
    last ten years, nearly 2.5 million immigrants have arrived and almost three quarters of
    a million British people have left, thus adding 1.6 million directly to our population.
    This rate of arrival is 25 times higher than during any previous influx of immigration
    in nearly a thousand years of our nation’s history.
    This situation is not mainly due to the recent influx of East Europeans from new EU
    member states. Leaving aside the movement of British citizens, two thirds of
    immigrants in 2006 were from outside the EU1. Nor is this influx due to globalisation.
    It is largely the result of government policies dating back more than a decade.
    The Government are now setting in train the most far-reaching reform of the
    immigration system for a generation, but it lacks an absolutely essential element •
    a limit on numbers.”

    Click to access balancedmigration.pdf


  31. henryflower says:

    How very true: twentieth century history proves beyond doubt that racist far-right parties can safely be manoeuvred into power, can be used and controlled for certain purposes, and then safely removed from power again once law and order and immigration have been sorted out.


  32. The Bias Must End says:

    The BBC didn’t report this survey that the young are against mass immigration:

    Immigrants ‘pose threat to jobs’

    But it was reported on by the Mirror, The Daily Star and the Express
    Immigrants ‘a threat’ to UK identity

    So why didn’t the BBC report this? The BBC’s agenda is to portray young people as being in favour of mass immigration and those against mass immigration as being “old dinosaurs” resistant to change. This survey showing that young people are against mass immigration doesn’t fit into the BBC’s agenda, so they censor it out.

    The BBC is supposed to be a ‘public service’ broadcaster, it should have reported on this as it has great relevance to British people. Instead, the BBC prefers to report on things that happened in America a century ago that don’t have relevance to the British, but that fit in with the BBC’s white people = evil, black people = victims, agenda :
    Pardon sought for black US boxer
    Jack Johnson won the title in 1908 but was later convicted of transporting white women across US state lines for immoral purposes.

    The BBC: Only reporting the news that fits in with our political agenda. It’s what we do


  33. Hugh says:

    I don’t see the problem: “People moving from abroad” – it’s simply normal journalistic practice to use four words when one will do, isn’t it?


  34. Millie Tant says:

    Oh, yes the rising population. Can anyone tell me why the amount of the licence tax to you and me individually doesn’t go down instead of up, as the number of peoople in the country rises?

    Hm… Maybe these people “moving here from abroad” don’t bother with TV, eh?


  35. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    I live in South London – where the newly arrived Africans think they are “invisible ” among the other older West Indian black communities.

    On Penge East station the other week week, around mid-day, of the twelve people on the platform were I reckon ten Africans, several shouting Francophone down their mobiles. Excuse me but when did Africa join the EU?

    Don’t tell me, they are all “students” or “visitors”

    Its a joke.


  36. testing says:

    testing! 🙂


  37. Cameron says:


    But where is the Bias here Andrew of penge station? Are you merley using the forum to display your “unease” at all these brown people trying to hide amongst the rastas?

    Pretty bad isnt it when frustrated of penge, is so angry that africans are speaking FRENCH into there mobiles at mid day in penge! savages!

    I got the Bus from greenwich the other week and yeah,it was strange to be the only white person on the bus, did i give a fuck though? Not really ,i went back to listening to my metallicaand marvelling at the ease of the oyster card.


  38. Anon says:

    “MAX … The figures above are immigration into London only.”

    Quite. That is what this thread is about.


  39. D says:

    Anon – The first posting talks about mass immigration to the country in general, the figures given in a later post are specifically about London therefore not a lot of help. If you really want to wind yourself up, have a look at the Migrationwatch website or if you want to be really daring have a look at the BNP website, it receives more hits than the labour party and conservative party websites.


  40. Anon says:

    Anon – “If you really want to wind yourself up, have a look at the Migrationwatch website or if you want to be really daring have a look at the BNP website”

    No. I think I’ll look at your Holocaust site instead.


  41. D says: