Question Time Watch

It’s that time of the week again. Fresh from victory in the US, Dimbleby and co. return to see if the power of positive thinking can sway the count following that even more important election, up in Fife. This week, someone accidentally invited UKIP’s Nigel Farage, so they’ve had to draft in two lefty commentators in the shape of Brian Eno and Bonnie Greer to ensure the requisite liberal majority. As ever, your views are important to us, so please leave your message in thread provided.

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79 Responses to Question Time Watch

  1. TPO says:

    Bonnie Greer I know of, having once seen her on QT running off at the mouth about Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and how wonderful it was.
    When someone in the audience questioned the slaughter of white farmers she totally ignored it and berated the questioner for calling the country Rhodesia.
    He retorted that he had been dispossessed of his rightful property in Rhodesia and knew many of those that were being murdered by black thugs. Greer was left blustering and squirming with Dimblebore hurriedly trying to move on.

    As for Brian Eno, is it cos I is old but who He? Can someone enlighten?


  2. Emperor Zog (All Hail Zog!) says:

    You’ll notice that tonight’s prog is coming from (Da-de-dahh!!!) Tottenham.

    Lair of the revolting David Lammy.

    Wonder how long it takes for someone to draw the parallels between the US elections, and the fact that poor, benighted, racist Blighty hasn’t had an ethnic PM yet?


  3. Ross says:

    Brian Eno, TPO, is the chap wot wrote the theme tune to the old “Arena” programme – where the bottle bobs about in water. Remeber?

    As far as I’m concerned that’s by far the best ditty he’s done; all the other stuff is a bit avant-garde and ultra ambient. Rubbish. But he’s done a few good pieces with other (better) people.

    He’ll be a leftie of course – though I don’t actually KNOW that yet…

    I didn’t catch the QT you mention about the guy from Zimbabwe. She’s a thinly veiled hate-monger going on what I’ve seen of her.


  4. Peter says:

    Where’s it from? If not Brum then when it does get there I have a suggestion.

    Mind you…

    Another round for Steve Zacharanda

    Bonnie G sounds sweet. I wonder if they have invited her on ‘cos she is… a passionate seeker of inter-racial, religious, demographic and anti-ageist harmony?


  5. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Brian Eno, TPO, is the chap wot wrote the theme tune to the old “Arena” programme – where the bottle bobs about in water. Remeber?

    That’s a pretty good theme tune. Arena was on the other night, and I recall thinking, this is something about the BBC I wouldn’t mind keeping when it gets chopped up or defunded or privatised or whathaveyou.

    He’s a pop musician, so it’s safe to assume he’s a rabid lefty. Still, I don’t hold that against him. If I didn’t listen to music based on the author’s or performer’s political alignment, then I’d hardly listen to anything at all.


  6. adam says:

    Left has always supported black racist gangs in their attempt to drive whites out of Africa.
    BBC docus are just anti empire, colony etc.


  7. pitpasschris says:

    Eno, or rather, Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno began his career as keyboard player with Roxy Music.

    Left band after the second album and then began working on his own solo stuff, some good and some not so good – filed in record shops at the time under avant-garde.

    Best known for collaborations with other artists, including David Bowie and Talking Heads, and his work as a producer, which includes U2.


  8. jeffD says:

    I’ve got one Eno album…’Here come the warm jets’.It’s very good actually.As to the man;he’s a barking leftie without doubt.He has put out one or two videos on youtube over the years which leaves one in no doubt about his political persuasion.


  9. Kill the Beeb says:

    The Arena melody is called ‘Another Green World.’

    Brian Eno’s music seems to have a few catchy notes that just get repeated over and over ad naueseum without ever having any true substance or sustainability.

    A lot like his politics really.


  10. Grant says:

    I am going to re-post roughly what I put on the general thread.

    Why is there no gay person on the panel ? And why no muslim ? I thought the BBC was meant to be inclusive.

    I seem to remember that Brian Eno was in Roxy Music for a time, from my younger days.


  11. Grant says:

    Peter 6:20

    Bonnie Greer “sounds sweet”. Are you being seduced by the name ? Or ,maybe, you think she is related to Germaine Greer. That’s another nice name.


  12. Oscar says:

    Brian Eno is indeed a fully paid up leftie who I think lives in NY (at least part of the time). He weighed into politics as an anti-Iraq war campaigner and I believe he backed Obama from the start. The BBC probably thinks it’s controversial to put Eno against Bonnie Greer, because she started out supporting Hillary. But by now I’m sure she’s just over the Obamamoon. As usual with the BBC it will be different shades of Left with Farage there to throw a few rotten tomatoes at.


  13. Allan@Oslo says:

    But Farage isn’t quite what he would seem. His UKIP is not actually anti-EU but is more like a NuLab-approved vent for ex-Tories to let off steam. UKIP is also a handy spoiler to use against the BNP


  14. matthew says:

    UKIP is also a handy outlet for Tory bashing, since that’s where all their votes come from, and hence good news for the Labour party to give them an outlet


  15. Reimer says:

    Yep, there’ll surely be plenty of “Britain needs its own Obama” sentiment.

    Eno did some very interesting music in his time IMO but his time ended circa 1990 or so, since when he has produced twats like Coldplay, supervised hi-tech art-installations and shamelessly bigged himself up or climbed on any passing elite cerebral bandwagon. As to his politics, he is Nick Clegg’s advisor on Yoof issues, despite being 60 himself, and is a thorough-going liberal relativist. He is the kind of twat who would allow an eyebrow to rise slightly and quietly tell you that he thought you were being rather irrational for taking a nail-gun to him.



  16. archduke says:

    no surprise there so.. despite the population being 50 per cent conservative according to polls

    the bbc – out of touch and on its last legs


  17. geoffrey sturdy says:

    “But Farage isn’t quite what he would seem. His UKIP is not actually anti-EU but is more like a NuLab-approved vent for ex-Tories to let off steam”
    Perhaps you can provide some evidence for this absurd comment?


  18. will says:

    “But Farage isn’t quite what he would seem. His UKIP is not actually anti-EU but is more like a NuLab-approved vent for ex-Tories to let off steam”

    A comment on this Gavin Hewitt praise to Obama

    was not supportive of Obama & Hewitt. That’s fair of the BBC I first thought before realising that the heretic had got a comment printed in order that the next 100 commenters could rip the heretic to pieces.


  19. Miv Tucker says:

    Eno’s best albums by far were the ones he made with the Portsmouth Sinfonia:

    I believe he’s also responsible for the opening and closing ditties for Windows XP.


  20. David Vance says:

    Great start – Bonny is my darling, complete moonbat, and she even managed not to cry!!!


  21. Beness says:

    First question about Obama. True to form Greer was a clinton fan but now she has tears in her eyes for the great one.


  22. David Vance says:

    Shouldn’t Jack Straw be ashamed to wear that poppy given how his lousy government treats OUR armed forces?


  23. Martin says:

    Germaine Greer is just a hairier version of Polly Toynbee


  24. David Vance says:

    Farage speaks and they all join in the attack…..pathetic.

    Plus – since when did Farage become the greatest orator in 40 years? Farage is hopeless outside the EU issue and even there….


  25. David Vance says:

    Hang the bankers from the crowd – the revolution starts here!

    Eno – Fox is toxic!


  26. David Vance says:

    Now – could Obama be assassinated?

    Moonbat night – lord how I missed this!

    Not ONE person in the crowd who holds views contrary to Obama…

    Jack Straw – Bernie Grant, what a great black guy.


  27. David Vance says:

    Next up – Troops out of Iraq.


  28. adam says:

    Jackboot Straw doesnt care


  29. Beness says:

    HE HE

    Straw: “I’m waiting to be invited to speak”

    Memeber of the Audience: “were waiting for you to resign” PRICELESS!!


  30. David Vance says:

    Eno is a pompous little man, isn’t he?


  31. Beness says:

    Straw is clueless. He said one of the banks was going to pass on the percentage cuts in respect of their Tracker mortgages. They all have to pass on tracker mortgage cuts. They are tracking the BoE rate.


  32. David Vance says:

    Eno is a closet communist.


  33. Beness says:

    Eno is a closet communist.
    David Vance | Homepage | 06.11.08 – 11:24 pm | #

    Straw was, but then he touched power and started to make money.


  34. adam says:

    Amazing reaction to suggestion tories would have managed economy better.


  35. King James I says:

    Is the BBC still worth the licence fee?

    What are the odds they all say yes…


  36. David Vance says:

    Farage grovelling to the BBC instead of going after it – puke.


  37. Michael says:

    Can we infiltrate a school and get the agenda changed?

    And will Farage mention anything about EU funding of the BBC?


  38. Beness says:

    What are the odds they all say yes…
    King James I | 06.11.08 – 11:28 pm | #

    Looking odds on James


  39. David Vance says:

    A racing certainty….all bow the knee. A complete lack of cajones.


  40. David Vance says:

    “If only kids weren’t so bored there would be less knife crime”…more great insights from Bonny the playwright.


  41. King James I says:

    Utterly pathetic. A complete washout. All in favour of the licence fee (although much slimmed down in two cases, although Greer thinks the BBC is still too white and middle class unsurprisingly). That conservative women is not strong enough or articulate enough to convince.


  42. Martin says:

    Posted this in the wrong thread.

    So now that Sarah Palin has gone it’s back to bashing Boris Johnson. The fact the audience sneered and laughed at the Brownies and Cubs question just showed what a bunch of left wing public sector twats are in the audience.

    So what’s Liebours solution to knife crime? Fiddle the figures and get c**ts like Mark Easton to spin those figures on TV as facts.

    Fuck off BBC.


  43. Martin says:

    What a shock that that woman was a “teaching assistant”.

    I’d love to know ho many public sector fucking twats are in that audience. I bet the rest are unemployed or work for the Labour party.

    You don’t get many truck drivers or cabbie’s on there do you?


  44. Beness says:

    You don’t get many truck drivers or cabbie’s on there do you?
    Martin | 06.11.08 – 11:43 pm | #

    They are out earning a living.


  45. glj says:

    Just started to watch it now, and only thirty seconds in I find myself reaching for razor blades with which to hack away at my wrists.


  46. David Vance says:

    I was on the BBC yesterday, believe it or not, being asked to comment on the US result. I was the ONLY person who damned The One, who stood up for Sarah Palin, and who nailed the origin for the banking crisis of the Democrat Party back in Bubba Clinton’s time. The BBC seem stunned.


  47. Beness says:

    Now I’ve got Dianne Abbott on. Another load of “living the dream” crap to come no doubt.


  48. Grant says:

    What a bunch of ” Mud Sharks ” !

    US contributors, like David Preisler etc will translate that !


  49. Beness says:

    What a bunch of ” Mud Sharks ” !

    Do you mean “bottom feeders”?


  50. Michael says:

    Newsnight Scotland – projecting a Labour win…

    Labour guy says its a narrow win for them, says its a SNP failure – presenter puts it to Nicola Sturgeon its a failure for SNP – she tries to defend it with saying a big swing even if its a loss is a success, presenter having none of it – Tory guy putting the boot in now, Lib Dem “very embarrassing for the SNP”…

    God, unbelievable… NOT