Did anyone else have the misfortune to tune into the rancid”Today” on BBC Radio 4 Obama this morning? God it was hard to take.

Now that we are all black, the lead item was from race-hustler Trevor Philips suggesting that there is institutional racism throughout the British political system and that Obama could never have gotten himself elected here because of it. It’s my view that the BBC has been a key propagandist for the left wing drivel that every part of the British establishment is “institutionally racist” and so it never misses a chance to further advance this illusion. I guess it also helps keep useless but well paid quangos like the Equality Commission in gainful employment.

Later on Today ran an item on how “citizens of the world” were reacting to the election of The One and, as you might expect, the only reaction broadcast was one of sheer elation, of unrequited adoration. “He’s like the guy you want to watch on Youtube” exclaims one excited German, in an example of the inanity broadcast without any critical counter-comment. Now I would expect little else from the socialist-loving appeasement-minded internationalist class but the BBC has a duty to provide balance and I was wondering if all Israeli citizens are jumping up and down with joy, for instance? They trotted on sir David Manning, former British ambassador to Washington and historian Alastair Horne, who then engaged in a further masturbatory O-Love in. Horne’s voice was hoarse from cheering for Obama, he declared! The item finished with the amazing suggestion by Horne being made that the US needs to be “friendlier to Russia”(Where Putin is wildly popular, Horne adds) and one way to do this would be for the US to unilaterally announce the removal of US Missile defence stations. Hey, we’re going back to the 70’s and The One isn’t even President yet. Is Horne a communist?

Talking of the going back in time, on a superficially innocent sounding item looking back at the 1980’s “Dallas” TV show, the BBC managed to get the dig in that perhaps the success of this show had given Texas Oil-barons a better media image than they deserved and so this might have accidentally ..gasp …helped George Bush. Liberal Larry Hagman was quick to dismiss the very thought of it. WHEN the Biased BBC book does come together, it needs to unite all these threads into a coherent narrative that exposes the dangers that the continued existence of the BBC presents to British democracy. It’s a serious business folks, especially in a country where we have no Fox News and where “fair and balanced” have no meaning any longer. Here endeth the lesson, but good to be back with you all!

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  1. Peter says:

    A wee while ago a poster quoted the campaign spends and related them to the votes cast, and ended up with a near 10 to 1 ratio.

    I was wondering if anyone had any figures in support.

    All I can find is this: Banking on Becoming President

    That still suggests a near 2:1 expenditure to get a relatively close result, but I’d just like to know what the real numbers are.


  2. archduke says:

    and i would bet that the bbc hasnt pointed out that Obama is a protectionist…

    “The Business Secretary Peter Mandelson last night urged Barack Obama not to retreat into trade isolation and protectionism. “


  3. Greencoat says:

    What a refeshing start to the day!

    And – ‘Race-hustler Trevor Philips’
    Doesn’t that phrase just nail him dead!

    Well spoken, David.


  4. The Beebinator says:

    i saw this on Ian Dales blog, dont know if its been posted here but John Boultons view on Al Beeb’s reporting skills should be included in DV’s book of beeboid moonbats


  5. Janice the Menace says:

    On Feedback (Fri 8 Nov 09) the only feedback Justin Webb (North America correspondent) was presented with was a) Was there too much coverage of the election? and b) Was there too little coverage about policy differences?
    No mention of bias.

    You can imagine making a ‘feedback’ program….now let’s see, out of all this negative feedback which ones shall we pick…….bias complaint:no, …bias complaint… no…Oh here’s a good one about spending too much time on the election- we can use that one….bias … I need one more and this sack is huge, will I ever find it?….


  6. mikewineliberal says:

    Very churlish David. Save for the odd right wing blogger, pretty much the whole media world is abuzz with his victory. It is a massive story.

    Nonetheless, for your readers who didn’t hear today’s Today, you might be surprised that Board favourite Justin Webb put a little grit in the oyster by noting Obama’s Nancy reagan gaff, and by saying Obama, as ever, skirted on the edge of pomposity in his press conference. Not at all gushing (although i agree there was plenty of gush thereafter, but some insightful stuff too, from manning in particular)

    What David omits to mention about Today’s coverage of the Phillips story was interesting. Today led its coverage with Phillips’ apparent remark that the Labour party was the biggest sinner in keeping black people out of the top positions, and that the Tories were better. They then had Phillips on, who was given a hard time by Stourton, but explained that he wasn’t saying Labour was worse and that he was being misrepresented by the BBC. Today then changed the thrust of their top of the hour coverage. So Phillips and Labour was sinned against by the BBC.

    I think Phillips is wrong btw. If any British party had the massive talents of Obama in their ranks then he would be the next PM.


  7. Hugh Oxford says:

    Of course Britain is one of the most tolerant and malleable countries in the world when it comes to race and immigration. We’ve endured multiculturalism with barely a grumble, we beat ourselves up over the most trivial transgressions. And yet we still have to put up with the likes of the BBC berating us for not selling our identity and culture far enough down the river.


  8. Martin says:

    I don’t get all this crap over black representation in Parliament. There is around 650 MP’s at Westminster. WE are ‘told’ that about 5% of the UK population is black. So by that reckoning there should be around 30 black MP’s in Parliament.

    On Sky they were suggesting that at the next election there will be aroun 25MP’s that are black.

    Sounds about right to me.


  9. Snooze 24 says:

    Spot the difference is back for the weekend. Noticed it on the news broadcasts and its mirrored online

    Barack Obama would never have been elected Prime Minister in Britain because of “institutional racism” in the Labour Party, the equality watchdog chief has claimed.

    A British equivalent of Barack Obama would find it extremely difficult to become prime minister, the head of the UK equality watchdog has said


  10. max says:

    I was wondering if all Israeli citizens are jumping up and down with joy, for instance?

    To paraphrase Iowahawk, it’s fair to say that all Israeli citizens are jumping up and down with joy, no matter how hard they’re hyperventilating with deep existential dread.


  11. Iain says:

    An appallingly racist country with a big immigration problem?

    Hmmmm. Seems the message isn’t getting out then.


  12. George R says:

    When the ideology of ‘multiculturalism’ takes root as it has in the UK Labour/liberal left (BBC most decidedly included), individuals like Trevor Philips are inclined to be appointed as chairman of an Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

    Philips uses the slipperty notion of ‘institutional racism’ to criticise not only white people in general, but UK political parties too.

    Ed Stoughton, in his BBC interview with Philips showed some exasperation, knowing just how committed the political Labout/left is to giving preferential treatment to ethnic minorities through ‘positive discrimination’ policies for them, enanating out of e.g., Harman’s Equality Ministry. (And of course, the concomitant ‘negative discrimination against whites.)

    But ‘institutional racism’ (committed by whites, but not by non-whites apparently) will not be proved to be ended until a black person is elected as Prime Minister, according to Philips.

    So the politically soft-touch British white people must speed up ‘multiculturalism’ by surrendering their history and culture to non-white immigrants, and descendents of immigrants, regardless of abilities, so that whites, (but not non-whites) can thereby prove their non-racism, to the satisfaction of Philips.

    It’s interesting how Philips tries to present Obama in a British context as a typical representative of a politically aspirant non-white person.

    Obviously, a Labour policy of increased mass immigration of non-whites into Britain will be needed to convert the UK into a predominantly non ‘institutionally racist’ society; but even that won’t satisfy the likes of Philips.

    So another Obama effect for Philips: Britain is ‘institutionally racist’.

    A counter to ‘multiculturalist’ racism is provided here:

    “Caucasophobia – the Accepted Racism”

    “All over Western Europe, and indeed over much of the Western world, there are now areas where it is dangerous for white people to live. This never triggers any outrage. On the contrary, it triggers accusations of racism if the white population resist continued mass immigration, despite the fact that we have accepted more immigration in a shorter period of time than probably any people has done peacefully in history.”


  13. thud says:

    obambi is a serious danger to us all…the beeb will back him to the hilt.


  14. Rob Santiago says:


    Has anyone noticed this nasty item, a Saudi-vetted BBC2 documentary “Inside the Saudi Kingdom” to be broadcast at 8.05pm tonight Saturday 8th November.

    Why the BBC should give propaganda airtime to these masters and funders of jihad I don’t know. Oh, wait a minute, yes I do – any enemy of the West is an ally of the marxists at the BBC.

    Anyone who wants a real view of what life is like in the islamic prison state that is Saudi Arabia could do worse than read Carmen bin-Laden’s “the Veiled Kingdom” It’s hell even for the wealthy, particularly if you’re a woman:


  15. Chuffer says:

    ‘Very churlish David. Save for the odd right wing blogger, pretty much the whole media world is abuzz with his victory. It is a massive story.’

    Yes, it’s a massive story within the ‘whole media world’. But, if you ever were to step outside that little world, you’d find things slightly different.


  16. Robert S. McNamara says:

    The nearest thing we’ve got to Obama in terms of associating with and appeasing domestic and international terrorists, political ideology, and being a lying, scheming crook, is Galloway. But unfortunately for old ‘Gorgeous’ George, he’s not handsome and he’s not ‘black’. Also, he’s not into the whole voter fraud thing and although he took a lot of money from Hussein (Saddam, not Obama), he hasn’t (as far as we know) had any dealings with mobsters regarding property.

    And, maybe most importantly, nobody likes Galloway.

    I suppose we’ll just have to remain ‘typical white people’ and cling to our guns, our religion and our racism. But wait – we don’t have any guns, and church attendance is at an all time low. Oh God! Quick, let’s find a black guy and force him through the political system and then elect him as our premier based purely on the amount of melanin in his skin. Then we’ll be cured of our institutional racism and we can go and dance with unicorns in fields of marshmallows, and live happily ever after, amen.


  17. Arthur Dent says:

    If any British party had the massive talents of Obama in their ranks then he would be the next PM

    I agree with all but one word of this, substitute ‘last’ for ‘next’ and you are spot on. Also I suspect that Obama may well be the same in terms of ‘all style and no substance’


  18. David Vance says:


    Churlish to highlight the one sided reporting of the BBC? No, necessary.

    I ALSO suspect you have little idea as to what goes on in “right wing bloggery” save there are thousands of such.


  19. Shug Niggurath says:

    Could the BBC who are now asking if Britain’s political parties are institutionally racist and whether or not we would ever elect a black PM be the same BBC who missed their own targets on racial diversity last year (and the senior level figure actually went down)?

    On a side note, lets all wait and see which senior politicians of any flavoured party decide to do the decent thing and stand down to allow an ethnic minority or disabled candidate get their chance to make the numbers up.

    Harman, Clegg, Cameron – we’re watching and waiting with interest.


  20. ihatebeeb says:

    speaking of Today, the clown this morning referred to Jerusalem as a “divided city”.


  21. ae1 says:

    I’ll keep it simple, if any ‘white’ politician banged on about his colour and background he would he hounded, so, what is so different about Osama?
    Racism only seems to work one way.


  22. adam says:

    Conservatives should pick a black leader after Cameron.
    BBC would have to trash him. Haha


  23. snakeoilsalesman. says:

    the massive talents of Obama in their ranks then he would be the next PM.
    mikewineliberal | 08.11.08 – 11:07 am

    please tell me what these massive talents are exactly ?


  24. Pat says:

    The ‘Recommends’ on HYS are telling it as it is! Not good reading for Trevor P.


  25. Martin says:

    Condi Race was condinually trashed by the leftist media, especially the BBC. So was Colin Powell until he jumped ship and supported ‘The One’

    Just like Sarah Palin, the left only like women or blacks if they are liberals.


  26. George R says:

    Such is the ‘multiculturalist’ mentality of the Labour/left (inc. BBC) that this critique seems to sum up their intentions:

    From Lawrence Auster:

    ‘The aim of liberalism is white dhimmitude’


    “What is it that liberals and blacks want? What is it about the Obama advent that they are celebrating? It is not racial equality. It is black superiority. It is an America that no longer has an identity as a European-based country. It is a society in which white people, particularly white men, will be immersed everywhere in a multiracial environment in which they will be subdued, in which they will constantly defer to nonwhites, in which they can never express their own power. I would add that just as the aim of Islam is the political and spiritual subjection of non-Muslims under Islamic rule, the aim of liberalism is the political and spiritual subjection of whites under nonwhite and liberal rule.”


  27. Anonymous says:

    “race-hustler Trevor Philips suggesting that there is institutional racism throughout the British political system and that Obama could never have gotten himself elected here because of it.”

    Anymore than a white man could get appointed head of the Equality Commission.Poor Trevor,race has really held him back.


  28. Boy Blue says:

    In the entire time Trevor Philips has been involved in the Commission for Race Relations and now its successor, has he ever once tried to tackle the very real problem of racism within the Black and Asian communities?

    Does he believe it even exists?

    Or is he there merely to enforce the tired old white = racist PC doctrine.


  29. adam says:

    He should be sacked


  30. Nontees says:

    I know of a few people who are boycotting the license fee now.
    I wish I had the guts to do the same.
    The other channel’s news output are just as bad though. Perhaps Murdoch could launch Fox news here for a bit of balance?


  31. Anonymous says:

    Worth remembering,Zimbabwe has a black president,there are several more countries that so do.


  32. mikewineliberal says:

    david – i am a passionate student of the right-wing blogosphere and have been for years. That’s what led me here – to Britain’s leading LGF tribute band. On the issue of media bias, the much missed Daily Ablution was a particular favourite. It speared leftist nonsense with great humour and elan, rather than the drooling blowhardery that you slipped into this morning. “Rancid” indeed. Have some perspective man.

    And explain precisely what the other side is you want reporting? Not the whole Acorn/birth certificate/Ayers/marxist bollocks surely?

    Snakeoil – i’d say a man who came from nowhere to smash up the Clintons and the GOP has displayed certain talents.

    Are we i wonder about to see right-wing anti-Americanism from the gibbering end of the right wing blogospere in this country after eight years of this garbage from the left? I hope not.


  33. Allan@Oslo says:

    the massive talents of Obama in their ranks then he would be the next PM.
    mikewineliberal | 08.11.08 – 11:07 am

    please tell me what these massive talents are exactly ?
    snakeoilsalesman. | 08.11.08 – 1:31 pm | #

    He is good, very good, at reading from a teleprompt. However, when the teleprompt crashes, so does Obama.


  34. jjohn says:

    Perhaps TP should remember that we are not a “New World” or “New Europe”, and that we are already a United Kingdom with established Nations. If he had raised the possibility of “A Scottish Barack Obama” or “Welsh Barack Obama” or indeed, “An English Barack Obama” then he would have been able to understand the problem better. Britain or British is only a recent invention (1707?), and appears to be losing currency. TP himself only exists if he keeps harping on about being so called “British”.

    Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who detested the so called “hyphenated Americans” who proclaimed their Irish-American heritage, etc., rather than calling themselves Americans? I wonder what he would have said about Obama as the latest fashionable example of “Afro-American”?


  35. GCooper says:

    WWL (who else?) writes: “And explain precisely what the other side is you want reporting? Not the whole Acorn/birth certificate/Ayers/marxist bollocks surely?”

    Simply dismissing it as ‘bollox’ doesn’t make it go away – however hard you might wish it would.

    There are some very serious questions that need to be asked about the man who rose without trace. For example, why has he suppressed the records of his birth?

    That’s another question your little friends at the BBC are refusing to ask.

    I cannot think of a single legitimate reason why someone might wish to conceal the public record of their birth. And I bet you can’t, either.


  36. David Vance says:


    I would suggest that your period of being a “student” of the right wing blogosphere is proof of falling education standards.


  37. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I love how the emotional BBC, after telling me that the US is probably too racist to elect a black man, is now telling you all the the UK is probably to racist to elect a black man.

    Absolutely brilliant. The fact that they were proven wrong about the US doesn’t enter into their thinking for a moment. If the UK ever elected a PM of color (say, someone of Indian descent), then they’d go after us for something else. “The US is too Puritan and prejudiced to elect a transgender President!”

    The celebration over finally defeating George Bush, plus the bonus of the triumph of racial politics, must eventually turn into a very bad hangover. The BBC’s “reporting” on the election is the result of emotion trumping reason. They’re so unaware of what they’ve done that they see no problem with having the staff and all guests come on the air and explain how exhausted they are from this wonderful victory.


  38. Allan@Oslo says:

    Has the BBC or any of its mouthpieces actually stated WHY the UK ‘needs’ a black PM?

    Having said that, I’m sure that Lewis Hamilton would be a better PM than Gordon Brown.


  39. El Draque says:

    Being pedantic : it’s already happened that a son of an immigrant has become British prime minister – several times, in fact. Usually via an American mother, like Churchill. So that doesn’t count. And an immigrant’s son has already led a major party – Michael Howard, son of a Jewish Romanian immigrant. Oh, sorry, Jewish, that doesn’t count, in spite of there having been denial of suffrage to Jews until 1859.
    A “British Obama”: well, I have believed for years that such a person will arise, from Asian, Afro-caribbean or mixed-race background and will come to lead – not Labour – but the Conservatives. He will enunciate powerful English nationalism, and we will follow him/her. Out of the EU, and into the world. The BBC and the liberal establishment will hate him. Especially if it’s a her.


  40. Roland Deschain says:

    They’ll be telling us next that the UK is too sexist to elect a woman PM.

    Oh, wait a minute…


  41. adam says:

    They dont see her as a woman.

    In fact they dont like Thatcher or Palin. Funny that.


  42. Whiteswineliberal says:

    Next,the BBC will be saying England is too racist to be ruled by somebody French,German,Dutch,or God forbid Scottish.


  43. DP111 says:

    All this blather comes from the race relations industry and the BBC, two “industries” that are not affected by the recession.

    Ofcourse Britain, Europe and America are racist, specially so when compared to the enlightened equal opportunity policies of African, Asian and ME countries.

    If Britain is racist to the core, how come immigrants from Africa, Asia and the ME, undergo much hardhips to get to Britain? And having come here, and finding endemic racism in Britain, why do they continue to stay here? Why do illegal immigrants fight tooth and nail to stay in Britain?


  44. Roland Deschain says:

    I have nothing against someone French, Dutch or German ruling the UK if they have decided to live here and have been elected to do so by my fellow citizens.

    Although I know some here seem to have a problem with being ruled by my fellow Scots.


  45. deegee says:

    one way to do this would be for the US to unilaterally announce the removal of US Missile defence stations. in Poland and the Czech Republic, presumably.

    Not necessarily a bad idea and one that could be debated on its merits.

    If Obama did this early he could be said to be doing this as a reappraisal of policy and not as backing down to Russian pressure.

    There is historical precedent. John F. Kennedy removed missiles from Turkey that were one of the causes of the Cuban missile crisis sufficiently after the event that dismantling them could not be said to come from Khrushchev’s brinkmanship.


  46. George R says:

    This is where the ‘multiculturalism’ of Labour’s mass immigration of Islamists to Britain from Somalia, leads to:


    “Somali ‘Taliban’ behind stoning of 13-year-old girl gets funding from Britain”

    Will Philips and BBC will be talking about white institutional racism preventing such a Somali immigrant from becoming British Prime Minister?
    Or will they just ignore the ‘Telegraph’ report as unimportant to their ‘multicultural’ project?


  47. dave s says:

    I am useless at doing links but look at the President Elect’s official site particularly relating to Homeland security
    I doubt whether any of the admiring Beeboids have bothered to read it.
    Obama doesn’t sound as if he is going to be a liberal’s dream character at all. He is putting the US first and seems to be reserving the right to take whatever action he sees fit anywhere anytime.
    I could be wrong but this man is no wet liberal wuss. We will have to wait and see.


  48. Susan Franklin says:

    Considering the ‘black’ population in Britain is around 3% and in USA around 14%, Trevor Philips’ remark is a logicism tangled up in the Obama hysteria.


  49. Lurker says:

    Israeli citizens are jumping up and down with joy, for instance?

    Get real mate.

    Who has been put in as Obama’s chief of staff?

    A man who filled with patriotic zeal and concern for his country and people in 1991, a time of war, rushed of to join the army.

    The Israeli army.