An alternative view

The great thing about guest columns on the Beeb’s website is that they allow different voices to give their take on the big events of the moment – voices we might not normally hear, such as this piece by [democrat, arch-Obama supporter and] “social commentator” Nancy Giles. So, instead of the usual left-leaning commentary on the significance of Obama’s win on race relations in the US that we’re used to, the Beeb treats us to some full on left-wing commentary on the significance of Obama’s win on race relations in the US. What a fantastic idea!

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18 Responses to An alternative view

  1. Boba Fett says:

    Those pesky blacks eh?


  2. Peter says:

    Did BBC News fluff its lines on a night of American history?

    Asks a clearly troubled Independent.

    Who then allows Mr. Horrocks to write the piece in reply. And focussing on a very minor aspect above much greater concerns.

    Thank heavens for the blog reply system… as long as this is allowed to last, as many don’t seem to feel dissenting views are ‘helpful’.


  3. deegee says:

    The President of the US normally has a 100 day honeymoon from criticism by the press. I suspect the magic of Obama’s ‘blackness’ will wear off long before then with problems in the economy, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    BTW Now that Obama is a fait accompli can you imagine a less black blackman than him?

    ● For a start he is a light mocca colour.
    ● Only half black with no connections with his African father and little if any connection to the Black American experience – that could explain his connection with Rev. Wright. It gave him some cred on the street.
    ● Educated like an upwardly mobile white boy. Columbia, Harvard Law, Punahou School – Hawaii and the Franciscan Asisi School in Djarkarta.
    ● Brought up for much of his childhood by his maternal (white) grandparents.
    ● Never, ever in trouble with the law.
    Favorite Music: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Johann Sebastian Bach (cello suites), and The Fugees
    ● Favorite Movies: Casablanca, Godfather I & II, Lawrence of Arabia and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    ● Favorite Books: Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison), Moby Dick, Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Parting the Waters, Gilead (Robinson), Self-Reliance (Emerson), The Bible, Lincoln’s Collected Writings

    I suspect that Obama’s advisors legitimately advised him to play up his blackness because those who would never vote for a blackman probably didn’t vote for Kerry or Gore either and any votes he lost would be more than compensated by the Afro-American vote and guilty-conscience white Liberals.


  4. Peter says:

    BBC rues lack of black ‘Obama night’ reporters

    Rue-Paul for Prime Minister! Just think of the boxes that would tick! Go on Aunty, you know you want to.

    “…we could have done with one or two more African American faces.

    Presumably, talent and what they may or may not have to say is…secondary. Nifty statement from one who has ‘…a special responsibility for diversity issues within BBC News’

    And the BBC throws ‘institutional racism’ accusation around like confetti.


  5. DJ says:

    As ever, remind yourself that all this talk of diversity! is coming from an organisation where you could collect the names of all the conservative employees on the back of a bumper sticker.


  6. morgan says:

    Peter | Homepage | 10.11.08 – 8:56 am |
    He said Obama’s victory had thrown into sharp relief the levels of political interest among the BBC’s young ethnic minority audiences, with young listeners to the BBC’s Asian Network saying the election was the “first historic event of their lives”.

    we’ll just forget september 11th ever happend then.


  7. Hugh says:

    Boba Fett: Excellent – instead of an argument make an accusation of racism based on zero evidence. You’re obviously very bright.


  8. mailman says:


    The Obama campaign HAD to run on race simlpy beacuse thats all they had!

    They couldnt run on political achievement because he has achieved nothing.

    They couldnt run on his patriatism because he hates his country.

    They couldnt run on change, even though they tried, because he is nothing more than your standard corrupt, old boy network politician from chicago.

    So all they had was his colour.

    Perhaps though, the real difference in this election was the media.

    While they jumped on every single thing they could find about Palin, they gave Obama a free pass on every single problem with his past.

    Personally, I think Obama has the potential to make the Bush years look like fond memories.

    This election has proven one thing though…that yes, money really can buy you anything!



  9. archroy says:

    Social commentator? I could do that, gizza job.


  10. hippiepooter says:

    This isn’t scientific, but I only recall ever reading one ‘guest’ columnits writing anything even remotely ‘pro-McCain’. The rest of the stuff pulled from Time magazine all pro Obama.


  11. Tom says:

    Peter Wilby (surprisingly) injects a dissenting note on fawning media coverage in (surprisingly) today’s Guardian.

    He asks whether the reader knows that Obama is a heavy smoker.

    Amazing. All I got from the beeb was that he’s a fitness fanatic rarely out of the gym.


  12. mailman says:

    So essentially, Biden is one puff away from the presidency! 🙂



  13. mailman says:

    Actually having said that, I think Biden is a far less dangerous individual to be president than Obama is!



  14. MarkE says:

    When Obama’s policies (similar to those of Brown and other European Social Democrats) have lengthened and deepened the recession (sorry, “downturn”), will American voters blame the policies or just remember losing their jobs and homes under a “black” president”?

    Obama might easily be the last “black” president for a very long time.


  15. Tom says:

    MarkE | 10.11.08 – 2:37 pm

    He won’t be the last Dem President though, if the Republicans don’t do something drastic.

    Seems to me the real story of this election is that the Latino vote makes a republican win almost impossible unless the party does a u-turn on illegals, amnesties, stimulus plans for landscape gardening etc.


  16. MarkE says:

    Tom, I’m afraid I have to agree,. The MSM will hold their collective noses and allow the voters to blame the “black” president rather than admitting the problems arose from Democrat policies. I do wonder however why they will bother; like in the UK, the Republicans have surrendered the centre right and are fighting the Democrats for a slim stretch of the centre left ground.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Boba Fett | Homepage | 10.11.08 – 8:13 am |

    Those pesky blacks eh?

    Your remark is proof of exactly what I’ve been talking about for the last year. Clearly, your comment suggests that the only reason not to have supported The Obamessiah is racism.

    That’s a pretty pathetic way to look at things. It’s also very narrow-minded, and a dangerous way to make a serious political decision. Why don’t you allow for the possibility that someone might object to the Democrat policy platform? Why don’t you allow for the possibility that someone might – merely by being a student of US history – think it’s a bad idea to have a President and both Houses of Congress controlled by the furthest extremes of one party? Why don’t you allow for the possibility that someone might not want a President who campaigns on openly Socialist (and even Maoist) ideals? Why don’t you allow for the possibility that someone might be unhappy that the national media engaged in political propaganda – an attempt at thought control more commonly found in real dictatorships – to spread lies about one side, and hide truths about the other? Why don’t you allow for the possibility that someone might object to a President who attempted to use not only his campaign machinery but state officials to crush dissent?

    Explain all those possibilities away, and then you can come in here and call us racists. Otherwise, you’re merely revealing an emotional failure of your own.


  18. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Having said the above, Hugh has a good point. The BBC does have a Narrative, a Story to Tell. That’s how they view things, and that’s the mindset they use to create their product. There is only one thought allowed. Any others are merely opponents of the consensus, to be ridiculed and harassed.

    But still, how long before all the people who have been congratulating the US and patting us on the back start to turn and gripe about all those smug United Statesians congratulating themselves and patting each other on the back?