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  1. morgan says:

    can you guess who this guys talking about ?

    If Desert Island Discs is anything to go by,……………. is the dullest woman in Britain

    If she’s not appearing on rolling news programmes, she’s on Question Time, Have I Got News For You or Radio 4.


  2. frankos says:
    not sure whether this guy is nuts but quite interesting


  3. It's all too much says:

    Compare and contrast

    BBC Presenter dismissed for ‘racism’

    with the Brand Ross saga.

    Fascinating – Instant dismissal for “racism” event though not broadcast and so 0 complaints. It really shows you what the BBC considers important. This is a shining example of the triumph of the BBC mindset and compliance to it’s narrative and sociological orthodoxy. Don’t get me wrong – her action was wrong (and amazingly stupid – she works for the BBC!) it is just interesting to see how they BBC weights 40,000 complaints about Ross and 0 complaints about this woman. Of course we have to see the action in light of her ‘crime’ against society. perhaps she should have been suspended for three months as well?

    Speculation here but would she have been instantly sacked for insisting that the taxi driver was female?

    Ross must go


  4. Cassandra says:

    The BBC reporting on armistice day is showing signs of agenda manipulation, pushing the EU/French angle while minimising the commonwealth angle, subtle but distinct I think.
    BBC-W showing Sarkozy live at Verdun but nothing about the ceromonies at Vimy/Somme/Ypres/Pashendale and other places, not that I noticed anyway.
    Heavy on the peacenik ‘isnt war terrible’ and lite on the incredible achievements of our Forces(musnt glorify commonwealth victory/war in genral), from the BBC coverage I gather that there was no reason for the war other than ‘martial madness’ is this discernable to others?

    There has been a tradition of honouring the martial achievements of our Forces while remembering the horrors, a balance if you will, is this balance being shifted toward a revisionist/constructed European led memory of the war?
    Are the incredible achievements of our Forces being airbrushed from the ceromonies to overpaint a modern Euro remembrance?
    The BBC is adept at peddling the euro agenda and a political deconstrution of history to fit modern political requirements would be the logical explanation I think given the BBCs attempts to dilute British cultural/historic achievements when they ‘conflict’ with the euro agenda.


  5. Anonymous says:

    “The taxi worker was said to be outraged and recorded the conversation.”

    Let’s guess,recorded the conversation and made a complaint ?


  6. GCooper says:

    Cassndra writes “from the BBC coverage I gather that there was no reason for the war other than ‘martial madness’ is this discernable to others?”

    It was, yes. Striking the right balance on such occasions is always difficult, but the BBC used to manage it. I suspect the problem is due to the Corporation’s fixation with employing youth over experience.


  7. Original Robin says:

    Yesterdays PM Radio 4 about the EU`s accounts and the fiddling.
    It touched upon how the money is disbursed and how national governments of the member states dont properly control it.The EU commision is trying to get some of the fiddled money back.
    An example was given of the EU commission wanting to retrieve £192 million from one government that was not properly accounted for.
    Now which country would this be ?
    Well it`s a BBC programme and they dont want to portray our EUropean “partners” as being less honest than us,in case we become evenmore EUrosceptic.
    So naturally the Beeboids want to make out Britian is the bad guy.


  8. It's all too much says:

    The BBC are historically illiterate or willfully ignorant of the historical perspective of WW1. They, like the history syalabus, only ‘teach’ three basic themes about World war one
    1) The war poets
    2) Lions led by Donkeys
    3) The role of WW1 in the suffregist movement

    WW1 was horrific – but what was the alternative? Interested readers would do well to find a copy of Bethmann-Hollweg war aims for the German Empire. Principal aim was the establishment of a European free trade area and under German tutelage.

    I agree that coverage does absolutely noting to memorialise the achievements of the dead in achieving victory. Without victory, we would be part of a large European association of states, nominally independent but really under direct German control.


  9. Dagobert says:

    If a female Moslem BBC employeee asked for a female taxi driver, would ahe be sacked?


  10. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Dagobert | 11.11.08 – 6:42 pm |
    If a female Moslem BBC employeee asked for a female taxi driver, would ahe be sacked?

    If a black man asked for a black driver would he be sacked?

    But Mason asked for a negative not a positive. They could have sent a West Indian, St Pauls is full of black taxi drivers. But then they don’t tend to work for Asian employers …

    This isn’t a sacking offence IMHO but it is racism. Unless someone knows of any other reason for Sam Mason not wanting an ‘asian’ driver to take her daughter home?


  11. Ron Todd says:


    No only white people can be racist. Only men can be sexist, except Muslim men who never are.

    Would the person that fired her want his daughter/wife/sister to be alone in a cab with an Asian man.


  12. James Hudson says:

    Just heard Labour’s monkey Kevin McGuire
    saying that Cameron was stood beside Norman Lamont when the U.K. was thrown out of the ERM and interst rates soared.
    I may be only a simple voter but my memories of that time were that the British government finally realised that the pound would not be supported by their “allies” in Europe and left the ERM. Interest rates dropped and the subsequent boom began.


  13. James Hudson says:

    So angered by the lies spouted by McGuire that I forgot to mention that the interviewer, Peter Allen, who I believe is about my age and should be able to remember the same facts, just agreed with everything. Is he a complete fool or another labour lackey?


  14. GCooper says:

    James Hudson: I’m afraid Peter Allen is yet another right-on ZaNuLabour supporter. As I often remark here, the day Gwyneth Dundwoody died he described the old commie battleaxe as having ‘fought the good fight’.


  15. NotaSheep says:

    James Hudson: “Is he a complete fool or another labour lackey?” – The two are not incompatible, indeed they often go together.


  16. angry council tax payer says:

    In the BBC world the female radio presenter Sam Mason has ‘been replaced’ not sacked….wonder why this is, when they clearly state she was suspended and then told she would never work for the BBC again.


  17. Arthur Dent says:

    For those interested in why the BBC uses Populus polling figures and why they might be different to those from other organisations, please see this link:

    I am sure that this is accidental and that the BBC is not intending to mislead people….


  18. Jon says:

    Quite right Arthur – they would never use this one would they?

    “A new opinion poll has given the Conservatives a 13-point lead over Labour – handing Gordon Brown a reality check in the wake of his party’s unexpected by-election victory. ”


  19. archduke says:

    is it just me – or is anyone else very very angry tonight about that horrific child abuse case in Haringey?

    i note that bbc leaves out the fact that the GP was from Saudi Arabia…


  20. George R says:

    As Labour’s Ministry for Equality and T. Philips campaign for ‘positive discrimination’ for certain ethnic groups, and negative discrimination against whites, a new, non-government report says:

    “Aim school help ‘at poor whites'”


    “White British pupils a ‘forgotten group'”

    This is where the ‘multiculturalism’ of the Labour/left (inc. BBC) leads.


  21. Roland Deschain says:

    Tonight’s 10 O’clock News had an item on Proposition 8 in California which would ban same-sex marriages. According to the report the proposition was won.

    Out of interest, I checked Wikipedia. It seems the provisional results for Proposition 8 are 52.3% in favour and 47.7% against. Wikipedia also records the results of the Presidential election: 52.6% for Obama and 46.1% for McCain.

    Here’s a question for you all. One of those results was described on BBC news as “a small majority” and one as “a resounding victory”. Can anyone guess which?


  22. George R says:

    Thinking about the BBC’s sacking of Ms. Sam Mason, this apparently means that if a Beeboid says something off-air at the BBC which doesn’t fit with the BBC hierarchy’s imposition of the in-house ideology of multiculturalism, that Beeboid is liable to be sacked on the spot. Ordinary Beeboids won’t take that, will they?


  23. archduke says:

    band of brothers is on now… bbc 2


  24. disillusioned_german says:

    Roland Deschain | 11.11.08 – 11:15 pm |

    What is even more interesting is the fact that – according to Bill O’Reilly – 70 percent of African Americans voted for the amendment and therefore against gay marriage. Did Al Beeb tell you that?


  25. Kill the Beeb says:

    I think Sam Mason – the sacked BBC radio presenter – nicely sums up the double standards of the left, particularly among BBC employees.

    “Mason, who has battled alcoholism, is then handed to a male operator and tells him:

    “I work at the BBC. I’m far from racist and that uneducated woman has no right to call me one.”

    She says of her daughter: “I don’t want her to turn up with a guy with a turban on, it’s going to freak her out. She’s not used to Asians.”

    The “I work at the BBC. I’m far from racist…” comment is very telling. As it denotes that the public are automatically aware of the BBCs multicultural obsession and should automatically kneel to it’s greatness. But even more telling is the fact that she uses it as a get-out-of-racist-jail free card.

    Like corrupt police officials, BBC employees think that their ‘status’ automatically voids them of prosecution or persucution for the very sins they demand we avoid committing on a daily basis.

    “…And that uneducated woman has no right to call me one.”
    Yup. Imagine, a mere peon that works as a taxi firm radio controller admonishing a BBC employee? Oh, the ignominy of it.

    But the most amusing part has to be the comments she makes about her daughters reaction if she sees a Johnny foreigner cab driver:-
    “it’s going to freak her out. She’s not used to Asians.”

    You see these BBC types spend a lot of time telling us how ghastly and racist we all are to asians and such like – but they themselves wouldn’t dream of working with one, hiring one or living next door to one.

    Not even have one drive their precious offspring home from private school.

    All Sam Mason did was voice what most BBC employees think and perhaps often say, when no tape recorders are around. And her superior snobbery – endemic to Beeboids – got the better of her. Not because this is a freak occurence among BBC employees (I bet they voice this archaic Imperial attitude to ethnic minorities all the time) but more to the fact that BBC arrogance has been weakened since the Ross and Brand affair.

    Bye bye Sam Mason, you stuck up, spoiled lefty bitch. And may many more of your kind follow you!


  26. Kill the Beeb says:

    The mini cab employee had recorded calls before, eh?

    Must have had a fair few Johnny foreigner hating BBC employees calling up then?


  27. champagne bottles says:

    Vince Cable about to appear on BBC1. I thought we hadn’t see him yet this week.


  28. Peter says:

    Just watching a BBC report about school with a zero tolerance policy to troublemakers that has resulted in the majority of kids actually wanting to go and learn seeing their lot improve.

    Not quite how the BBC, from the anchors to the reporter on the ground, seemed to want to hear it, despite grudgingly admitting almost all involved see it as a success. Well, bar the single parent who sees the state as being the one that needs to deal with his little darling who doubtless has been fouling up a class full of kids for years.

    I thought our happy camper on post with his mic was choice in his interviewing, pestering kids who seem to have pretty good heads on their soldiers and saying ‘it is hard to believe you actually want more discipline’.

    Perhaps not, at least from a culture where responsibility and accountability don’t exist, and the vocal minority are allowed to rule over the rest, and are empowered to do so at any turn.

    Irony-free, the next slot is on Haringey, where kids die because the ‘systems’ only allow paper pushing rather than any action for fear of actually making a decision that is perhaps not in keeping with certain ‘ideals’…. that tick boxes but don’t seem to blooming well work.


  29. deegee says:

    No one has drawn attention to this although all the reports mention it.

    “A guy with a turban on is going to freak her out.”

    Sam Mason conflates Asian with the only group always wearing a turban – Sikhs. Lovable Pakistanis, Afghanis, Indian Hindus & Muslims, Sri Lankans, etc. are OK. Japanese, Chinese, Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. are not even considered. Technically Israelis and Jordanians are Asians although the BBC categorizes them as Middle Easterners.

    So Sam is an idiot for saying what she said and ignorant about geography. Unless her 14yr old daughter has some psychological development problem or history with Sikhs, of course which wasn’t reported.

    I wonder if SM has the balls (ovaries? guts?) to sue the Beeb for wrongful termination of employment? 😉


  30. Peter says:

    I was just wondering if the BBC news ‘business’ report has become a sponsored slot.

    Whilst analysis of financials is entirely legitimate, today seemed to be an Advertorial for Sainsbury’s with an opportunity for its chief exec to trot out next week’s top deals, at one stage fed a line (‘glad you asked me that…’) about their organic range by a… well-briefed… ‘reporter’.

    There is variety, of course, with Sir Stuart Rose of M&S and his rack of tat a regular slot, and occasionally ASDA gets a look in if their PR gets on the speed dial first with a… ‘story’.

    Oddly, the others seldom get a look in. Not that I need any supermarket telling me what ‘we’ are telling them… and that’s buy their stuff… ably supported by the BBC.

    Of course, we need more entrepreneurs such as Simon ‘Gordon the Bold’ Woodruffe, who doesn’t really understand economics but if we need more money why not just print some more.

    Not sure those from the BBC sharing his wisdom have yet processed his ‘creative’ solutions to crunchier times, whereby if there is less money to go round all in the organisation take a cut to preserve staffing levels.

    I think all accepted that would not apply in ‘essential’ state-funded enterprises carrying out key functions such as reading out press releases.


  31. pounce says:

    The bBC faster than a speeding bullet and a crock of shite

    Was Armistice flawed?
    The armistice deal signed on 11 November 1918 brought yearned-for relief to Western Europe. But the same pact has been blamed for the return to conflict in Europe only 20 years later. Does the deal deserve the criticism, asks Professor Gerard De Groot of the University of St Andrews.

    Wow faster than a speeding bullet the bBC looks at how getting Germany to sign at the table of peace in a train carrage (I wonder where Hitler got France to sign its surrender treaty?)
    And guess who the bBC points the final finger of blame at;
    “It is by no means clear that greater American involvement in European affairs would have prevented WWII. But it is certain that America’s decision to turn her back on Europe created a power vacuum that Hitler was able to exploit.”

    The bBC faster than a speeding bullet and a crock of shite


  32. Peter says:

    I’d also love to know what market rate talents have decided to persist in sending the BBC morning weather lady out into the Blue Peter Garden each day, when 50% of the time there is ambient noise that makes her near impossible to hear.


  33. Roland Deschain says:

    What is even more interesting is the fact that – according to Bill O’Reilly – 70 percent of African Americans voted for the amendment and therefore against gay marriage. Did Al Beeb tell you that?
    disillusioned_german | 12.11.08 – 12:46 am |

    Actually, it did. Because of their Christian faith.


  34. Peter says:

    Now the US election is over, I think the BBC is right to focus on the key issues, namely what Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary, thinks of the results of the X Factor.

    Jackals promoted by weasels, as the lions that are the country’s people try and cope with the real world.


  35. Tom says:

    The Cattle Prod of Destiny | 11.11.08 – 7:05 pm

    Unless someone knows of any other reason for Sam Mason not wanting an ‘asian’ driver to take her daughter home?

    The reason she gave is that her daughter would ‘freak out’ if she saw a man in a turban.

    For all we, or the BBC, know she may have good reason for being afraid of men in turbans.

    She may have been raped or sexually molested by one when very young.

    She made have seen a violent film where a terrifying man in a turban slits the throat of a captive.

    Or her fear may be irrational.

    The key thing here is that Ms Mason has been sacked on account of her daughter’s distaste for turbanned gentlemen.

    So if a beeboid has a racist dad, could he get fired too?


  36. morgan says:

    Tom | 12.11.08 – 8:56 am |

    columbo you aint.


  37. RR says:

    “The armistice deal signed on 11 November 1918 brought yearned-for relief to Western Europe. But the same pact has been blamed for the return to conflict in Europe only 20 years later.”

    I think the Versailles Treaty might have had something to do with it, but you’d not expect a Beeboid to know such things.

    “But it is certain that America’s decision to turn her back on Europe created a power vacuum that Hitler was able to exploit.”

    Hmmm. America – alternately damned for interventionism or damned for isolationaism. Doesn’t much matter which, just as long as it’s damned.


  38. Derek W. Buxton says:

    Unusual, a radio 3 news bulletin reported that energy supplies were threatened by….yes, the EU regulations. But don’t worry, they are going to drop the rules on strangely shaped fruit. So that’s alright then! Took them a long time to catch up though, their news is almost history.


  39. Richard Lancaster says:

    Tom | 12.11.08 – 8:56 am | #

    Then let’s hear this good excuse for making what can only otherwise be taken as a request based upon prejudice.

    I’ve seen many people take the moral highground against islam on here, stating that they aren’t racists because islam isn’t a race, but then the very same people exclude the comment highlighted above by deegee (clearly stated in the Telegraph article). I’d have expected some of the slightly more intelligent posters here to have picked up on the difference between a request based upon legitimate concerns (such as having male driver), and those based on…an item of clothing.


  40. Richard Lancaster says:

    All Sam Mason did was voice what most BBC employees think and perhaps often say, when no tape recorders are around.
    Kill the Beeb | 12.11.08 – 1:01 am | #

    Sorry I hadn’t seen this.

    Or it could just be that she’s one of the many prejudiced people in the world. Yet apparently, according to George R and co, this is PC gone mad?


  41. DB says:

    Anyone tuning in to R5L at 2.30 this morning would’ve discovered that the BBC’s Palin Derangement Syndrome shows no sign of easing. Firstly Washington correspondent Jonathan Beale repeated the lie that Palin didn’t know “whether Africa was a continent or a country”, but this was just the appetizer for the views of LA ‘showbiz’ correspondent Cash Peters, one of Up All Night’s regular contributors.

    Cash Peters: Hello darling!
    Rhod Sharp: Hello!
    CP: A new era has come to America. God it feels so great! It’s like coming out of hospital after a bad operation when you’ve totally recuperated, it’s like a new life. Everything’s great. Basically everybody kinda came out of their homes • it was like those commercials where people come out of their homes at the same time and they’re all going off to work • everybody came of their homes and breathed new air, it was like beyond (perhaps “being on”) oxygen.
    RS: I want to ask you, I mean were you at home on election night and did you walk out your front door? Were there car horns hooting and all that kinda stuff?
    CP Car horns hooting? No, we’re civilized on the West Coast, this isn’t the Wild West, Rhod.
    RS: [Laughing] OK.
    CP: No, what happened was I watched it and I was deeply moved by it as was everybody – people crying. In fact you know what I did? I stuck my head out of the window – and you know I always make such a big issue out of this, it makes me so hip, that we live opposite an African-American family • and I opened my window and I heard screaming, screaming from their house, which doesn’t surprise me one jot.

    Bit later…
    CP: It was absolutely huge, and I know it was worldwide huge, but when you live in America and basically everybody’s waiting for a certain nincompoop to get out the office and they’re just praying, everybody’s on bended knee waiting for this idiot to get out the office and suddenly he is and he’s gone, he’s gonna be gone, it’s just the best. In fact you know Oprah was terribly partisan in all this..
    RS: Almost as partisan as you, in fact.
    CP: No I’m very… I don’t have a political viewpoint. I’m like you Rhod, I’m totally neutral and you’d never know what my politics are from listening to this show anyway.
    RS: All right.
    CP: I’m always on the side of right.

    Bit later still…
    CP: [Talking about Oprah] And now she’s said to Sarah – she banned Sarah Palin from her show because she was not going to be political (unheard word) – and now she’s said to Sarah Palin ‘You’re welcome to come on’. But who wants to give that woman any more publicity than she’s already had? That would be crazy talk.
    RS: I think quite a lot of people do.
    CP: Well she was on the Today Show this morning again. Matt Lauer went up to her home in WA-SILLA [said in a mocking tone] in Alaska in her home eating food and it’s like STOP IT! If you give her any… if you feed this monster, if you give her any more er, oxygen, she’s gonna be in, like, the Senate before you know it. It’s ludicrous.
    RS: There you go being impartial again.
    CP: No, I love all human life but she’s A MONSTER! [Laughs]
    RS: [Laughs]
    CP: And I speak impartially. Basically they’re feeding the fire because the media loves it. The media loves anything that gets this woman in the spotlight because it feeds more of their ratings, but basically the more they feed this woman the more she’s likely to be in the Senate and it’s just a disaster in the making so leave her alone I say. For her own good.

    Peters later came out with the following: “MSNBC is like the left wing’s answer to Fox News – and Fox not being news anyway, it’s just a bunch of people yelling. The political spectrum needed balance, and they got MSNBC as a counterpoint to Fox News.”

    Pew Research’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that Fox News gave the most balanced election coverage of all the American broadcasters, but why let the facts get in the way of the BBC’s standard caricature? “The political spectrum needed balance” – clearly not enough pro-Democrat news outlets in CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC for Cash Peters’ liking. He then went on to dismiss the prop 8 vote banning gay marriage, saying it didn’t bother him because it would be overturned (Peters is, how shall I put this, somewhat camp). To hell with democracy when it doesn’t give the correct result, eh? Perhap his African-American neighbours • the ones who make him feel hip by their very presence – were actually celebrating the success of prop 8.


  42. George R says:


    So, in the Labour/left brave new world, the BBC bosses sack workers on the spot for saying off-air what BBC bosses deem to be ‘prejudices’.


  43. Richard Lancaster says:

    Well, I think the response was heavy handed, but hey, the public have shown recently they want swift firm action, and now they are complaining?

    I presume by saying ‘prejudice’ you’ve got some reasoning as intricate as Tom’s to justify what she said?


  44. Chuffer says:

    Lots of prominence given by BBC to their beloved EU’s oh-so-kind move to scrap a few crazy regulations on vegetables:

    Coverage of the EU’s mad plan to cripple agriculture slightly harder to find:


  45. George R says:


    You are the one who accuses BBC employee, Ms. Sam Mason, of being ‘prejudiced’.

    ‘Let he who is without prejudice, hail the next taxi’.


  46. Anonymous says:

    Can I just point out my total amazement at people criticising the Beeb for this sacking? It was clearly racist, and since she is a public figure this clearly should have been acted on.

    Am no fan of the BBC, but I fail to see any wrongness at all here. In fact, they are to be commended for the speed.


  47. DB says:

    Letter on the World Service’s editorial control in today’s Times:


  48. James says:

    The interview on radio 4’s PM last night with the director of Haringey Social Services, Sharon Shoesmith, was woeful. It was one of the softest, tippy-toe interviews I had ever heard, given the very serious nature of the allegations against her professionalism of her and her staff. She had refused to apologise, probably on the advice of Haringey’s legal services team, and was asked soft leading questions, none of which challenged her in any sense to answer explain the glaring failures in the child’s case. Pathetic.


  49. George R says:

    Anonymous 11:35 am

    Why did the BBC bosses in Bristol sack the BBC presenter, Ms. Sam Mason?

    It is clear to you, but it is not clear to me. You appear sure that she was “clearly racist”. I disagree. Ms. Sam Mason disagrees. As far as I know, the BBC bosses have not said that Ms. Mason was ‘replaced’ for being ‘racist’.

    I think that Ms.Mason has been sacked because of the BBC’s commitment to enforce an ideology of multiculturalism, and that can result in the summary dismissal of any BBC workers, judged by BBC bosses, to have contravened that hegemonic rule.


  50. Stephenb says:

    Jon Gaunt has been suspended from
    Talksport radio(see
    On Friday he called a conservative councillor a ‘fascist’ for saying you cannot foster a child in his council area if you smoke. The man said ‘that is actionable’ Then Jon called him a ‘health fascist’. The man was given ample opportunity to reply but just shouted and screamed. After the call Jon apologised on air for calling him a fascist. So why is he suspended?
    Don’t bother tuning into Talksport because they have not mentioned it. They used to have an advert that said “…a wine.. as rounded as Jon Gaunt’s man boobs” and now it just says “as rounded as man boobs”.
    I am going to email a complaint to Talksport.