I see that intrepid BBC journalist Andrew North has gone off to Baghdad to gather information to show us that jails their are dangerously overcrowded and living conditions are far from ideal for the residents. (Apparently there are no aromatherapy practitioners on call to relieve the stress of the in-mates.) North repeats allegations of torture and in general paints as bleak a picture of life in prison as possible and in this way, he continues the BBC essential narrative that things in Iraq just go from bad to worse. Perhaps the Howard League for the abolition of prisons could fly over and do a follow-up?

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12 Responses to IT’S TOUGH UP NORTH

  1. Let them Rot in their third wo says:

    The marxists at the BBC won’t be happy until every prison in the world is as soft and accomodating as the UK’s.

    I’m glad they are overcrowded, at least they keep them in rather than let murderers rapists and peados walk free to re-offend like they do in the UK.


  2. Dick the Prick says:

    But but but but but….. Jeez, have you seen the Brazil jails? If Carlsberg did jails…


  3. Grant says:

    More to the point if the fearless BBC investigative journalists visited some prisons in Iran or North Korea, on a one-way ticket.


  4. Mailman says:

    Id think that ALL goals in that part of the world would be sh1te holes.



  5. PacificRising says:

    I wonder if they can send out for a curry like ours do?:

    The Sun

    You couldn’t make it up.


  6. RR says:

    It’s the democratically-elected Iraqi government’s job to decide on prison conditions. Wonder whether North will point this out.


  7. henryflower says:

    DV, be careful! Your title – It’s Tough, Up North – risks provoking another of those “Is Andrew North a homosexual as well as being biased?” threads.

    Or is that just the jaded, perverse way my mind works…


  8. David Vance says:




  9. Martin says:

    So will the BBC visit the prisons of Cuba and comment on the inhuman conditions there?


  10. Original Robin says:

    I`m glad the BBC brought this up. I was getting worried about some orphanages in the Far East. Criminals in jails are more important obviously.


  11. JohnW says:

    I’ve been in Abu Ghraib during the Saddam era – visiting a friend who was sentenced to 5 years on trumped up charges. The Beeb would have loved it. No food – only water provided. Inmates had to rely on weekly visits by family and friends bringing in food to sustain them. Not a Playstation, X-Box, plasma telly or Amnesty International human rights lawyer in sight.


  12. frankos says:

    So will the BBC visit the prisons of Cuba and comment on the inhuman conditions there?
    Not all bad news though as Castro incarcerated gays and intellectuals –hence no Radio 4 in Havana