OK then, let me be clear about this from the start. I am all in favour of incompetent business being punished since that is the essence of the free market, as the strong and efficient prosper and the weak and unprofessional fall away. So in that regard I welcome the investigation the BBC has conducted into the private ambulance operator in Birmingham uncovering totally unacceptable practices.

But there is something about this that bothers me and it lies in the almost malicious glee with which the BBC “uncovers” this failure in the private sector. If you read through this you will come to the curious line from Sam Oestreicher, of the militant health union Unison, who says that privatising services was “always going to cause problems. Private sector providers, their priority is profit not the patient. We are seeing the growth of an uncontrolled and unregulated industry as far as the NHS is concerned.” My question is given the horrendous numbers of patients who die in our NHS wards across the UK, having acquired infection in the filthy wards, why does the BBC not investigate how public sector standards kill more than even Islamic terrorists could dream? I’ll tell you why; the BBC shows an underlying contempt for private enterprise and instead likes to prop up thoroughly discredited NHS standards such as those extolled by Mr Oestreicher.

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I read with despair this BBC report on the continuing fall out from the outrageous arrest of Damian Green by anti-terrorist police a few days ago. The BBC seems intent to present this episode as if it were merely an issue between the Conservative Party and the procedure followed by the authorities in the Commons rather than the very real conflict this presents between a domineering control freak government and the right MP’s have to provide the public with details that those in power would rather were kept quiet. If we were a police state tomorrow, the BBC would probably turn it into a reality TV show so the bread and circuses were maintained. The twisting and evasions underway between Ms Harperson, Gorbals Mick and the rest sicken me – but the BBC seems disinterested in viewing this as a threat to our fundamental freedoms. Personally, I think the Conservatives should stay away from the State opening of Parliament since it is clearer by the day just how monstrous the Brown Politburo has become, determined to stifle all opposition, aided and abetted by politicised policing.


I listened to Justin Webb on Today this morning and it is as if he inhabits an alternative universe! Justin declared that if anything, Obama was more intent on the “Bush doctrine” than was Bush and that The One was quite intent on pursuing the war on terror. Earth to Justin – waken up pal! Obama and his apostles are determined to shift power from the military to the sophisticated diplomats such as Susan Rice – she who sat back and watched almost one million massacred in Rwanda. The Obama team is replete with those who fail to understand that militant Islam in engaged in a global jihad and so the fantasy that Justin floats of Obama as the destroyer of these muslim terrorists has no legs whatsoever. Now the election is over, and Justin along with the rest of the biased media has his man in the White House, I suspect we will return to the house-trained journalism that typified the Clinton years. Justin seems to lead the way.


I see that the BBC is running the line by the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso that the UK is “closer than ever before” to joining the euro currency zone. Speaking on a French radio show, he said British politicians were considering the move because of the effects of the global credit crunch. Given that Labour denies it has had any change of heart on the Euro, you would think the BBC might have pursued Barroso’s claim a little bit more vigorously? Which British politicians had told him this? When did he gain this new insight that he felt moved to share with French radio listeners? Are there any within the UK government that see this as an opportunity to advance the Euro cause? After all, since Brown has wrecked our British Pound he may feel inclined to move on and find a new currency to destroy?