Great to see that Israel has defied even Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger, and is now moving in to try and cleanse Gaza from Hamas terrorism. Did anyone catch Jeremy Al Bowen on the 10’Clock news instantly claiming that this military action was unlikely to work and soon Israelis would be asking was it worth it. Also, did you see Ken Livingstone and the London fedayeen getting lots of airtime as they wailed at the idea of Israel actually having the temerity to defend itself. Hamas must be eternally indebted to the rancid biased BBC – the shilling for Islamic savagery that passes for object reporting on the State broadcaster is truly shocking. My thoughts and prayers are with the brave men and women in the IDF who as I write this risk life and limb de-infesting the cess-pit of Gaza. God bless them.

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  1. Dagobert says:

    So there is a demonstrastion in London by those strange bedfellows the Left and the Moslems protesting about the killing of less than 400 Moslems in Gaza by the wicked Israelis. A fawning interviewer asks a demonstrator why they are taking this action and that’s that. But why are there no demonstrations against the killing of hundreds of thousands of Black African Moslems in Darfur by noble Sudanese Arabs and why didn’t the BBc interviewer ask this question?


  2. Martin says:

    Spot on David. I can’t stand Bowen. What an utter utter tosspot he is.


  3. George R says:

    How prominently is the BBC reporting this on its website?:

    “Muslims rampaging through Jewish neighborhood in London”


    “Earlier this week, the slogans ‘Jihad for Israel’ and ‘Jihad the only solution for Palestine’ were daubed on buildings in Stamford Hill, Golders Green and Manchester, and outside the main entrance of Finchley Synagogue.”


  4. moonbat nibbler says:

    “World Protests at Gaza conflict” screams the BBC headline:

    Funny how the “world” doesn’t include the EU:,7340,L-3649777,00.html


    or California:

    The superlative report by Harry’s Place on the anti-semitic scum “protesting” needs another airing:


  5. Robert S. McNamara says:

    The BBC’s coverage – for the few occasions I switched over – wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. One time one of their reporters even described Hamas as an ‘Islamist organisation’. If you were wondering where Abdel Bari ‘If the Iranian missiles strike Israel • by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square, and dance with delight if the Iranian missiles strike Israel’ Atwan was (perhaps you were worried), it’s okay – he was sat in the Sky News studio, giving his professional, objective opinions to the host.

    The demos in London, Manchester, Glasgow and elsewhere today mostly populated by kaffiyeh-adorned ‘Asians’, who proceeded to burn Israeli flags and throw objects at the police, really impressed on me just what a serious problem we’ve got on our hands. That scene from Children of Men with the Muhammadens marching through British streets in a funeral procession with coffins draped in the Islamic Kalifah flag chanting and firing Kalachnikovs into the air is looking less and less like fiction.


  6. Ricky Martin says:

    Unsurprisingly, the Left-Jihad Axis were in rather small numbers today in London (just 10,000 but lied as usual and claimed 75,000!) together with career waning Celebrity Protesters, political losers, fellow travellers, useful idiots, clown cadre and assorted fools.

    Less surprising was that the thugs from the religion of peace turned ugly and violent. Where are trigger happy Met marksmen when you need them most?

    But most surprising of all, is that at least half of the 10,000 shoe throwers took absolutely no notice of La Lennox despite her speech yesterday criticising the use of violence.



  7. deegee says:

    From the article.

    Israel has carried out more than 800 strikes on the Gaza Strip since the offensive started eight days ago, including 40 on Saturday.

    Remarkably low casualty figures all things considered.

    The UN has warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis, and believes 25% of more than 400 Palestinians killed by Israel so far were civilians. Israel says about 80% of those killed were Hamas militants. Four Israelis have been killed by rocket fire from Gaza.

    The UN believes 75% were not civilians. Israel says about 80% were not civilians. The paragraph gives the impression of disagreement but really the figures are very close. Remarkable accuracy from Israel in targetting the guilty all things considered.


  8. neil says:

    im listening now 0n 24 it features there reporter RUSHI ABU AOLUF! who says “hundreds of OUR fighters are ready to fight the isrealis”

    there an unbiased reporter for yor


  9. will says:

    BBC News Channel has a long & tedious report from Washington telling us how isolated is the Bush administration, with splits appearing within it, in failing to call for an immediate ceasefire.

    The screen strapline tells us that that is the “demand” of the UN, UK & France. With the hyper Sarcozy & the BBC’s eagerness to report French utterances one might assume them to still be speaking for the EU.

    But no, the bulletin fails to tell us that splits also exist in the EU, with the real current Presidency perhaps being closer to Bush. Less prominently reported is

    At the moment, from the perspective of the last days, we understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action.


  10. John Bosworth says:

    Haven’t heard the word “disproportionate” yet. It’s the clue to how successful the operation is. When Hamas senses the game is up, the word will appear on the BBC. But how will it get there?


  11. Hettie says:

    “The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem put Mr Sanur’s account on its website, together with a photograph of burned out oxygen cylinders.”

    I thought oxygen canisters would blow up instantly…


  12. Will86 says:

    The Beeb’s continual enthrallment to Islamic militancy has always bubbled away, but I think their coverage over the last few days has been particularly disgraceful; a myriad of anti- Israel, pro-Palestinian comment and spin from our national and “impartial” broadcaster.

    On another spur, worth checking out this appalling piece savaging grammar schools again- yes, those bastions of middle-class privilege, where not enough kids have free school meals and their aspirations stretch further than a timeshare on a cell in Feltham YOI. Once again, the BBC takes the Left’s shilling, and claims to “objectively” report. Ed “Sweaty” Balls could have written it, even ignoring the irony of his Dear Leader being the product of one …


  13. deegee says:

    I thought oxygen canisters would blow up instantly…
    Hettie | Homepage | 03.01.09 – 11:49 pm

    Or at least be somewhat deformed by the explosion.


  14. Ashley Pomeroy says:

    Off-topic, but one of the top stories on the BBC’s news website at the moment is this:

    “Brown to create 100,000 new jobs”

    There aren’t any quotemarks, it’s just “Brown to create 100,000 new jobs”, POOF! like magic.

    The article in its current form is basically an advertisement for an interview in The Observer, and it doesn’t go into any great detail about how these jobs will be created. Some guff about how “(Brown) gives details of plans to bring forward £10bn of government spending on public works, digital technology and environmental projects to create new jobs.”

    Surely a more accurate headline would be “Brown to Increase Government Spending by £10bn”? Unless he plans to bring the spending forward, and then not spend anything eighteen months from now, or whenever he has brought the spending from.


  15. Hettie says:

    Watched an hour of BBC World tonight. The “Israeli side” had 10 minutes of airtime (Mark Regev, Avital Leibowitz IDF spokesman, footage of Barak’s press conference repeated twice over the hour).

    The Gazan side had the rest with a Gazan person in the studio and soemone who the BBC claims is an aid worker over the phone (I got worried for him as all of a sudden there was the sound of a hit over the line and he must have been shaken by it physically), plus a correspondent in Jerusalem and on the Israeli border.

    Jonathan Paris (a Middle East security expert) was also on for a few minutes and was generally ok.

    I don’t have much time for Fox News, but I enjoyed this (via treppenwitz)

    “you are completely misrepresenting the facts”


  16. Biodegradable says:

    Not The BBC News:

    Hamas moves on Fatah ‘collaborators’
    The Hamas government has placed dozens of Fatah members under house arrest out of fear that they might exploit the current IDF operation to regain control of the Gaza Strip.

    Fatah officials in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that Hamas militiamen had been assaulting many Fatah activists since the beginning of the operation last Saturday. They said at least 75 activists were shot in the legs while others had their hands broken.

    Wisam Abu Jalhoum, a Fatah activist from the Jabalya refugee camp, was shot in the legs by Hamas militiamen for allegedly expressing joy over the IDF air strikes on Hamas targets.

    Meanwhile, sources close to Hamas revealed over the weekend that the movement had “executed” more than 35 Palestinians who were suspected of collaborating with Israel and were being held in various Hamas security installations.

    The sources quoted Hamas officials as saying that the decision to kill the suspected collaborators was taken out of fear that Israel might try to rescue them during a ground offensive. The officials claimed that at least half of the victims were killed by relatives of Palestinian militiamen who were killed as a result of information passed on to Israel by the “collaborators.”

    Justifying the latest crackdown on Fatah, a Hamas official in Gaza City said that his government had received information according to which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had instructed his loyalists in the Strip to start moving toward undermining Hamas.

    “We will kill them all if they try to help Israel bring down our government,” the official said. “We will hang Mahmoud Abbas and [former Fatah security chief] Muhammad Dahlan in the public square if they try to enter the Gaza Strip aboard Israeli tanks.”

    The Hamas official said that his security forces had launched a massive “preemptive” campaign aimed at thwarting Fatah’s attempts to “spread anarchy and chaos.” He confirmed that many Fatah operatives had been shot in the legs over the past few days by Hamas “to make sure that they don’t help Israel.”


  17. pounce says:

    I hope nobody minds but here is a little more information than what Al beeb and Abu Bowen would like you to know.
    Operation Cast Lead
    sraeli ground forces have entered Gaza, according to Israeli military officials. Tanks and artillery have crossed the border for the first time since the conflict began eight days ago. Israeli TV reported heavy firefights. Israeli officials have said the ground offensive could last a few days but is not for the purpose of reoccupying the area. “Our aim is to force Hamas to stop the activities of Hamas and bring significant change to the region,” said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak after the start of the ground offensive. In response to the attacks, a Hamas spokesman said that Gaza will “become a graveyard” for Israeli soldiers.

    Saturday evening (Jan.3), IDF forces began to implement the second stage of Operation Cast Lead. Ground forces have begun to maneuver within the Gaza Strip. The objective of this stage of the operation is to destroy the terrorist infrastructure of the Hamas in the precise area of operation, while taking control of some of rocket launching area used by Hamas in order to greatly reduce the quantity of rockets fired at Israel and Israeli civilians. The IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that this stage of the operation will further the goals of Operation Cast Lead as communicated till now: To strike a direct and hard blow against Hamas while increasing the deterrent strength of the IDF, in order to bring about an improved and more stable security situation for residents of southern Israel in the long term. A large number of IDF forces are taking part in this stage of the operation including infantry, tanks, engineering forces, artillery and intelligence, along with the support of the Israel Air Force, Israel Navy, Israel Security Agency and other security agencies. The operation is in accord with the decisions of the Security Cabinet. This stage of the operation is a part of the IDF’s overall operational plan, and will continue on the basis of ongoing situational assessments by the IDF General Staff.


  18. pounce says:

    Part 2
    Israel had stepped up its Gaza offensive – with warplanes, gunboats and artillery firing on dozens of targets on Saturday as the military action entered its second week. The sounds of explosions again rocked Gaza on Saturday as Israeli air strikes and bombardments continued for the eighth consecutive day, hitting over 40 targets, which the military described as “integral parts of the Hamas terror organization.” One raid hit a mosque in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza. Palestinian medical officials said at least 10 people were killed. Israel has also begun firing artillery shells into areas along the Gaza border, widely seen as preparing the ground for a possible land offensive.

    Since early Saturday morning (Jan.3), the IDF has attacked over 40 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, all integral parts of the Hamas terror organization’s infrastructure, including a training camp, weapons storage facility, smuggling tunnel, an armed rocket launcher and rocket launching bases. Saturday (Jan.3), HAMAS launched over 14 Qassam rockets and Grad missiles towards Israel. One Grad missile hit an apartment building in the city of Ashdod, wounding two Israelis. A short time after the attack, the IAF identified and destroyed the launchers used in the attack.

    Israel has been targeting senior Hamas militants. The IAF struck a vehicle transporting Senior Hamas Commander Mohammed Ma’aruf and an additional Hamas operative in Khan Younis early Saturday (Jan.3) afternoon. Ma’aruf was part of Hamas’ military wing and served as an officer in the terror organization’s ground forces. An Israeli air strike killed a senior Hamas commander in Gaza Saturday as the military offensive against the Islamist faction entered its second week. Senior commander Abu Zakaria al-Jamal was killed in an Israeli air strike, two days after another militant leader, Nizar Rayyan and his family were killed in a bomb attack.

    Medical officials in Gaza say more than 420 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli offensive and over 2,000 injured. U.N. officials estimate that a quarter of those killed were civilians. The death toll from Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip rose to 440 Palestinians with some 2,285 people injured as the conflict entered its second week, Lebanon’s Al-Manar TV reported on Saturday.

    Over the past week Israel’s controversial bombing campaign has destroyed more than 750 facilities in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, which according to Israel were connected to terrorist activities. In response Palestinian militants launched 500 rockets on Israeli border towns killing four people.

    Israel has massed troops, tanks and artillery around Gaza in preparation for a possible ground offensive. From his base in the Syrian capital Damascus, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal issued a warning to Israel. Meshaal warned of a “dark fate” if Israeli troops move into Gaza and said they would end up killed or captured.


  19. pounce says:

    Part 3
    Operation Cast Lead – Background

    From 04 November through 18 December 2008, Hamas and affiliated Palestinian terrorist groups fired 213 rockets and 126 mortar shells into Israel. More than 20 Kassam rockets were fired at southern Israel from Gaza on Wednesday 17 December 2008. In response to the continuous rocket fire from the Gaza Strip upon Israeli territory, IDF forces carried out four aerial strikes against terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday 17 December 2008.

    On 19 December 2008 the Islamist militant group Hamas ended the six-month ceasefire with Israel in the Gaza Strip. Hamas issued a statement blaming Israel which had not “respected” the truce. Israel’s foreign ministry spokesman said the militants, who control Gaza, “had chosen violence over truth”. The truce had failed to achieve what each side wanted from it. Hamas had hoped the would provide a breathing space in which it could consolidate its grip on the Gaza Strip, but Israel did not wish to see this happen.

    Israel was reluctant to invade Gaza as it had Southern Lebanon in 2006, fearing high casualties among Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians, and in turn, international condemnation. Hamas seemed unfazed by Israeli threats. Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan said Gaza’s ground is not covered with fragrant flowers, but with men and women suicide bombers. He said Israel would not dare invade Gaza because it knows it would pay a heavy price. Professor Georgy Mirsky from the Russian Institute of World Economy believed that “for Hamas and its radical allies, an Israeli land invasion will be the best option. It won’t embarrass them that there’ll be far more victims among Palestinians than among Israelis,” he said. According to him, it is radical Islamists who triggered the new wave of violence.

    Israel kept the crossings into Gaza closed since 19 December, cutting off humanitarian supplies, the second longest period they have remained shut since Hamas seized control of the Strip from the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority in June 2007. Due to the lack of fuel and spare parts, Gaza power plant was shut, affecting all aspects of daily life including sanitation, water and power supply to households, schools, and civilian institutions. In particular, 60 per cent of the Gaza population is receiving running water once every five to seven days.


  20. pounce says:

    Part 5
    Tzipi Livny, head of Kadima Party, said on December 21 in an interview with Israeli TV that if she becomes prime minister, she will eliminate Hamas using military, economic and diplomatic means.

    On Thursday 25 December 2008 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert issued a “last-minute” appeal to Palestinians in Gaza on Thursday to stop rocket fire at Israel. In a rare interview on al-Arabiya television, which broadcasts to the Arab world, Olmert said “We have enormous power, we can do things which will be devastating,” he said. “And I keep restraining myself and I keep restraining my friends all the time and I tell them, ‘Let’s wait, let’s wait, let’s wait. Let’s give them another chance.'” The prime minister says he was running out of patience. “And I’m telling them now, ‘It may be the last minute.’ I’m telling them, ‘Stop it, we are stronger. There will be more blood there.’ Who wants it? We don’t want it,” he said.

    On Friday 26 December 2008 Israel reopened border crossings and sent basic food and supplies into Gaza. The army said 90 trucks crossed the border carrying rice, flour, fuel and medicine. Palestinian militants continued to bombard southern Israel with dozens of rockets and mortar shells. With rockets and mortars terrorizing southern Israeli towns and farming communities, Israeli Prime Minister Olmert was under increasing pressure to act against Hamas.


  21. Anonymous says:

    A more balanced view?


  22. Jason says:

    Incidentally if Al-Beeb really believes that the views of celebrities are relevant when it comes to the situation in Gaza, perhaps they would like to give at least one nanosecond of airtime to at least one single celebrity who both denounces Hamas and supports Israel in its fight against terrorism.

    Not being able to find such a celebrity is no excuse in this case, since 84 of them signed a letter to the L.A. Times expressing their views back in August. A 0.12 second Google search for “celebrities who support israel” would have enlightened the feckless idiots.


  23. cameron says:

    These are Muslim rioters looting And burning because unlike people of western European descent, they are brainwashed by there religion to hate Jews . And there are loads of em here now not spreading the religion of peace message.
    More to come from gitmo soon!!


  24. Peter says:

    Last night I had this ‘Snowmail’ from Ch4:

    We shall be talking live to the Israeli deputy ambassador and also to one of the protest speakers today, the singer-songwriter Annie Lennox. We were rather hoping Ms Lennox would debate live with the Israeli official but, we understand, she’d prefer not to.

    Which brings me to a wider point. It’s almost routine in this business for politicians and others to come on the programme, but only on the basis that they will not actually engage with any protagonist from the other point of view. We in the media rarely, if ever, mention that we’ve agreed to it.

    It’s only a personal thing, but I reckon if people come on the programme only on the basis that they will not debate live with the other side, I think you, the viewers should know. I think we should tell you. Instead of which we rather cover up for people who want to come out and make their point but won’t take on the other side.

    Our programme editor tonight says he felt happy having both Ms Lennox and the ambassador even if they are not engaging with each other because I’ll be able to challenge both. But is he right?

    It doesn’t seem to go much into the actual qualifications of Ms. Lennox to debate anything of this nature with much authority, and hence the prominence her views seem to be given, but there seems to be some journalistic unease and/or integrity at work. I wonder if this unwillingness to defend statements was made clear when broadcast or left with a minority read email?

    I don’t seem to recall any such thing associated with all her ‘outings’ on the BBC.

    Maybe they were just happy at a ready supply of proxies to spout the corporate line.

    Hard to see this as objective, mind.

    As to the programme editor’s ‘happiness’, well, D’uh. An ambassador vs. a pop star… ratings heaven. Who cares about serving the actual issues, or the public, sensibly?

    Love the notion that some of our news media ‘stars’ will be able to ‘challenge’ equally, and effectively, on an individual basis. Mind you, well moderated live debate is also long gone. You either get the moderator’s personal views mixed in on one side or other, or they are so poorly informed that outright lies can be be spouted with impunity.


  25. Ricky Martin says:

    Missed by the intrepid reporters at the Burka Broadcasting Crescent Inc:,2933,475604,00.html

    Where is Justin Webb when you need him?


  26. George R says:

    Yet to be reported by BBC;

    -from ‘Jerusalem Post’:-

    “Hamas moves on Fatah ‘collaborators'”


    “Fatah officials in Ramallah told ‘The Jerusalem Post’ that Hamas militiamen had been assaulting many Fatah activists since the beginning of the operation last Saturday. They said at least 75 activists were shot in the legs while others had their hands broken.

    Wisam Abu Jalhoum, a Fatah activist from the Jabalya refugee camp, was shot in the legs by Hamas militiamen for allegedly expressing joy over the IDF air strikes on Hamas targets.
    ‘Hamas is very nervous, because they feel that their end is nearing,’ a senior Fatah official said. ‘They have been waging a brutal campaign against Fatah members in the Gaza Strip.’

    “Meanwhile, sources close to Hamas revealed over the weekend that the movement had ‘executed’ more than 35 Palestinians who were suspected of collaborating with Israel and were being held in various Hamas security installations.”


  27. Battersea says:

    Andrew Marr show this morning, two guests – Anne Robinson and some idiot with a turban. The latter starts spouting hatred for Israel, claiming that Israel is allowed to do what no other country is allowed to do, no equivalence in numbers of dead blah blah blah. Even Marr was taken aback by this, although his response was half-hearted. Anne Robinson, was a star and defended Israel.


  28. Battersea says:

    Andrew Marr behaving like an utter wanker in his interview with Brown: ‘Everyone begged Israel not to go into Gaza’. What utter bias. Here are those that didn’t beg so:

    1. Israelis living under threat of rockets by Hamas.
    2. Egypt
    3. The EU
    4.The US

    And so on and on.


  29. Ricky Martin says:

    Annie Lennox looked so pleased with herself to be back in the public eye. My 14 year old daughter wondered who she was.

    I imagine her two Israeli children must be so pleased that their muvver is trying to protect Jew hating Hamas.


  30. Ricky Martin says:

    Now don’t all get too upset by this but ITV reports that:

    “Respect MP George Galloway said he and his daughter were thrown to the ground in the underpass at Hyde Park, saying: “It was very frightening. The police trapped us in the tunnel and attacked us repeatedly.”

    The Metropolitan Police defended its officers, saying they used “recognised and proportionate tactics” to control the crowd.”

    Ahhhh……….there, there Georgie


  31. Battersea says:

    The unhealthy fetish regarding the Jewish State continues on BBC1. Nothing else going on in the world. No other conflict.


  32. Philip says:

    The more these luvvie libtards (such as La Lennox & co.) ‘beg’ Israel not to defend herself, the harder she should strike.

    What are they going to do about it? The vacuousness of leftie argument and the utter uselessness of the UN will out eventually – once they’ve finished ‘free-ing Palestine’, holding ‘vigils’, cumbay-aaah-ing and hanging around with keffiyeh-wearing bath dodgers – providing Israel keeps her resolve – they will be impotent.

    They don’t have a ‘next stage’.

    What do we want? We don’t know
    When do we want it? Now!

    Liberalism – logic’s retarded cousin.


  33. Ralph says:

    Comparing the BBC’s treatment of these protests to those of say the Countryside Alliance would make a good chapter in the book on BBC bias.

    At these protests no difficult questions (‘Did you protest Hamas firing all those rockets into Israel?’) are asked, all placards with racist slogans on them ignored, a blind eye turned to any violence, but any allegation of ‘police brutality’ reported as fact, and a happy acceptance of the wildest claims of those attending.

    At the Countryside Alliance march the BBC went out of its way to find the most rabid people to talk to, the worst placards to film, and had at least three camera crews filming any violence.


  34. Jack Bauer says:

    Just like to thank all those posters who have taken the time to post links to the alternate sources of news which DISSENT from the relentless anti-JEW ( yes yes, it IS all about JEWS) sentiments that run like a Goebbels through the British press.

    Starting right at the top — our “jewel”, the BBC. Tis the envy of the world you know — well so they keep telling us, along with the NHS and and our repulsive acting classes.

    Thanks guys and gals, you know who you are


  35. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    First thing on Monday, I take my Lennox CDs to a charity shop (not Oxfam, of course). I don’t give house-room to dumb antisemites.

    Al Beeb has not been as bad as usual, but bad enough. Lyse Ducet was her usual revolting smarmy self, though.


  36. Anat (Israel) says:

    Andrew Marr behaving like an utter wanker in his interview with Brown: ‘Everyone begged Israel not to go into Gaza’. What utter bias. Here are those that didn’t beg so:
    1. Israelis living under threat of rockets by Hamas.
    2. Egypt
    3. The EU
    4.The US
    Battersea | 04.01.09 – 9:36 am | #

    But, but, surely Andrew Marr meant everyone that counts, which has nothing to do with your list.


  37. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    The NHS, from my personal experience over the last year, is OK+. Senior management may be in thrall to the lying government, but the doctors and nurses are efficient and helpful.

    Of courae it’s all about Jews. The BBC has been antisemitic for years, the Guardian ditto, and the Independent is, quite frankly, a Nazi rag.


  38. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “Respect MP George Galloway said he and his daughter were thrown to the ground in the underpass at Hyde Park, saying: “It was very frightening. The police trapped us in the tunnel and attacked us repeatedly.”

    Brilliant, if true. But since he never lies except when his lips move, I doubt it.


  39. Battersea says:

    Even if this story is true, and I don’t believe it is, now George Galloway knows what it is like to be a Fatah victim of Hamas’s brutality.


  40. Ralph says:

    It’s not true, and I wonder if there is CCTV footage.


  41. Jack Bauer says:

    Even if this story is true, and I don’t believe it is, now George Galloway knows what it is like to be a Fatah victim of Hamas’s brutality.
    Battersea | 04.01.09 – 11:22 am | #

    What’s the problem?

    It’s not like the police dragged Gallowayste off, and gave his to an enraged mob of Jews so that they could be lynched and their bodies dragged around the streets.

    Like his Hamastinian pals in the Palestinian entity do to their victims.


  42. Battersea says:

    I’ve complained to the BBC this morning about Andrew Marr’s utterly inappropriate comment to Gordon Brown about the world ‘begging’ Israel not to go into Gaza. I urge everyone to do the same and call them. We have to fight back at the sheer bias.


  43. Battersea says:

    Jack Bauer | Homepage | 04.01.09 – 11:29 am | #

    Or like the antisemitic mob which assaulted people in Golders Green on Wednesday evening.

    I also complained to AL-Beeb that there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this incident on their website.

    Not newsworthy Al-Beeb?


  44. David Vance says:


    Just to say I have been in contact with the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor, to highlight the bias from the BBC on this issue and I hope that other eyes will now follow our coverage If the BBC wants to only give one-sided pro Hamas coverage, fine – we’ll relentlessly expose it.


  45. Jack Bauer says:

    I’ve complained to the BBC this morning about Andrew Marr’s utterly inappropriate comment to Gordon Brown about the world ‘begging’ Israel not to go into Gaza.

    Who is this “world” to which the Red Planet Marr refers?

    How about the Hindu residents of Bombay. Has Marr spoken to them?

    I watch NTDV daily. Half of them want India to invade Pakistan. Some wouldn’t mind seeing them nuke the place. I doubt they could care less about another bunch of Muslim terrorists in some far away land.

    Guess that’s not part of Marr’s “world.”

    Would be the same”world” that allows years long genocide against Christians in Somalia?

    I guess we don’t all share the BBC’s “world” view.


  46. dr cromarty says:

    From 5Live news on Friday the comment was as far as I can remember it:
    “The Israelis are on high alert today, expecting violent protests after Friday prayers”

    Is there any other religion where one might be expected to be up for a ruck after devotions? Can you imagine hearing:

    “Thames Valley police are on high alert and expecting street violence in the aftermath of Matins and Holy Communion this Sunday”?

    What is wrong with Mohammedans and why doesn’t the BBC point it out?