Interesting to read how the BBC presents the news that Hamas has fired more rockets into Israel, in this case landing between two nursery schools in the Eshkol region of southern Israel. The headline is “Israel vows tough rocket response” and launches (if you’ll pardon the pun) into a quote from Ehud Olmert vowing a “disproportionate” response to these “rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza.” Oh, those war mongering Jews! All the time, the BBC chooses to present this as a war between Israel and Gaza. In this way, the savages in Hamas get a free pass. Lord knows how the BBC will react in just over a week’s time when Israel goes to the polls and the prospect of a Netanyahu adminisatration looms! We’ll all be Hamas then!

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  1. martin says:

    Most BBC people will be upset the rockets didn’t kill any Jewish children.


  2. The OmegaMan says:

    There’s no surprises from the BBC in their inequity when reporting about the rocket fire. It’s never the headline “Hamas shatters fragile ceasefire” but more “Ceasefire threatened by Israel’s response”.

    There’s absolutely no introspection into the absurdity of the claim, unless one realises that old question, “If a tree falls in the forest does it make sound?” has been updated to: “If Israel is attacked, does the BBC care?”


  3. Robert says:

    David, as bad as the Beeb is, Reuters is even worse:

    ‘Israel vows “disproportionate” response to rockets’



  4. pounce says:

    The bBC is nothing more than a vehicle for Islamic propaganda nowadays. The recent example of how they refused to air a charity video ensured that they kept the topic on boil while trying to allah wash any attempt by folks of accusing it of pro Palestinian bias.
    A prime example of Al Beebs pro Hamas bias can be shown by how fast the bBC was to show film clips of how the Jews bombed a school killing over 40 people.
    Strange thing is last week in Canada (Globe and mail) debunked that story I wonder if the bBC will follow?
    The bBC won’t be happy until the jews of Israel really are pushed into the sea. I wonder if they will report the genocide that will transpire then. Nah like in Venezuela the bBC will paint the picture that the jews are to blame and we will soon have Abu Bowen painting this picture that if Spain is handed over to Islam peace will return to Europe.


  5. Cassandra says:


    I have never ever known the BBC put out a correction to its pro hamas/hizbollah propaganda, the BBC are unable on a biological level it seems to acknowledge its corporate mistakes.
    The list of unproven,false,inflated,overblown,
    suspicious allegations is huge and yet the BBC will never admit or retract its errors.
    The muzzled and pathetic body charged with oversight of the BBC seems to be in coma, the watchdog body having been filled with leftist/socialist ideologues/placemen and sellouts content themselves with stuffing their noses in the public trough, following orders and keeping their heads down.
    The BBC/NULAB commissars have followed the ‘radicals revolutionary handbook’ to the letter.


  6. Terry Johnson says:

    The following quote has been on the “Have Your Say” headline on al-Beeb’s Middle East web page for over ten days now…

    “All of this didn’t solve the Palestinians’ real problem, which is the Israeli occupation of their lands”

    Abdallah, Gaza Strip

    Obviously the middle class white liberals and islamist 20-somethings who run the Al-BBC web pages agree with this little anti-Israel lie or they wouldn’t have left it up for so long.
    Al-BBC – fuelling the jihad with our money.


  7. Neil Reddin says:

    Sorry, O/T:

    The Torygraph is reporting (as of at least 6:36pm:

    Barack Obama to allow anti-terror rendition to continue

    Can’t seem to find anything on the BBC site, or news bulletins.

    Funny, that.


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    To be fair – it’s a bit bloody desperate of Olmert. What the hell is he saying that for after Obama’s been inaugerated and the elections are what? 3 weeks – is he having a laugh? Tosser.

    Netanyahu has gotten petulant in opposition – he was great as PM – a man you could deal with. But a few times i’ve seen the lad go off on one and it’s a bit freaky. He reckons he’s some kinda hero. I don’t know enough to be fair but Olmert is playing to the gallery by announcing a disproportionate response, just do it and move on. He can’t campaign on more kick ass just to traingulate – that’s well desperate.



  9. deegee says:

    Terry Johnson | 01.02.09 – 5:05 pm
    When I checked ‘Abdallah, Gaza Strip’ a couple of days ago he had received a grand total of three recommendations. I doubt he has improved since.

    Agenda? What agendas?


  10. Philip says:

    If Olmert really did use the word ‘disproportionate’ I think it could actually turn out to be quite a shrewd move.

    The Marxists and Muslims who conspire to change the everyday language of people and business using our language; hate few things more than having their own words, phrases and tactics used against them.


  11. Bad BBC says:

    Sunday’s News At 10 – “Israel launches air strikes on Gaza” – whole report no mention of earlier attacks by Hamas that sent Israelis to hospital like Ch4 news did!

    Unbelievable! No mention of the events that took place – Hamas launched rockets, hit buildings, injured many, Israel responds.

    No it’s just BAD ISRAEL launching attacks on innocent Gazans!

    You see a report like that and think how terrible – but it’s just lies by the BBC! I couldn’t believe it.


  12. simon says:


    I agree with you. They’ve spent far too long appropriating Western language and turning it on its head (“Gaza holocaust”, etc), thus trivializing the power of the original terms. It’s superb propaganda strategy on their part–in one fell swoop they undercut their opponents’ grievance and artificially amplify their own. It’s time for Israeli spokespeople to refer to the Sderot “Nakba”, don’t you think?


  13. Edna says:


    “The fresh violence comes two weeks after Israel ended a devastating 22-day offensive in Gaza where more than 1,300 Palestinians were killed.

    Both sides have violated unilateral ceasefires which ended the fighting.”



  14. Michael Taylor says:

    Actually, some of you may remember how the police behaved at the Countryside Alliance rally not so very long ago. ‘Crack heads, lads, they’re only toffs.’


  15. Michael Taylor says:

    Oh yes, here’s the clip showing how they dealt with those dangerous Countryside Alliance types. . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrKhvuadI4s


  16. Aaargh says:

    I don’t know about you guys.

    But I’m waiting for the day a Leftist media outlet gets bombed by the chaps in Jihad… and too see the response of regret and hand wringing self-loathing.

    As for Jews… every time a Jew dies in Israel, someone cheers at the BBC.


  17. jeffD says:

    “As for Jews… every time a Jew dies in Israel, someone cheers at the BBC.”

    and in mikewhineliberal’s house!


  18. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “Ceasefire threatened by Israel’s response” –

    we’ll be lucky to see the word ‘response’. Usually they twist it so it looks like a first strike.


  19. Aaargh says:

    Damn those war mongers.

    Do you remember that evil guy.. Churchill. There was Hitler, just going about his peacefu buisness, builiding national SOcialistm, and Chuchill starts a way – (at the request of the Jews).

    Now here we are 60 years later, and poor people around the world, who just want to kill Jews, are being harrased again.

    I call upon the BBC and all Progressives to rise up against these horrible people.

    I personally would like to see a return to the Middle Ages. Enough democracy already, bring back government by Soviet, or at least by Cleric.


  20. George R says:

    Does the BBC now see itself as part of the Umma?


    “If the Darfur genocide was being carried out by Jews or Christians instead of Arab Muslims, would we see a different response?”



  21. pounce says:

    jeffD writes:
    and in mikewhineliberal’s house!

    What do you mean house. Don’t you mean mosque. (A mosque i should add if I dared show my ugly mug would soon be on Beeb- tube getting its head chopped off to the sound of abu bowen screaming “Allah ackba”
    The price you pay for leaving the faith.


  22. mikewineliberal says:

    jeffD | 02.02.09 – 1:05 p

    What a vile thing to say. What leads you to say that?


  23. mikewineliberal says:

    jeffD | 02.02.09 – 1:05 pm

    What a vile thing to say. On what basis do you say that?


  24. Enzy says:

    This may be slightly besides the point, but here’s a question for you educated folk:
    Is a broadcasting company responsible for what it broadcasts? Or are the people who warrant said broadcasting the only ones to shoulder responsibility?

    For example, when Paul McCartney said that he’d done LSD, was it his fault that millions heard him or was it the news organization that shared his (mis)deeds with the millions?

    Or when some self-important (albeit ignorant) Jew draws parallels between the IDF and the SS, then the BBC (and CNN) turn the story into headline news for a few minutes, are they publicizing his opinion or theirs?

    (fun fact: if the IDF systematically starved and worked the entire population of Gaza to death, it would be a bit less than 1/4 of the Jews killed in the Holocaust)

    Can any Jew get his opinions on the front page? I’m Jewish and I have never been given a proper opportunity to manipulate the media. It’s a damn shame.


  25. jeffD says:


    Ahh diddums.The bbc man gets rattled.


  26. mikewineliberal says:

    Not rattled, just appalled. On what basis did you say that? It’s not an accusation
    a serious person makes without good cause


  27. NotaSheep says:

    Don’t feed the troll.


  28. mikewineliberal says:

    NotaSheep | 03.02.09 – 7:46 am

    i’m not feeding him. I want jeffd to explain what he said.


  29. jeffD says:


    “It’s not an accusation
    a serious person makes without good cause”

    And you think I do not have just cause?It’s pro-bbc,liberal minded idiots like yourself that choose to ignore the inherant bias and socially engineered propoganda spewed out by the beeb on a daily basis which,in my mind,threatens our whole way of life.
    You are a (paid) apologist for a traiterous and dangerous organisation,and as such I will treat you with the utter contempt you deserve.Now pull off your sandles,tighten your jilbab and go and listen to your collection of Billy Bragg CDs!


  30. David Preiser (USA) says:


    whitemikewineliberal is not a Beeboid, only a volunteer apologist for them.


  31. mikewineliberal says:

    Perhaps so. I’m entirely happy to be the focus of your contempt. But why would this mean I would cheer every time a jew dies?


  32. David Preiser (USA) says:

    mikewineliberal | 03.02.09 – 4:39 pm |

    But why would this mean I would cheer every time a jew dies?

    I would never suggest that it would. jeffD can figure out that error for himself. I’m just saying that you’re not a BBC employee, nor are you paid by them to come here and defend them. You do it of your own free will and determination.


  33. mikewineliberal says:

    David Preiser (USA) | 03.02.09 – 4:57 pm

    Sorry, David; my comment above was aimed at jeffd. My apologias (apologium?) are entirely voluntary. And I am not a BBC employee. Just a viewer and listener.


  34. jeffD says:

    “I would never suggest that it would. jeffD can figure out that error for himself. I’m just saying that you’re not a BBC employee, nor are you paid by them to come here and defend them. You do it of your own free will and determination.”……..

    Which makes him a much sadder person than we all initially thought.