So, when Gordon Brown promised “British jobs for British workers” it now seems that what he meant was “providing people with new skills”. LOL! How pathetic is this? The Dear Leader is on The Politics Show later today so if you see it, feel free to leave your comments here! It seems to me that the BBC is in a real quandary over this one since it wants to Save Gordon, of course, but the only way it can do this is to attack those “wildcat” strikers. The BBC is also fervently pro-EU but at the very heart of this issue is the fact that there can be no “British jobs for British workers” whilst we are in the rotten EU – so one more problem for the BBC!

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  1. d says:

    Free movement of labour witin the EU enables foreign workers to come here so that British workers have to go elsewhere in the EU to find work. If politicians and BBC employees were exposed to the same job insecurity then it would not be such a marvelous idea. If globalistaion follows the same looney lefty logical path then we will be better off without that as well. labour are holding on to power for their own interests and not for the country.


  2. NotaSheep says:

    This story does indeed make the BBC “conflicted”. However, their number one priority is to ensure a Labour government in perpetuity so they will “resolve” their “issues”.


  3. Jim T. says:

    I was slightly confused this morning as I heard the BBC report that that old crook Mandelson had said that if workers here couldn’t find jobs they were entitled to go to Europe to work because of that marvellous EU. Confused because this is a surefire way of NOT getting their traditional supporters to vote for them next time. Someone at the Beeb will get a rocket for that, methinks.


  4. George R says:

    Internal criticism in Labour Party, which BBC will report?:


    “You promised British jobs for British workers, Gordon – now you must make it happen” (Frank Field, Labour MP):–make-happen.html


  5. ae1 says:

    I put a large part of the blame on the employers. A lot of companies have knowingly employed foreign workers at lower rates than British, thus pocketing the difference. Unscrupulous scum.


  6. vicky says:

    ae1 | 01.02.09 – 12:49 pm |

    so how is it unscrupulous to want to save money,and why are they scum for taking advantage of being in the e.u,blame employers if you want to,
    i’ll blame the tits that took us into the e.u


  7. GCooper says:

    Another day, another ‘The Great Leader says’ headline from the BBC.

    It is a sure sign that our public broadcaster has become the official state broadcaster, when all it seems able to do is repeat McBean’s increasingly delusional pronouncements, like some demented parrot.


  8. Martin says:

    d: Yes Sky News will use local reporters to cover stories where they don’t have their own reporters.

    The BBC insists on a left wing liberal beeboid (and production team) being located in just about every major city in the world. How many local people does that deny employment to?


  9. nrg says:

    If you scroll down this story far enough you will eventually come to the Conservatives statement.

    Strangely it is headlined ‘Ridiculous’.
    You have to read a further 3 paragraphs to realise that it refers to the conservative’s view of the great leader and not the BBC’s view of William Hauge.


  10. NotaSheep says:

    nrg: I think you’ll find that “ridiculous” is exactly the BBC’s view of William Hague.


  11. Anon says:

    Save “Clunking Fist” Brown eh?

    “No more Boom and Bust”, “British jobs for British workers”, “No more quotes that will come back to bite”

    This is the man (described as ‘unelectable’ by many) who destroyed British pensions outside the public sector.

    For just this reason alone the BBC have a colossal task on their hands.


  12. George R says:

    Janet Daley:
    – who, (unlike the BBC), notes the political denigration of these British workers:

    “Wildcat oil strikes: Europeans are finally waking up to the demise of democracy”


    “But the response from the EU political class is the same to all of these varied manifestations of resistance. Those who protest are being smeared with accusations of foolhardy protectionism or racist nationalism when they are not (not yet, anyway) guilty of either. It is not purblind nationalism, let alone racism, to resent the importation of cheap labour en masse when its conditions of employment (transport and accommodation provided, as seems to be the case at Lindsey) allow it to compete unfairly with indigenous workers. The drafting in of low-wage work gangs has always been seen as unjust: exploitative of the foreign workers, and destructive of the social cohesion of existing communities which, incidentally, is something about which the Tories say they are much exercised. So can the protesters expect their support?”


  13. Jon says:

    “He went on: “When I talked about British jobs, I was taking about giving people in Britain the skills, so that they have the ability to get jobs which were at present going to people from abroad and actually encouraging people to take up the courses and the education and learning that is necessary for British workers to be far more skilled for the future.”

    He just doesn’t get it does he? No matter what he says he just digs himself into a bigger hole.

    “But union leaders and local Labor politicians were not appeased. Shona McIsaac, a Labor member of Parliament, said that Irem’s employment of the non-British workers was “like a red flag to a bull for people in our community who are out of work and who have skills that could be used for this project.””


  14. Deborah says:

    HaS anyone noticed how the story is developing. At 5.30 pm the BBC1 news was full of how the government would persuade Europe to change their law – by 10pm that part of the story had been dropped. Mandelson at work perhaps?


  15. Johnny Norfolk says:

    Do you remember what the Tories were in power everything they proposed or said was challenged to the hilt by the BBC. They just do not do that with Labour,Labour are allowed to make long statements with hardly a challenge.
    We never see Brown answering questions like John Major for example.


  16. BackintheEussr says:

    When Mandelson came on the TV and started talking about “its the law..” in relation to the wildcat strikes, my weak artery almost blew a gasket! Who’s law Mandy? Certainly not mine!

    I’ve never had a chance to oppose such laws since the lies of 1975 because politicians like him fear open debate in a referendum.


  17. GCooper says:

    Johnny Norfolk writes: “Do you remember what the Tories were in power everything they proposed or said was challenged to the hilt by the BBC”

    I certainly do! And they never featured Major’s pronouncements as the lead item on the news, hour upon tedious hour, either!


  18. charlie buoy says:

    My first comment on this website.

    Yet another case of the BBC’s misrepresentation, by refering to the actions of demonstrators at the Immingham Fuel terminal, as protectionism, by Sarah Montague of BBC Radio 4 programme. Please follow the link to see the response of Steve Moxon the former Home Office whistleblower;prev_next=next#new


  19. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    The trade union Unite supports the immigrants and not the British workers.


  20. GCooper says:

    Welcome aboard Charlie Buoy!

    La Montague’s slander isn’t to be wondered at. The BBC is in a flat spin over the prospect of the recession damaging its beloved EU!


  21. DP111 says:

    You can go and work in Europe, Mandelson tells strikers..

    Or, Mandelson to workers, “Go to Europe and eat cake”


  22. Jon says:

    “You can go and work in Europe, Mandelson tells strikers..”

    Well not in France they can’t.

    “Over million strike in France demanding job protection”


  23. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    So the Milibands want to reduce us to the CO2 output level of Africa whilst Mandelson and Brown and the unions(!!) want our workers to go and work elsewhere at the same time as people from elsewhere pour into the UK to do the work which would have been done by our own workers who have had to fly elsewhere to get work. This is exactly what they (Nulab) are saying yet it is total and utter nonsense. These people are completely insane!


  24. Tom says:

    charlie buoy | 01.02.09 – 11:59 pm


    Thanks for the link to Moxon’s comment.

    The problem is that Moxon is plain wrong.

    There has been no discrimination against British workers by Total, who employ loads of them.

    This case revolves around a project that was put out to competitive tender – and just happened to be won by a company with an Italian + Portuguese workforce, some of who have been brought in to do the work.

    If it had been won by a company based in Surrey, who had brought in workers from the South East, we would never have heard about it. Yet the net result for the workers at Immingham would be the same.


  25. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    This case revolves around a project that was put out to competitive tender – and just happened to be won by a company with an Italian + Portuguese workforce, some of who have been brought in to do the work.

    And it works exactly like that in France.
    Right. If you say so.


  26. Alex R says:

    lol? what are you a 12 year old american girl??

    I love the contradiction here; protectionism is bad, free trade is good you say. oh but wait, you want protectionism for british workers? oh could that be because its really an anti-labour crusade? hmm.

    EU is bad you say. america good. EU is all about free trade, free market, removal of barriers. america is heading down ‘buy american’ route. bad. but no those europeans, with their love of free trade are the real enemies.

    brown should be more pro british , but obama is pro american, and thats protectionist? hm. yeah its a toughie. exposes the lack of intellect on these website really. most people here could do with a bloody politics lesson, GCSE level.

    the truth is, you just jump on any trendy anti-brown, anti-barack, anti-EU cause. theres no logic, or reason. just ‘we hate these people and we see a chance here, however flimsy, to get all shouty’


  27. d says:

    I am anti labour because many in the labour party are unreformed communists who seem to dislike Britain as it stands. Labour appears to long for a one world socialist adminstration where everyone lives togeter in a multicultural paradise or at least that would be the only explanation for their actions.


  28. Grant says:

    DP111 12:20
    Well, it was easy enough for Mandelson to get a job in the EU….


  29. Grant says:

    AlexR 3:24
    I think the main point is that the UK implements EU laws quite rigorously, but the other EU countries ignore them when they choose to, with impunity.
    It is about a “level playing field”.


  30. Original Robin says:


    true what you say, but we aren`t sending our taxes to workers from Surrey.


  31. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I watched the Politics Show interview. I had to pause for a few minutes because Mr. Brown’s eternal passing of the…pound made me ill. Eventually I got through the whole thing, and I have to say that Jon Sopel did a good job, and this wasn’t the usual love-fest. Some of the questions did seem like softballs, but only because Brown was able to use his standard prepared answers. But in the end Sopel sure did ask him to shoulder some of the blame for Britain’s economic woes, and tried to press a couple of points that Mr. Brown dodged.

    I got the impression, though, that Sopel didn’t really understand the finer details of the situation beyond the notes he was reading from. He might have been able to hole Brown’s “Britain leads the way but any positive result will depend on the actions of other countries” argument beneath the water line if he was better prepared. I mean, it’s not like Mr. Brown hasn’t been saying the exact same thing for months on end. Sopel also could have phrased the “protectionism” argument in a way that shone a harsher light on the EU. I know that’s not likely to happen at the BBC.

    It’s too bad they can’t get the only person at the BBC who really understands how this all works, probably even better than the PM himself, to do this. One would think that the BBC business editor would be best placed to interview the sitting Prime Minister at this particular time. Oh, wait. That can never happen because the BBC business editor – the one who is supposed to help his colleagues and the public understand all this – is Gordon Brown’s biographer.


  32. Original Robin says:


    unlike the Italian and Portugese workforce, we are not subsidising the people from Surrey with our taxes via the EU.


  33. Original Robin says:

    Sorry for repeating myself, I sent a comment on this and another thread @ 5 pm and they weren`t here at 7.30 pm.


  34. Original Robin says:

    Alex R

    I think you`ll find it is your side that espouses one thing and practises another.
    Can you point to any poster who has said what you are saying ?


  35. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    what are you a 12 year old american girl??

    You don’t really like Americans, do you?

    EU is all about free trade, free market, removal of barriers

    Cloud cuckoo-land. France is protectionism on legs.
    The EU is about power and empire-building. It’s about unaccountable bureaucracies destroying civil liberties and national cultures.


  36. George R says:

    For those with access, BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ tonight may be covering: ‘British jobs for British workers?’


  37. charlie buoy says:


    Whilst I accept the point that there may be an element of protectionism in the actions of demonstrators at Immingham, I think you are somewhat naive.

    What I was trying to show, is that no matter what the topic, the BBC always appears to act as the propaganda arm of New Labour.

    If you care to do some research, (which I doubt very much Montague had) you will find that what the UK contract labour is facing at Immingham, is being repeated at Staythorpe power station, Isle of Grain power station (where the contractors are bringing in another prison ship for accommodation) , other sites elsewhere, and has been going on for a very long time. Throughout the whole of the country numerous UK workers are losing out to cheap foreign labour, many of whom do not know about Health & Safety and cannot speak the language.

    I live in France, and as a few commentators on here have stated, if you want to see protectionism come here. I see it every day, I do not blame the French one bit, but picture the scenario if four hundred British workers were given a contract at St Nazaire dockyard, over French workers. How long do you think it would be before the Channel ports are blockaded and lamb carcuses were strewn from the backs of lorries over the auto route ?