Hypocrite’s Cakewalk

Sarah Montague surpassed herself the other day with her barely concealed contempt for Israel’s spokesman Mark Regev. This brought home the fact that it is now the norm to hate Israel, and that hatred has come to include Britain’s Jews. Melanie Phillips has an alarming article which has attracted some suitably alarming comments.

The ever-increasing acceptability of antisemitic slurs and insinuations by all and sundry is in stark contrast to the hypocritical BBC furore over perceived racism inherent in the word golliwog.

Over the years the BBC has whipped up the public into a frenzy of righteous indignation. They portrayed recent events in Gaza in the uniquely emotive way that always accompanies anything to do with Israel.

Honest reporting has this review. The BBC is not the only offender, but it is probably the most influential, and it is the one that want us to believe it’s impartial.

This is my first post, so please forgive any peculiarities.

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41 Responses to Hypocrite’s Cakewalk

  1. Cassandra says:

    All this whipped up Jew hatred ‘just happens’ to take the spotlight away from what certain governments are getting upto in certain places, the Islamist rage industry is so focused on its Jewish mortal enemies that these certain governments can go about their crusade against the ‘right kind of muslim’!
    A classic magicians ‘bait and switch’ with Israel the unfortunate sap shouldering the islamist rage so certain governments who have imported millions of muslims dont have the islamist raged up mobs attacking their hideout(parliament).
    How convenient eh, how typical of a crooked bunch of b*****ds?


  2. Cassandra says:

    Post note to above post.

    All the government/FCO has to do is keep feeding the BBC with Gaza stories to keep the islamist rage mob looking the wrong way while the government carries on with its war in Afghanistan, the FCO is a major funder of the BBC and the BBC is a major supporter of the labour regime isnt it?
    So the B******s are willing to sacrifice a few Jews worldwide to protect their own cowardly skins, now that really does sound like the BBC/nulabour!


  3. mikewineliberal says:

    Today had a piece this morning about Israel’s elections. Interviewed a couple of Israeli left-wingers, who were supportive of the Gaza action. No obvious bias there. And I note that during the Gaza operations, the wretched STWC started a couple of their demos from Bush house, deeming the BBC to be pro-Israeli.


  4. Tom says:

    The Montague interview was one of the rare occasions where the details of the briefing the presenter gets from her producer are clearly visible.

    SM had been told that Israel deliberately provoked Hamas into upping its rocket attacks by an unwarranted provocation in November.

    What’s more, she had been told this had been cynically done to present Israel with a casus belli.

    If that’s what the BBC is secretly telling its presenters ‘for deep background’ and that’s what is colouring their questions, could the BBC please have the decency to publish the evidence for these assertions?


  5. Libertarian says:

    CIA warns Barack Obama that British terrorists are the biggest threat to the US


    ………thanks to all at the BBC!


  6. Dick the Prick says:

    I think it helps to wonder where Atlas is wrong? I don’t particularly buy a global religion shit but his attentivess to the ‘follow the money creed’ is fair enough.

    It doesn’t matter what other countries think – I can’t remember being rude but every twat else does.


  7. Dick the Prick says:

    Meant to say ‘ howdy Sue’ – nice to say how do?


  8. David Vance says:


    Great first post – first of many to come I hope!

    Best Wishes



  9. martin says:

    Libertarian: The BBC loves terrorists.


  10. George R says:

    The BBC is certainly playing its part in encouraging political polarisation with its political alignment with Islamic jihad forces, such as Hamas.

    Inadvertently, the BBC may find it is encouraging a re-alignment in British politics which does NOT put the interests of islamic jihad sympathisers, mass immigration and and the European Union above British national sovereignty.


  11. Robert S.McNamara says:

    Nice job Sue. That font is a bit big, but otherwise it’s all good.


  12. Cassandra says:

    Its utterly heartbreaking that the BBC ignores the plight of British Jews while moaning and whining about golliwog trivia, the two faced hypocritical dishonesty is stunning, if there were attacks against the leftists ‘approved victims’ then the uproar by the BBC would be deafening, but the Jews arent on the ‘approved list, the BBC feels they are getting what they deserve?
    The BBC has played a major role in the Jew hating bloodlust, the BBC has blood on its hands alright, how long before there are deaths?
    The British Jews and indeed the worlds Jews have enriched and advanced our civilisation, they are perhaps without equal as a race in science,art,literature,poetry,humour,
    entertainment,philosophy and many other fields of human achievement, the British Jews have contributed massively to the UK, what have the muslims contributed, apart from, woman/child abuse/female slavery/honour murder/hatred/corruption/rage/bigotry/racism/lawless gansterism and the suicide murderer/jihadist, see the difference? I would rather the UK play host to three million jews because at least they add to our civilisation instead of trying to destroy it!


  13. deegee says:

    I think that this is the Honest Reporting link. http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/45884734/critiques/new/The_Gaza_War_in_Review.asp

    Good luck, Sue. Please reduce the font size.


  14. Millie Tant says:

    I am shocked and very sad to read about what is happening to Jews – even children – going about their business or reading a book on the tube or at university. In this country! It’s unbelievable the state of our universities, the state of our country. The children and young people deserve better from us.

    PS: The large font is fab.


  15. Sue says:

    Thanks for your good wishes everybody.
    The font size was labelled ‘Normal.’ How was I to know it was gigantic?

    mikewineliberal | 07.02.09 – 5:51 pm
    I heard something about the Israeli elections too. I know little about their politics, so for all I know the report was as biased as ever, but on the face of it it did seem to be okay. One thing they did say was that historically the so-called hard-liners or right-wingers who seem to have a lead in the polls have a record of actually making more concessions than their more liberal political opponents. That seemed less derogatory than usual.

    But the odd report with no obvious bias alters little. There still exists the systematic condemnation of Israel, singling it out for criticism rarely applied to the conduct of other countries however many casualties occur.

    As for the perceived pro-Israeli bias – some people call broadcasting any ‘Israeli narrative’ at all “pro-Israeli bias”.


  16. Chuffer says:

    What shocked me was the barely concealed rage and hatred in Sarah M.’s voice, even to the point where she seemed on the point of tears! I thought Regev was magnificent in his restraint.


  17. Philip says:

    Nowhere is this hatred more fervently whipped up than at al- Beebeeceera.

    They lead the British media in making it acceptable. It’s what they do.


  18. deegee says:

    But the odd report with no obvious bias alters little.
    Sue | 07.02.09 – 7:43 pm |

    The occasional report contradicting the accepted BBC narrative tends to disappear. Not that it’s eliminated but it disappears with no links. To find it you have to know what you’re looking for.

    By contrast the majority reports tend to stay on top for days and weeks.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Just confirming what most of us contributing to this blog have known for some time, while the British Government have turned a blind eye and refused to deport extremists..

    “Barack Obama has been warned by the CIA that British Islamist extremists are the greatest threat to US homeland security.”


  20. max says:

    Great first post Sue. Looking forward to the next ones.


  21. David S says:

    Just Journalism has just released their report: Gaza Conflict December 2008 – January 2009: A media Analysis. It can be found here: http://www.justjournalism.com/plugins/p1999_media_special_articles/pdf/1688_Q4Report_04.pdf

    As far as SM’s report the other day, personally speaking I think Mark Regev held his own and put Montagu in her place at the end of the interview with her comments about ‘militants – for want of a better word’.


  22. Terry Johnson says:

    Great post, Sue. Let’s hope the hacks at Al-BBC will one day reap the whirlwind
    they have encouraged. More islamic bias on the Al-BBC Middle East web page…gone is the highlighted Have Your Say comment against Israel from someone in the Gaza Strip BUT in it’s place we have this rubbish..

    “I completely agree with Iranian government’s decision to expel the British Council from our country

    Reza Ali, Tehran”

    Good old , Al-Beeb …never let an anti-British muslim they didn’t like.


  23. dave t says:

    Meanwhile the UN is backtracking madly about its accusations of Israeli war crimes….

    “Also this week, the U.N. reversed its earlier claims that Israeli Defense Forces had bombed a school in Gaza administered by the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA). On Tuesday, the U.N.’s Office for Humanitarian Affairs issued a report on the Jan. 6 incident that claimed the lives of 43 Palestinians, stating that “the shelling, and all of the fatalities, took place outside rather than inside the school.”

    Separately, Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative for children and armed conflict told the Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the organization will investigate the use by Hamas of children as human shields during the three-week Israeli military operation in Gaza.

    Though the U.N. as recently as Thursday criticized Israel, for the seizure of a shipment bound for Gaza, its rhetoric against the Jewish state has softened considerably. Its statements on the Jan. 6 shelling, for example, had set off talk of potentially trying Israeli leaders in European domestic courts under “universal jurisdiction” for war crimes.

    IDF officials said at the time of the shelling that their soldiers were returning fire at Hamas militants launching mortars. UNRWA, however, focused blame for the attacks squarely on the Jewish state. “Those in the school were all families seeking refuge,” said UNRWA’s director of Gaza operations John Ging said immediately afterward. “There’s nowhere safe in Gaza.”

    Following an investigation conducted by the Toronto Globe and Mail late last month, UNRWA officials acknowledged that no one inside the school died. An UNRWA spokesman told the paper that it had not claimed that people inside the school had died, but a UN report days later said that the school was “directly hit.”

    Funny how NONE of the above is mentioned on Al Beeb…..you have to go to Fox for the truth which is weird considering how often Al Beeb scream that Fox is wrong!


  24. dave t says:


    Sorry – link for Fox story


  25. Atlas shrugged says:

    I think it helps to wonder where Atlas is wrong? I don’t particularly buy a global religion shit but his attentivess to the ‘follow the money creed’ is fair enough.

    I do, because it has a name. It is called free masonry. As a Free Mason ( and extremely proud of it ) I should know. Don’t you think?

    Zionism goes way back on both sides of my family, for as many generations as I can trace. Which is as far as the late 18th century.

    It may be a rather nice friendly club for well meaning middle aged men, but it is a religion, what ever anyone tells you.

    However dont take my word for it, join the Free Masons and find out for yourself. I personally love the organization, and could not imagine life not being part of it.

    It is not Christian, Muslim, pagan or Hindu. It is ALL of these things rolled into one with extra knobs on.

    However it is the wholly subverted very TOP of the masonic ladder that the ordinary people and free masons alike should fear. For it is they that control this world of theirs, and they know it. Even if you do not care to want to fully understand.

    The top of the tree are not ATHEISTS. They just want the plebs at the very bottom to be as faithless as possible. By destroying fundamentalist religion for the common people, they can more easily control and dominate them.

    The entire worlds Ruling elite are ALL free masons, with as far as I know absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. It is said with much supporting evidence, that The ABofC and The Pope in Rome as well as Obama Bush and all the rest are high establishment FREE MASONS.

    However it seems that you at least are starting to think along the right tracks. Keep it up you will get there sooner or later.

    Remember what is planned to happen does not always go totally according to plan or often even a strict timetable. This conspiracy is already well behind time and getting more desperate by the hour. They know they simply can not keep this under wraps for more then a few more years. At some point the puppets will start to see the writing on the wall is also there for themselves. Bribery and corruption can only go so far when violence and civil disorder finally hits the streets in force.


  26. Ricky Martin says:

    Haven’t you noticed the proliferation of asian news readers and presenters on Beebobalooloo? On one day alone a couple of months ago virtually every tv front person on every BBC national and local station – from business reports to children’s tv – was an asian female.

    An Indian friend and visitor from New Delhi was amazed. He knows only too well of the of effects of growing Muslim influence. Witness Mumbai.

    The CIA have 2000 operatives in in the UK watching Londonistan. They fear an attack on America from a typical profile: “British born young male of Pakistani origin.”

    The BBC has been infiltrated at every level. Just go to any BBC news room guys. From teletext to the website, from opinion to HYS, from national to local news, from blogs to commentaries the promise by the Muslim bruvvers to Islamicise Britain by “bullet or by ballot” is evident for all to see.

    I’d bet none of these racists have ever met a Jew or been to Israel or even America. And as Muslims of Pakistani origin are not interested in Sri Lanka, Darfur, the Congo, Zimbabwe…it just doesn’t get the same coverage or side-taking venom.

    The UK is now the most potentially risky country for Jews, Christians and others and our country is rightly viewed with suspicion by all other democratic intelligence agencies – particularly the Poles, Dutch, Israeli, French, German and American.

    Blair-Brown and the BBC are entirely responsible for the collapse of our collective backbone with their obsession with minorities as “victims” and their out of control immigration policies. A potentially a weakened NuLab Obama led America sets alarm bells ringing.

    As for the disgraceful BBC, perhaps whipping up hatred of Jews is good for the ratings. The only good news is that more and more of the telly tax paying saps have started to rumble them.


  27. Preposteroso says:

    How would the BBC react if someone called a black Israeli a “golliwog”? There’s a dilemma for them!


  28. deegee says:

    Preposteroso | Homepage | 08.02.09 – 9:27 am

    Come to think of it I don’t recall the BBC ever interviewing a random black Israeli.

    There was a piece in October (only discovered today). Israel to close the door on Ethiopian Jews Tim Franks does a tear jerker where he glosses over the paradox of introducing people who converted to Christianity generations ago to the Jewish State.

    Who is a Jew and who is the Jewish State for? he asks, as if he and the BBC have suddenly became Zionists.


  29. George R says:

    Further to Melanie Phillips’ article referred to by Sue, above, today’s ‘Observer’ has an article by Mark Alexander on the same theme.

    ‘Jihadwatch’ comment:

    ‘U.K. sees worst rise in antisemitic incidents in decades, including graffiti threatening jihad’


    “Marauding misunderstanders of Islam strike again. Why, don’t they know they’re just threatening an interior spiritual struggle? Once again, they’ve missed a very important memo from the community of multicultural apologists.”



    “Rise in antisemitic attacks ‘the worst recorded in Britain in decades'”

    (Mark Townsend)


    (Will the BBC give these attacks much coverage, if the perpetrators are not Whites, and as the victims are not supporters of Islamic jihad?)


  30. mikewineliberal says:

    ricky martin – What utter garbage. Care to provide a list of these infiltrators? Save for the religion, what you’ve written is a facsimile of the putrid anti-semiticism you see from those seeking to show how jews control the media.


  31. JohnA says:

    Ricky Martin

    The utter bias in the way many BBC blog sites and HYS sites are moderated is surely proof that the BBC has been taken over by an essentially alien set of views. Either by actual Islamists or by fellow-travellers.

    And I bet the proportion of RoP folk in the news rooms and research offices is WAY WAY out of proportion to their miniscule fraction of the UK population.


  32. JohnA says:

    All we get from the BBC is critisicm of Israel acting “disproportionately”, of how the US is an out-of-control power.

    They muffle the true horror of this kind of stuff :


    The shocking account of the repulsive Iraqi woman who was recruiting BY RAPE young women to be suicide bombers is by far the most glaring story from the Middle East this week. But it has been utterly hidden by the BBC staff. I submit – deliberately hidden.


  33. davo says:

    Yes great honor / shame culture stuff at the augean stables. How bullies react when defeated.
    and this

    British Watchdog’s Report: BBC Coverage Less Than Impartial
    well worth reading
    BBC stringers terrorised by Hamas. You won’t see it mentioned by the beeb.
    Great Pierre Rehov short at Jihad watch on what goes on at UNWRA in Gaza.They are truly beneath contempt



  34. Jason says:

    In defense of Sue’s big font. I’m reading this on my phone and it’s a refreshing change, I can tell you.

    My landlord hired some feckless 3rd word immigrants to tar the roof of my building. The first thing they did was to sever the cable which supplies my internet. This was two weeks ago and the feckless swine at Time Warner Cable are no closer to mobilizing the feckless ghetto slobs who work for them to fix it. Since I’m accessing internet on a phone for the time being big fonts are just swell.


  35. Bryan says:

    Good to see you standing in front of the crowd there, Sue. I listened to Montague/Regev via Listen Again and had a similar impression as that of Tom | 07.02.09 – 5:54 pm.

    Montague was waiting as if to ambush Regev with the six “militants” killed in November. I can’t quite recall now, but I thought they were killed because some were caught tunneling under the fence to kidnap Israeli soldiers and others had planted explosives at the fence.

    I thought Mark Regev was a little too defensive. And I don’t know why he didn’t point out that Hamas top dog Meshaal instructed the Gaza crew (from the safety of Damascus) not to renew the ceasefire when it expired in December.

    I’m also having a bit of difficulty with the concept of Hamas’ reaction to one incident in November sparking the Israeli attack in late December.

    Montague’s discomfort with the word “militants” reminded me that a couple of lefties on BBC blogs have been most insulted by the BBC calling Hamas “militants.” That’s really funny. It may yet force the BBC to drop their favourite weasel term for terrorists and simply call them “fighters.”


  36. Bryan says:

    Montague reminded me of Gavin Esler interviewing Mark Regev on Newsnight and sneering at him:

    Are you proud of the civilian casualties in Gaza?

    These people are not journalists; they are campaigners.


  37. JohnA says:


    Some who comment here are Jewish.

    Many of us are not. I for one seethe, feel sick about the constant anti-Israel bias from the BBC.

    So many BBC interviewers in London accept “revert to the 1967 borders”, “actions by Israel are disproportionate” , “Gaza casualties are XYZ including ABC women and children”, and worst, by far “if only people would sit down and negotiate there could be peace.”

    “Perhaps the next (19th) US emissary / Euro contingent can find the magic formula”

    There is sod all’s chance of peace, if one side’s clear and total ambition is to wipe out the other side.

    If Israel had a Charter aim of sweeping the Gazans into the sea, it would take about 3 days. That is – Israel tries to be relatively peaceful. Restrained.

    Hamas has a Charter aim of destroying Israel. This is mentioned about once per 100 times that the BBC reports on Gaza.


  38. Sarah Jane says:

    And I bet the proportion of RoP folk in the news rooms and research offices is WAY WAY out of proportion to their miniscule fraction of the UK population.
    JohnA | 08.02.09 – 11:28 am | #

    Laughable. This does apply to one minority group though. Can you guess which it is?


  39. JohnA says:

    Sarah Jane

    Please do tell.


  40. Nature says:

    This is an important post but full details need to be included that the reader will know what is the concern, writing “Sarah Montague surpassed herself the other day” it not specific enough. I have completed the details here.

    I submitted this complaint on 06.02.09 to the BBC:

    I was listening this morning to the news show (06.02.09) on BBC radio 4 at about 8:40am. An interview was held with Marc Regev, the Israeli spokesman and Sarah Montague. As a listener I was horrified to hear the hate and the revolt in Sarah Montague’s voice toward mark Regev. She blatantly rejected his claim that Hamas was responsible to the collapse of the ceasefire, by saying “this is simply not true” this is a blunt and unprofessional statement of a journalist who do not accept the turns of events in Israel and tries to vilify the Israelis for the their reaction to Hamas terror attacks. I do not recall any journalists interviewing Hamas terrorists on BBC rejecting any of Hamas claims whether they hateful or fabricated, however, Sarah Montague did not have a problem claiming that Marc Regev was simply lying. Furthermore, this journalist had a silence too long in a sentence when she was trying to find her words to describe Hamas militants, this was almost to imply that she was trying avoiding calling Hamas as freedom fighters. She had to think hard until she was able to pronounce “Hamas militants”. I have grave concern of this horrible journalistic misconduct to show a biased and a blatant hate toward an interviewee, and I call for her resignation. This is too serious for just an apology.


  41. Bryan says:

    JohnA | 09.02.09 – 2:29 am,

    Agreed. Thing is there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of people jumping up and down on some BBC blogs insisting that the BBC is pro-Israel because it wouldn’t broadcast the DEC appeal for Gaza and must therefore be “bending over for Israel.” See comment 1001:


    When confronted with the question of what Israel could possibly gain from trying to withhold aid from ordinary, non-Hamas Gazans, they lapse into silence, obviously not having thought it through even to that basic point.

    I think Sarah Jane is talking about Jews as a minority group at the BBC.