The BBC seems obsessed in continually advancing the gay agenda. It seems that whatever the subject the BBC can somehow find an angle to bring in the gay perspective. Take this piece it is running today about much easier it is to be gay in the NHS as it promotes the values of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists (Gladd). Why can we not discuss the virtues or otherwise of the NHS without having to contemplate the sexual preferences of those within it? I don’t care if the doctor treating me is straight, bi, gay, I just want a competent medical practitioner. But the BBC has to present this all through a pink prism. Why?

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  1. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Given the frequency of HIV amongst gays, I would definitely prefer my doctor/dentist to be hetero-sexual. No offence to gays, and in most situations it wouldn’t matter, but HIV is definitely a problem that I wish not to encounter. Doesn’t the BBC know of such facts?


  2. ipreferred says:

    Yes Allan, I’m sure they just let any old doctor with any old disease bleed all over patients. I’m sure they’ve never thought about health and safety.


  3. Ed says:

    “I’m sure they’ve never thought about health and safety.”

    ip- a very perceptive comment about the state of the NHS today.


  4. pounce says:

    Gosh the bBC really does inhabit an alternate universe from the rest of the plebs on this Planet.
    On this one thugs who resort to violent means in which to strike fear into the hearts and minds of others are classed as ‘terrorists’. For some strange reason the bBC refers to them as militants or plumbers.
    On this Planet those who start fights and wars with their neighbours are classed as War mongers .For some strange reason the bBC refers to them as Victims.
    On this Planet the eradication of a huge segment of any society is classed as an Genocide. For some reason the bBC refers to population growth as one.
    Now the bBC is trying to tell me that Gays are having a ball of a time working for the NHS as attitudes amongst the British Population have changed. For some reason the bBC omits to mention the huge number of NHS personnel who just happen to be Islamic. How do they feel about having to work alongside somebody who prefers their own gender. Silly me the bBC promotes the most oppressive religion in the UK as a religion of peace™
    Tomorrow the bBC reports on how Will Old found love with a young Mullah just returned from Guantanamo Bay who likes nothing better than to utter the words ‘Allah Ackba’ while Will kneels before him. Reality TV eat your heart out.


  5. Hugh Oxford says:

    Given the patent health risks of the homosexual lifestyle, as well as the large number of mental and behavioural problems including substance abuse amongst practising homosexuals, patients should have a right to know if their doctor engages in such behaviour, and have the option of requesting another.

    Homosexuality is not something to be celebrated.


  6. davo says:

    what next? A story on Adam and Steve in the garden of Eden


  7. Chuffer says:

    I DEMAND a hat tip (see general commments, 8.10 am).


  8. ipreferred says:

    Hugh, have you any actual facts to back up your wild assertions there?


  9. Factchecker says:

    Dr. Maria Xiridou published a study in a 2003 edition of AIDS, which reveals that homosexual cou-
    ples in Amsterdam engage in what can be called consensual infidelity.

    Dr. Xiridou was studying the spread of HIV among homosexuals in The Netherlands and found that
    HIV was spread more rapidly among homosexual couples who considered themselves to be in “steady” relationships. These couples failed to
    engage in “safe sex” and were involved in 6-10 additional sexual encounters outside of the primary
    relationship each year.


  10. David Vance says:


    Hat-tipped! (Never saw orig comment though!!)


  11. GCooper says:

    Leaving aside the issue of homosexuality in the medical profession, what this story demonstrates to perfection is the BBC’s readiness to spring into action at a word from the single issue pressure groups of which it approves (in this instance, GADD).

    This is only a story because the BBC has decided to make it one and, as such, it shows the lopsided selectivity which is the cornerstone of our complaint about BBC bias.


  12. Hugh Oxford says:

    Hugh, have you any actual facts to back up your wild assertions there?

    Coming out of my ears. Try Google scholar.


  13. Chuffer says:

    You must get up earlier! I just happened to be getting ready for yet another attempt to sow winter wheat into the frost hardened ground.

    I couldn’t help chuckle at the headline: ‘It’s much easier to be open now.’

    Something to do with relaxation and KY jelly, I assume.


  14. GBS says:

    The issue is not “pinkism” agendas per se, but rather the continuing unending practice of group-based political thought – that individuals do not exist, only groups.

    The never-ending inter-group warfare this results in (and the religious persecutions) will continue unabated until the agenda switches to the protection of individual rights as the universal ideal, rather than the erroneous concept of “group rights”.

    Unitl that happens, you will have nanny state and the BBC forever trying to micro-manage what is best for the group (society) – in fact together they are taking us into a new dark ages where “religious” style guilt is being foisted on how anti-social you are if you do not recycle, if you smoke and drink, if you eat to fatness, or if you don’t follow their opinion of the West, Israel, the cause of the depression, worship Obamessiah, or adopt PC speak.

    The state and the BBC are self-righteously dictating the moral compass but alas, their compass is spinning round without any clear, rational sense. Their standard of morality is doomed to fail as much as religious standards of morality have failed.

    And therein lies the ultimate problem of society that is unlikely to be solved in our lifetime. The problem as ever is philosophical: bad ethics, corrupt politics and even bad art are a function of starting off with bad philosophical fundamentals – thanks to Plato and his intellectual offspring.


  15. George R says:

    The BBC won’t like this poster:

    “Mandy Antoinette – the Conservative Party ‘lost their nerve'”



  16. Jason says:

    ipreferred | 08.02.09 – 12:49 pm | #

    You ought to read David Horowitz’s memoir “Radical Son” for a shocking account of the ways in which the left wing gay leaders in San Francisco deliberately encouraged and promoted indiscriminate, unsafe sex in the early 80’s after the government issued warnings to them about the AIDS virus. They saw these warnings as an attack against their lifestyle and so did everything they could to encourage gays to continue lifting each others shirts in bathhouses. It is thought that the virus could have been contained if it weren’t for this behavior.

    It wasn’t long before innocent children were contracting the disease through blood transfusions. Even then, gays did everything they could to fight legislation to enforce testing of blood donors. Absolutely everything which was done to protect the public from the virus was seen by gay lefties as an “attack on the gay lifestyle.” From this we can only conclude that contracting AIDS is part of that lifestyle. Of course when it became apparent that gays were dropping like flies, they directed their venom at Reagan, whom they accused of committing “genocide” against gays by not throwing enough taxpayers money at a cure.

    Here in New York the virus is endemic among gays. I run a service business which involves initially visiting clients in their homes. We do a lot of business in Chelsea, a gay neighborhood. On about half of the visits I make, I’ll notice some evidence of HIV medication lying around in the apartment, either packaging or promotional stationary with the drug logo on it. They leave it lying around on their coffee tables like some kind of sick status symbol.

    Indeed there a gays here who deliberately infect themselves in order to become part of the HIV “tribe.” They call themselves “bug chasers” and they’ve even been caught advertising infection “parties” online. In one article I read in the NYC press, a gay man who was planning to go to one of these parties said that he was looking forward to the “sensual” moment at which he became infected.


  17. Daniel says:

    hahaha- you know what I agree. Have you seen the Saturday night schedule? Dale Winton doing the lottery, Graham Norton with that Eurovision sing-song-along!

    It’s a gay conspiracy- why else was Greg DYKE chairman???


  18. GCooper says:

    Jason writes: “Indeed there a gays here who deliberately infect themselves in order to become part of the HIV “tribe.””

    Almost beyond belief, there is similar behaviour going on in London.


  19. Hugh Oxford says:

    In one article I read in the NYC press, a gay man who was planning to go to one of these parties said that he was looking forward to the “sensual” moment at which he became infected.

    Here in Britain the state tried to decriminalise sex in public lavatories and gives the desperate children of drug addicts to homosexuals to “adopt”.

    What started out as a laudable goal – to keep the state out of the bedroom – has transmogrified into something utterly hellish. No wonder many countries resist the temptation to decriminalise it.


  20. John says:

    What a non story for the BBC to cover. I’ve no idea if any of the NHS staff I’ve dealt with have been gay or not and it’s not an issue.

    As for “”Evidence suggests that lesbians are more likely to fear going to their doctors, don’t ‘come-out’ and can therefore neglect their health.”

    What evidence? I think young men are the group most likely to neglect their health.


  21. Pete says:

    Yes, what a non-story, but how typical of the BBC to run such a pro-NHS tit-bit of non-news.

    A few more BBC articles on the complete disappearance of NHS dentists, gay and straight, in my area would be more useful.


  22. Dbrak says:

    Hugh, have you any actual facts to back up your wild assertions there?

    Click to access healthrisksSSA.pdf