My Knee-Jerk Reaction

What can I say? All pretence of impartiality has been abandoned. It’s unbelievable that Jeremy Bowen is the BBC’s Middle East Editor. What can the BBC be thinking of? If the BBC regards the hate-jamboree we’ve just witnessed on Panorama as acceptable broadcasting, no wonder people have uncontrollable outbursts in gyms. 

Jeremy Bowen is irresponsible, out of his depth, prejudiced, antisemitic and incompetent. His pornographic wallowing in human misery and his sneering dismissal of anything said by Israel comes close to deliberate incitement to racial hatred. The Israeli spokesman was a particularly unsympathetic character who looked, or was made to look, vengeful and cold.


Bowen’s references to ‘what happened in 1948’ were inaccurate and deliberately provocative, the disingenuous way he limply offered up ‘Israel’s claims’ just so that they could be dismissed, the complete absence of any reference to Hamas’s violence, repression and tyranny, and his almost pleading finale on behalf of the Hamas offer of a 10 year Hudna, they all…… beggar belief.

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66 Responses to My Knee-Jerk Reaction

  1. martin says:

    What a shock. No mention of this Polish man having his head hacked off by the followers of the religion of peace. Where is Barbara Plett to talk about the humanity of the Taliban when you need her?


  2. David S says:

    Personally I quite enjoyed the BBC latest comedy drama that is Panorama.

    Joking aside, whilst having nothing but respect for the Dr, I am, unfortunately not surprised that the Al-BBC focused more on this tragic man than it did on the mass murderers who call themselves Hamas.

    I do wonder however whether any arabic speakers could translate the words of, what seems to be, the most eloquent 10 year old on the planet.

    A fiasco of a show and Bowen is a joke – but its nice to know that we pay for this moron to propagate Hamas bulls*it.


  3. martin says:

    Bowen looks more like Galloway each time I see him.


  4. archduke says:

    Crisis ‘more serious than 1930s’

    so says Ed Balls. perfect opportunity to introduce the civil contingencies act.

    dont say i didnt warn you


  5. Dick the Prick says:

    I loved the bit where he was interviewing some kid (with terrible teeth – can’t improvise a toothbrush?) who apparently couldn’t walk, yet the interview was conducted with them both err… walking.

    What you gonna believe, your eyes or a pikey?

    (Oooh, feel a bit harsh writing this, hey ho).


  6. archduke says:

    as for jeremy bowen.

    why doesnt he report on chop chop square in riyadh?

    or the hanging of gays by crane in iran?

    or the massive concentration camps in north korea.

    oh no – his focus is the Joooooos…

    well jeremy, you can be sure that Mossad wont forget your name when an Iranian nuke is dropped on Tel Aviv.


  7. archduke says:

    foreign office anti-semitism noticed by LGF..—_the_Jews

    its not us thats been duped by the “special relationship”… rather – its the yanks!


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    Archduke – comedy story that one. “Oh no, my wife’s gonna kill me”.

    Kinda makes you wonder what constitutes diplomacy in the diplomatic service.


  9. JohnA says:

    I did not see Panorama – but on Radio 4 News at Ten Ed Stourton is interviewing a doctor who lost 3 daughters in Gaza.

    Obviously very very sad. But was there not mention that the doctor was repeatedly advised by the IDF to get himself and his daughters away from his home ?

    And if this is the case – why do the BBC not mention this ? Because if there were repeated warnings, it is surely the doctor’s own fault that his children died ?


  10. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    An astonishing piece of propaganda but only to be expected.

    The men they interviewed seemed to be struggling to remember their lines and hardly looked like they were recounting the deaths of loved ones. Compare this to the Australians who have lost family to bush fires. And no, it’s not a cultural difference.

    The red cross men seemed convincing but the story wasn’t. First the Israelis were occupying, graphitting and stealing from the civvies and next they are moving them to a house across the street. A house which is said to be bombed by the Israelis – so they are bombing house across the street from their billets? In fact the Western Red Cross man seemed more frightened than upset. I wonder who was standing out of shot?

    Then there’s the hospital where a shell casing is found lying in a suspiciously flattened floor of rubble. So here is the evidence of white phosporous being used against hospitals (as if) and Hamas have just left it lying on the floor? They haven’t photographed it in situ and bagged it as evidence to be kept safe for the war crimes trials. No, in Pallywood evidence is left on the floor for ‘journalists’ to ‘find’.

    It’s Al Dura all over again!


  11. archduke says:

    something surreal is happening on newsnight right now..

    fatty pig prescott having a go at “greedy” bankers…

    yeah. we’re in animal farm territory right now.


  12. archduke says:

    Dick the Prick | 09.02.09 – 10:46 pm

    and anti-semitic Nazi pigs like him are supposed to be defending the realm.


  13. martin says:

    archduke: Prescott is scum. Why didn’t Paxman ask why we should listen to a man who was shagging some fat cow behind his wife’s back?

    Bet if a Tory were on Paxo wouldn’t let it go.


  14. archduke says:

    “listen to a man who was shagging some fat cow behind his wife’s back – IN GOVERNMENT PROPERTY AND ON THE EXPENSE OF THE TAXPAYER TOO…”

    corrected it for you
    yeah – its surreal..


  15. archduke says:

    fatty prescott is on a roll…

    and you what the frightening thing is – that the majority of british people agree with prescott

    hate to say it,but its true.

    here comes rampant socialism.


  16. Dick the Prick says:

    Archduke – I don’t care what people think or even believe. It’s when people ‘out’ themselves like Thatcher and now this dude (Muzzie wife, 3 years in Pakistan, 2 years in Kabul – err.. Stockholm syndrome?)that amuses me.

    This lad’s career better be in tatters now, what would have happened if a major said it about Muzzies?

    It really is comedy – he’s probably been hiding for years and got tricked by that well known truth serum – fantastic stupidity, seriously top drawer.


  17. Miv Tucker says:

    But Jezza doesn’t operate in a vacuum; the editors who commissioned and approved this farago are surely just as culpable.


  18. Mailman says:

    So its pointless to be complaining here unless you have lodged an official complaint with the BBC.

    Have any of you done this?



  19. archduke says:

    now it gets even more monty python… alaistair campbell argueing that people with mental health problems should get jobs…

    no , i’m not making that up. its happening right now on newsnight.

    ( has somebody put some LSD into my glass of wine tonight? )


  20. archduke says:

    Mailman | 09.02.09 – 11:22 pm |

    i cant. i’m a freelance contractor, and word spreads amongst recruitment agents about “troublemakers”.

    sorry – but thats reality for freelancers like me. gotta keep the head down in order to earn a crust.

    (sad, i know. but thats reality..)


  21. Dick the Prick says:

    Archduke – yeah, his boss for 1.


  22. Dick the Prick says:

    Mailman – yeah, i’ve complained loads but it’s bollox. You get platitudes. They are completely insulated.


  23. archduke says:

    if you want to complain, i came across this one..

    good luck. you’ll probably get some intern student replying..


  24. martin says:

    Archduke: Well Campbell is right. Didn’t he say that McFatty One Eye was mentally unhinged?

    And he’s PM.


  25. GCooper says:

    Mailman: It has gone beyond that. Complaints are brushed aside with the disdain once the province of absolute monarchs, like Louis XIV.

    All that is left if to build a swell of public opinion which will, eventually, overwhelm the BBC.


  26. David Preiser (USA) says:

    archduke | 09.02.09 – 11:23 pm |

    now it gets even more monty python… alaistair campbell argueing that people with mental health problems should get jobs…

    no , i’m not making that up. its happening right now on newsnight.

    He’s just talking about getting candidates to stand for Labour in the next by-election.


  27. archduke says:

    good point. he did.

    labour justifying themselves.

    tis the only reason i can think of for campbell to appear on newsnight about this.

    lay the groundwork – make mentally ill people in the workforce a non-taboo – then it turns out that our PM is deranged.

    but thats ok.. cos it will be un-PC to say so.

    the term “politics of the madhouse” come to mind.

    now – i really must go and watch “triumph of the will” again. darn good education in political derangement…


  28. Mailman says:

    Archy, what kind of freelance work do you do?

    Now…if you want some REAL investigative journalism, check out totten!

    This is far more insightful than anything Al Beeb has EVER produced and ranks up there with Michael Yon.



  29. archduke says:

    mail -> I.T.

    cut throat market. as you can well imagine.

    the terms “trade union” or “paternity leave” is something from the planet mars for the likes of me.


  30. archduke says:

    yeah – totten is good. very good. been following him for a few years now.

    another one i follow is Michael Yon

    ex US special forces..

    essential reading.


  31. JohnA says:


    Both Totten and Yon have a superb record in close-up journalism.

    Those 2 guys have filed more properly-informative reports on a freelance basis than the entire BBC Middle East / Iraq output.


  32. archduke says:

    and this is what michael yon brought to the world – and not the bbc and their jeremy bowens never informed us about.

    do read it all… it gives a taste of what life was like under the yoke of al qaeda in iraq.

    and also remember that there wasnt even a hint of a “boo” from the UN or the BBC or the EU about what these Islamists were doing to the Iraqi people.

    in my book, if you ignore evil, you condone it. simple as that.


  33. archduke says:

    “An Iraqi Army soldier stands guard next to a poster with Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s photo cut out.”

    America won the war. note the lack of comment about this on the Today programme.


  34. Jon says:


    I have complained upteen times to the BBC and have only once had a reply.

    “BBC governors have voted not to uphold any of the 62,000 complaints against the controversial broadcast of Jerry Springer: The Opera.”

    It is passed complaints to the BBC – you should send them to your MP


  35. frankos says:

    Complaints are brushed aside with the disdain once the province of absolute monarchs, like Louis XIV.

    without even the decency to have nice Rococo furniture to sit on


  36. archduke says:

    or the nice palaces to look at, post revolution.


  37. Pete says:

    Don’t worry about Bowen too much Sue.

    Just as most students at the local poly don’t take much notice of the more extreme and ludicrous politcal antics of some of the staff charged with teaching them media studies, beauty therapy or golf course management, so most BBC customers don’t care about the corporation’s politcal propaganda it calls news. As long as these people get their fix of trash like Eastenders, Casualty and Celebrity Cash in the Attic the news staff can be as self-indulgent as they like without complaint from the average TV goggler.


  38. Philip says:

    I’m glad i missed this – from what I’m reading it looks as though it would have sent my BP through the roof! Al Bowen is a pompous ass and a national disgrace.


  39. Preposteroso says:


    But “trash like Eastenders” etc. also puts out the same “political propaganda”.


  40. Anonymous says:

    quel surprise

    al beeb is not covering the FCO man going to court for ranting about “fucking jews”.

    imagine if this was a rant by an american diplomat about palestinians!
    we would never hear the end of it.


  41. Cockney says:

    “Pornographic wallowing in human misery” just about sums the guy up. One wonders why he isn’t transferred to the Congo so he han see some extra hardcore human misery to get excited about. Probably because the Beeb can’t be arsed covering African wars as they’re a bit complicated – no plucky underdog to stand up for.

    Re: the FO dude I can’t believe that a) he hasn’t been relieved of his duties (on full pay if need be) pending disciplinary action given the nature of his alleged comments and b) that the police are involved – go catch some f***ing criminals.


  42. Grimer says:

    I only caught the last ten minutes of Panorama. It did make me laugh – is that not the response they were looking for?

    As David said earlier:

    “…what seems to be, the most eloquent 10 year old on the planet.”

    Surely, nobody is taking that ‘documentary’ seriously? The BBC seem to be moving into ‘The Eternal Jew’ territory. Surely a sign of desperation that the UK population isn’t following the BBC into full-blown anti-Semitism?


  43. Bryan says:

    When I try to access Panorama on line it tells me to bugger off because I’m not in the UK.

    Anyone know where I can view the programme?


  44. NRG says:

    Even Amnesty International cannot keep up the pretence.

    Hamas must stop targeting of civilians

    Needless to say this is not a story BBC has chosen to cover. BBC blatant bias in middle east is making the organisation an international laughing stock.


  45. Steve M says:

    I don’t know about ‘international laughing stock’. Unfortunately, this sort of BBC bias is effective and the constant drip-drip (and occasional splash like this programme) of BBC anti-Israel propaganda is having a large effect on millions of viewers.


  46. Sue says:

    On Reflection.

    In my view Jeremy Bowen was, and still is, a regional reporter. A mediocre one. Incapable of grasping the bigger picture, and with a personal grudge against Israel since his driver friend was killed, his one-sided reports continue to disgrace the airwaves.

    After their spluttering excuses for not airing the Gaza appeal on the grounds of impartiality, Bowen’s Panorama made the BBC look utterly ridiculous.
    As for the other hastily withdrawn excuse, that they couldn’t be sure that the aid would reach the intended recipients, the revelations about Hamas hijacking a substantial amount of aid begs the question why on earth were those legitimate doubts ever withdrawn?
    Caroline Thomson insisted that she was satisfied that this wasn’t a problem, and that the sole reason for the decision not to broadcast the appeal was the impartiality issue.

    The BBC should now admit that nobody can be sure that aid will reach the intended recipients. Because their good friends Hamas are terrorists.


  47. Sue says:

    Anyone know where I can view the programme?
    Bryan | 10.02.09 – 12:28 pm |

    Not advisable. (blood pressure.)


  48. Velvel says:

    If Israel had sense they would do a “Mugabe” and ban the bbc. When people wonder why there is such a disproportionate (love that word) coverage of the country by the shallow, low brow media, the answer is simple. It is because Israel is a democracy with freedom of the press even for al-bowen. Try spouting off from some Muslim totalitarian territory! nuff said.


  49. JohnA says:


    Sri Lanka appear to be taking that attitude to BBC World Service.


  50. martin says:

    More crap from BBC Radio 5. They are talking about Iran. Beeboid claims the Jews are obsessed with Iran and they are over the top thinking Iran is an evil Country.

    That’s Iran whose leaders keep talking about wiping Israel off the face of the Earth and is developing long range missiles and nukes and promotes suicide bombing and arms Hamas?

    Welcome to beeboid world. One full of crap and losers.