My Knee-Jerk Reaction

What can I say? All pretence of impartiality has been abandoned. It’s unbelievable that Jeremy Bowen is the BBC’s Middle East Editor. What can the BBC be thinking of? If the BBC regards the hate-jamboree we’ve just witnessed on Panorama as acceptable broadcasting, no wonder people have uncontrollable outbursts in gyms. 

Jeremy Bowen is irresponsible, out of his depth, prejudiced, antisemitic and incompetent. His pornographic wallowing in human misery and his sneering dismissal of anything said by Israel comes close to deliberate incitement to racial hatred. The Israeli spokesman was a particularly unsympathetic character who looked, or was made to look, vengeful and cold.


Bowen’s references to ‘what happened in 1948’ were inaccurate and deliberately provocative, the disingenuous way he limply offered up ‘Israel’s claims’ just so that they could be dismissed, the complete absence of any reference to Hamas’s violence, repression and tyranny, and his almost pleading finale on behalf of the Hamas offer of a 10 year Hudna, they all…… beggar belief.

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  1. martin says:

    Oh and not a single mention of homosexuality in Iran. Why not? Normally the BBC likes to give us the ‘gay angle’ on every subject.

    Is there a problem with being homosexual in Iran? I’ve never heard the BBC mention it so I assume if you’re a gay man in Iran life must be good there.


  2. martin says:

    Someone texted into Mayo and asked about why young girls are hung in Iran for being rape victims. The Beeboid reply is a classic.

    “That is the perception people have of Iran, but they are a developing Country and just want to be treated as equals”

    I kid you not that was his answer.

    So Iran hangs teenagers who are victims of crime and it’s the fault of the west for thinking these bearded f***wits are little better than savages.

    The BBC we can get our tongues further up a backside than any one else, especially if it’s a Muslim.


  3. Bryan says:

    Not advisable. (blood pressure.)
    Sue | 10.02.09 – 1:21 pm

    I figured maybe I’d succeed in looking at Bowen’s bias scientifically, as one might examine a specimen under a microscope.


  4. martin says:

    Talking about the BBc and Muzzie’s again.

    notice this story

    “…A Sheffield head teacher has resigned after parents complained about her plans to scrap separate assemblies for Muslim pupils…”

    Not quite true BBC. anyone want to take a guess as to WHICH group of parents complained?


  5. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Bryan | 10.02.09 – 2:52 pm |
    It could do with a bloody good Fisk but I seriously doubt anyone is listening 🙁


  6. Atlas shrugged says:

    David Vance

    His pornographic wallowing in human misery and his sneering dismissal of anything said by Israel comes close to deliberate incitement to racial hatred.

    No it does not come close.

    It is incitement to racial hatred.

    However the BBC is not simply interested in incitement to hating Jews. The words and actions of The BBC incites just as much racial hatred towards Muslims.

    This site often being an example of how cleverly successful the BBC is at actually doing so.

    The BBC promotes many things.

    The ONE thing the BBC NEVER EVER promotes is true piece and understanding between nations, religions, races or individuals.

    Otherwise it would mention mega powerful secret government organizations and groups such as The BILDERBURG GROUP, The CFR, and The Royal Institute for International Affairs. Who are the real power that REALLY drives the BBC’s many divisive and essentially authoritarian COMMUNIST/FASCIST agenda’s.

    May I suggest readers of this site research these organizations for themselves?

    If you can’t read or cant be bothered to get a book on the subject. Then simply Google video/You Tube BILDERBURG, CFR, or NWO, and all will very quickly become self apparent.

    If you do not know who REALLY controls the BBC and the entire rest of the MSM, then it is IMPOSSIBLE to fully understand what the BBC has long since been up to.

    The BBC are servants of The ESTABLISHMENTS New World Order. If you still believe The NWO has not already come to the town you live or work in. Then you simply are not paying any proper attention whatsoever.


  7. Bryan says:

    The Cattle Prod of Destiny | 10.02.09 – 6:40 pm

    Well, maybe I’ll catch it if someone uploads it to YouTube. But if nobody’s listening now, they surely wont be listening by then….

    Information overload.


  8. Rob Santiago says:

    Someone texted into Mayo and asked about why young girls are hung in Iran for being rape victims. The Beeboid reply is a classic.

    That texter was me! I just couldn’t stand anymore of the “expert’s” BS about “Iran just wants respect”. Iran’s islamofascist rulers seek respect like street gangsters seek respect, as a euphemism for cowering trembling pants-wetting fear.


  9. martin says:

    Rob Santiago: Can you remember the name of the beeboid that was arse licking Iran?

    Nice one by the way. They didn’t read out my email asking about what life is like as a homosexual in Iran. I asked jokingly if it took gay people to new heights.

    Clealry the BBC has no sense of humour.


  10. Rob Santiago says:

    Rob Santiago: Can you remember the name of the beeboid that was arse licking Iran?

    Sorry, I can’t remember the Beeboid arselicker’s name, but his arguments were extraordinarily thin as you noted about his empty reply to my point, yet they went unchallenged by Mayo.

    I’ve had Mayo edit my emails and texts on the wing on air in the past, in an attempt to de-islamicize them. When he interviewed Nick Clegg the other week, I got him to ask Clegg how Israel was supposed to trust any treaty with Hamas “when Hamas only recognises the islamic temporary truce for re-armament known as the Hudna”.

    Mayo audibly got his tongue in a tangle trying to de-islamicise my point, but in the end couldn’t, and all he managed to excise was the word “hudna”.

    Clegg answered with irrelevant platitudes, as you would expect, and Mayo let the point go.

    But then we are talking about 5Lite.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Rob Santiago,

    Nice work.

    I also enjoyed the way Mayo introduced an Iranian ex-pat, Tehiri Dinesh (sp?), by asking her how much Iran had changed since she’s been going back. Is Mayo’s production staff so pathetic that the guy wasn’t even aware that she was a religious exile, a member of an oppressed religious minority, and was unable to go back? And then, after she outlines her personal history, how she’s not allowed back, how Bahais are oppressed, and how she had to be smuggled out of the country, the serial confiscation of her family’s home, the litany of human rights abuses by the Iranian regime, etc., Mayo betrays his ignorance and bias by asking her:

    “What would it take for you to go back?”

    Unreal. The poor woman just laughed at him.

    martin: It was Jon Lyne defending Iran’s brutality and twisting the point around with the soft racism of lowered expectations.


  12. Bryan says:

    This is the same Jon Leyne who wrote that Israelis were “rubbing their hands with glee” at the Hamas-Fatah carnage in Gaza when they were throwing each other’s prisoners off high buildings. Typical BBC hack, biased to the hilt in favour of the Islamists.

    Dunno what happened to Frances Harrison. She was the only one with the guts to tackle Ahmedinejad – over his Holocaust denial conference. Unfortunately it was a flash in the pan. I guess she got a memo.


  13. Velvel says:

    There is no ‘problem’ with homosexuals in Iran. They don’t seem to have very long life spans there.


  14. hippiepooter says:

    Mailman | 09.02.09 – 11:22 pm |

    Mailman, complaining to the BBC is futile. Raising your concerns with worthwile MPs is better, although they seem very thin on the ground.

    PS Mailman, a bit sanctimonious, weren’t you?


  15. Mailman says:

    Yeah probably…but it was that time of month when I was reading the thread 😉



  16. Muslim Wars says:

    Someone texted into Mayo and asked about why young girls are hung in Iran for being rape victims.

    In parts of Afghanistan women of any age are not even allowed to get paid jobs, so if there is no male to look after them they have to beg on the street (respectfully dressed).

    The BBC decides on any issue where there is a conflict of principles, which side to take.

    eg women being treated like dirt vs grovelling to Islam:
    Islam wins

    eg gays’ right to even exist vs grovelling to Islam:
    Islam wins

    The fact that they can easily discard ANY principle for the cause of supporting the enemies of Britain and the West tells you just how comitted they are to the cause.

    People being able to discard any principle in the name of the cause reminds be of those soldiers who were quite happy to be concentration camp guards.