Great to see Justin Webb back in good form after all the excitement of his campaigning for Obama to become President! This morning he was suggesting that even Republicans have come around to accepting the idea of the Government nationalising the banks. In fairness though, he added that Obama was having to be careful about how he phrased this since for some pesky reason Americans consider nationalisation as socialisation! It looks like American politicians all accept the importance of the State owning the Banks, certainly if you look through Justin’s left wing prism. Naturally reality is very different to this but Justin is here to help us all accept the growth of the State and he did not disappoint!

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  1. Allan@Oslo says:

    You mean ‘nationalisation’ as socialism. Nationalism is a good thing.


  2. David Vance says:

    Cheers Allan – blogging too fast this morning!!


  3. disillusioned_german says:

    Which Republicans are in favour of nationalising banks? Did he mention them by name?


  4. martin says:

    I see the son of god keeps reminding people that he didn’t create the current global meltdown.

    Hmm. Sound like a certain fat one eyed Scotsman who keeps blaming the Tories or America for everything that has gone wrong.

    I don’t remember George Bush blaming Clinton for the dotcom bubble bursting the expansion of sub prime loans or the fact that Billy boy let Bin Laden attack American numerous times for 8 years without stopping him.


  5. stephen hoffman says:

    to be fair a lot of republicans did accept the bailout and a lot of tories in this country have supported the bailout – i dont agree with it but on this i think Justin Webb is just stating the obvious.


  6. disillusioned_german says:

    stephen hoffman | 24.02.09 – 4:22 pm |

    True, but very few (if any) Republicans are in favour of Barry’s stimulus bill.


  7. simo says:

    I just heard a BBC correspondent called Justin on 5Live opining that “many if not most” of the US forces stationed in Iraq were against the Iraq war and would be glad to get out of there. He didn’t mention which scientific survey he was quoting, but I am sure he wouldn’t have just made that up. Would he? Anita Anand didn’t press him on the issue. Heigh ho.