The BBC reports that the EU seeks establish a new pan-Europe Institution to supervise all national institutions such as the City of London. Quelle surprise, another power grab from the overlords in Brussels. BBC correspondent and Billy Bunter look-a-like Mark Mardell thrills that ” supporters of the scheme would like to see national bodies like the UK’s Financial Services Authority made subordinate to the new institution and adds that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has relaxed his previous opposition to tighter regulation at a European level.” Mark seems to have overlooked the salient fact that such is the level of EU financial corruption that EU accounts have not been signed of for fourteen years in a row. Even the BANKS must be envious of that! When it comes to the reporting of EU matters, the BBC is so biased as to be beyond belief. Then again, I guess the fact that the EU helps fund the BBC may account for at least that aspect!

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4 Responses to EU CAN BANK ON BIAS!

  1. George R says:

    E.U. and Royal Mail:

    The BBC (as other sections of MSM) omits information about the political supremacy of the E.U. in deciding the fate of Royal Mail:

    BBC report –

    “Mandelson defends Royal Mail plan”

    But as ‘EU referendum’ blogspot points out:

    “It’s the Directives stoooopid!”


  2. Umbongo says:


    On a point of information the European Court of Auditors did approve the 2007 accounts. However, it appears to me that this approval was, to say the least, not unqualified. In other words, in the previous 13 years the accounts were just a load of crap while the “approved” accounts are, apparently, just misleading and full of errors. Do you think that somebody was leaned on?

    AFAIAA, such a qualified opinion by auditors in respect of the accounts of a company in the UK would spark an adverse reaction from the company’s shareholders, let alone HMR&C and the company’s bankers. As it is I think we can look forward to the Denis Macshanes of this world crowing unchallenged about the financial integrity of the EU in any future interview he might do for “Today” or “Newsnight”.


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  4. DP111 says:

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    The level of what may be termed as “legalised” corruption, is quite breathtaking.