Just a reminder that we’ll be live blogging Question Time tomorrow night! There is a welcome in the valley signature to the panel with that most honest of politicians Peter Hain, political editor of the Sun George Pascoe-Watson, Conservative shadow secretary of state for Wales Cheryl Gillan, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams, and leader of the Plaid Cymru group in Westminster Elfyn Llwyd. We’re all Welsh now – or at least we will be tomorrow night. I bet the audience will be barking as well so it’s one for the connoisseur of sheer awfulness. You are cordially invited!!

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  1. Grant says:

    I hope I don’t detect some anti-Welsh racism simmering under the surface. I take it that the word “barking” refers to the panel !


  2. Grant says:

    Woops, sorry. Just re-read it, you refer to the audience as well. Expect some interesting posts here from any Welsh readers.


  3. Andy says:

    Should be good entertainment, they don’t come nuttier than Plaid Cymru.


  4. Anonymous says:

    “You’re cordially invited”

    I think I’ll pass!


  5. Dick the Prick says:

    All ‘black’ Eastenders last night.

    To recap then:

    We’re all gay, Welsh, Muzzie, Black, Ethiopian, smack head terrorists.

    I’m confused!


  6. Cockney says:

    I’m amused by the irony of someone involved in Northern Irish politics accusing the Welsh of being nutters 🙂


  7. centre-right says:

    I’ve never heard of any of them, other than Honesty Hain.
    I take it that they’re in Cardiff or something?


  8. cameron says:

    Ref eastenders last night.

    Basically the mood music :-
    ‘white people are still racists’



  9. Grant says:

    Cockney 9:33
    I am conscious that, when some of us on this site accuse the BBC of anti-semitism, we need to be careful that we are not guilty of anti-taffyism.
    I seem to remember this got Anne Robinson into trouble some years ago.
    Not that I am comparing David Vance with Anne Robinson, of course……


  10. Chuffer says:

    There’s lovely, you!


  11. DJ says:

    All of the above reminds me of this:


  12. caveman says:

    David Vance – sorry, off-topic, but short:
    I know you are revamping the site. When you do, please consider putting up a link to a page of legal info regarding TV licence prosecution. Nothing controversial, just information. At present there is some example information in the General Comments just below this topic.


  13. Qoooze says:

    Pity Lord Ahmed is on going to appear… he’s been sent to prison for ’12’ weeks!


  14. Andy says:

    caveman | 25.02.09 – 11:20 am | #

    I second that.


  15. Millie Tant says:

    Is David having an Ann Robinson moment and equating the Welsh with sheer awfulness and possibly being barking as well?

    Mind, I’m not saying that the Welsh ain’t barking or awful but I just don’t think that is in any way the monopoly of the Welsh. Just look around you…take Ann Robinson, for example, or…fill in the blanks as you will. No shortage of candidates outside of Wales and not a million miles away, either…know wo’ i mean, Guv?


  16. Telly Tax Rebel says:

    Merthyr is the biggest shithole in Wales and yep – it’s a labour stronghold. So I’m expecting loads of “barking” comments from the audience, nothing to do with being Welsh.

    Should be a typical example of Aunty’s balcanced and impartial broadcasting policy, I hope the tory has got a decent flack jacket – she’ll need it.

    TTR – Swansea.


  17. Grant says:

    Millie 2:37
    Be careful. We Scots, Irish and Welsh Celts stick together, except when we are fighting each other !


  18. David Vance says:

    To all normal Welsh B-BBC readers,

    Mea culpa. I meant no offence but was referring to what I presume will be an audience stacked with Welsh nationalists who, like the rest of the Celtic fringe nationalists, are deranged! Have I offended enough now? I am the weakest link,,,,!!


  19. Telly Tax Rebel says:

    I know exactly what you mean David lol – It should be fun.

    TTR – Swansea


  20. Grant says:

    David 5:06
    No-one can accuse you of treading carefully on eggshells ! More power to your politically incorrect elbow.
    But, sure, the BBC will stuff the panel and audience with Welsh Nationalists. That is what they do.
    But, where is Rhoddri boyo ? Is he too grand to be there ?


  21. Millie Tant says:

    Millie 2:37
    Be careful. We Scots, Irish and Welsh Celts stick together, except when we are fighting each other !
    Grant | 25.02.09 – 4:52 pm | #

    Aye,aye, I’ll mind out when the Celts are riled.

    But you know, I wasn’t letting the Sassenachs off. Honest, Guv.


  22. Jon says:

    We are all British. Or at least we were until Blair and Brown dissolved the union. And I think you will find an awful lot of Welsh are against the tax eating assembly.


  23. Jon says:

    Don’t forget that we need the Welsh to help save us from this awful government.

    “Nevertheless Plaid lost overall control of its usually very safe Council
    of Gwynedd and failed to gain control of any one Council in Wales.
    Despite this, the overall support of Plaid increased dramatically
    and the Party managed to gain Councillors where there were none before,
    such as in Wrecsam/Wrexham. In addition, Plaid pulled much of the
    support away from Labour, even in very safe Labour seats such as Caerffili,
    where Plaid and Labour now have 32 Councillors each.

    The Conservatives in Wales were also celebrating after managing to
    keep control of Monmouth and gained overall control of Vale of Glamorgan.
    The Liberal Democrats kept control of Cardiff, Wales’ largest council,
    and stayed in power in Swansea, but looked likely to have to form
    a coalition. The big losers in these elections though were the Labour
    Party who were down to 122 seats, leaving the party on 344. ”


  24. Andy says:

    I would love to see a few penetrating questions concerning the tax-guzzling assembly and Wales’ lamentable record on out-of-control quangos:

    We won’t get any of course…


  25. Gunter says:

    Hi Jon,

    I think perhaps you misunderstood devolution. It did not destroy nor weaken the union, it actually maintained the status quo whilst creating the illusion of some degree of independence in Scotland and Wales.


  26. John Ward says:

    I hope to be back from the special budget-setting meeting of our council in time for this. Otherwise, I’ll pop in within a couple of minutes of stepping back inside the door.


  27. Grant says:

    Gunter 12:25
    Nonsense ! It has increased the pressure for independence. You should get out more.


  28. Colin W says:

    Hi Jon,

    I think perhaps you misunderstood devolution. It did not destroy nor weaken the union, it actually maintained the status quo whilst creating the illusion of some degree of independence in Scotland and Wales.
    Gunter | 26.02.09 – 12:25 am | #


    On what evidence do you base your theory?, it may have escaped your notice that the SNP are the governing party in Scotland.

    If the Scots are so passionate about the Union as you claim, why are the Nationalists in power?.


  29. Scout says:

    I just hope that they go on about the guy who gets £650.000 per year pension.
    Then someone might also ask the panel:

    Who is the BBC pwesenter who earns more in one year than 4 CEO’s from two banks
    put together.

    And does the license prayer pay for the pensions of the crowd at the BBC.


  30. martin says:

    Grant: How can he get out more when the nurses keep him locked up for most of the time?


  31. TaffSquaddie says:

    Cant believe how anti-welsh alot of people are on here


  32. Grant says:

    ColinW 2:18
    At the last election the SNP got 17% of the vote. Hardly a ringing endorsement for independence !