13 Responses to QUESTION TIME LIVE

  1. Martin says:

    Can we have a poll on the fittest bird in the audience tonight please?

    Oh and Grimer’s votes don’t count. Have you seen the glasses he uses?



  2. David Vance says:


    Remind me during the programme – I am here to serve!


  3. Grant says:

    Martin 8:58
    I still have dreams about one in the front row some months ago. I wish there were more to distract me from the predictable banality of the discussion !


  4. Martin says:

    There were a couple of fit birds on the audience last week. But yes, ‘Miss lumpy’ was rather nice.

    Cheers for the poll David. Beats asking who is the biggest twat on the panel.


  5. Grant says:

    Martin 9:15
    You are so sexist !!!


  6. Martin says:

    Grant: If there is a bloke there with nice jugs I will compliment him as well.


  7. Grant says:

    Martin 11:28
    Now I am really worried about you !!!


  8. Atlas shrugged says:

    If we already have a nationalized bank of England ( which of course we don’t in reality ) how can we nationalize the banking system twice?

    ANSWER; There is absolutely no point in doing so while the Bank of England The EU, and The UN is in reality controlled by the International Bank, The Bank of International Settlements and The IMF. None of which are accountable to any form of laws regulations or indeed national or international democracy.

    There is no such thing as an independent Bank of England. The same day the government supposedly nationalized the BofE the power or world FASCISM/COMMUNISM simply moved to Switzerland. The BofE is subservient to the people who run, own and control the International Banking System.

    We do not need a global solution, because it is The Global Banking system that has deliberately conspired to bring us to this place. As it has several times in the past.

    It has also financed/conspired to start, all of the major and most of the minor wars on this planet, for the last 200 years or more. It could very well be argued that it has been financing/inspiring/organizing wars for a whole lot longer then that.

    As an instinctive conservative and free market capitalist, I have no ideological problem with a capitalist system. What I am opposed to is the one we have ended up with. Which is monopoly worshiping CORPORATE CAPITALISM working in close conspiracy with other pathologically insane oligarchs and our own government.

    Given that banks and bankers have yet again shown themselves to be infinitely less trustworthy, competent or humane then a football stadium full of news-paper editors, politicians, and axe murderers our options are highly limited.

    The truth is we can’t trust anyone or any institution with our money, and therefore our lives and liberty.

    There really is no answer to this problem, other then simply letting the whole system go bust asap. We are told that doing this would cause a disaster. However we already have a disaster, what we need is a solution that can never allow this to happen again.

    Unfortunately this only solution requires the top 30 or so of the British and world establishment to be painfully and publicly executed, or at least given life sentences without parole. This of course can not and so will not happen under any circumstances, they would most certainly try to murder us all in our beds first. Therefore we are permanently buggered beyond salvation and will continue to be so for the rest of our impoverished and forever more enslaved lives.

    The only, repeat ONLY important difference between the Italian Mafia and the people who run our own establishment is that the Italian ones speak with an Italian accent.


    Did you know that the present Queen of England’s dear departed mother, was directly and closely related to the penultimate top of Sicilian Mafia? The top of course, is not officially allowed to get married to anyone.


  9. Telly Tax Rebel says:

    I can’t help but feel that Eric Pickles was “dun up like a kipper” tonight on QT as far as the MP’s second home allowance is concerned –

    QT Beeboid – “let’s get a Tory on who we know claims second home allowances then we’ll hit him with a planted question.”

    Now I’m totally against “all” throughing MP’s fiddling our hard earned tax pounds, Pickles included but at least Eric admitted that he actually lived in the property he was claiming for, unlike the labour front bench ministers who have been found out. Not that I’m sticking up for the bloke, he’s troughing it just like the rest of them.

    Pickles didn’t cover himself in glory tonight in fact it was a piss poor performance by a person who is highly rated by no other Iain Dale himself – his blog will make very interesting reading later.

    Meanwhile the beeboids will be congratulating themselves on a job well done.


  10. Grant says:

    Telly 2:33
    I have never rated Pickles myself, but he made a complete prat of himself on QT over his second home allowance and saying how he had to be at work at a certain time.
    For once Dimblebore got it right and said ” you mean you have a job ?”.


  11. Martin says:

    Pickles came over as a knob. If you live that close to London there is no need for a second home, especially as since all the ‘wimmin’ came in to Parliament they refuse to work past 6pm.

    Along with email and the web you can easily do work on a laptop or from home (as I do)


  12. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Pickles was set up, and as a politician, people who are supposed to be media savvy and understand the importance of NOT being photographed with an “Exit” sign behind them,should have known better.

    Dan Hannan has raised the bar. We need articulate fighting opposition, not twin snout-in-trough pigs like Pickles, useless tosser. Is there no media management competence in the Tories to match Mandleson and Campbell? Then they don’t deserve to win. Out there hardly anyone knows whats true, they only know what the media tell them, and the mediia are fifth-column infiltrated from top to bottom with those loyal to The Project.


  13. Telly Tax Rebel says:

    Andrew – I have no doubt that pickles was set up, even though he is in the wrong and made a right tit of himself I laughed out loud when he was dropped in the proverbial, I could hear the popping of champagne corks in telly centre here in swansea 😀