Did anyone else catch this bizarre item on the Today programme this morning concerning the imaginary correlation between population growth and climate change? It’s well worth a listen if you missed it if only to understand just how demented the BBC has become on this topic! Professor Guillebaud is clearly an ecowacko of the highest order but listen to the easy ride that Naughtie gives him. Did YOU that one birth in the UK creates 160 times as much global warming effect as one in Ethiopia (Don’t tell Binyam Mohamed, ssssh!) and that “the ONLY way out of poverty is to reduce carbon dioxide” All unchallenged by your trustworthy State Broadcaster.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Every so often the real nature of the ecomentalist shows through, the fake mask of caring,kindess and concern for the earth slips a little and gives those who are watching a glimpse of the ugly and evil face that hides beneath the mask.
    The hellish alliance of whackos/ecomentalists/watermellons/closet Marxists/hard left fascists never gave a fig for the enviroment, they are all about dragging the world into a new dark age, ever wonder why this alliance fights against anything that increases prosperity?
    Like the Luddites of old they hate and despise our industrial economy and democratic principles, prosperity and education, real jobs and creative capitalism, free trade and travel are like poison to the leftists/ecomentalist watermellons, a prosperous and increasingly wealthy and healthy people has no need of Marxist based creed of jelousy, spite and hatred, their disgusting ideology is simply not wanted, in order to thrive they must create the conditions where their lies may take hold.
    The driving force of the new alliance is hatred, hatred of people and hatred of free will, everything the ecomentalists are doing is designed to make us poorer, more bitter, less educated, less wealthy, less independent, less confident and therfore more amenable to their poisonous doctrine.

    The BBC is a driving force of this despicable new creed, it is the world platform and it gives the beast the voice it needs to seduce us.


  2. The Beebinator says:

    the moonbats real agenda.

    be afraid….be very afraid of the leftist scum


  3. TPO says:

    Hilarious, and obviously going to be linked into Jonathan Porritt’s utterances that we need to curtail population growth with a 50% reduction in the UK.
    OK all you whiteys out there go and sterilize yourselves, better still go and commit suicide so that the sooties can take over the world.

    Only on the BBC!


  4. TPO says:

    If forgot to add that the cull of whiteys will, of course, exclude the Harriet Harmans, Browns and other associated sociopaths of Britain


  5. TPO says:

    I’ve listened to the link now. This man’s plan is for rich people to stop producing children. Who is the arbiter of who is ‘rich’
    I’ll nominate Professor Guillebaud the author of this as being rich.


  6. Martin says:

    What next? That people who follow Islam produce less CO2 than non Mohammadans?


  7. weirdvis says:

    Forget CO2, what about methane? Maybe we need a debate on which produces more CH4; Guinness or chicken madrass?


  8. nrg says:

    Malthus always sounds good in theory, but in practice it never quite works out.


  9. Grant says:

    Cassandra 8:15
    Another fantastic post. I can’t think of anything to add. More power to your elbow and typing fingers !


  10. Garden Trash says:

    “Like the Luddites of old they hate and despise our industrial economy and democratic principles, prosperity and education, real jobs and creative capitalism,”

    Not quite.The Luddites get rather a bad press.The were hand loom weavers who lost their jobs with the introduction of mechanised weaving machines.The detritus you are talking about are nihilists who have invented a grievance so they can indulge their psychopathy.


  11. Jeff says:

    I know that I’m taking my life in my hands in offering up a small defence of the prof’, but here goes.
    Surely it is correct that people in poverty stricken third world countries can’t produce anything like the CO2 pollution that we prosperous westerners manage. They don’t have access to the cars, fridges, aircraft and all the other every day items that we all take for granted. You don’t have to be a member of the lefty, hair shirt brigade to acknowledge that, do you?
    And as for our population reaching 77 million, that increase would be solely through immigration, 99% of it from those countries now in poverty. Time to pull up the drawbridge.


  12. Jon says:

    John Guillebaud, professor of family planning at University College, London – is an expert on climatology now is he?

    Will the BBC never stop pushing such rubbish? I wonder if they mentioned who produces more babies in the UK – the indigenous people? Is he going to force Islamists to stop breeding?

    Once upon a time loonies like this would have been laughed at – but in this new dark age they are taken seriousley by the BBC types.


  13. Jon says:

    Jeff | 26.03.09 – 9:55 pm |

    Quite right Jeff – how can people mention population control in the UK and at the same time have open border policies?


  14. adam says:

    some third worlders have loads of kids


  15. Martin says:

    I see Prick Robinson is telling lies again. In his report from Brazil he failed to mention that the Brazilian President accused ‘white people with blue eyes’ for all the problems.

    Well I guess at least he didn’t say ‘one eyed twats’

    But could you imagine if George Bush had said THAT about black people? Would the BBC have ignored it?


  16. TPO says:

    weirdvis | 26.03.09 – 9:20 pm |

    I once had the misfortune to fly non-stop from Hong Kong to Heathrow, cattleclass, sitting behind an elderly Hindu lady who, like the flight, farted non-stop.
    Her methane footprint was greater than the 747’s carbon footprint.

    Is the next great plan to put down the elderly. That’s me stuffed then, off to the soylent green factory.


  17. Jon says:

    “It’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!”

    Actually all this talk of population control is very scary stuff.


  18. TPO says:

    Jeff | 26.03.09 – 9:55 pm |
    You have a point. I read soemwhere recently that the population of Africa has quadrupled in something like 40 years, can’t remember the exact time frame, but how much of this population explosion can be put down to the non-stop aid programmes that have been running.
    Grant was in Africa recently, be interesting what his take is on this.


  19. Jon says:

    This is even more scary.

    Orwell could not have done a better job.


  20. Grant says:

    TPO 12:32
    That is a massive topic for this website.
    It was my 11th trip to West Africa in 7 years, I used to live there and my wife and in-laws are black W. African.
    Roughly the factors for having children would be :-
    Man’s perception of virility
    Woman’s perception of man’s virility
    Replacement linked to infant mortality.
    Low cost of children, compared with the west.
    Endemic promiscuity among many African men, leading to illegimate children.
    Lack of abortion facilities, leading to women who miscarry or have back-street abortions continuing to try for children.
    Stigmatisation of men and women who have no or few children.


  21. Grant says:

    To continue.
    The high rate of incest, which leads to problems before, during and after childbirth.
    The prevalence of female circumcision, which often results in infertility in women, then blamed by men for being infertile, leading to greater promiscuity from the men.

    I could go on !!


  22. Grant says:


    Just to lighten the load a little. There is a big poster in Gambia on the road between the British High Commission and the MRC centre, next to one of the Gambian Army barracks reading :-

    ” The Gambian Soldier protects the Nation. The condom protects the soldier” !


  23. amimissingsomething says:

    weirdvis | 26.03.09 – 9:20 pm | #

    if we’re talking about methane, what about so many politicians and “activists”? their speech seems as full of the flatulence which is concomitant with another bodily function

    i, for one, often can’t tell the difference in origin of their output


  24. Cassandra says:


    Thanks muchly for the kind words, isnt it a testement to this site that I have learned so much during my time contributing and more importantly learning from other posters, the art of observation and understanding the world as it is is perhaps one of the most important gifts. I have come a long way and learned much, long may it continue!

    PS would you believe that my dyslexia, a condition I have suffered from most of my life has improved greatly since I started posting!


    Cassie K.


  25. Sutekh says:

    This is even more scary.…h?v=vgvnqv1- _D4

    Orwell could not have done a better job.
    Jon | 27.03.09 – 12:42 am | #
    What a brainwashed little fascist turd. The eco nazis are getting them increasingly early these days, aren’t they?


  26. Grant says:

    Cassandra 7:33
    I too have learned more from this website, including your posts, than I ever learn from the BBC.
    I would never have guessed that you were dyslexic. Maybe pushing yourself to write about matters which you care about passionately has helped.
    Keep on posting !


  27. Preposteroso says:

    “. . . in order to thrive they must create the conditions where their lies may take hold.”

    Never a truer word spoken.


  28. TPO says:

    If you could put it into a nutshell, then surely the answer is education.


  29. Ricky Martin says:

    I am never quite sure who all the infantile and spoilt eco bullies are saving the planet for. As they clearly loathe human beings.

    They mistakenly believe that carbon is the cause of Armaggedon. Given that the universe creates the stuff out of stars in huge quantities and carbon is a basis of all living matter, they could all do us and the planet a big favour by simply topping themselves – as we are mostly made up of the stuff.

    Get rid of the carbon dioxide too? Only if you hate trees and plants that totally depend on it for their survival.



  30. Grant says:

    TPO 6:07
    Yes, exactly.
    But, some Westerners really don’t understand the concept of education in Africa. It is not just about schools.
    How do you teach a child that everything he or she has been taught by the mother, father , grandparents, village head-man, imam and “ju-ju” man is nonsense.
    That is not easy.


  31. Grant says:

    PS. Anyway, Bob Geldof has the answers !!


  32. TPO says:

    PS. Anyway, Bob Geldof has the answers !!
    Grant | 27.03.09 – 10:02 pm |

    Not only an academic but you have a sense of humour too!!!
    PS. My wife was bought up in Rhodesia in the late 60s and 70s. She weeps for Africa.


  33. David A says:


    Absolutely spot on in every respect!
    It is usually quite misleading to make generalisations about virtually any person or organisation, but every single word of your post about the “greens” and that execrable organisation, the BBC, rings true.
    They just love to hate, don’t they? It’s their sole reason for living, and “hate” is the “fuel” that keeps them going.
    Keep up the good work and please keep posting!