I quote this verbatim from the BBC Today site this morning…”Some 25,000 pupils across the UK will be involved in producing their own news stories as part of the BBC’s School Report News Day. Romaissa and Rayma, from Islamia Girls’ High School produced a report on celebrity culture, and they discuss their experience interviewing PR guru Max Clifford.” And we FUND this garbage ?

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8 Responses to YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP!

  1. John Bosworth says:

    There are currently 22 BBC web pages about his man. Here is the worst:

    The BBC is being played like a cheap violin.


  2. John Bosworth says:

    Wrong strand sorry. Refers to Bambi.


  3. Jon says:

    Notice they could’nt find Joe and Mary. Not multicult enough.


  4. Robert says:

    Perhaps you could run a continuous thread calling for spots of “most absurd piece of pro-Islamic propaganda masquerading as news”? There was one yesterday about “Hello USA!I’m an Islamic nutter from Britain”, in fact we’re sick to the back teeth of this shite!


  5. weirdvis says:

    Romaissa and Rayma are obviously guinea pigs for the latest edukayshunal trend:—Yes-new-primary-school-curriculum.html


  6. Martin says:

    Yes I commented on this earlier. I turned on BBC 1 this morning expecting to see sour face Kate Silverton in another deck chair top only to see some Muzzie in a burka.

    I had to check I hadn’t selected Al Jazeera by mistake.

    Did you guys also see the pro Liebour bit on the 6PM news where a bunch of kids went to interview Alistair Darling? What a wonderful man. I was surprised they didn’t get to interview Vince Cable mind.

    What gets me is who lets the BBC decide all this in the first place?


  7. Chuffer says:

    I wonder if Romaissa and Rayma did any research into what life is like for schoolgirls when Islam Proper takes over?


  8. Grant says:

    Chuffer 8:57
    And I bet there was no discussion about FGM. Seems to be a no go area for the BBC.