BBC can always be relied upon to give the appropriately entitled NUT conference favourable coverage. The Keffiyeh adorned hordes that turn up for this annual circus are now complaining that the government plan to extend “free” nursery care are actually reducing the care children get. How? Well, it seems that some teachers work loads are being increased as a consequence of this policy. Oh dear – that would never do, would it? Perhaps another strike looms – with attendant favourable Beeb coverage?

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  1. Velvel says:

    At least this NUT business on the bbc seems, for the moment, to be confined to something about what unions are supposed to do for their members. So far they haven’t strayed into politics of a foreign persuasion that have nothing to do with them. But having said that I’m literally counting the minutes before they try for one of their Israel boycott votes. I’d like to know how al-beeb will link that up to the SAT kerfuffle.


  2. Jack Bauer says:

    If the NUTs go on strike, at least the Ignorance Factories (masquerading as schools) which the Stalinist unions have run into the ground, will close for a while.


  3. Tom says:

    What the BBC should be doing is exposing the government’s policy for the cynical trick it is.

    The Snot Gobbler says he is ‘expanding’ nursery care. Cue BBC grateful applause for the generous leader.

    But he is expanding nothing. No more money. Same number of teachers. More kids. Longer hours.

    Actually what he is doing is DEVALUING the 2.5 hours per day they currently get.


  4. Cassandra says:

    Kids leaving school not knowing anything about Churchill/Cromwell/Nelson/Cumberland/
    Hooke/Bader/Scott/Alfred and a score of our national heroes but can spew out the latest global warming chants and socialist slogans.
    Kids unable to read, do maths or write yet know the benefits system inside out and what their rights are.
    Modern education its called, perhaps a better word would de-education, a mass of thick dummies taught not to struggle or aspire through effort, to think of competition as not worthy, to be reliant on the state and unable to think and act independently and above all with no conception of national identity and pride in their history and their ancestors achievements, that above all else has been the target, demean and then erase a nations history and the pride in that history and you go a long way to erasing the nation itself.
    Decades of de-education has taken its toll, millions indulge their celebrity wannabe fantasies while millions of Chinese queue up to take their jobs and futures from them.
    The BBC needs more media graduates, all that is required is total obedience to the agenda and narrative!


  5. Jack Bauer says:

    Cass — like I said…

    Schools + Marxian Unions + Time = Ignorance Factories

    Business has never been better.


  6. Cassandra says:

    Jack B,

    I hear what you are saying, look at the misery and poverty they create in their wake!


  7. Deborah says:

    The statutory requirements that come in this September are so complicated and with no additional funding the Heads of Local Authority nurserys in my area are tearing their hair out trying to workout how they will comply. It could be a whole Panorama programme – but will it be? I would be surprised


  8. Ceann P says:

    Yes I can’t wait until the NUT get themselves in knots trying to justify why they highlight Israel above every other nation on earth for condemnation whilst ignoring all the scum-bag governments which are violating/exterminating/oppressing their own people.

    But hey, they aren’t being anti-semitic oh no, just being anti-Zionist…

    …nothing to see here, move along…


  9. Liquid P Gasse says:

    Spot-on Cassandra
    –my boy is in the process of not learning anything at school – in spite off our efforts – and i was a teacher of the old school – horrified by the way things were going 25 years ago! And everything we said would happen – has.
    As I suggested to the head of education at BBC TV 3 years ago – this subject touches most people and should be the subject of proper television – but I just got a snide reply. Now we are 3 years further downhill…..


  10. ady says:

    Told ya…

    Here come the “green” population control boys.
    David Attenborough is now on board.

    Attenborough warns on population

    So who do we start with?
    The joos?
    The poor?

    My personal preference is to discourage any breeding by high ranking politicians and local council officials.


  11. Sutekh says:

    Who do we start with? The Moozlums? The meeja studies-endowed Sebastians and Jocastas at the BBC?


  12. deegee says:

    Intriguingly the NUT has a download on dealing with the Conflict in the Middle East – issues for schools which bends over backwards to give equal time to issues of racism against the Jewish and Muslim communities.

    We will have to wait and see if the NUT conference takes a similar position.


  13. Bonio says:

    Just out of interest, the NUT are no longer the biggest of the teachers’ unions. (The NASUWT now has more members than the NUT and the ATL isn’t quite so far to the left as the other two, although, admittedly the NASUWT and the ATL are not exactly Conservative minded organisations either.) Consequently, what the NUT has to say doesn’t represent the views of the majority of teachers (if it ever did) instead it more often than not reflects the opinions of the fringe SWP nut jobs that have found their way to positions of influence within it.

    A point to be kept in mind is that in 1979 the majority of teachers voted for Margaret Thatcher and in 1997 the majority voted for Tony Blair. From my experience (which is pretty extensive) the great majority of teachers are conservative (with a small ‘c’) and many are somewhat to the right of the current Conservative Party (but have the good sense to keep this under wraps in the present pc climate). Some, but very few are raving SWP types. Nearly two decades of teacher and state school bashing by the Tories during the 80’s and 90’s pushed the majority of teachers into the voting Labour camp. Given the influence that teachers have on the ideas and opinions of future generations, I think that if the Right is going to oust the Left (and leftist organisations such as the BBC) for their current position of cultural hegemony then this situation has to be reversed.


  14. Dagobert says:

    Interesting that the NUT seem to have no interest in combatting violence by the bastard offspring of Chavs. All-out strikes everytime some deadbeat Head or Board of Governers refuses to expel a vicious violent schemie yob might soon turn the situation around. Hoever, I suspect, the NUT probably approves of the bullying of pupils who want to learn by the uneducatable filth from the underclass.


  15. CSS says:

    Here is the TRUTH!!


  16. Millie Tant says:

    Please make your point if you have one.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Troll alert. CSS has infested several threads linking to his cute little anti-capitalist video, made by (naturally) “Angryfilmmakers”. It doesn’t say what school project this is for, though.

    Troll, nothing to do with BBC bias, only extremist noise. Should be banned.