Here’s a lovely item which positively glows with praise for the wise Obama as he decides that he needs to “regulate” the “pollutant” that is CO2 apparently. The idea that CO2 is NOT a pollutant – a view held by many prominent scientists – does not get a mention. First Obama regulates the banks, and now he wants to regulate the atmosphere.

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  1. Martin says:

    Yes apparently CO2 is now deemed as a hazardous gas!!!

    As Richard Littlejohn says “You couldn’t make it up”


  2. Jon says:

    “CO2 for different people has different attractions. After all, what is it? – it’s not a pollutant, it’s a product of every living creature’s breathing, it’s the product of all plant respiration, it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis, it’s a product of all industrial burning, it’s a product of driving • I mean, if you ever wanted a leverage point to control everything from exhalation to driving, this would be a dream. So it has a kind of fundamental attractiveness to bureaucratic mentality.” – Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT


  3. Libertarian says:

    Jon | 18.04.09 – 12:03 am


    Charles Moore on Obama

    his idea of what he wants to do is really something quite different from what is actually happening to his country. In his inauguration address, he spoke of the need to get on with the business of “remaking America”. For him, that economic stuff is not really part of the remaking, but a distraction from it. His vision of a more social-democratic country was conceived almost without reference to the greatest economic catastrophe to hit America for 80 years.



  4. Libertarian says:


    The rumours spreading here in France now seem to be confirmed. Claude Allègre, a former socialist minister of research and an avid climate sceptic is on his way back, this time possibly back into government under the conservative Francois Fillon. Allegre has published several climate-critical texts. In a recently held television show he even called my boss and official IPCC French envoy, Jean Jouzel, a “tricheur” (“deceiver”).

    His contacts with Sarkozy appear to have intensified in recent times. Today, a fax was sent to all institutes of the IPSL (a group of laboratories located in Paris which work on climate issues) that Allègre is being considered as a successor of French environment minister Jean Luis Borloo. Allègre nomination, many think, is probably linked to a general shift in French climate policy. Some of my colleagues here at IPSL fear this may also have an influence on the part of the budget which deals with the funding of climate research. As usual, there have already been calls for strikes and demonstrations. [transl. BJP]


    NOTE from Benny Peiser: Despite the conspicuous date of the above story, the blog rumours are no April fool’s joke. In recent days, the French media have been reporting that President Nicholas Sarkozy is considering a cabinet reshuffle after the European Elections in June and that Claude Allègre is considered a possible ministerial candidate who may replace environment minister Jean Luis Borloo. See here. Allègre is France’s most eminent climate sceptic. The very fact that he is a serious contender for the post of environment minister in itself is a clear signal that climate policies and politics in Europe are changing rapidly.



  5. compare and contrast says:

    from the man who promised to…

    ” restore science to its rightful place”

    hat tip – susan watts, newsnight


  6. Umbongo says:

    The most prevalent greenhouse gas, water vapour, is not listed by the EPA as a pollutant. Richard Black, writer of the BBC article cited and great scientist that he is, ignores this gaping hole in the EPA’s policy.

    In any event, our American readers should prepare themselves for the US version of the Nuremberg Laws whereby all those emitting CO2 will be criminalised and banished from membership of the congregation of the Righteous. Meanwhile, you’d better start practising to breathe without breathing out: difficult but, perhaps for the Obamassiah, not impossible. After all – according to Justin Webb – the President, more or less, can already walk on water.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Yes, we are royally f@#&ed. Candidate Obamessiah was talking about bankrupting the coal industry via aggressive legislation over a year ago, so it’s no surprise to me.

    Of course, the BBC hates the coal industry (but they luuuuvvvv coal miners, except the racist ones in working man’s clubs), and does everything possible to promote those who want to destroy it. I guess they better support “re-skilling” programs, because President Obamessiah is going to kill jobs for more coal miners than nasty Mrs. Thatcher could have ever dreamed of doing. Oh, well.

    But thank God – oh, wait, Justin Webb wouldn’t like that – thank the Aborted Embryos Harvested to Theoretically Cure Justin Webb’s Son of Diabetes that in The Obamessianic Age we’re no longer denying science.


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  9. Bobby Sands' knife and fork says:

    Does farting count as a greenhouse gas?
    just wondered…


  10. piggy kosher says:

    It killed off the dinosaurs. Not a lot of people know that.


  11. piggy kosher says:

    Each dinosaur fart was equivalent to 307 Gabonese families cooking up their mealies in terms of enviromental destruction, according to the beeboid fucking enviromental right – on dept.


  12. Bobby Sands' knife and fork says:

    Piggy, what, like the Flintstones?? hehe i always wanted to go to a drive-in and get a rack of ribs that tipped the car over meself lol.. well, maybe not porky ones for yaself lol 😉


  13. Bobby Sands' knife and fork says:

    i wonder if talkin shite could be classed as a harmfull gas??? coo.. imagine all the talking that goes on in westmunster and on the hill… deadly…in more ways than one…


  14. piggy kosher says:

    I like me bacon. Israel does a good bacon sarnie nowadays.


  15. Bobby Sands' knife and fork says:

    piggy “Israel does a good bacon sarnie ”
    now i gotta get me some of that lol
    ignorance shining thru here, educate me please…


  16. piggy kosher says:

    Theres even a genetically modified “kosher pig” that gets around some ancient Talmudic foot related thing (unclean! unclean!!)by changing its feet. (couple years before Dolly the sheep, if I remember right)
    Thats your Kosher pork. Well popular in all cities, except Jerusalem.
    i do respect the traditional jewish lifestyle. I see its the nearest the West has to a kind of Buddist/Taoist thing, meditation, behaviour and ethics practicised in the real world.
    I just like me bacon.


  17. piggy kosher says:

    Seafood (unmodified) 🙂 is also very popular.


  18. Bobby Sands' knife and fork says:

    crystal clear Piggy… i think you should use this as your footnote
    “I just like me bacon”
    perfecto lol 🙂
    i always had vague understaing it was to do with the feet (unclean, unclean etc) but wasnt sure as of the ins and outs so to speak..
    so how does other beasts get past the butchers block then??


  19. piggy kosher says:

    I think everything else passes muster really.


  20. Cassandra says:

    The BBC are in full fawning mode about the EPA/Obama economic suicide proposal, no other opinion is needed for the BBC, the eco loonies are excited and Richard Black is dazzled and reporting exactly what he is told to report.
    IF this is enacted it will lead to an explosion in ambulance chasing law suits against the ‘polluters’ the withch hunt will begin against the wealth creating section of society, the wealth consuming parasite section will revel in their new found power to bleed and persecute the wealth creators.
    We have front row seats to witness the demise and death of the leader of the free world folks, the political sickness affecting the USA is a tragedy, a slow motion car crash that only the unwilling passengers can see coming.
    Obama and his retarded plasic marxist revolutionaries are happily vandalising and poisoning their own nation for ideological reasons, Americans are quickly realising that Obama&co have an agenda that will send the USA from first world leader to second world failed state in one presidential term, a tragedy isnt it?


  21. Barry says:

    Some time ago I read a claim that two people running up a hill produced more CO2 than a well maintained car making the same journey.

    I can’t say whether it was accurate or not but I thought it was interesting. Unfortunately, the chances of hearing a similar analysis on the BBC are exactly zero.


  22. Tim says:

    The wheels are coming off the latest greenie jaunt to the arctic. With those fraudsters the great Catlin Clowns:

    and as for:

    well on local radio here in France, they are saying about 10,000 deaths throughout Europe due to the coldest winter in 20 years (yes we also have more snow this weekend – and I am only 60 miles from Nice) Sure, unforetunately the weak and ever increasing eldery population will always perish during cold winters or hot summers. But the heatwave of 2003 was never off the BBC…..


  23. Tim says:

    More Catlin Artic fraud discussion here and the observation that:

    “The BBC is participating in the fraud”



  24. Twizzle says:

    It’s official. The whole f’ing world has gone completely mad.

    Never did need those pesky green things that grow everywhere, did we?


  25. will2001 says:

    reBarry | 18.04.09 – 7:27 am
    Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car’

    Food production is now so energy-intensive that more carbon is emitted providing a person with enough calories to walk to the shops than a car would emit over the same distance. The climate could benefit if people avoided exercise, ate less and became couch potatoes. Provided, of course, they remembered to switch off the TV rather than leaving it on standby.



  26. Jack Bauer says:

    I’m a carbon-based lifeform… so screw you eco-loon!

    And thank God for CARBON DIOXIDE.

    This colorless, odorless gas (known as Dry Ice in its solid form) is essential for life on earth.

    That is why, of course, the vast abundance of this essential atmospheric gas (96%) is produced naturally by Mother Earth — or Gaia, as some ecoloons insist on calling her.

    Even though in itself, CO2 is an infinitesimal part per million of the atmosphere, is it vital for the growth of all plants and vegetation, and for sustaining life on earth for all species.

    Simply put, the more Carbon Dioxide, the lusher and healthier the vegetation.

    JACK: Thanks for all the great work CO2.

    CO2: You’re welcome Jack! My Pleasure!

    JACK: When’s Carbon Dioxide Day?

    CO2: Dunno Jack. But sounds like a great idea. Organize it.

    JACK: I will. I’m thinking January 19, James Watts birthday.

    CO2: Well alright then.


  27. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    A few points for David:

    First of all, whilst many scientists may be sceptical about CO2 and global warming, many also support the Co2 arguement and believe that man made CO2 is to blame. You didn’t mention that.

    Secondly, you say ”Obama regulates the banks, and now he wants to regulate the atmosphere. ”

    This isn’t really about bias is it? Its more about your dislike of Obama. Which is fair enough, thats your view. Just be careful not to confuse your own dislike for a politician with bias on the BBC. Holding a broadcaster to account and merely ranting are two very different things, you should keep that in mind when sputing wisdom.

    Plus, a lack of regulation in the banking sector worked really well these last few years didn’t it?


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:

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  29. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Fat Face Penguin Seal | Homepage | 18.04.09 – 3:54 pm |

    First of all, whilst many scientists may be sceptical about CO2 and global warming, many also support the Co2 arguement and believe that man made CO2 is to blame. You didn’t mention that.

    You’ve got that totally backwards, I’m afraid. The BBC is supposed to mention that the CO2 craze is based on junk science, as I commented above. Instead, they just promoted the other side. David Vance doesn’t have to mention that side of the argument, because it’s already being promoted. He’s bringing up the other aspects of the argument, which the BBC isn’t doing.

    Secondly, you say ”Obama regulates the banks, and now he wants to regulate the atmosphere. ”

    This isn’t really about bias is it? Its more about your dislike of Obama. Which is fair enough, thats your view. Just be careful not to confuse your own dislike for a politician with bias on the BBC. Holding a broadcaster to account and merely ranting are two very different things, you should keep that in mind when sputing wisdom.

    Plus, a lack of regulation in the banking sector worked really well these last few years didn’t it?

    It wasn’t the lack of regulation that was the problem. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sending the sub-prime mortgage debt boondoggle into overdrive had nothing to do with deregulation. That was all due to politics and bullying from one side. If those two organizations had been strangled three years ago like some people tried to do, the problem never would have gotten so bad in the US.

    As for not liking The Obamessiah, are you now saying that nobody can attempt to prove bias at the BBC if it concerns something on which they have an opinion? It sure seems like you’re the one confusing discussing bias and opinion.


  30. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    I’m afraid I disagree with you David Preiser, but to be honest (and don’t take this the wrong way) I’m not interested in debating with you – Mr Vance writes the blog, and it was his post I was referring to.


  31. piggy kosher says:

    Do you have an appointment?


  32. JohnA says:

    Mr Penguin

    Do you know about fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ?

    If so – what do you know ?


  33. Tim says:

    The BBC has been caught out telling fibs about the state of the arctic ice (again) and as for those clowns up there n the ice. They have invented a new word: “Catlin”

    The word “Catlin” is going to be a new entry in the Oxford/English Dictionary –

    catlin (cat-lin) verb
    to deceive, to delibralely fabricate, to de-fraud to public….


  34. hatethebias says:

    I was listening to “Science in action” on the World Service this am (I suffer from insomnia). What an incredibly biased programme!All about how science will “come back into it’s rightful place under the Obamessiah. Full of rubbish about the wonderful future of foetal stem cell research (when any progress made has been with ADULT stem cell research). All objections to it from crazy right wing fundamentalists (no mention of the non religious ethical objections or the scientific misgivings based on the uncontrollablity of growing foetal stem cells). Also the absolute truth of Man-made climate change (no mention of the well researched opposite argument), and the “fact” that American public opinion is coming around to their point of view (a lie – the reverse is true – see Rasmussen Reports April 17th). But above all, the absolute proof- positive of bias – the total absense of ANY view from the other side.

    BBC bias – makes you sick!


  35. JohnA says:


    I heard that programme earlier in the week on Radio 4. It was a total parody, one biased item after another.