Great to see that PM Brown is going to unveil the government’s revised strategy for the war in Afghanistan, following his visit to the country. He is expected to say Pakistan – which was also on his tour – must be part of a solution to Afghanistan’s problems. Wow – now who would have figured that? Brown is simply acting as a cipher for Obama here and yet when Blair did the same for Bush, he was castigated for it by the BBC. However the BBC desire to keep HMS Brown afloat at all costs means a blind eye is turned to yet another UTTERLY worthless Brown “initiative”

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  1. Ethan says:

    Since when has Brown saved anything. He’s spend now borrow and spend more then rob your neighbour to spend isn’t he?

    MP for all points east these days.


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    This subject is described by the Americans as “the Afpak problem”, which appeared to offend the reporter on Today this morning. He referred to it as “an unfortunate” turn of phrase, or words to that effect.

    Presumably he thought it was too close to “Paki”? Well, the name “Pakistan” also includes that word, so it’s a bit difficult to deal with anything from that corner of the world without some variant of the “P” word. What did he want the Americans to call it?


  3. Oscar says:

    It does show the utter lack of principle at the BBC, that the self same policy they slated when it was the Bush/Blair doctrine, is now lauded when it’s the Obama/Brown doctrine. The intellectual dishonesty is despicable. Everything they do is tribal, ad hominem politics at the BBC. Mind you mission Save Brown increasingly looks like mission impossible.


  4. GaryO says:

    Brown is not slated because to do so would indirectly involve slating Obama (PBUH)• and that must never happen at al-bbc.


  5. ipreferred says:

    You could -almost- read that post as a compliment to Obama. Aaaaaalmost..


  6. knacker says:

    Yes, Brown is doing the full poodle, which will convince few outside the BBC’s redoubts, and probably not even those within who’ve retained a sense of shame. Your PM was described a couple of days ago (can’t find the link) as looking more and more like a smacked bottom. Quite.

    This story about ‘Whitehall’s Dark Side’ in today’s WSJ is worth reading, since it will certainly shape American views of Brown’s role in Green/McBride and beyond:

    … while enhancing Britain’s reputation as a festering shitpile.

    Again, you won’t be hearing any critical American view from the all-seeing Frei/Webb thing, whose eye remains, as ever, glued to the wrong end of the telescope.

    FTA: ‘Evidently the Home Office didn’t need Mr. McBride to do its press briefings.’

    Of course not, not when they’ve got the BBC.


  7. Oscar says:

    Knacker – very interesting article. Now why can’t the BBC bring themselves to produce this kind of reputable and necessary journalism?


  8. Grant says:

    Totally off topic, but I am not very “techie” and wonder if someone would be kind enough to tell me how to access “archive” on this site ?


  9. George R says:

    And what about the simultaneous Islamization of Europe which the E.U., and UK Labour government continue to politically engineer (with BBC approval), through tacit mass immigration and overt campaigning for the 75 million Muslim Turks’ entry into E.U.


    Geert Wilders –

    “The take-over of Europe is part of the global fight of Islam for world domination”


  10. TPO says:

    The BBC have now joined Bonkers Brown in the Downing Street bunker. Any story will do to deflect the mounting outrage at this buffoons continuing in office.
    The Downing Street petition calling the lunatic to resign is will become the most popular on the site in the next few minutes.
    Just about every news outlet is covering it with one glaring exception, that being the BBC.
    Look at guido’s site.
    Only 373 days to go to a new government.
    The writing may be on the wall for the BBC. The other day Cameron did not return Byford’s calls and the Tory media guy said that the Tories were in favour of the licence fee “in principle”.


  11. TPO says:

    PS. I must proof read before I post.

    The Downing Street petition calling on the lunatic to resign will become the most popular on the site in the next few minutes.


  12. Grant says:

    GeorgeR 2:52
    Thanks for that link. What an excellent speech.
    That the lousy UK government banned this man from entering Britain makes me ashamed to be British, but so many things do these days, especially the BBC !


  13. Gavin Barass says:

    David Vance – I would have thought you supported the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban/Al Qeada? What exactly is your complaint here?

    Yes the initiative may be words, they all give us these statements of dross, but Brown clearly supports stronger action in Afghan/Pakistan. As does Obama? Again what is your complaint? If Brown/Obama were withdrawing from Afghanistan I’d imagine you’d be up in arms then too wouldnt you? So what would make you happy? It seems to me like you are criticising for the sake of it. There seems to be little genuine substance behind your complaint.


  14. Gavin Barass says:

    Oscar – the BBC never laughed/mocked/spoke against Bush or Blairs war in Afghanistan. You may be confusing that with Iraq.


  15. Ephraim says:

    Thank you George R.

    Everyone should read Geert Wilders’s address.


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    No, I think the BBC has form criticizing Bush’s approach in Afghanistan.


  17. Cockney says:

    What exactly is the “revised” part of that strategy?


  18. TPO says:

    The only initiatives that count in Afghanistan are US initiatives. Everything else is froth, especially from an odious individual who has systematically starved UK defences for the past 12 years.
    The BBC are desperately ramping Brown to give him a figment of credibility.

    By the way. Still not being reported on the BBC the “Resign” petition on the Downing Street website has become Number One in the five short days that it has been up.

    BBC: What poll?


  19. hippiepooter says:

    I think you make an entirely valid point about contrasting the BBC’s coverage of Blair supporting Bush with Brown supporting Obama, however the overall tone of the Contribution is likely to alienate sincere democrats on the Left who oppose BBC bias. They are likely to see this as primarily a Tory site rather than a ‘pro-democracy’ site.


  20. bert socks says:

    BBC: What poll?
    TPO | 29.04.09 – 4:36 pm | #

    I feel somewhat “cleaner” having added my insignificant scrawl to this somewhat noble request.

    Thanks for the opportunity TPO.



  21. TPO says:

    bert socks | 29.04.09 – 5:06 pm |

    I’m in the first 1000. I emailed it to all my friends (all one of them) and to all my relatives.
    Perhaps you might like to do the same.


  22. Martin says:

    classic on BBC News 24. Emily Maitlis trying to defend the fat one eyed Scottish liar said to tory liam Fox that “in these difficult times don’t we need to control immigration?”

    Ah British jobs for British workers Emily. Funny that that is the first time I’ve EVER heard a beeboid suggest we should be cutting back on immigration.

    I’m with Emily there. So lets do the following.

    1. Kick out all the illegals right now

    2. Empty the jails of the Muslim scum that inhabits many of them.

    3. Stop all immigration from outside of the EU and restrict EU immigration in the same way France and Germany did.

    You know I have a funny feeling Ms Maitlis wouldn’t be happy with that. Perhaps it’s just letting thousands of people into the UK who clearly wouldn’t be natural Liebour voters that is the problem?


  23. TPO says:

    Emily Maitlis trying to defend the fat one eyed Scottish liar said to tory liam Fox that “in these difficult times don’t we need to control immigration?”
    Martin | 29.04.09 – 6:13 pm |

    It’s not so long ago when the slapper Maitlis was fronting the BBC’s 6 pm London News.
    Sir Andrew Green from Migration Watch was being interviewed.
    He was introduced by the slapper as Andrew Green of the far-right Migration Watch. She spent the next 4 minutes hissing and spitting at him. I can’t recall how often she got “racism” in but it must have been half a dozen times.


  24. TPO says:

    On the BBC we’ve got Gordon saving Afghanistan, Gordon saving the world from swine fever, Gordon saving the world economy, Gordon cracking down on immigration (stop those naughty Gurkhas), Gordon getting on with the job and coming soon, Gordon saves planet earth from alien invasion.

    Meanwhile actually on planet earth, a more reputable news outlet, Sky, are running a more down to earth appraisal of Gordon:
    Snubbed Abroad, Humiliated At Home


  25. Anonymous says:

    TPO: It’s a joke isn’t it? Just like the fat one eyed snot eating twat spouted on about “British jobs for British workers” the BBC spun that for Brown. Yet if a Tory had said that, we’d never hear the end of it.

    Emily Maitlis is a joke. Another woman over promoted on the basis of her hem length not her ability. She was the dopey bitch that had a go about Sarah Palin wanting to be VP of the USA when she had young children to care for.

    This is Emily Maitlis who has clearly abandoned her OWN young children to ponce off halfway across the world to report on the US elections.


  26. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    In exactly as Sinn Fein and the IRA, being one and the same, are referred to as ‘Sinn Fein/IRA’, should we not be referring to the BBC and Labour as BBC/Labour? There is no doubt that the BBC is Labour’s propaganda arm so why not simply acknowledge what they and we know to be true.


  27. Martin says:

    Allan@Aberdeen: Not a bad idea that.


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:


    I second that. You could start labeling the Beeboids like they do politicians: Andrew Marr, Labour MBBC for White City, for example.


  29. TPO says:

    Anonymous | 29.04.09 – 7:11 pm |

    No joke. It was one of the most hostile “interviews” I have ever seen.

    Bearing in mind of course that the BBC don’t ‘do’ interviews, they do agendas.


  30. Oscar says:

    Gavin Barass – this is misleading. You just can’t make such a clearcut distinciton between Iraq and Afghanistan. The Blair/Bush policy was to put terror in the context of a global threat that had to be tackled at source to prevent contamination in the West. The BBC continually denounced this perspective. But now Obama and Brown are using the self same perspective. I can assure you if Blair and Bush had sounded off about Pakistan being “the crucible of terrorism” and “the chain of terror” no end of experts from Chatham House would have been wheeled out to explain the error of their ways. Obama and Brown get no such treatment. The BBC has no principles – they just do the bidding of their press office at No.10. I concede that as Brown’s fortunes decline precipitously there is a new note of detachment about Brown in place of fervour. But nevertheless the BBC are still covering up for our Dear Leader. And of course Obama is beyond reproach.


  31. TPO says:

    Allan@Aberdeen | 29.04.09 – 7:52 pm |

    I’ve been referring to them as Labour/BBC for donkeys.
    Credit where it’s due, although I’m willing to share it around.


  32. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    TPO – just great minds thinking alike, like Newton and Leibnitz! Nonetheless, the BBC’s defence of Brown using licence payers money cannot be condemned as failure until Brown is gone. The BBC has managed to swing reflex opinion against Israel so it might yet work wonders for its boss.


  33. Jon says:

    Ephraim | 29.04.09 – 4:08 pm |


  34. George R says:

    At last: BBC catches up with ‘Telegraph’:

    “French Jewish murder trial opens”


  35. Martin says:

    Allan@Aberdeen: Not this time. With unemployment going to hit 3 million ‘officially’ by the time of the next election and hundreds of thousands still in negative equity AND probably interest rates heading skywards no amount of crap pumped out by the likes of toenails Robinson, Marr, Maitlis and so on will make any difference.


  36. George R says:

    The BBC, under this Labour government, uses British taxpayers’ money to subsidise the growth of the dhimmi BBC’s Islamic and Arabic broadcasting empire-


    “BBC: BBC Arabic partnership with MSN Arabia goes live”


    “Hosam El Sokkari, Head of BBC Arabic Network, says: ‘ has pioneered the provision of Arabic news and information on the net, and we’re proud to extend our services to major portals in the region. The launch of our 24/7 BBC Arabic television channel and streamed content on our website has given Arabic-speaking audiences across the globe the opportunity to get BBC content wherever they are.”


  37. Philip says:

    Broon has Barry Hussein’s hand up right up his a*se on this ‘Pak/Afghan’ strategy, (they even used the same phraseology!) – which seems to involve giving the Pakistani government $1 billion.

    Seems Taqiyya and double-dealing pays – big.


  38. George R says:

    Contrasting headlines on same trial:

    1.) BBC:

    “Trio cleared over 7/7 attacks”


    2.) ‘Times’:

    “Jihadists from Leeds sentenced to seven years for planned terror trips”


  39. DP111 says:

    Why is it in our interest that we save Afghanistan and Pakistan from what is natural to an Islamic country – the imposition of sharia?

    We cannot stop them being Islamic. The only thing in our power to do is to continue spending large amounts of our hard earned cash to facillitate, and make bearable a sharia nation. This is to make the population just contended enough not to up stakes and come to the UK, and start the sharia process here. I suppose this is the rationale for the statement that making Afghanistan and Pakistan safe, also means increasing our own safety.


  40. David Preiser (USA) says:

    DP111 | 30.04.09 – 1:50 am |

    Last time we let Afghanistan go totally caveman, they let Bin Laden and his buddies set up camp to train mass murderers who killed 30 people from my street. Plus a bunch of other people, apparently.

    Then there’s the issue of your 7/7 mass murderers and their buddies who spent time under the caveman-Islamic spell in Pakistan.

    So, IMHO, not a good idea.


  41. JohnA says:

    One more terrorist outrage in India and the Indian Army might go into the rats nest to sort the Taliban thugs out.

    Why does the BBC never refer to the many video clips on the web showing Taliban blunt-knife decapitations and murders ?

    With the Ghurkha element of the Indian Army at the sharp end.


  42. George R says:

    This report is about Turkey, so it’s politically natural for the BBC to report this on its ‘Europe’ newsweb pages:

    “Turkey blast kills nine soldiers”

    Of course, Labour’s G.Brown/D.Miliband are campaigning vigorously for the early entry of Turkey’s 75 million Muslims (inc. Kurds) into the E.U., an eventuality which will enable this conflict to be extended to the streets of, e.g. Germany and Britain.


  43. knacker says:

    if Blair and Bush had sounded off about Pakistan being “the crucible of terrorism” and “the chain of terror” no end of experts from Chatham House would have been wheeled out to explain the error…
    Any BBC apologist care to have a go at that one? Yes, the earth could be flat, too.

    new note of detachment.
    Brown is toast and the BBC know it. Time to flee the leaky old boat, save the agenda and, like good rats everywhere, look for a new ship with comfy benefits and a generous pension plan funded with your money.

    Not his time. They won’t get away.


  44. DP111 says:

    David Pressler

    Exactly right too. It is allowing millions of Muslims to settle in the West that is causing the security services hedaches. Stop that, and a bit more, then we wont have to do the impossible – namely, try and make an Islamic country behave in a non-Islamic manner.


  45. Grant says:

    GeorgeR 11:00
    Well spotted.
    5 men charged, 2 convicted, 3 acquitted and the BBC headline the acquittals.
    Classic BBC bias. They really are the pits.


  46. Grant says:

    GeorgeR 8:34
    And , of course, the BBC always refer to Kurdish “rebels” or “separatists”, never terrorists.
    Of course, it is a difficult one for the Beeboids twisted little minds to report.
    On the one hand the BBC supports Turkish entry to the EU, on the other hand the BBC is sympathetic to the PKK terrorists.


  47. Grant says:

    PS to my last post.
    The BBC report uses the phrase “military sources blamed Kurdish rebels”.
    The word the miliatry would use is “tedhisci” , terrorist. They would never use the word “asi”, rebel, about the PKK.
    So either something was lost in translation or the BBC altered it to fit their own agenda.
    Apologies to Turkish readers, this keyboard does not have Turkish script.


  48. George R says:

    Of no interest to BBC, and its political agenda:

    ‘Daily Mail’:

    “The Muslim cleric who blames British mosques for the 7/7 bombings, says multiculturalism is a disaster and would throw Islamic fanatics out”

    (by Richard Pendlebury).


    “‘I will give £5 to anyone in Britain who wants to live under Sharia law,’ he declares. ‘It will help pay for their ticket to Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, or wherever it is customary to live under Sharia law.
    ‘Please, please go and leave us alone. This is Britain, not 10th century Arabia!’
    We are indeed sitting in a bar, on a busy main road in Oxford.”

    The BBC’s D.G., Mark Thompson lives in Oxford, and admitted, in 2008, to the BBC’s weak attitude towards Islam:

    “BBC’s chieh Mark Thompson warns of ‘over-cautious’ Islam coverage”

    Mr. Thompson should get out and about more in his own city.