Interesting report here from the BBC. It informs us that seven charity workers, six of them women, have been shot dead in north-west Pakistan. Clearly a terrible act of savagery but who could have been responsible? Well, no one is quite sure….but the BBC helpfully ads…

 “No group has claimed responsibility for the attack although militants in the conservative Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province oppose female education and have attacked female students and their schools.”

“Militants”…..”conservatives”…..mmmmm. Hang on, do you think the BBC is trying to tell us that these killings were carried out by Islamic Taliban terrorists do you think? After all, they rather dominate in this region….


Listening to Today is like tuning in to extra-terrestial communications – it’s hard to understand what it is you are listening to. I’m sure you will all have heard of the brutal murder of British aid worker Khalil Dale, decapitated by the Taliban in Pakistan. This morning, John Humphrys prime time item  8.10am was about “whether the Taliban were out of control”. Huh? The Taliban have never been “in control”. They slaughter opportunistically, show no regard for the sanctity of human life, murder OUR soldiers with enthusiasm, and Humprys ponders if they are now “out of control”? This, of course, is linked to the BBC support for the idea put forward by Obama and those wise old coves in the F.O. that it is vital that we talk to the Taliban about how we can bring them into the Afghanistan Government. Appeasers then act surprised when the crocodile they seek to feed turns around and bites them. I contend that the BBC believes it is right to engage with the Taliban and so it is genuinely surprised when these dark ages primitives do what they have always done – murder with impunity. The BBC shows little interest in exploring or even discussing the savagery that drives the Taliban –  perhaps the proximity to Islam is discomforting for the BBC comrades.


A Biased BBC readers advises;

On Tuesday’s 6o’clock news on R4 there was a report about a religious school in Pakistanwhich had been brutalising its young pupils. Orla Guerin solemnlyintoned a list of atrocities that had been uncovered at this ‘religious’school, but neglected to go into more detail as to the particular religioninvolved. “What could it be?” I wondered. It wasn’t until very nearthe end that a mention of “Jihad” gave me the answer I was after.One has to question whether the BBC would have identified the brand of religionat the start of the item if, for example, it had been a Catholic school?

Mark Mardell’s Crisis of Faith Continues

BBC North America editor Mark Mardell is in a dark place these days. After his beloved Obamessiah turned out to be a cold-blooded assassin, he doesn’t know which way to turn. He’s tried blaming ugly United Statesians for forcing the President to kill because it plays well at home, refusing to call out the President Himself. Mardell never made much of a fuss about the fact that the current President has sent unmanned drones to kill far more people in Pakistan than the previous White House occupant did, so it’s not surprising that this particular targeted assassination has shaken his faith so badly. To their credit, the BBC has reported this elsewhere, but it’s remarkable that Mardell doesn’t seem to make the connection.

In his latest post, Mardell misrepresents reality to sing His praises for one last time.

From the very start of his presidency, Mr Obama’s administration has made it clear there is no such thing as an Afghan strategy. First it was an Af-Pak strategy. Then it became Pak-Af. Whatever you call it, there is an acknowledgement that Pakistan may be the more important country in the fight against al-Qaeda. Everyone in the know believes some members of the government and particularly the intelligence service are hand-in-glove with the jihadists and must have known what Bin Laden was up to.

This implies that Bush’s focus on Afghanistan was wrong and that he somehow neglected Pakistan. In fact, the only reason Al Qaeda had such a presence in Pakistan was because they had been largely forced out of Afghanistan by Coalition forces during the last several years of fighting. Even the BBC has admitted that in the past. Yet Mardell wants you to think that only The Obamessiah understood that Pakistan was a problem. Why would Bush have been sending drone attacks into the tribal areas if he didn’t also have an Af-Pak strategy of some kind?

In any case, Mardell’s crisis of faith continues. In fact, it’s getting so bad now that I think I’m nearly ready to stop with this “Obamessiah” business because I think Mardell and his colleagues are nearly done with their blind worship of Him. Mardell himself reveals why.

After talking about the problem of squaring the huge amount of cash and support we give to Pakistan with the fact that there’s clearly a major faction (at least) there who are in league with the enemy, he says this:

While this debate will go on, the Mr Obama doesn’t have to worry about some of the concerns expressed in the rest of the world about the legality or morality of killing Bin Laden. It has hardly been raised by anyone here in the US, and the president has said that anyone who questions taking the al-Qaeda leader out “needs their heads examined”.

Mardell questioned it and denegrated the US public over it in his last post, so this means that the President is actually saying that he, too, needs his head examined. The BBC North America editor must be questioning his faith now. What to do? We’ll see how he handles it.


Remarkable interview here on Today on the topic of “Little Birmingham” in Pakistan and the killing of two British couple over an “arranged marriage”. Humphyrs is outraged at the killing but openly expresses approval \at the idea of at least some arranged marriages. Labour MP Khalid Mahmoud is on hand to sanitise the entire arranged marriage issue. Why can the BBC not ask why it is that Islam practises such barbarity? Why do “British” families marry their children off in Pakistan?


BBC news coverage of the Pakistani floods is saturating (!) the airwaves but I think even the BBC interviewer was surprised during this interview with a Bradford lady Anjum Tahirkheli who has set up a charity that involves sending cash to Pakistan to buy food from Pakistan that then goes to beleaguered Pakistanis, The question was posed if the food was already available in Pakistan why did it need money to go from the UK to have it distributed within Pakistan – a very poor answer was given and no follow up question was forthcoming.  Best not to delve too deep….


For almost a week now, the BBC has been flogging the dead horse of the “tensions” caused by Cameron’s straight-talking concerning elements within the Pakistani establishment being sympathetic to terrorism. I am sorry if I am being repetitive on it but it is amazing to turn on the radio or TV each day and see the BBC coat-trail this non-story as if it were a matter of great global concern. This morning we are even treated to some Beeboid speculating as to why Zardari did not stay overnight at Chequers “Most unusual” – we were breathlessly informed on Today. Meanwhile the big BBC other Pakistan story de jour is how helpful an Islamic terrorist network is proving when it comes to providing “humanitarian relief” to those afflicted by the floods. Pakistan has now dominated British news for almost a week – a remarkable achievement for the BBC.


The BBC media coverage has been dominated by Pakistan this morning. Whether it is floods in Pakistan or Pakistan offence at comments made by David Cameron, the BBC is there to faithfully record Pakistan opinion. On Today this morning, there was a virtually incomprehensible interview with the Pakistan Information Minister – give it a listen. It seems to me the BBC love the idea that Cameron has offended Pakistan (for speaking the truth, as it happens) and so they are now wide open and welcoming of any Pakistani criticisms of the hated Coalition.


I am sure that all decent people will be pleased to know that the little kidnapped British boy, Sahil Saeed, has been released from captivity from where he was being held prisoner in Pakistan.Is it just me or has the BBC coverage of this story – led by the fragrant Orla Guerin – been MASSIVELY  over the top all day? Thoughts?


Oh no – looks like those bad Americans have “killed dozens” in north-west Pakistan. Any bets it is another wedding party? Love the way the BBC leaves the nature of the “dozens” allegedly killed vague in the headline. I suppose “killed dozens of our enemies” would be too judgemental?
God forbid the US has taken out dozens of Jihadi vermin before they could try and kill our soldiers…