Hey – proper Conservative Nadine Dorries on tonight – Martin, are you ready? Mind you we will also have to endure the pompous little SNP fishwife Nicola Sturgeon (again) and wee Davey Steele, not to mention pseudo-Conservative Bruce Anderson. Should be a hoot!

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23 Responses to QUESTION TIME LIVE!!!

  1. David Mosque says:

    Nadine- Tory tottie and Hatters supporter, perfect combination. Oh – and she’s angrily anti abortion too – my perfect woman!


  2. Llew says:

    I usually keep an eye on the teletext comments during QT.

    Because they have 2 Tory/right-wingers on the panel tonight for the first time in many months, I can almost guarantee that a comment will be shown saying something like “the panel is very pro-Tory tonight, how come, it’s very unfair”


  3. invisible says:

    i wonder what pocket Mr Steele will be popping out of?


  4. Jason says:

    Which one is Nicola Sturgeon? Is it the one with the Susan Boyle eyebrows?


  5. Martin says:

    Sturgeon is the one with the feminist ‘helmet hair’ so popular with the deep voiced harridens of the left.

    As for Nadine, I’d like a threesome with her and Sarah plain please !


  6. Martin says:

    I see Guido is reporting that the Telegraph has the full MP expenses disk. Oh my!

    But I’m betting that the Telegraph won’t split on McSnot.


  7. adam says:

    its Scotland. they can afford token balance


  8. invisible says:

    ITN are reporting on the expenses leak now as well..
    oh boy – this is going to be HUGE…


  9. Grimer says:

    Telegraph has full uncensored expenses claims for MPs!

    I’m still chuckling at the thought! This is going to be awesome over the next few weeks as they drip feed the information and force resignations.


  10. Grimer says:

    Oops, Martin beat me to it.


  11. Martin says:

    Watch Sky News. Going big. Dyke face Harperosn is trying ot defend it. Gordon Brown paying his brother to clean his flat!!!!!


    Hang the fucking lot!!!!


  12. invisible says:

    this wont reflect well on the entire political class – cameron is also damaged by this.

    expect record low turnout at the next general election.

    my guess – below 50 per cent.

    to be honest with you, if the army turned up and took over, nobody would bat a eyelid.


  13. Gigits says:

    The expenses story is breaking news everywhere except the BBC website.

    Mmmmmm, I wonder why?


  14. dave s says:

    The entire Scottish electorate, judging by the audience, appears to be what I call leftwing. Hard work to put any opposing view to them at all. I suppose they are happy now their useless banks are supported by the English taxpayers. They seem to know no other way of life but to live off the state. What ever happened to the sturdy independent image they like to present to the world? Life dependent on the state. What a comedown for a proud people. The sooner Scotland is independent the better. Oh and they can have HBOS and RBS back any time


  15. loathingnewlabour says:

    Yep! BBC/New Labour is there really any difference at all?


  16. Llew says:

    Wow, they made no attempt to balance either the panel or the audience last night.


  17. Grant says:

    Invisible 10:29
    Unfortunately, the Armed Services have been corrupted by this scum Government as well. That is our last hope gone.


  18. CrazyDaisy says:

    Grant – No we’re not, I hate Labour with a passion, the sad thing is I can’t breach the Official Secrets Act.

    Invisible – What makes you think the Army are flippin organised enough to undertake a Coup? What I’ve seen in the last 2 months makes my laugh because I’d cry at the ineptitude at higher levels if I didn’t.

    Oh and I don;t pay the TV Tax haven’t for 23 years – feck em!

    Crazy D


  19. CrazyDaisy says:

    Dave S,

    Typical little Englander comment complete uninformed and deliberately spun to insult those of us who actually care. We pay tax too more per capita head than south of the border. We may have dole scum but that’s a reult of Labour in power here for 50 years, you have it too you small minded bigot! Tell you what give us our Independence and let’s both go our seperate ways – you’ll be happy I’ll be happy, tw@t.



  20. Grant says:

    CrazyDaisy 10:03
    Well I am relieved to hear that. Please roll your tanks up Downing Street, you’ll be surprised how much support you get !
    I was actually thinking of some senior officers.
    If you have ever seen the “Army Presentation Team” at work , it is pure New Labour spin, disgraceful.
    But, I am sure the great majority of you are doing a great job and are as appalled as me at some current events.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Surprised to see two memebers of the audience argue that the national DNA database should be compulsory. The BBC’s right-wing bias must end!


  22. alison says:

    Ah Nadine. The stupidest woman in oplitics. So NOT a conservative. She should sod off to a mosque or an abbey, don black and fully embrace the kind of meddling curtain twitching nanny state woman she is.


  23. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Jealousy isn’t pretty, Alison