I read the BBC coverage of Druid Williams and Sentamu urging people NOT to vote for the BNP. This is presented as a moral intervention in national politics but I wondered why the BBC’s highly paid theological correspondents have not enquired why the holy duo did not take similar action to stop people voting for the pro-Jihad Respect Party or the pro-IRA Sinn Fein Party? Could it be that this thin veneer of theological bubble is being applied to cover up what is a naked political and establishment driven intervention in the European election? Why is the BNP uniquely targeted by the Anglican Church and why does the BBC not open up this debate more broadly to ensure ALL odious groups are examined under the gaze of a moral/theological microscope? In my book, the BNP is going to gain as fools like Williams bleat to no avail. I do not agree with that the BNP say, but I support their right to say it. Evidently our Church leaders feel differently but the reasoning behind their pious comments is never examined.

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  1. George R says:

    Where is the BBC’s interest in this?:

    “Black Anti-Semites Recruited to Islam”
    (by David Horovitz, frontpagemagazine.com)

    “My friend Phyllis Chesler has written a column about the recruitment of black anti-Semites in prison. The Black Muslim movement in America was racist and anti-Semitic in its origins and in no small measure began the re-legitimizing of Jew hatred in the American mainstream after it had been driven under a rock in the post-WW II era. Because blacks were victims they could (and still can) get away with hate speech that others could not. Now Muslims have made a remarkably successful bid for the same kind of racist privilege. Where are the Muslims condemning the plot to blow up the Jews in New York? Here’s a Daniel Pipes blog” [link on original] “on the history of Muslim violence against Jews since the jihad began in earnest. Where are Muslim leaders specifically condemning violence against Jews in the name of Islam, or violence in the name of Islam?”
    (David Horowitz.)


  2. Not a sheep says:

    It’s the BBC and on the BBC only whites can be racist and there is nobody as racist as a Jew.


  3. Martin says:

    I thought the media were meant to be balanced at the moment as we are in an election persiod? I still can’t work out how James Whale could be sacked for saying vote Boris for Mayor yet the BBC can spout all sorts of one sided crap and get away with it?


  4. Liam says:

    i have had the BBC news in the background for a good two hours or so, and have noticed that this story is covered rather than explored.

    Were the news presenters better journalists they would have then asked about other parties the religious leaders were uncomfortble with.


  5. Anonymous says:

    i think the archbishops’ challenge and guidance on voting bnp is right. howver the lack of sensitivy and balance in failing to raise the question of Sinn Fein is deplorable and quite unchristian. the inclusion of murderers and torturers in a uk government should be challenged openly by christian leaders, not least rc ones.


  6. Jack Bauer says:

    Being trapped in a car with a BBC listener yesterday, I was forced to hear the Archfool of Canterbury lecture on how we must drop this “destructive” ccriticism of Expensegate.

    Appareently it is damaging democracy to have a cynical view of politicians.

    Get that serfs and subjects — SHUT UP and let your betters go about ruining your life with a never-ending deluge of tyranny to control you and your life.

    God help us. I wonder if the old fool believes in God.


  7. Sutekh says:

    Like it or not (and I don’t) the BNP are a legitimate poltical party. As big a bunch of scumbags in their own way as Respect, but this is never mentioned by the Beeb and it’s minions. I wonder what the overlap between Beeboid and Respect membership is? Considering Respect seem to suck in ragtag stragglers from all types of indfineably left wing gangs, I’d say there’s a good chance there is some overlap.

    Another good Costello reference there btw, Mr. Vance…


  8. Lee Moore says:

    Meanwhile, when the Church of England advises people not to vote for parties sowing division and racism (ie don’t vote BNP) from whom does BBC TV seek an interview to comment upon this development ? A churchman ? A spokesman for the BNP ? No. The spokesman for the “British Humanist Association” one P. Toynbee (what her again ?- Ed) who gets about five uninterrupted minutes to bang on about how we should not have bishops in the House of Lords. What has this to do with the C of E’s views on the BNP ? Nothing at all.


  9. GCooper says:

    I strongly suspect that damage done will be to the CofE and the BBC, not the BNP.

    People are genuinely furious with the big three parties and many are sick to death of having the ‘joys’ of uncontrolled immigration and multi-culturalism rammed down their throats.

    Anyone who sides with the contrary view – particularly if they infirnge on our sense of fair play – will both drive people into the BNP’s arms and damage their own reputation.


  10. George R says:

    BBC shows same political tactics and bias against Austrian Freedom Party’s anti-Islamization of EU campaign:

    BBC report, ‘Europe’ page:

    “Far right riles Austrian Church”

    This BBC report suggests the campaign is anti-jewish, but when American journalist, Diana West, who happens to be Jewish, visited Austria 9 months ago, she approved the Austrian Freedom Party’s anti-Islamization campaign in her article:

    “We are losing Europe to Islam.”


  11. Thud says:

    I’m not too keen on the ‘right to say it’bollocks….the BNP eco socialists are enemies of democracy no matter how they hide it.


  12. Craig says:

    Credit where credit is due, Jon Sopel on the 'Politics Show' put several good points to the Bishop of Birmingham about the BNP (points that have been made by many people on this site).

    Sopel did well today. His interviews with Nick Clegg and Alistair Darling were rigorous, to say the least. Shame about the quacking duck at the start of the programme.

    Andrew Marr & co, take note!


  13. cassandra says:

    If these silly men in dresses want to get involved in the political arena why dont they stand for election?
    Ooooh yes thats right, bbecause they would lose their deposits!

    Our reformation stripped a vile bigoted, ignorant, hate filled church of its political powers a few hundred years ago and doing this led to an eplosion in prosperity, enlightenment and freedom.

    These handwring snivveling cowards would be better employed making a stand for Anglicans who are being murdered and persecuted for their faith, these people have the sheer brass balls to ponificate about who we can or cannot vote for while they creep and crawl like dogs to the ‘religion of peace(s)’ and their own overseas flock cry out for help while these well fed parasites bleat.

    I am sorry, I aint got words to describe my hatred for these……!


  14. cassandra says:

    Appologies for the spelling errors above, I got quite worked up!


  15. d says:

    However bad the BNP may be , could they be any worse than the present bunch? The BBC is clutching at straws , meddling with what is left of our democracy when it should keep it’s mouth shut as other broadcasters are bound by law to do. James Whale was sacked from Talk Sport not because of what he said about Boris Johnson( that was the excuse) he had been very outspoken about the labour government and had ruffled some high ranking feathers..


  16. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    George R
    12:52 PM, May 24, 2009

    It is still the case that, 60 odd years after WW2, Austrian synagogues are guarded by armed policemen. The Jewish quarter in Vienna is choka with machine gun toting coppers too. There aren’t many countries in Europe where you will find the same level of protection.

    And it is not because they fear attacks from muslims (although no doubt they occur) it is to protect the Jewish population from the rather sizable population of Austrian racists.

    Maybe the BBC are confusing two sides of the same bigotry coin?


  17. Achtung Surrender! says:

    The Cattle Prod of Destiny



  18. Millie Tant says:

    Sopel did well today. His interviews with Nick Clegg and Alistair Darling were rigorous, to say the least. Shame about the quacking duck at the start of the programme.

    Andrew Marr & co, take note!

    2:44 PM, May 24, 2009
    Did well? Not really: he failed to ask Alistair Darling how he and others who milked the expenses scam (and one who even claimed for a non-existent cost) could continue in frontbench jobs, but DID ask it about the vengeful Prime Minister's chosen target, the sitting duck, Hazel Blears – and kept hammering away at the question like a hungry little terrier.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Amazing – a Sharia Law proselytising theocrat who sits in the unelected House of Lords, says don’t exercise your democratic right and choose the BNP…


  20. Craig says:

    Millie Tant,

    That’s true. I was so surprised at Sopel having a go at Nick Clegg, and not being beastly to the BNP, that I missed the pro-Brown bias.
    Put it down to sun-stroke.


  21. Millie Tant says:

    Heh heh. You can’t afford to blink when you are watching the B’oidy ones or you will have missed yet another layer of bias.


  22. Millie Tant says:

    “Comics” is right – such a comical looking pair. Not sure if God would claim them, though.

    Not the least odd thing about this odd episode is the strangeness of having TWO bishopy folk issuing this instruction to the electorate. (Oops…I nearly typed “electronate” there by mistake. Could be Freudian in some way, I suppose.)

    I thought His Weirdy Beardiness, ol’ Fuzzy Wuzzy himself (fuzzy in thought and language as well as head and visage) was the one in charge and the spokesman for the whole shower of bishops. So how come he doesn’t issue forth on his own, on behalf of all the bishy ones? What is that other eager beaver doing getting his mug in the picture? I know he loves the limelight but can’t the one from Canterbury speak on his own? Has he not got sufficient authority by himself? It’s weird.

    Is there any precedent for this type of joint announcement which we read was issued on behalf of the 100 bishops in the House of Bishops? Is it a new marketing gimmick, perhaps, a buy-one-get- one-free inducement? ( I wouldn’t buy either of them, even at a penny a throw!)


  23. John Horne Tooke says:

    So the Church of England tell people not to vote for the BNP – fair enough. But which party has done more harm to Christianity in Britain?

    Certainly not the BNP – the CofE know who, but are they also saying “Don’t vote Labour”?

    “The policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have helped to generate a spiritual, civic and economic crisis in Britain, according to an important Church of England report.

    Labour is failing society and lacks the vision to restore a sense of British identity, the report says in the Church’s strongest attack on the Government for decades. It accuses the Government of “deep religious illiteracy” and of having “no convincing moral direction”.


  24. George R says:

    The Cattle Prod of History 4:54 pm.

    There is the danger of falling into the same propagandist trap as the BBC in criticising the Austrian Freedom Party of anti-semitism by inference rather than by evidence.

    If someone, or some political party, campaigns against mass immigration, or the Islamization of Europe, this doesn’t, as the BBC propagandises, ipso facto, amoiunt to anti-semitism.

    And the BBC is inclined to ignore the anti-semitism involved in aspects of Islam.


  25. Gerald Brown says:

    Listening to Sunday this morning the Bishop who was interviewed commented on the BNP policy marginalising minorities, which may be true, but he also said that it harmed social cohesion. How I longed for the presenter to ask the obvious question as to what large scale immigration, particularly of “non-christians”, did to existing social cohesion in the areas that they settle in. The Bishop would seemingly being well qualified to answer as he had served in Burnley at some time in his career, before moving on as quickly as he probably could. I also long for the question, “What is the churches view of immigration – should it be welcome everyone or does the “church” recommend managed immigration to reduce social cohesion problems?, to be asked of “our” church leaders who only ever seem to deal in terms of those already here.


  26. George R says:

    Re: Austria, religion and politics-

    I trust that not even the BBC will try to blame any ‘right-wing political party’ for this:

    BBC report: (‘Europe’ pages) –

    “Vienna temple fight injures 16”.


  27. David Preiser says:

    Achtung Surrender! @ 6:38 PM, May 24, 2009

    Here’s one source.

    The City Temple is still very much a focal point of Jewish life in Vienna today. Visitors should note that because of the ongoing situation in the Middle-East, security in and around the Synagogue is heavy and passports are required as part of the entry procedures. Discount entry with a Vienna Card (with free guided tour if entry to the Jewish Museum purchased).

    Too Jewish to be trusted? Here’s another source.

    Today the synagogue is guarded by policemen around the clock, but is open to visitors upon presentation of IDThis photo of the little modern orthodox synagogue in Baden doesn’t show any armed cops, only a fence and security cameras. But that’s unsurprising because Baden is such a crime-infested place, right?


  28. Achtung Surrender! says:

    David Preiser

    1st aource
    “Visitors should note that because of the ongoing situation in the Middle-East, security in and around the Synagogue is heavy and passports are required as part of the entry procedures.”

    Middle-Eastern neo nazis?

    2nd source

    Cattle Prod said “And it is not because they fear attacks from muslims (although no doubt they occur) it is to protect the Jewish population from the rather sizable population of Austrian racists.”

    Both sources suggest the threat is Islamic.


  29. dave s says:

    The statements by the bishops is yet more evidence of the real fear gripping our establishment. No idea what to do about the BNP. No idea how to explain the misgovernment and looting of the last 12 years and probably before that.
    They created the situation now they will have to live with it. And if it is the beginnings of a English style revolution their confusion will only grow.
    I almost feel sorry for the fools but then I reflect on what they have done to my country and wish to see them driven from power for ever.
    The BNP is not the cause of discontent they are.As for the BBC it is as clueless as the rest of them.


  30. TomTom says:

    The Church of England bishops approve of Abortion – they have never condemned it. The Church of England gets too much money from the Home Office and would love to be an Executive Agency with Civil Servant clergy able to spread the humanist message in a God-wrapper


  31. Craig says:

    Jim Naughtie can always be relied on (by the Liebour Party) to move the story on.

    Don’t look at the Cabinet expenses dodges. No, look instead at Alan Johnson. “He’s great. He’s in tune with the zeitgeist. What great ideas he has (though they are too complex for you plebs to understand). Don‘t just believe me. The Electoral Reform Society thinks so too. “We” are great. Vote Labour!”

    Or as the ‘Toady’ programme website puts it: “The Health Secretary Alan Johnson has called for a referendum on the way voters choose MPs at Westminster. His suggestions are welcomed by campaigners at the Electoral Reform Society. Its chief executive Dr Ken Ritchie discusses why a change in politics can only come through a fundamental re-think of the electoral system.“

    The discussion itself (available on the i-Player) is no less helpful to the Liebour cause.

    Dr. Ritchie by the way uses a helpful example of a party scraping into office on only 30% of the vote. Can you guess which one? Is it the Labour Party, by any chance? (Clue: it’s an anagram of ‘BPN’).


  32. JPT says:

    Why do the Church not speak out against the National Front (who still exist)?


  33. Millie Tant says:

    Nick Cohen had a piece in yesterday’s Observer about how the alarm they are creating about the BNP masks the fact that what they are really scared of is people power. I think he is right. Funny how terrified the establishment is all of a sudden. For years, they (political parties or Bishops )couldn’t give a fig what most people thought. Now they are all a-flutter because they know the people have rumbled them and won’t take it any more. It is quite amusing, in a cynical sort of way, to see them spinning around like tops.


  34. cassandra says:

    For years there has been a corruption at the heart of our democracy, hidden from view it ate away the insides of our institutions like maggots consume a corpse untill only a hollow shell remains, now even the hollow facade has collapsed and we can now see the rotten festering cancer left behind.
    The BBC is a mouthpiece of this rotten cancer and the three main parties are its frontmen stooges, they are now frightened to death, they are the ones who now live in fear for their cushy gold plated jobs, their extortion and theft has been exposed just before the thing they fear above all else takes place this thing they fear has one word yet fills the commissar parasite class with fear, its called DEMOCRACY!
    The westminster parasite class hate us, they despise us as we would hate a cockroach infestation, if they didnt need us to slave for them they would happily exterminate us all, we are nothing to them other than serfs and piggybanks.
    The plan all along has been to destroy our democracy from within and they have nearly triumphed….nearly but not quite, the last ever free election will be held soon, within a year the UK will get to experience real democracy for the very last time, our vote has never ever been so precious and important because it will deide all our fates for the better or worse
    The BBC propagandists are just wetting their collective panties with glee as they await their promised destiny as the sole mouthpiece of the new MK11 USSR(just like the old but minus the kindness and humanity!).
    Treasure your last vote and make it count my friends because if it goes the way the BBC want it to then a terrible darkness will consume us all!


  35. David Preiser says:

    Achtung Surrender! @10:13 PM, May 24, 2009

    There was nothing at all about Muslims on the Baden website. The other one was conveniently blaming Israel’s situation because no tourist site is going to admit to a neo-Nazi problem.

    There were letter bombs and other attacks on Jews in Austria in the ’90s, which is when the fences went up around synagogues.


  36. Andy says:

    Cassandra@3:28 PM, May 25, 2009

    Very well put; but I fear lost on many who contribute to this blog. Some still think UKIP is a real political party….


  37. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Achtung Surrender! @10:13 PM, May 24, 2009

    David Preiser has answered this adequately (thanks DP – I’ve been having problems posting) but you may want to google ‘anti-semitism in Austria’ for a good selection of views on the subject. You will find that , by far, the culprits are Neo-Nazis rather than Islamo-facsists.
    On a personal note I have visited Austria/Vienna a number of times since the ’70’s and the armed guards have always been there. It may well be that the threat from muslims is increasing but they still need to go some way to outstrip the ‘far-right’ in Austria.