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  1. Martin says:

    A BBC journalist has been caught trying to board a plane to London with cannabis in his suitcase.

    Jonny Dymond, who is based in Brussels, was arrested and fined – but won't lose his job.

    The 38-year-old was detained by transport police at Vilnius Airport, in Lithuania, after two grams of the drug was found in his bag.

    Dymond, a radio and TV news reporter, is understood to have been on holiday alone in Lithuania. He was checking in for a flight to London on Sunday, when he was arrested.

    At a court hearing in the capital Vilnius, on Tuesday he pleaded guilty to carrying the drug and was fined £230 for possession.

    He told the court he bought it in a nightclub on Saturday night when he was drunk.

    Back at his hotel, the cannabis was accidentally packed into his belongings before police found it, he added. Dymond is expected to appear before BBC bosses to explain his actions. But a spokesman played down his arrest.

    "We are aware of the incident, which happened in his own time. He recognises that he has been foolish."

    A BBC insider said it was not a sackable offence. "It's likely that the BBC will speak to him about this but it probably won't go any further.

    "It was a very small amount and was clearly only for personal use. It was not a bigger crime than that."



  2. Red Lepond says:

    Talking of BBC journos, did the story of David Carradine's demise bring back memories of Tory MP Stephen Milligan?


  3. Bert Rodinsky says:

    When I saw the headline on this story on the BBC news sight I thought it was too good to be true.


    And sure enough it was too good to be true. Reading the comments on the story gives a pretty good indication of why the country is in the state it is.


  4. Miv Tucker says:

    Red Lepond –

    No, it didn't, mainly because apparently no citrus fruit was involved.


  5. Critical watcher says:

    Only you Vance could misconstrue this story – it is quite clear you haven't bothered to read it.

    Dymond is straightforwardly critical of the European Union, indicating at several points the gap between the governing power and the people, and describing such criticisms as 'logical and understandable'. What he praises is the variety of European people and their histories.

    This site seems less about the bias of the BBC, and more about that of Mr Vance.


  6. ed thomas says:

    Critical watcher- nonsense. It's a fantasy depiction of European integration and depicts himself working to that end. The "little" picture is local disquietude; the "big" picture is that of Euro-destiny. It's clearly you who haven't read the article properly- not surprising as most fans of the BBC habitually take their objectivity for granted.


  7. Craig says:

    Sorry all for re-cycling part of something I posted a few weeks ago, but Critical watcher might find it suggests that Jonny Dymond's views are not quite what he thinks they are:

    "Jonny Dymond stops off in Poland on the latest leg of his taxpayer-funded jaunt around Europe.
    He begins by interviewing a businessman whose company has conquered Europe since Poland joined the EU (“like someone waved a magic wand”). Isn’t the EU great?
    Dymond then talks to a Polish girl who has returned from London, leading her by his questions to describe us as “too proud, too fussy” (though it’s in our favour that London is “cosmopolitan”), as compared to the hard-working Poles. This may well be true, but its truth is not Dymond’s end only his means to an end – to shame us into seeing how great the EU is and how Eastern European immigration to Britain (and, so, immigration in general) can only be good for us.
    He then talks to two IT “guys” in Cracow and invites them to say that Brits should welcome Eastern European immigration, & even (in time) move to Poland (when the EU has led to further enrichment).
    This is all “good news” for a British trucker’s children, Dymond concludes.
    You can check out Dymond’s other biased reports on the BBC News website (“In Search of Europe”)."

    There's more, but that's more than enough from me!


  8. GCooper says:

    Critical Watcher writes: "This site seems less about the bias of the BBC, and more about that of Mr Vance."

    While your incessant, tiresome remarks are nothing more than a thinly veiled campaign against David Vance.


  9. Nightwatch says:

    Critical Watcher:

    LOL….you want bias……(and a plain example of ignorance)

    "But the insistence that Britain is not part of Europe, that somehow we stand alone – like the Low cartoon of 1940 – seems to me to misread 1,000 years of history.
    I know we won the war, with just a little help from our friends. But there have been other battles since then, battles to bring Europe together. Battles that Britain and its newer European allies have won."

    Which wars would those be

    Falklands – Where the French continued to supply Argentina with Excocet missles.

    Gulf War 1 – Where the UK deployed over 40,000 troops, France 18,000…..and the reset of the EU combined around 3,000…….Is the EU limited to UK and France?

    Kosovo – Where it took a US-led NATO to intervene and stop the massacre occuring in the EU's backyard

    Afghanistan – Where the EU contribution is tiny and EU governments (except the French, Dutch and Danish and some of the small new joinees) obstruct the mission by refusing to put their troops in harms way. What kind of example do the Big Kids on the block of the Spanish, Germans and Italians set by hiding????

    Gulf War 2 – Where the EU spent more time trying to obstruct than help any of those allies that liberated it 60 years previously, and the Spanish capitulated to terrorism by withdrawing troops on AQ's say so despite trumpeting a different line at home-growns like ETA.

    Just which battles have brought the EU together and have they won.

    ……name just one…..the Korean war? not exactly a threat to the motherland was it…..the cold war?….mostly hiding under a US-UK-French nuclear umbrella…and where were all the other nations in Germany, seems to me it was mostly US-UK.

    The reality is the EU remains an idea created out of the fear of Germany rising again and creating another 'World War'…there were two remember ……who was the protagonist…..why did the UN come into being…..why did the EU?….read your history and learn from it. The EU was dominated by a Franco-German political agenda, however now the strains are showing. The independent nations versus those who want a federated superstate. The Lisbon Treaty you may have heard about which, touch wood, will fail thanks to Ireland, despite the bullying meeted out to that nation.


  10. Anonymous says:

    This site seems less about the bias of the BBC, and more about that of Mr Vance.

    Mr Vance has every right to be as bias and subjective as he wishes. He does not have a charter that says otherwise and he is not extorting by force of CRIMINAL law, you or me to cough-up the readies, simply for having a PC in our possession.

    Honestly held opinions are one thing. I have little doubt that David Vances opinions are just as honestly held, as almost all of the BBCs employees are.

    However Comment is FREE, but FACTS ARE SACRED.

    Truth is what concerns myself, and should concern everyone else, not left right, radical or more conservative. Because without truthful, well distributed and full information, opinions are highly likely to be dangerously wrong, and therefore more then unhelpful, to say the very least.

    I contend that IF, we the people had real and truthful information at our command. We would virtually ALL come to very similar conclusions. We are after all, ALL human beings, with far more in common with each other, then our masters will ever allow us to imagine.

    The BBC does not unite common people. The BBC does all it can possibly do to assist the exact opposite.

    For example, if the people do not understand basic economics, or who or what controls the BBC. Which of course THEY DON'T, thanks in no small part to the BBC itself. Then they will most surly make serious mistakes, and therefore be at the mercy of those that most certainly do understand basic economics. While also knowing exactly who, and what controls the BBC. Mainly because it is THEY themselves that do in fact run the worlds economy, while COMPLETELY and UTTERLY controlling the BBC/MSM.

    BBC bias takes many forms and exists for many different reasons. This clear and obvious bias, has a mile wide establishment core running all the way from the very top, to almost the very bottom of it.

    BBC bias could be resolved very quickly, and easily, if the powers that control the corporation wished it to happen. They don't wish for anything of the sort, especially now that their EU baby, is now an adult and firmly in the drivers seat.

    No established senior politicians will ever seriously rock the BBC's corporatist boat. This because they all know they all need the BBC to keep up the illusion of Britain being a free democracy. That is, until the day when this establishment inspired illusion is no longer required.

    At which point we will see for ourselves that 'RESISTANCE IS USELESS and dangerously FUTILE, because all forms of useful democracy will by then, have already been removed.

    IMPO they have not really been removed, because they never really existed in the first place.

    However at least our false dialectic, totally corrupted and subverted democracy, kept the powers that be on their toes for a relatively very short while. It certainly helped persuade several millions of young men to attempt to bounce bullets off of their chests during two incredibly nasty and pointless, highly profitable for some people, world wars.

    Soon they will be able to do whatever they like without even appearing to give a sod what either you or I think, need or want.

    The only people who seriously and truthfully believe the BBC is un-bias, tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH. While having absolutely no given establishment agendas to religiously abide by.

    Are without doubt IMO, as mind controlled, and therefore effectively BRAINWASHED, as almost all of the BBC's employees so obviously are. Most of this form of brainwashing, takes place within higher education, especially our top universities.

    The BBC can and does, get Conservative administrations elected, just as much as it does any other form of CORPORATIST SOCIALIST government.

    Atlas shrugged


  11. David Vance says:


    How the hell is this site about ME when every post I have put up since coming back here is about specific BBC issues? Perhaps you are listening too much to the sad little trolls that insist on trying to turn every post into a side diversion about me? You should know better. With age, my friend, comes wisdom. (Unless you are Gordon Brown)


  12. Why Anonymous? says:

    Anonymous/Atlas shrugged 2:06.

    Are you the BBC's J. Dymond?

    So impartial!


  13. George R says:

    I posted a comment on BBC's pro-EU propagandist, J.Dymond, on thread below: 'Brown booed on Obama Beach' @ 9:25 am, June 7.


  14. Ady says:

    I haven't read all his bloggy stuff but from what I have read he never mentions that everything in euroland costs a darned fortune.

    A 2.50-GPB Lidl pizza costs 5-euros in Ireland and its the same story for everything.
    Newry on the UK side of the border in Ireland is busier than its ever been with Irish euro tourists making huge savings by spending their cash at UK shops.
    And bear in mind, the euro has never been stronger.

    Spain and Portugal used to be dirt cheap 20 years ago.
    Prices for basics over there nowadays are through the roof.

    The eurozone appears to have an insidious form of inflation that destroys the spending power of your basic income within a couple of decades.


  15. George R says:

    Brown claims he is trying to get back to 'policies' which are needed to assist the British people, despite his Prime Ministership being submerged by a massive exodus from the Labour Cabinet and from Labour MPs; and what stealth 'policies' is Brown still attempting to impose on the British people as, seeing it's results day, in relation to the European Union?:

    1.)refusal to allow a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty;

    2.)continual advocacy for the entry of 75 million Muslim Turks into the EU, so as to speed up the Islamization of Europe;

    3.)the appointment of unelected UK Labour Ministers from Brussels, such as Mandelson, and not simply Neil Kinnock to the Lords, but now his wife Glenys Kinnock as Minister for Europe.

    And the BBC backs up all this stealth Labour undemocratic activity on the EU, with the Jonny Dymond propaganda.


  16. Dr Michael Ross says:

    What a load of self-serving, uncritical, lazy, Beeboid crap.

    Yup folks, this is precisely the kind of intellectually flaccid indulgent shite that you and I have to pay for.

    Listen dopehead Dymond, who gives a xxxx what you think? I don't.


  17. JohnA says:

    Nightwatch 12,28pm

    That was a super post. As you say the list of conflicts where the Europeans have failed to help us is lnger than the list where they made any effort. NATO is a total con these days, the rest of Europe is failing to pull its weight.


  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm with critical watcher – people are deliberately ignoring every quote that is straightforwardly critical of the EU and looking only at the positive ones to fit in with their own agenda. It gives this site absolutely no credibility.


  19. Craig says:

    I'm not with critical watcher. He has missed the point of Dymond's article.

    Dymond says he can see that "complaints about the cost or the bureaucracy or the meddling or even the erosion of sovereignty" are "logical, understandable and shared by many, many people across Europe" & that there is "deep concern over the terrible gap between the governors and the governed within the EU."

    The article is biased because, having conceded these points, he goes on express "bafflement" at the majority view in Britain, to argue against a Euro-skeptic response with the historical re-writing outlined so eloquently above, & to positively advocate the benefits of the EU:

    "The benefits of a unified Europe – peaceful, free and prosperous – are taken for granted very quickly these days. The countries of Central and Eastern Europe, that in my youth were a blank space in my mental map, will one day, sooner rather than later I hope, be as rich as their cousins to the west.

    The wild diversity of Europe's different countries and regions continues to thrive and prosper, despite the fears of some.

    This is the Europe that Jake and his little brother Isaac will grow up in.

    And this is the Europe I have had the good fortune to report on.

    Not such a bad job, after all."

    We'll see Jonny, we'll see.

    This is advocacy, not impartiality.


  20. GCooper says:

    I see Dymond, foolish boy that he is, latches on to that usual Europhile lie about the EU having been responsible for post-war peace.

    Why go to war when you can get what you want without it? The Franco-German alliance has done pretty nicely out of arrangement and inter alia it has suited the US State Department rather well, too.


  21. Nightwatch says:

    Thanks JohnA
    …..that was my rant of the day as I was waiting for sunday lunch :)….LOL

    Anon 7:49
    -From my short time following this site, I believe it's aim is to expose the inbred cultural bias that exists within the BBC.

    From an independent self-funded broadcaster that would be fine. From a national broadcaster funded by taxpayers money and which quite clearly has proven that it is always on the side of the government, always on the side of the liberals whenever any topic comes up.

    A good journalist is there to report what happens, not to tell us his spin on it. That the BBC hesitates to tell us news that the BBC considers controversial to their liberals values and it's 'edits' to obfuscate is deplorable. e.g. Reports showing that adopted children are best with hetrosexual married couples, when non-white's commit violence on whites….suddenly the article is relegated from the front page or misses the word 'asian'. 'black' 'immigrant' in the report etc.

    The lack of detail in reports such as this is no better than the kind of spin and lies the Chinese and Russian media use to control and placate their audiences for authoritarian government.

    Sky News (owned by Rupert Murdoch) has its own agenda but has actually shown itself to be mostly a professional outfit providing excellent coverage.

    …..So when you say people don't pick up on when the BBC is criticising the EU, that is because the BBC are being mildly critical intentionally to 'claim neutrality' while putting out an overly pro-liberal message that ignores history, facts and the true feeling of British people as a nation that has led it's own path as a single nation since the 12th century as a single English Nation and as a United island nation since the 18th.

    The modern EU by contrast is a political mechanism that has only existed in concept since 1957, only became it's current form in 1993 and has yet to prove itself in any real way as anything other than a mechanism for trade.

    The members of the EU do not move as one on politics, defence, foreign policy, domestic law, international law, border controls, religion……In fact you can barely get them to agree on taxes without nations introducing protectionist agendas like the common fisheries policy, farm subsidies etc.

    ….So what…..Well, what I guess I'm saying is that the people on this site….CAN see the wood from the trees despite the BBCs attempt to obfuscate and misdirect.


  22. JohnA says:


    Keep on ranting, another good post !


  23. Ady says:

    I must say I think Euroville makes an excellent excellent economic trading block but for anything beyond that it's useless.

    Kosovo proved beyond a shred of a doubt that politically speaking, europe is a very divided paper tiger with all sorts of weird allegiances going all the way back to the period of the ottoman empire.

    Even the eurovision song contest, where the most important issue is dix-points, has become a joke.