Just to let B-BBC readers know that I will be liveblogging the Euro-election results over on my home site, A Tangled Web, kicking off at 9pm. It should prove to be most interesting and high entertainment value. You are all cordially invited over! PS. Did you see that Charlie Falconer has now joined the Geek chorus urging Gordoom to go!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We cannot have a government which governs for the people of this country until we are out of the EU. Ask yourself how can any party in government enact any law in this country when the EU can override it. We must come out of the EU if we wish to get our counrty back!


  2. archduke says:

    initial tally info from Ireland is pointing to Declan Ganley of Libertas winning a seat in the North West.

    there are also strong indications of the Sinn Fein candidate in Dublin getting lots of transfers from Libertas. (SF were also anti-Lisbon)


  3. George R says:

    Hold the BBC front page- sensational news for BBC to present sycophantically:

    "Kinnock 'delighted' at wife's job"


    "Former Labour leader Lord Kinnock has said he is delighted' at his wife Glenys's surprise appointment as Europe Minister by Gordon Brown.

    "Glenys Kinnock, who has just retired as an MEP after 15 years, is to be elevated to the House of Lords to enable her to take on the role." (BBC 'Politics' page.)

    What a sycophantic BBC scoop!


  4. George R says:

    -More on the KINNOCKs and Labour political ethos – uncriticised by BBC:


    "Glenys Kinnock: the lucrative transition from MEP to Europe Minister"


    "When Glenys Kinnock quit her job as an MEP, it looked as though her days on a public-funded salary were over."

    By Andrew Alderson, (06 Jun 2009).

    "Yet a surprise call from Number 10 has seen the wife of the former Labour Party leader make the seamless transition from a £63,291-a-year euro MP to the £83,275-a-year Europe Minister in Gordon Brown’s troubled government.

    "The appointment, coupled with the fact that she will be joining her husband Neil (Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty), in the House of Lords marks an astonishing political – and financial – coup for the former primary school teacher from south Wales.

    "Lord Kinnock, 67, and his wife, 64, are, however, not the only members of their family who have earned a taxpayer-funded living. Until the New Year, Stephen Kinnock, the couple’s only son, was head of the St Petersburg office of the publicly funded British Council, the Government quango whose role is to promote our cultural ties abroad. Its unpaid chairman is Lord Kinnock.

    "Mr Kinnock, 39, now works as a director of the World Economic Forum.

    "Furthermore, two years ago, the Kinnocks’ only daughter, Rachel, 37, was given a job on Mr Brown’s political staff. " ('Telegraph'.)


  5. Philip says:

    Will be happy to join the party over at ATW later – I'm praying for a big UKIP haul and another drubbing for the Prime Mentalist.

    Also cause for celebration – the fact that Geert Wilders (BBC's bogeyman du jour) has done so well. His party appear to be second in the EU running – as they currently are in the country. At least one nation in Europe has woken up.

    See you later!


  6. George R says:

    There are 9,000 candidates in the E.U. elections; and which of these 9,000 candidates does the BBC choose to highlight? – First and foremost, a French Muslim woman candidiate, Rachida Dati:


    "Her heart clearly isn't in it. At a recent campaign meeting, asked if Europe meddled too much in national affairs, Ms Dati gave this answer, amid giggles: 'It (Europe) looks after those things that we ask it to look after, with the people who are asked to look after them. In other words, us… I did well, didn't I?'

    "As number two on the list of the governing UMP party, Rachida Dati is bound to do well. And in time, she may become a force to reckon with in the European Parliament's dominant centre-right bloc."

    -from BBC report:
    "Euro elections get celebrity veneer" ('Europe' page.)


  7. tom Atkins says:

    Mark Mardel described Geert Wilders as "the right wing dutch politician who wants to ban the Koran"
    what a load of pants
    -HE was banned, his FILM was banned.

    A lie told a thousand times becomes a truth at the Nazi BBC.


  8. Dan says:

    Sorry to dissapoint you Tom but Mark Mardell is telling the truth.
    Wilders wrote a letter to the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant in 2007 saying that the Koran should be outlawed in the Netherlands – therefore he did call for it to be banned. I'd check your facts before posting or you just make yourself and this site look stupid.


  9. tom atkins says:

    Got a link to that mate?
    You are in danger of making yourself sound more of a patronizing twat than you are.


  10. disillusioned_german says:

    He did call for the "koran" to be banned, Tom, but that's the logical consideration anyway. It's a hate book.

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders has called for the Koran to be banned in the Netherlands, branding it a "fascist book" in the vein of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" which legitimises violence.

    Writing in Dutch daily De Volkskrant on Wednesday Wilders said: "Ban this wretched book just like Mein Kampf is banned. Send a signal … to Islamists that the Koran can never, ever be used in our country as an excuse or inspiration for violence."

    Hitler's Mein Kampf, published in 1925, outlines the future Nazi dictator's racist ideology. It has been banned from sale in the Netherlands since the end of World War Two.

    Ayhan Tonca, chairman of the CMO umbrella group of Dutch Muslim organisations said Wilders' comments were best ignored.

    "This is typical Wilders. This is a ridiculous idea," he said "There is not much news at the moment so he is trying to create some."

    Wilders, whose new party won nine seats out of the 150 in parliament in last November's elections, is well known for his firebrand remarks on Islam.

    He has warned of a "tsunami of Islamisation" in a country home to 1 million Muslims, and has lived under heavy protection since receiving death threats from Islamist militants in 2004.

    Wilders said an attack over the weekend by two Moroccans and a Somali on a young Iranian-born politician who heads a Dutch group for "ex-Muslims" had spurred him to write.

    The attack on Ehsan Jami, 22, caused an outcry in the Netherlands, where the November 2004 murder of Theo Van Gogh, a filmmaker critical of Islam, by a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim militant led to an anti-Muslim backlash and exposed social tensions.


  11. will2001 says:

    There may be a chance of a good result for Labour.
    My wife is counting the Euro vote. This morning she attended for a count of the total votes cast (having now returned to count the party split).

    Postal votes made up more than 50% of the total & she got the impression that the vote was overwhelmingly Labour (though she also got the impression that she was counting votes cast by members of "the community".


  12. Mailman says:


    I see where you are coming from on this one. Yes he made the suggestion that the Koran should be banned (as Mein Kampf is banned) however you are also right in that he was banned from the UK and his movie was banned.

    So surely it would have been more accurate for Al Beebs headline to say "Dutch politician who is banned from entering the UK"?



  13. Rob says:

    UKIP got 16.1% of the vote at the 2004 Euro election, while the Greens got 6.3%. I'd estimate, however, that the Greens got 1000% more coverage on the BBC, all of it favourable.

    When will the BBC give proportionate coverage, i.e. more for UKIP and much, much less for the Greens?


  14. James says:

    Hattie just called out by YouGov there, totally speechless, priceless moment!


  15. Rob says:

    It seems there are lots of far-right parties in Europe, according to the BBC, but no far-left ones. Sinn Fein has no such description attached, even though it was/is the political wing of a nationalist terrorist movement.


  16. Anonymous says:

    BBC looking at the whole of Europe, trying to hide the UK results.


  17. Rob says:

    French finance minister twice as coherent in English than Harpy Harperson.


  18. Martin says:

    The BBC is a joke. Listen to Iain Dale and he's going through the area results. Labour scum getting hammered.

    But BBC concentrating on France. Why? Who gives a shit about the cheese eating surrender monkeys?

    Oh I know. BBC doesn't want to give out bad news for McTwat so they hope people will go to bed giving them time to prepare the agenda tomorrow and report what a great night it was for Labour.


  19. Rob says:

    Or even Tessa Jowell. Oops.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    At last, Dimbleby pointed out the apparent fallacy of blaming Labour's losses on the expenses scandal. He even said the Tories got the worst of it in the headlines, but they didn't seem to be losing because of it.

    The BNP increases, of course, are still the fault of the Conservatives as much as anyone.


  21. Red Lepond says:

    Polly Toynbee – need I say more?


  22. Rob says:

    Polly ups the ante from "far-right" to "extreme right".

    Great panel – Toynbee, Steve Richards and Danny "what expenses scandal" Finkelstein.


  23. Rob says:

    Labour voters switch to BNP in North West England. I'm looking forward to the BBC view on this.


  24. John Horne Tooke says:

    "The BNP increases, of course, are still the fault of the Conservatives as much as anyone."

    Odd that – anyone with even reasonable intelligence knows that BNP supporters are "white working class", in fact the type of people who would normally support Labour.

    People who normally vote Tory would opt for UKIP.

    But alas that is in the real world and not the BBC one.


  25. Rob says:

    Or even Yorkshire.


  26. Dave of Yorkshire says:

    The good men and women of Yorkshire are sick of the Islamist state which has been created in parts of Bradford and Leeds and which bred the 7/7 bombers.

    It is the Conservative fault for doing nothing about this, and ignoring the immigration question. There is nowhere else for these good people to go.

    The cretin Dimbleby as usual is attacking the voters.


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Well, well, well. After more than a year of having to listen to hundreds of Beeboids tell me and my countrymen we were probably too racist to elect a black man as President, and that the Republican Party disenfranchises black people everywhere, their own country has elected an MEP from a party which doesn't allow black people to join. Matty and Katty and Justin and all the rest of them had better shut their f@$%ing mouths from now on.

    The BBC is partially responsible for this, because of their relentless support for the Government's immigration policies, and their ridiculous, backwards attempts at Social Cohesion.

    If this gain for the BNP is due more to people's frustrations about immigration and various other things and not because so many people are racist, this means it's all Labour defectors doing these protest votes and not from all the parties equally. Or, there are a bunch of disaffected racist Labour voters. Your call, BBC.


  28. Idiotboy says:

    The BBC are in panic mode tonight, the successes of the BNP and Geert Wilders coming in for particular vindictive attention.

    I get the impression listening to Dimblebore that they are almost wishing for more conservative victories as an alternative to further "extreme right wing" advances.

    Nick Robinson almost had a seizure at the news that the British National Party had won its first seat. His criticism of the BNP became almost incoherent as he launched into an unrehearsed critique of their policies, about which he was clearly ignorant.

    The notion that the BBC is a politically "neutral" organisation which merely reports the news is a dangerous delusion.

    It needs to be stopped in its tracks at the earliest opportunity.


  29. GCooper says:

    Disgusting attempted smear by Nick Robinson of the victorious BNP candidate in Yorkshire and Humberside.

    No sooner had Mr Brons delivered his acceptance speech than Robsinon launched an unsubstantiated and unreferenced litany of alleged past affiliatons to neo-Nazi groups.

    Now these may, or may not, have been true.

    But where were Robinson's equally scandalous revelations about the legions of ZaNuLabour zombies with teenage (and later) connections to Soviet mass murderers?

    That is bias. Tthat is total, incontestable, BBC bias.


  30. Martin says:

    Anyone else just hear Toenails on News 24? If you guys remember on Friday Toenails claimed that the Tories were in trouble as they only got 38% in the local council elections and that it was a disaster.

    Yet just NOW the Tory in the studio was commenting that on the result in Wales they'd get 12 seats at a General Election. Toenails suddenly spouted up "that you can't say that as the turn out is much lower"

    Funny that Toenails didn't think to mention that on Friday then in ANY of his reports when slagging off the Tories.


  31. Martin says:

    GCooper: Agreed. Toenails just got that off some website "Toenails claimed was a National Front one"

    The BBC are in denial. People are voting BNP for a reason. I don't agree with them but I understand. Islam is taking over, Islam is being used to smash traditional English values.

    liberals know they couldn't do that themselves, but if they hide behind the Burkha they know that any attempt to stop them will see people shouted down as racists


  32. James says:

    Sorry, who's "Toenails" meant to be?


  33. GCooper says:

    Martin – agreed. I don't support the BNP either, but I do believe if we have must have a state-owned broadcaster then it must be unbiased.

    In passing. can someone explain to me why Dimblebore has as three guests: Steve Richards (Labour goon), Polly Toynbee (Labour goon) and Danny Finkelstein (dripping wet TINO)?

    Is that an 'unbiased' BBC, trolls?


  34. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Still, it's a good thing – according to Emily Maitlis – that the Tories really have no chance to win the general election. She said it's not as if they've been consistently leading significantly in the polls. As if.

    Then she turns to her panel and says that Labour MPs better wake up tomorrow morning and get rid of Gordon Brown.


  35. John Horne Tooke says:

    Sorry David (USA) but I can't bear to watch the BBC election coverage, as the results never seem to resemble their "take" on them.

    So Emily Maitlis's statement is no surprise. They live in their own world and in that world who people are actually voting for is of little consequence.


  36. John Horne Tooke says:

    "n passing. can someone explain to me why Dimblebore has as three guests: Steve Richards (Labour goon), Polly Toynbee (Labour goon) and Danny Finkelstein (dripping wet TINO)?"

    Because to them these are the only people worthy of asking opinions. God forbid that they would talk to the "extreme right winger" Frederick Forsyth or even ask people in the street their views.


  37. John Horne Tooke says:

    But the good news is:

    "Richard Corbett is the casualty in Yorkshire. He is deputy leader of Labour MEPs – and a rabid europhile."

    from EUReferendum.


  38. Martin says:

    Toenails is Nick the Prick Robinson.

    He is called 'Toenails' by his own people at the BBC as he's seen as being so far up Gordon Brown's arse all you can see are his toenails.

    Note EVEN the BBC think he's an arse sniffer.


  39. GCooper says:

    Dimbelore is currently salivating during an interview with the Green, Caroline Lucas. Chatty, friendly, generally approving and onside.

    No bias there!


  40. Anonymous says:

    People have voted BNP because of immigration concerns and not MP's expenses issues.

    The BNP are polling about the same as the greens – Imagine if the BBC gave the same amount of airtime to the BNP's agenda, as they do to Green propaganda!

    I think by igoring the BNP and being anti them, the BBC have become their best recruitment?!


  41. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I didn't realize it was acceptable for a BBC presenter to openly call for a sitting Prime Minister to step down. That's what Maitlis is doing. She's gone beyond analysis at this point, and feels no shame in saying that "he has to go."


  42. GCooper says:

    Astounding behaviour from Maitlis, allowing the mad Polly Toynbee to associate "fascists…. gypsy haters and climate change deniers…." without a single word of challenge from the supposedly impartial BBC presenter.

    So there we have it. If you happen to believe that Al Gore is scientifically illiterate, or that James Hansen is a political agitator masquerading as a scientist – why, you are no better than Himler.

    And the biased BBC lets that pass.


  43. Lee Moore says:

    G Cooper is dead right. Dimbleby's love in with the Green lady followed rapidly after his unmistakeably hostile interview with the BNP man, making the contrast even more obvious.

    On a slightly different tack, it is instructive that ALL of the newspapers, plus Sky, lead on their websites with a domestic theme, either Labour's slump or the BNP's success. Only the BBC leads with a European theme (that voters have punished the left.)

    This shows that the BBC's bias is a bias of political attitude rather than a party political bias per se (the party political bias is an incidental consequence of the political attitude bias). The domestic political argument on the EU is essentially about whether the UK is part of a European polity or not. The BBC by its choice of lead story is not trying to downplay Brown's domestic difficulties, instead it asserts that the we are part of a European polity, and what has happened in the elections across Europe is more important than the implications of the British vote for UK domestic politics. It is thus plainly on the "we are Europeans before we are British" side of the divide, which, according to the recent vote, is outnumbered roughly 2-1 by the "oh no we're not" side. Even the Guardian and the Independent, Eurofanatic publications though they are, did not pretend that the European results matter more to their British readers than the British results.


  44. Anonymous says:

    I must read that 'lines to take' (I am sure Martin has a notion on what that could also mean) , having just watched the bouffant on Breakfast Emerging Views 'interview' Nigel Farage of UKIP.

    I know he just reads out what he is given/told, so his heart did not seem to be really in it, but it was more like a list of negatives.

    While some questions were relevant and worthy of posing, it seemed extraordinarily graceless to a person victorious by popular vote requiring Mr. Brown to heed the views of the electorate and making a clear statement on preferences on how the EU is dealt with by the UK.

    The answer? He's 'not walking away from us', by the odd expedient of jumping into a staged rally with some confused low level activists clapping when the eye of Sauron from Aunty's cameras alights on them.

    It has happen before, and has to stop. When people respond democratically, in their droves, the national broadcaster that is meant to represent them spins in every way possible why they minsuderstood the issues, were making protests, etc. I fly no flag for the BNP, but I just heard a successful BNP candidate described as having campaigned on snoughts in the trough, but now soon to be 'racking up expenses to Brussels each week'? Eh? Does that mean any 'approved' BBC MEPs will not?



  45. Anonymous says:

    With tongue in cheek (and in homage to Grant's ongoing, sincerely expressed frustrations) Anon at 7.13am was me:)


  46. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Anonymous was you anonymous? I never would've guessed it. Not in a squidillion years.


  47. hippiepooter says:

    tom Atkins said…
    Mark Mardel described Geert Wilders as "the right wing dutch politician who wants to ban the Koran"
    what a load of pants
    -HE was banned, his FILM was banned.

    A lie told a thousand times becomes a truth at the Nazi BBC.

    7:44 PM, June 07, 2009

    Erm, can't be bothered to google it for you, but he does want to ban the Koran. Personally I disagree with him on this, but everything else he says on Islam I find very welcoming.


  48. hippiepooter says:

    Martin said…

    The BBC are in denial. People are voting BNP for a reason. I don't agree with them but I understand. Islam is taking over, Islam is being used to smash traditional English values.

    liberals know they couldn't do that themselves, but if they hide behind the Burkha they know that any attempt to stop them will see people shouted down as racists

    12:07 AM, June 08, 2009

    Extremely well said. And hey! Without any swearing either!


  49. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So now Britain has had its "Le Pen Moment". Expect to see more BBC programmes calling you all racists and ignoring why this really happened, other than paying lip service to "frustrations".


  50. DP111 says:

    The BBC and many politicians are trying to portray the people of England as racists.

    It is interesting to npte that the BNP is getting its traction in regions of the country which has a large number of Muslim immigrants. It gets no support where there are large numbers of Hindu immigrants for instance.

    The people realise, unlike our idiot poltical elite, that the country faces a totalitarian threat the likes of it has never confronted before – and thisis an enemy within, a wound inflicted by our political elite.

    If the BNP were smart enough, and made membership available to non-Muslim immigrants, they would be swamped by Sikhs, Hindus, and most certainly now by Lumley's Gurkhas.