It seems to be the word here at the moment, but it most certainly applies to this “profile” of the new Head of M16 Sir John Sawyers. So boring, from the Pierce Brosnan comparison through the description of him as “astute”, “effective”, “effusive”- sorry that last one describes the tenor of the article rather than the man- it is simply nothing more than p.r. Embarrassing stuff from Laura Trevelyan.

On a related note, the BBC’s chief Sir Michael Lyons is fighting against the proposal to share BBC funding. I think this proposal at this stage is just a ruse to put off the evil day when the BBC has to manage with less or none of the Licence money. The Labour party and the BBC are never really off the same song sheet. This story is reported by the Times, which has its own agenda against BBC exceptionalism, but hypocritically also against the free internet, as is shown by its vicious campaign against the blogger NightJack, among other things.

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4 Responses to Establishment

  1. The Beebinator says:

    pmsl @ beeoid scum. not long before its sold to assett strippers and the money paid out to the publc, like when the the utilites companys were privatised

    92 grand for reading the news, get used to 40 quid sa week on the dole beeboid scumbags


  2. Dick the Prick says:

    Laura Trevelyan's got form for drivel. £130 million squidlies out of £3.2 billion so less than 5% when advertising has nose dived, firms & businesses going to the wall like marathon runners, every other public service getting ready for minimum 10% cuts – well frankly, I, like Sir Michael of Lyons Biscuits am too shitting bricks at this malevolent errosion of the BBC's junkets – whoops, programming quality.

    PS – the coverage of Iran is so steeped in staggering hypocrisy that i've joined in the collective BBC groupthink and gone through a few boxes of Kleenex – I'm spent… tossers.


  3. jus' askin' says:

    For the past three years I've been warning that the BBC through the Government would seek to ensure Licence revenue through the revolution that is occurring in data provision.
    This is step one.
    I would hazard that the end intention is a precept on all data lines collected by providers so reducing non collection of Licence Fee to effective zero & Government control of data highways.
    For our own best interests of course.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The government has, for sometime, been using (reportedly millions) of taxpayers money on PR, adverts – documentaries aligned to 'social engineering' – Bobski The Builder one embarrassing example – all at ITV.

    BBC is blatantly and heavily left wing biased as ITV will undoubtedly become in the 'shake up' – run up to the election.
    The independent reporting of regional news will be passed to 'selected bodies'.