To Beeb or not to Beeb

Iain Dale, Oliver Kamm and Nick Ferrari all belatedly decided to stop appearing on the Iranian-backed Press T.V.
They no longer wish to lend whatever credibility their participation bestows upon this alleged propaganda machine.

What prompted these ‘principled’ resignations? For Iain Dale it was because “I have been appalled at the way their website has portrayed what’s happened in the Iranian elections” and for Nick Ferrari it was “in protest at the regime crushing dissent after the Iranian elections,” Oliver Kamm said his was because of “the station’s promotion of the work of a Holocaust denier”

But surely the clamp-down on protesters and Press T.V.s support for the Ahmadinejad regime – not to mention Holocaust denial – were not the first or the only signs that Press T.V. was something one wouldn’t want to be associated with?

This particular dilemma must have pre-dated the Iranian election fiasco. Why did the moral objections come to a head only after these terrible events?
The publicity engendered by these resignations wouldn’t have been quite the same if they had simply declined invitations to appear in the first place as I understand others have done.
There are calls for Press T.V. to be banned altogether, but where does that leave freedom of speech?
A station that features George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth, and has the ridiculous Matthew Richardson for an MD can’t have much credibility going for it, and too many bans make Jack a very dull boy..

Anyway, the dilemma applies to BBC as well, and the argument goes like this:
Does one participate in a set-up with which one profoundly disagrees in order to put the case for the other side? Or, does one have nothing to do with it in the first place?

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21 Responses to To Beeb or not to Beeb

  1. Mailman says:

    The freedom of speech arguement is a load of codswollop!

    The reality is that ALL media sources have a responsibility for telling the truth. This responsibility outweighs any preconceived notions of freedom of speech because often, those who toss on about freedom of speech only want to spread their lies and disinformation (ie. Iranian Government).

    Also, you do what others do to you. Since foreign media is CENSORED in Iran, then Iranian propoganda peices should be censored here. Once again, they are using our own sense of "freedom" against us…and the morons on the left are only too happy to help them!



  2. sue says:

    The reality is that ALL media sources have a responsibility for telling the truth. This responsibility outweighs any preconceived notions of freedom of speech because often, those who toss on about freedom of speech only want to spread their lies and disinformation

    Mailman, yes, but where does that leave the BBC?


  3. Martin says:

    Anything that has that turd sniffer Galloway on it is crap in my book.


  4. sue says:

    BBC and the truth.
    On the open thread Pounce mentioned the biased BBC reporting of a tragic killing of a 17 year old Palestinian girl by Israeli fire.

    “After initial denials, Israeli army officials…”etc. That was supposed to imply that they were reluctant to admit responsibility or hoped to cover it all up.
    It’s no surprise that Ynetnews interprets events differently.
    The BBC doesn’t mention that the initial provocation emanated from Gaza, in fact it implies the opposite:
    “ The Gaza Israel border has been quiet, except for sporadic violence, since Israel launched a devastating three-week campaign in Gaza in late December.”

    Then the BBC includes: “West Bank violence.
    Separately in the West Bank, a Palestinian woman carrying a toy gun was shot and wounded by Israel soldiers as she approached a checkpoint, the Israeli military says.” “the woman was 18 years old”

    Just a child innocently playing with her toy gun? No, she was a married woman with a child, and suicidal because of a violent husband. (and not very bright if she expected to address that with a toy gun.)


  5. Homophobic Horse says:

    The Iranian revolution is ostensibly democratic, and was born in the tumult against the Western backed and installed Shah. Boycotting Press T.V. will only play into the hands of the Iranians who say that Western democracy is a sham that conceals imperialism. Which is actually true. Why? Because Dale, Kamm, et al, have now boycotted a place which freely gave them a platform for their views. Arrogant Western Nabobs some Iranians might say. This to would be an accurate appraisal.

    The real question is this: Who are worse, the Westerners or the Mullahs? The Mullahs clearly. But not by a large amount. Why? Because the West represented by people like Oliver Kamm is the West that bombed Serbia and continues to dissimulate and apologise for that wicked action. I tremble with anger with at the damage that has done to our civilisation, the moral and intellectual corruption it represents. The Balkans – humanitarian bombings, multicultural Muslims, 'rape camps' and all – was their exercise in counter-realism, which is the essence of post-modernism. The post-modernism that enables the expansion of Islam into Europe. I can't forgive them.

    I hate them.


  6. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    HH 8:58 – There's quite a lot of passion in there. Use it wisely.


  7. George R says:

    The Islamic Republic of Iran's 'PRESSTV', which operates frrom LONDON studios should be CLOSED DOWN NOW.

    The Islamic Republic's regime acts as the enemy of Brirtain and of democracy.

    No patriotic British person, alleged 'journalist' or whatever, should have anything to do with PRESSTV.

    There is more at stake here than accepting the BBC's dhimmitude towards the Islamic Republic as way of the BBC re-commencing its full dhimmi role inside Iran.

    This Iranian regime is a supporter of Islamic jihad, through its political and military proxies -such as Hamas and Hezbollah.This regime attacked and imprisoned a British Navy patrol in the Gulf in 2007, censored the BBC, arrested British Embassy staff, and denounced Britain as Iran's 'No 1 public enemy' -YET the British Labour government has not moved to close down London HQ of Ahmadinejad's 'PRESSTV' which is allowed to sprew out anti-British, anti-Western lies 24/7 on the Sky satellite! What timidity, Brown.


  8. Red Lepond says:

    What Sky channel is it on? I'll appear if they want me.

    Regarding the question: Does one have nothing to do with it [the BBC] in the first place?

    Yes, that's why I'm not paying my license fee no more.


  9. George R says:

    And then there's ex-Beeboid, ANDREW GILLIGAN, who still appears on Ahmadinejad's London-based 'PRESSTV', even on its adverts:

    'Liberal Conspiracy':

    " Andrew Gilligan – still working for Iranian state television. "

    by Sunny Hundal
    (July 2, 2009) –

    "In an interview with the 'Guardian' last year, the former 'Evening Standard' journalist Andrew Gilligan was quoted as saying:

    'But I don’t think [Ken Livingstone] is progressive. Livingstone is the ally of some of the most reactionary forces in this city. I’m thinking of Ian Blair, I’m thinking of property developers he’s in bed with, I’m thinking of City big business.'

    "But it’s a bit bizarre that this champion of ‘progressives’ is still working for Iranian state television in the UK – Press TV. This is while even more right-wing colleagues such as Nick Ferrari have resigned. Press TV had recently also promoted Holocaust denial. Gilligan refused to say anything then either. Very principled, our Gilligan.

    "Update: And he’s part of their ad campaign too!"


  10. piggy kosher says:

    Haaretz reports that the civilian was killed by mortar fire, which was supporting troops who had come under fire. Not aimed fire but shrapnel. Firing out of civilian areas again, hamas scumbags? Human shields again?


  11. piggy kosher says:

    Wrong thread. Sorry.


  12. Red Lepond says:

    All threads lead to Mecca.


  13. Grant says:

    It is potentially high risk, but I think the Conservatives should boycott the BBC.
    A slight tangent, I know, but I believe the Israeli government should ban the BBC from their country.


  14. Red Lepond says:

    Or Jerusalem.


  15. George R says:

    Labour's (and BBC's) continual dhimmitude towards the Islamic Republic of Iran;

    BBC report:

    "UK investigates Iran charge claim"

    (BBC 'Middle East' page.)

    With little questioning or criticism from the BBC about Labour's appeasement, we still have the Iran regime (still allowed to operate its deceitful, anti-British, LONDON-based, 24/7 Sky satellite TV station, 'PRESSTV') pushing Britain around.

    Dhimmi David Miliband is merely re-active, not pro-active (unless it's to get 75 million Turkish Muslims into the EU). Miliband merely: 'considers' or 'will investigate' Iran's condemnation of Britain. He is afraid of offending Iran regime, Obama, and EU. He is weak.


  16. Bryan says:

    To beeb or not to beeb, that is the question:

    Whether 'tis bolder to be kind and suffer the slinging of shallow bias in contagious portions

    Or to take arms against PeeCee grumbles

    And by opposing end them?

    (With apologies to William.)


  17. sue says:

    And by opposing end them?

    That’ll be the day.

    (With apologies to Buddy Holly)


  18. Bryan says:

    …and by opposing egg them



  19. George R says:

    Last evening, BBC 4 TV presented a repeat screening of its 3-hour documentary, 'Iran and the West'. While it is a well sourced narrative with many first-hand comments by diplomats and politicians from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and from Western countries, there are the usual BBC failings when dealing with Islam:

    1.) a failure to understand the nature and motivation of Islamic jihad and its central role in the actions of the Islamic Republic;

    2.) an innate predilection to treat the West and the Islamic Republic as morally equivalent;

    3.) a presumption that appeasement or compromise are the most effective ways of dealing with the Islamic Republic. Dhimmitude is presumed to be appropriate; so that when the anti-dhimmi, ex- U.S. Ambassador, John Bolton, came into the Iran story, he was roundly criticised by all; but when the West's compliant overtures to Iran were rejected, Mr. Bolton's position seems coherent.

    Coming to the presentday, and e.g. the issue of 'journalists and PRESSTV', Dominic Lawson has a useful piece in today's 'Sunday Times':

    "Iran's stooges are staring right at you"


    "Gilligan has recently been hired as 'London editor' of 'The Daily Telegraph', but he has for some time been a presenter of a discussion show on 'Press TV'. He is one of a small number of British journalists who are being paid by the Iranian state to adorn the airwaves. Another is Lauren Booth, half-sister of Cherie Blair, who has been described as a 'human rights activist'. Still another is Yvonne Ridley, who seemed to have become afflicted with Stockholm syndrome following her capture by the Taliban in Afghanistan while a reporter for the Sunday Express, and whose subsequent conversion to Islam was facilitated by Abu Hamza, the hook-handed London-based preacher now serving a seven-year jail sentence for inciting murder and race hate. Ridley, who is by all accounts a kindly soul, has referred to Hamza as 'very sweet'.

    Press TV’s most well-known presenter – sorry, Mr Gilligan – is George Galloway, who has a show called The Real Deal. On it, the Respect MP has defended the conduct of the Iranian presidential elections – in which two provinces apparently managed a voter turnout of more than 100% – contrasting it with the US, where, he said, George W Bush had 'actually stolen' the American presidency. Galloway, who has a tendresse for any 'antiZionist' leader – how could we forget his face-to-face eulogising of the late Saddam Hussein? – said last week that 'Press TV is Iranian-owned, but that doesn’t influence my opinion'.

    "I’m sure that’s true: Press TV devotes an extraordinary proportion of its output to attacks on 'Zionism', as Martin Bright, the former New Statesman political editor, pointed out in his forensic demolition last Wednesday of Press TV’s spokesman on BBC2’s Newsnight. "


  20. George R says:

    Martin Bright's blog at the 'Spectator' has comments on themes here. 'Yvonne Ridley'appears as a commenter there, and defends her position as uncritcal mouthpiece for Iran regime's London-based 'PressTV', by accusing Martin Bright of going to Israel.

    Brown/D.Miliband have still not closed down 'PressTV' in response to Islamic Republic's censorship of BBC in Tehran. Dhimmitude rules here: not OK.


  21. hippiepooter says:

    I dont think the Conservative Party should 'self-ban' itself from the BBC. What I think David Cameron should do is declare no confidence in its impartiality, and after giving the worst offenders a chance to do so privately, issue a public call for the likes of Humphrys, Naughtie, Paxman and Bowen to resign. They would of course need a hefty wedge of documentation to go with this, but as we all know, there is oodles of stuff out there to prove that these gentlemen do not have the professional integrity to work for an impartial news organisation.

    As for an earlier poster suggesting Israel ban the BBC, certainly.