Have a read of this report from the BBC. It concerns the latest efforts from the Mad Mullahs to upgrade their killing potential and perhaps it is just me but the BBC seems almost giddy with excitement at the potential. I also like the pay-off line “The US said it saw no “proliferation risk” from the plant, though Israel condemned the move.”  Damn Jews, right? The modern BBC would have admired the build up of arms by Hitler.

Baying For Blood

The groundswell of hatred and resentment against Tony Blair is at fever pitch, so that anyone who dares to raise their head in support of him or his performance at the Chilcot inquiry will be pelted with dogshit and disemboweled.
The BBC had a queue of talking heads lined up, eager to add their bit. “He showed no remorse, no contrition, no respect for the families,” they bleated. “He took us to war on a lie, he disregarded the legality, he ignored Robin Cook and Clare Short, he promised undying loyalty to Bush, he switched the justification for war from WMDs in 24 hours to regime change” etc etc.
Suddenly Robin Cook and Clare Short are reinvented as heroic martyrs. If only they’d been listened to, albeit resigning making that a little difficult, everything would have been fine and Saddam and Iraq would have lived happily ever after. No one would have needed to be radicalized, no one would have insurged, and Uday and the other one would have mellowed and given out posies of roses.
The BBC’s disproportionate fascination with the new-age under-age protesters ratcheted up the ante; various interviews and analyses consolidated the consensus that Blair was an insensitive self-obsessed delusional war criminal, and an Oscar-deserving actor to boot.

Today ran an interview with the former ambassador to Iran, Sir Richard Dalton. You can guess what he had to say about Blair’s allusion to confronting Iran. It caused James Naughtie to remark, “The Devil Incarnate would like that” – sorry, that should be, “Benjamin Netanyahu would like that” – to which Dalton replied, “That’s not in the UK’s interest.”
Naughtie referred to rogue states with access to nuclear weapons, but was assured that Iran having nuclear capabilities doesn’t necessarily mean it would ‘hand secrets to terrorists.’ After all, Iran has chemical weapons and hasn’t done such a thing and never would. Not counting Hamas and Hezbollah of course. If the former ambassador to Iran says they don’t arm terrorists, well, he would know. Or did he mean to say they don’t harm terrorists?


I listened to an item on Today this morning in which IAEA supremo Mohammed AlBaradei was praised for his constructive engagement with the psychotic Iranian regime. Given that the Mullahs have run rings around the IAEA for years now, I wondered exactly WHO the BBC had found that holds such a view? Step forward Hans Blix! Remember him? He was the guy who set himself up as an arch enemy of George W Bush and an appeaser of Iran and thus he becomes a BBC hero. And as for the fulsome praise for Mr AlBaradei, I suppose it is justifed seeing as he has come out and declared that the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East is…ISRAEL.

To Beeb or not to Beeb

Iain Dale, Oliver Kamm and Nick Ferrari all belatedly decided to stop appearing on the Iranian-backed Press T.V.
They no longer wish to lend whatever credibility their participation bestows upon this alleged propaganda machine.

What prompted these ‘principled’ resignations? For Iain Dale it was because “I have been appalled at the way their website has portrayed what’s happened in the Iranian elections” and for Nick Ferrari it was “in protest at the regime crushing dissent after the Iranian elections,” Oliver Kamm said his was because of “the station’s promotion of the work of a Holocaust denier”

But surely the clamp-down on protesters and Press T.V.s support for the Ahmadinejad regime – not to mention Holocaust denial – were not the first or the only signs that Press T.V. was something one wouldn’t want to be associated with?

This particular dilemma must have pre-dated the Iranian election fiasco. Why did the moral objections come to a head only after these terrible events?
The publicity engendered by these resignations wouldn’t have been quite the same if they had simply declined invitations to appear in the first place as I understand others have done.
There are calls for Press T.V. to be banned altogether, but where does that leave freedom of speech?
A station that features George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth, and has the ridiculous Matthew Richardson for an MD can’t have much credibility going for it, and too many bans make Jack a very dull boy..

Anyway, the dilemma applies to BBC as well, and the argument goes like this:
Does one participate in a set-up with which one profoundly disagrees in order to put the case for the other side? Or, does one have nothing to do with it in the first place?



Anyone else catch the abomination that is John Simpson fondly recollecting his travel adventures with Iranian Mad Mullan Ayatollah Khomeini on “Today” earlier this morning? In Simpson’s world-view, the Shah carried primary responsibility for the return to Iran of Khomeini and naturally Jimmy Carter and the French were absolved of any responsibility! From the sounds of the interview, Simpson admired the Ayatollah.



I see that the BBC are hailing the news that Iran has decided to stop executing juveniles. Amnesty have also been welcoming of the Mullahs alleged decision. I suppose with all the hanging of homosexuals and stoning to death of adulterers the Iranian judiciary may be too busy to hang the kids. Not that you’d know the latter from the BBC report. Great to see the enthusiasm to give Iran a pat on the back. Just wait until Israel does the inevitable to see the BBC’s love-in with the Mullahs shine through.



The BBC reports that the United Nations Security Council has approved a new resolution on Iran, reaffirming demands it stop enriching uranium, but imposing no new sanctions. The BBC correspondent adds that it appears that the US and European powers have scrambled to find a face-saving document that would paper over any disagreements. If you glance across to the “Analysis and background” section you will see it is headed by a smiling Ahmadinejad giving the V for victory sign. We get the picture.