There is only one thing worse than BBC bias and that is seeing BBC bias rewarded. As a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast I am sickened (though not surprised at this most politically calculating institution) to see that it is awarding Orla Guerin a doctorate for services to broadcasting journalism.

Guerin is one of the most BIASED journalists working for the BBC – no small feat. Her love-in with the enemies of Israel has been well documented in these pages and elsewhere and yet she is now given academic endorsement for her bias. I hope she wears here keffiyeh when she calls to collect it!
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  1. GCooper says:

    La Guerin isn't only a rotten, biased, reporter, she is also a God-awful broadcaster, with a terrible voice and an appalling, doleful, presentational style.

    Lest someone pipes-up with the comment 'that shouldn't matter' I would say it matters a very great deal. You wouldn't give a print journalist's job to someone who couldn't string two coherent sentences together, nor should you give a broadcast journalist's job to someone who presents news stories with all the panache of a third division jobbing undertaker.

    The fact that she is so bad confirms, to my mind, that Guerin has that job simply because she says things the BBC wants us to be told. Not because she is any good at doing it.


  2. Miv Tucker says:

    Gillian Reynolds, the doyenne of radio critics, once wrote that Guerin has "a voice that would freeze marble". 'Nuff said.


  3. Anonymous says:

    who was more biased against Israel?

    Boring Guerin,or Ahmed Ali Bowen,the current incumbent

    he is one piece of work


  4. piggy kosher says:

    No, "deathshead" Guerin is in a class of its own. It, because I am unsure what sex it is meant to be.


  5. John Stephens says:

    There is only one profession in which one can find more pseudo-liberal multiculti Israel-bashing twits than the BBC, and that is academia. Look at the disgusting actions of the University and College Union and weep.

    Academia in Britian and the US today has declined sharply over the past 20 or 30 years, since when a left wing conformity has become so ingrained that freedom of thought is under attack. Many Universities (not only the socialist bastions of SOAS and the LSE) are now so rotten that right of centre opinions are often ostracised or barred.


  6. Sutekh says:

    It may well be so in the various Unis in the UK, but it doesn't seem to have affected my daughter at all (degree at Nottingham, now doing a PGCE at Leicester) who I note with interest has just joined a "we support Israel's actions" group on Facebook.

    And no, we are neither a Jewish family nor one with any Israel connections…


  7. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Check Guerin's 'education' on the BBC's link.
    This proves that Guerin knows absolutely nothing worth knowing about anything. No education whatsoever.


  8. J B says:

    Orla has been of great service in our unbiased and factual reporting of Israel/Palestine

    Well done Orla. Send my regards to your Palestinian husband.


  9. JohnA says:

    I am sad not to hear Orla's tinkling tones as often as before.

    But never mind – Caroline HawHaw has re-appeared, trilling the appeasing song.


  10. John Horne Tooke says:

    The only award this woman should recieve is "the most dishonest and baised journalist"

    Here is an example of her "reporting"


  11. CeannP says:

    Let's not forget her shameful report during the Lebanon conflict when she claimed a town had been 'demolished' by Israeli shells, complete with shots of her walking up a street of rubble…only to have Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News file a report the same night, from the same town, showing camera angles that proved that the town was intact, bar from one side of one street.

    Which just happened to be the side of the street she was poncing up…

    Just your average 'impartial' BBC reporter.


  12. piggy kosher says:

    I remember a "report" she did, probably 2003-4, which was so blatently rigged and biased it was an art form. "Deathshead" had managed to secure a particularly photogenic crone in a wheelchair, who was improbably parked at the top of a 2 – 3 metre tall pile of masonry. As I recall "Deathshead" then gave a droning piece to camera about how the ancients' immediate family had been captured/shot etc
    So who perched the granny on mons brick? Not her accompanying islamic jihad cameracrew by any chance, able directed by ace director, Cecil B Deathshead. Does anyone else remember that? Would have made great Utube, so xxxxxx biased it was crackling.


  13. disillusioned_german says:

    @Sutekh: 1:23 PM, July 05, 2009

    Tells me that she's got good parents, my friend. Well done and kudos to your daughter for showing a lot of courage.


  14. piggy kosher says:



  15. Anonymous says:

    Orla Guerin is proof that the dead still walk this earth.

    Guerin gained her place at the BBC when celts were the then fashion accessory as journalists – shortly before the fashionistas at the BBC turned to Asians/Muslims – who now dominate most news reports.

    The Irish have a history of antisemitism that goes back to the liturgy. They lit their towns and cities to guide German bombers towards England and their first President, Valera sent his condolences to the Nazis when he learned of Hitler's death. The Irish often fill the Gaza propaganda boats and the Dublin govt funds a huge pro Pali propaganda exercise. Guerin is just trapped in a culture that hates the Jews. So it is inevitable she will be honoured for her work by a culture that loathes Israel.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Has anybody contacted Queens to ask why?


  17. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Academia is sheltered from the real world as it gets, so it can virtually do what ever it likes – and demand lifelong security of tenure to prevent it being "pressured" and to protect its integrity. What a laugh.

    Only two points of view are acceptable – moderate left and extreme left.

    Handing out honorary awards allows them to play gesture politics. Its still the politics of "Dave Spart" in the end.

    I read a job ad from the local adult educational college in our Metro. It was laughable. No more "teachers", no, now they have "learning managers" Every paragraph was the worst PC bullshit I have read anywhere. I hadn't realised how far this nonsense had gone. They make social workers look like The Apprentice go-getters.

    Just keep quiet about where you graduated from. Pretend it was a North Wales agricultural college
    – diploma in spotting bullshit.


  18. JohnW" says:

    Guerin is demonstrably left wing, having run as a Labour party candidate in Ireland in the 90s. As such, she should immediately be disqualified from being a reporter on the BBC which, as we are all told, is "impartial" and "balanced."


  19. piggy kosher says:

    Her eyes are like piss holes in the snow. She is very undead. I would put her down as zombie – friendly.


  20. Craig says:


    "Guerin left RTÉ to run as a Labour Party candidate in the 1994 elections to the European parliament. A political novice, Guerin had been hand picked by then Labour Party leader Dick Spring. Even though she was not selected at the party convention, Spring insisted that she be added to the ballot. Vilified as a "parachute" candidate, she did not win a seat (although she did poll relatively well). She joined the BBC in 1995." (Wikipedia)

    Piggy, "Her eyes are like piss holes in the snow."
    Now that's poetry!


  21. James H says:

    What does one expect from queens, pimp central of villainous irish republicanism?


  22. Orwell's Ghost says:

    Since when has the BBC started employing journalists for overseas assignments?

    All BBC reporters who cover foreign affairs are political agents who are accepted for employment only after being vetted by the British Foreign Office. In return for the privilege and prestige conferred by their job, they undertake to indoctrinate and propagandize in accordance with the policies and aims of the Foreign Office, journalistic ethics be damned.

    The British Foreign Office was strongly opposed to the establishment of Israel in 1948, and the dominant faction within it continues to weaken and undermine Israel whenever the opportunity presents itself, overriding any pro-Israel voices that there might be. The BBC is their poodle.