Unhinder us!

Former top anti-terror police officer Peter Clarke says the anti-terror police are constrained by the Contempt of Court Act. Because of it, the police are unable to explain why they do what they do, and this discourages ‘the community’ from cooperating with them.
Citing the controversial 2003 police raid of the Finsbury Park Mosque, he said restrictions had actually forced the police to skew the conduct of operations.

The BBC has its own Restraining Act, and it implements this mysterious act when describing certain individuals.
Q. When is a Muslim not a Muslim? A. When he’s a terror suspect.
On such occasions he’s religiously de -religionised by the BBC, and ‘the community’ is just any old community. So as not to jeopardise community cohesion.

On the other hand, when it applies to something admirable, or something English, they go to ridiculous lengths to include the ROP.
A programme entitled ‘Morris and the Muslims’ is being trailed relentlessly on the radio.
William Morris, renowned 19th C. English designer of wallpaper and fabric, pioneer of the Arts and Crafts movement and Commie, was, according to the BBC, influenced by “The Muslim World.” This is the first I’ve heard of it. I thought stained glass, medieval history, the classics, French cathedrals, and visiting Iceland were the things that influenced him. His patterns emanated from natural forms, fruit, foliage etc.

Islamic art consists of repetitive patterning. Does this mean anything repetitive stems from Islamic Art? Patterned fabric is necessarily repetitive because of the manufacturing process. Manufactured and fabricated, as, I suspect, is this strange link. But what do I know?

Was the BBC’s reluctance to call terror suspects ‘Muslim’ merely because of the Contempt of Court Act all along? In which case a change in the law might liberate the BBC and they could unleash even more ‘Influenced-by-the-Muslim-World’ broadcasting, and like wallpaper; the pattern could be repeated over and over and applied wall-to-wall.

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52 Responses to Unhinder us!

  1. JohnA says:

    Anon (Wally)

    That really is an excellent summary of the ludicrous William Morris programme. And yes – the guy really did suggest that Morris had Islamic fellow-feeling because he has a big beard !!!

    It was all a load of empty speculation. The final suggestion that jihad is only about overthrowing capitalism was the last straw. 30 minutes of insanity.


  2. sue says:

    John A.
    I agree.

    Great comment, very reassuring to get comments like yours.
    The programme lived down to expectations.