12 Responses to A devotion to education

  1. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Excellent article. If the BBC's combined pro-islamic brain-washing and trashing of our culture does not cause those scentient among us to stop paying the TV licence then nothing will.


  2. DB says:

    "In't Muslims brilliant!"


  3. Martin says:

    So where was the bit about executing homosexuals on the Islam page?

    did I miss that one?


  4. John Stephens says:

    Islam is a religion of peace? Ho Ho Ho. Pull the other one al-Beeb



  5. sue says:

    As well as the pro-Islam anti-Christian agenda this shows how much teaching has deteriorated.
    The way such tests are formulated, with multiple choice questions and ambiguous answers automatically forces anyone with any imagination to falter. They’d be flummoxed, trying to second-guess which answer to tick – the one they really think is the correct answer or the one they think you’re supposed to think is the correct answer.

    And someone should have at least used spellcheck. Still, you only need minimum qualifications to teach nowadays so whaddya expect.

    Anyone wanting to learn R.I. or whatever it’s called might as well go to a madrassa where they’d probably learn the same things, only in a foreign language…………….. so two birds with one stone.


  6. pete says:

    The BBC knows it can safely say what it likes about Christianity without any undesirable consequences.

    If I'd been asked to write these revision notes there's one religion I'd have been very, very polite about. I'd have probably just got someone of that religion to write them for me, just to be on the safe side. Looks like that's the policy the BBC took.


  7. Robert S. McNamara says:

    You think that's bad? I died today.


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    Sue said

    "They’d be flummoxed, trying to second-guess which answer to tick – the one they really think is the correct answer or the one they think you’re supposed to think is the correct answer."

    And isn't that the problem with indoctrination – that you have to think about not what the answer is, but what is the acceptable answer.

    This happens not only in this way, but also on any phone in or debate on the BBC – you can sense that the point of view being put forward has not come from any genuinely held belief but from what they think will be acceptable to the host.


  9. piggy kosher says:

    As anyone here contributing to beeboid HYS is painfully aware! I think HYS is the most "representative" of the true opinions of the BBCs real dissident users.From previous HYS topics over the past few months the intelligent opinion has usually prevailed in contributors' votes. Seems the beeboids are unable to control HYS.
    Even religion can be intelligently commented on in that forum, especially when it impacts on areas beeboids dare not mention in their programming.


  10. Ratass Shagged says:

    It would be nice if some of the main contributers to this site would fully read the comments section every once in a while.

    I believe this was already reported by another contributer to here a few days ago on another thread. Unlike now, I don't recall anyone commenting on it.

    I've lost count of the amount of main topics that have already been covered in the comments section – and then promptly ignored by almost every contributer to this forum.

    Does anyone actually listen to what anyone has to say here, or is it all just a lot of random shouting?


  11. sue says:

    I read all the comments. Fully and personally and with my own eyes. You’ll have noticed that I sometimes comment on ‘my own’ and other threads as well. So do Ed and the others.

    You’re right, sometimes someone raises an issue and later someone who didn’t see it raises it again. Sometimes even on the same thread. Perhaps someone would like to have a go at collating all the comments by topic and organising them in some way.
    The original HaloScan comments system made it easier to link to previous comments.

    “Does anyone actually listen to what anyone has to say here, or is it all just a lot of random shouting?”

    I’ve asked myself that many times. Answer? Don’t know.

    From time to time someone contacts me to suggest a topic. (Usually just with a topic rather than a fully-formed post.) The other contributors must get that too.

    If dashing off a comment is easy for some, researching, composing and uploading a post on the main page is slightly different. For one thing it comes under more scrutiny, and for all our sakes, needs to be reasonably written and considered. We often get slated for our posts. Critics will say they consider them unworthy, trivial or unrelated to BBC bias and several people just tell us we are idiots. (‘We’ is probably mainly David Vance and myself.)

    Sometimes I think a topic is better explored in the comments section than in a post on the main page.
    We could try using guest posts. Of course there would have to be a selection process which might cause problems. What are your views?
    Another idea that David Vance once suggested after a bout of hostility is that we simply have a topic for a thread without the contributor’s personal rant, and request your thoughts. Would you prefer that? It might lack focus, but maybe that wouldn’t matter.

    These are just some thoughts, they are entirely my own and not the views of B-BBC. Terms and conditions apply; may contain nuts.


  12. Chilperic says:

    Reported this morning :- Mahometan Taliban killed a headmaster in front of his pupils for the crime of educating them. Is the BBC going to include this in their summary of Mahometanism on their religious education pages? If not, why not?