Is BBC Lying Over F-Bombgate?

Today the BBC told the Telegraph that an “unnamed producer” was responsible for an outburst of swearing on yesterday’s Morning Reports on Radio Five Live. I noted yesterday that a couple of tweets suggested that the racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght was to blame.

Compare the f-bomb clip with the one of Cornelius Lysaght taken from Radio Five Live today. Is it the same person?

If it is the same person (and it sounds like it to me) why would the BBC lie? It’s not as if Lysaght can be blamed for the error; in fact, if he’s forced to listen to tedious jazz fusion while waiting to file reports he deserves our sympathy. Is the BBC telling the truth, and if not, why not?

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5 Responses to Is BBC Lying Over F-Bombgate?

  1. Terminal says:

    The man swearing is on a presenter mic EQ’d for broadcast.
    Any producer would be on a poorer quality talkback mic on the panel side of the studio.
    And only a presenter would announce “I’m going to have to do that again, sorry’.


  2. Travis Bickle says:

    Listen carefully to the original sweary recording and it actually consists of two different people.  Mr. Sweary, who sounds like an ultra posh impersonator of Peter Cook, is the first one to come onto the mic.  He’s clearly in a location where Jazz music is playing loudly in the background.  After finishing his diatribe, there is a brief but clear moment of audio silence.  The second voice – who is ‘yer man’ David, is now in a location where the background has changed to an entirely different ambience with no music, where he announces “I’m going to have to do that again, sorry.”

    Sounds more to me like some idiot in the radio station switched over to the wrong feed to start with, where nobody was ready and all acting like typical, incompetent rowdy BBC personnel.  The feed was then switched sharply over to Cornelius, who was obviously embarrassed by what he’d just heard, hence the: “I’m going to have to do that again, sorry”

    So the BBC are both right and wrong.

    But it does yet again prove what an incompetent pack of overpaid morons they really are.


    • D B says:

      The Stanley Clarke outburst and the “do that again” clips were clearly recorded at diferent times, but I think it’s the same person (in my view probably Lysaght). How about this – the sweary bit got recorded, wasn’t wiped, and then a little later in a different ambience the same person announced he was trying again. This was then played in error instead of the final cut.


  3. Heads on poles says:

    Ha ha ha, Cornelius Lycanthrope.


  4. Martin Kearns says:

    It’s <a href=””>Victor Lewis-Smith</a> and I claim my £5.00.