Lefty circle jerk returns to the BBC

The News Quiz is back for a new series this week:

Elis James is a new name to me. Apparently he does things on BBC3 and XFM. I wonder why they’ve chosen him to appear this week.

Ah, that helps explain why.

He’ll fit right in with Sandi, Jeremy and the rest. The braying seals in the audience will love his views too, no doubt. It must be especially baffling for these left-wing luvvies that there’s a majority Conservative government and that four million people voted for UKIP. Damn the electorate – it’s so unrepresentantive of the News Quiz audience.

(What would be the chances of a News Quiz appearance for a comedian who called, say, Yvette Cooper a cunt?)

Radical Islam & the BBC’s useful idiots

From the Telegraph:

Mohammed Emwazi’s younger brother voiced support for the radical Islamic cleric who inspired one of Lee Rigby’s killers, the Telegraph can disclose.

Omar Emwazi, 21, indicated that he admired Sheikh Khalid Yasin on his Facebook profile, which was deleted shortly after his brother was identified as “Jihadi John”.

Yasin is an notorious American preacher who converted from Christianity to Islam and is believed to live in Manchester. He was named by Woolwich terrorist Michael Adebowale as his inspiration for converting to Islam.

Adebowale, 22, said that lectures posted online by Yasin taught him the purpose of life.

In 2011 the BBC broadcast a ridiculously biased film (some things never change) attacking anti-Islamist Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The film portrayed Sheikh Khalid Yasin as a moderate, describing him as “an American Muslim teacher…on a mission to de-radicalise”.

Here are a couple of my blogposts from 2011 about the Wilders documentary which detail the BBC’s disgraceful whitewashing of Yasin’s radical views:

BBC Geert Wilders Hit-Job

Khalid Yasin Update

Think about that for a moment. The BBC was so determined to use anything it could to attack Geert Wilders it broadcast a film that pretended the guy who inspired one of Lee Rigby’s murderers was a moderate.

I wonder how many young Muslims had their paths to radicalisation informed, in part, by that piece of BBC propaganda.

A Twitter conversation

It was reported over the weekend that a Labour councillor has claimed that aliens are influencing Vladimir Putin.

The BBC didn’t find this newsworthy, which got me thinking that things would be different if the councillor had been a member of UKIP.

Here’s the exchange I had on Twitter today with BBC politics reporter Giles Dilnot. You need to follow the links to fully understand what’s going on.

Credit to Dilnot – he admitted I got him good.

No reply to that, so I went at it again later when Dilnot tweeted about Natalie Bennett’s disastrous Green Party policy launch:

Race relations

We’re now well into day 5 of the BBC’s intensive coverage of the racist Chelsea fans story.

In the past week a number of other race-related stories have emerged, none of which you’ll find reported on the BBC website.

On Tuesday police released video of a black man dragging a white guy from a bus and beating him with a belt in an unprovoked attack.

You won’t find that story on the BBC website.

On Thursday the Coventry Telegraph reported that a young white mother had anti-white graffiti and faeces daubed on the front door of her new flat in Willenhall. A note pushed through her letterbox said that the area was for “black sisters and brothers” and “Willenhall is black so fuck off”.

You won’t find that story on the BBC website.

Today’s Evening Standard reports that police are “hunting a man after a female staff member at a bookmakers was threatened and subjected to racist abuse.” The man they’re looking for is black.

You won’t find that story on the BBC website.

Why is that? Is there a reluctance at the BBC to report stuff that could, in its view, agitate the despised white underclass in the run-up to the election? Or maybe it’s just a case of the old left-wing “only white people can be racist” ideology, therefore the BBC doesn’t deem stories newsworthy when white people are victims. Whatever the reason, it’s inconceivable that none of the above stories would’ve been reported by the BBC if the perps had been white and the victims non-white.

BBC quiz time

Last week Labour Brent councillor Zaffar Van Kawala was found guilty of dangerous driving and ABH after he drove his car at a female fellow councillor.

Today UKIP councillor Robert Ray admitted drink driving after police found him behind the wheel of his car in a hotel car park.

Guess which of the above stories is the only one you’ll find on the BBC’s website?


Incidentally – 266 words from the BBC on the UKIP councillor, but only 107 to report the fact that 20 men were today charged with rape and child prostitution in the North East. (The list of names of those charged may give an indication why the BBC isn’t making a big deal about it.)

And while I’m on the subject, spot the only mention of “Labour” in this report about the scandals in Labour-led Rotherham council. 36th paragraph, and then only in an oblique way. Imagine if a similar scandal emerged under a UKIP-led council – the BBC report would be littered with the party name from headline to final sentence.