Tomorrow should be interesting. I’m recording a contribution for BBC NI “Hearts and Minds” TV programme due to be broadcast tomorrow evening. In essence I have a three minute spot to say whatever I want on local political matters. However I am led to believe that there is a protest planned for outside the BBC Headquarters in Belfast for allowing the BNP onto Question Time next week so I hope to have a chat with any protesters I see. Seeing as how the BBC loves having IRA terrorists and Jihad apologists on it, I fail to see why the BNP is to be denied. So it would be interesting to understand what exactly they are protesting about.

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6 Responses to PROTESTING THE BBC…

  1. Martin says:

    Easy. They are protesting against anyone who doesn’t agree with their wet liberal leftist view.

    You should have heard Geert Wilders on Radio 5, Vicki Pollard had an endless queue of mental jihaddists losers teed up to attack him. Wilders came across are knowledgeable and balanced, the Muslims came across are moronic and stupid, prattling on about “Allah” and “peace” and “democracy”.


  2. Martin says:

    Richard Bacon on Radio 5 blowing his top at the Daily Express Headline “Muslims want full Sharia law”

    He’s upset that a newspaper dare have such a distorted view. What that Muslims want Sharia law? ALL Muslims want Sharia law, they live by Sharia already you tool Bacon.


  3. North Northwester says:

    So, how many bombs has the BNP left in pubs, cars, hotels, shops, railway stations?


  4. Heads on poles says:

    Freedom of speech only applies if you say the right thing.
    The left proclaim that freedom of speech is all, then they control it then they stop it.
    Look at the activities of every left wing government since, er, ever…
    Good luck David, I tried discussing with an anti-fascist protestor why he doesn’t agree with freedom of speech – he wasn’t impressed with my freedom to ask the question and it didn’t last long. Got tarred witht he racist/fascist label simply by asking.


  5. Martin says:

    Compare and contract the treatment of Tory MP Wilshire and his 100K expenses scam to the mere 15 seconds the BBC gave to 5 bellies who had ot apologise to the Commons the other day.

    5 bellies was found guilty of fiddling but the BBC gave her a huge freebie pass (no trailing her around with cameras) and a mere 15 seconds on the 6PM news that night.

    Wilshire has been on the BBC news ALL morning.


  6. George R says:

    “The celebration of this smug, unrepentant IRA murderer will give heart to anyone plotting to bomb London”
    (by Stephen Glover.)


    “I am amazed by the almost total lack of interest in Magee on the part of many in the British media, not least the BBC. So deep-seated is the pious view that the Good Friday Agreement was a triumph of diplomacy – by common consent, Tony Blair’s greatest, possibly only, success – that no one seems to care very much when Magee and others like him claim moral equivalence with the British Government while continuing to justify their terrorist tactics. ”

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