Hi all! Sorry blogging has been light for the past few days but I am busy getting organised for my holiday to the USA. A big thank you to all my colleagues here who are more than adequately covering for me.

This is just a quick heads-up that we WILL be covering THE “Question Time” debate tomorrow night. Hope you can make it. Please come early as we can only allow the first 25 guests to comment without moderation. I’m hoping this will be a record show for us. It will also be my last contribution on the site until November 4th.
As it happens, I will also BE on the BBC tomorrow discussing the BNP on QT along with the Jan Muir/Gately issue. I will be debating this Roy Greenslade on “Hearts and Minds” and it will be broadcast on BBC2 NI @ 7.30pm and then BBC1 NI @ 11.35pm. As ever, I am there to be the voice of moderation and reason. 😉


Tomorrow should be interesting. I’m recording a contribution for BBC NI “Hearts and Minds” TV programme due to be broadcast tomorrow evening. In essence I have a three minute spot to say whatever I want on local political matters. However I am led to believe that there is a protest planned for outside the BBC Headquarters in Belfast for allowing the BNP onto Question Time next week so I hope to have a chat with any protesters I see. Seeing as how the BBC loves having IRA terrorists and Jihad apologists on it, I fail to see why the BNP is to be denied. So it would be interesting to understand what exactly they are protesting about.