I see that the BBC could face legal action over British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has warned.

The show is due to feature Mr Griffin, Justice Secretary Jack Straw and Tory and Lib Dem panellists on 22 October. But Mr Hain has written to BBC director general Mark Thompson arguing the BNP was “an unlawful body” following a court ruling on its membership policy.

I can’t see to remember Mr Hain suggesting the BBC could face legal action when it allowed IRA godfathers onto Question Time, can you? It’s amazing the publicity that Griffin’s appearance is generating for the BBC, and the majority of this is being generated by the revolting moral relativists from the political left who object to the BNP being allowed the same opportunity to be questioned as George Galloway or Martin McGuinness. I have no time for any of these revolting groups but the startling hypocrisy of Hain does need to be exposed and in attacking the BBC, Hain hopes to short circuit any debate on HIS double standards.
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  1. Bob says:

    Shall we take this as a general comment about someone else’s take on bias – I must say, it’s refreshing


  2. sue says:

    Taking the BBC to court for hiring dodgy panellists would set a very strange precedent in view of that programme’s past record of panellists. What would become of Question Time if everyone rushed to Carter Ruck rather than face a cunning opponent.

    It’s the choice of the rest of the panellists that is going to give the BNP a head start. Melanie Phillips has nailed it exactly.


    • Bob says:

      Philips should remember she is no different to the chattering classes, she is a full member – she forgets that this whole saga should not be about the BNP, it’s about 5 people answering questions – they shouldn’t be there to debate Griffin’s points in particular, the audience set the agenda, his responses will be sufficient


  3. Travis Bickle says:

    You think a BNP forum is apology for the 9/11 pro Islam forum the BBC granted in 2001.


    “Because being BBC means never having to say you’re sorry.”


  4. dave s says:

    Would the BNP really care it it was banned from Question Time?
    I suspect it would suit it very well.
    The libleft cannot confront the BNP effectively.It is out of it’s depth and I suspect the BNP know it.
    The beyond the pale old fashioned Tory could but will not get the chance. After all the libleft thinks old style Tories are facists anyway.


  5. David vance says:


    Excellent take from Melanie. I fully agree with what she says. If only the BBC would arrange these debates for genuine engagement to take place. This will be shadow boxing and it will probably help the BNP. just like Sinn Fein has been helped over the years.


  6. Graham Evans says:

    Why doesn’t “he who’s been tango’d” face the audience and explode all of Nicks evil and treachery if Nick is that wrong about everything. The logic must win through surely?
    Go on Tango man, face up to it.


  7. Heads on poles says:

    Just watched Newsnight and the idiot Hain foaming at the mouth at the thought of the BNP on Newsnight.
    Best part was Paxo describing QT as a sort of chat show.


    • George R says:

      Of course, Jeremy Paxman interviewed Abu Hamza live on BBC ‘Newsnight’ in 2002.


  8. Grant says:

    The irony of Hain, of all people, raising the issue of “legality”  is hilarious. What a prat !


  9. james caine says:

    If Hain was so keen to get rid of Apartheit why doesn’t he live in South Africa now?