One in Five?

Are one in five really considering voting for the BNP?
If so, and Nick’s appearance on QT was the catalyst, some thoughts belatedly occurred to me.

It’s generally accepted that QT exposed him as a holocaust denier and racist. Yet despite that, and despite the fact that being a racist is perceived as the ultimate wickedness, one in five have somehow managed to push Nick’s racism to the back of their minds. Or should that be the backs of their mind.

The thing QT exposed was the very thing the BNP has been trying to hide. But imagine if Mr. Griffin really wasn’t a racist, what if he opposed mass Muslim immigration because he genuinely loved Britain’s values?
Or, what if someone else who wasn’t Nick Griffin and who wasn’t a racist, did so; say a politician from one of the mainstream parties? Dream on.

If the BBC thinks that simply revealing the BNP’s racism is enough to discredit it, what about the type of racism that the BBC itself tacitly peddles. Can we have that revealed in a custom made question Time? Can we have a panel of multi-party pro-Zionists versus Helen Boaden?
Someone needs to ask why Islington antisemitism is alright, but confronting genuine concerns about Islamism is all wrong.

We see how the BBC portrays the Jewish state, and we observe that the mud they’ve slung has stuck to diaspora Jews. We haven’t yet reached the stage where it’s okay to openly espouse antisemitism, but anti Zionism does have a full seal of approval even when it’s demonstrably a mere cloak.
Not even Jack Straw’s unnecessary “As-s-Jew” outburst was enough to deter potential BNP voters from assuming that it’s permissible to turn a blind eye to a a bit of harmless holocaust denial.

I don’t know whether my grandparents came to the UK from eastern Europe intentionally, or whether they ended up here by accident, as many did. But they assimilated, and their descendants are respectable members of British society. They made no demands and adapted.
There is a world of difference between racism and objection to Islamification of Europe. But neither our government nor the BBC will admit that.
If there is a genuinely benign interpretation of Islam that accepts and respects others, no problemo. Muslims that follow that variation on a theme should be welcome to live wherever they’re prepared to assimilate. Reiterating that Islam is the religion of peace is not enough, nor is trying to normalise cultural practices that are antithetical to ours.

What angers the potential BNP voters is that their understandable objections to demands for Sharia law, 12,000 seater mosques, belligerent burka wearing, refusal to integrate, Asian-on-white racism and demonstrations against British soldiers are branded Islamophobic, and considered beyond the pale, too taboo to discuss.
So the BBC is the flagship of hypocrisy on that score, and has played a considerable part in creating this ‘one in five’ sorry state of affairs.


Hi all! Sorry blogging has been light for the past few days but I am busy getting organised for my holiday to the USA. A big thank you to all my colleagues here who are more than adequately covering for me.

This is just a quick heads-up that we WILL be covering THE “Question Time” debate tomorrow night. Hope you can make it. Please come early as we can only allow the first 25 guests to comment without moderation. I’m hoping this will be a record show for us. It will also be my last contribution on the site until November 4th.
As it happens, I will also BE on the BBC tomorrow discussing the BNP on QT along with the Jan Muir/Gately issue. I will be debating this Roy Greenslade on “Hearts and Minds” and it will be broadcast on BBC2 NI @ 7.30pm and then BBC1 NI @ 11.35pm. As ever, I am there to be the voice of moderation and reason. 😉

"those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain’s military"

This morning’s BBC news is making much play with a letter in the Times denouncing those who appropriate icons of British military history for political purposes. It was one of the lead items on R4 news.

Two former heads of the Army are among those to put their names to a letter accusing “those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain’s military”.

It does not name the BNP but has been issued as part of a new campaign.

They write: “We call on all those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain’s military for their own advantage to cease and desist.

“The values of these extremists – many of whom are essentially racist – are fundamentally at odds with the values of the modern British military, such as tolerance and fairness.”

Well, I’m sure you can’t expect the (former) Army top brass to keep copies of everyone’s election leaflets – but surely the BBC’s army of newshounds and political correspondents must have noticed that the 2009 Euro elections featured an awful lot of what you could loosely call ‘nationalist’ iconography which didn’t come from the party not named by the generals. Try this, spotted by Iain Dale.

OK, why haven’t the BBC spotted this leaflet, handed out in the West Midlands Euro constituency in 2009 – by an ‘essentially racist’ party ? I noted it at the time as the Battle of the Spitfires.

Surely, as the generals have not named any political party, but purely those “who seek to hijack the good name of Britain’s military for their own advantage” , the BBC piece should include the Labour Party in its list of suspects ? Where’s that balance I keep hearing about ?


I see that the BBC could face legal action over British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has warned.

The show is due to feature Mr Griffin, Justice Secretary Jack Straw and Tory and Lib Dem panellists on 22 October. But Mr Hain has written to BBC director general Mark Thompson arguing the BNP was “an unlawful body” following a court ruling on its membership policy.

I can’t see to remember Mr Hain suggesting the BBC could face legal action when it allowed IRA godfathers onto Question Time, can you? It’s amazing the publicity that Griffin’s appearance is generating for the BBC, and the majority of this is being generated by the revolting moral relativists from the political left who object to the BNP being allowed the same opportunity to be questioned as George Galloway or Martin McGuinness. I have no time for any of these revolting groups but the startling hypocrisy of Hain does need to be exposed and in attacking the BBC, Hain hopes to short circuit any debate on HIS double standards.


Interesting to note that Panorama is running a programme on Monday evening detailing the woes and afflictions that face “Asians” living in a council estate in the summer of 2009. I suspect this is not entirely unrelated to the appearance by BNP Nick Griffin on Question Time three nights later. The BBC is setting an agenda here which will culminate on Thursday night.

Campaigning Starts In Euro Elections

Keep an ear out for next Thursday’s Radio Four ‘The Report’ which promises to reveal the electoral tactics of the British National Party as they campaign for ‘a coveted Euro seat’. I somehow don’t think it’s going to be an admiring profile. Isn’t there some kind of law about doing this sort of thing at election time ?

(the revelations have also appeared here and here. Doesn’t Nick Griffin look more like Patrick Moore every day ?)


Did you read that Harriet Harperson has been flagging up that the BNP represents a threat to Labour at the upcoming Euro-poll? The BBC helpfully repeats Ms Harperson’s bleating but digs no further. Is it possible, do you think, that the reason the BNP poses any kind of credible threat is because disaffected LABOUR voters may choose to rally around it? And will the BBC give the BNP a chance to reply to La Harpersons allegations?