It’s so sweet to be back and enduring BBC coverage of world affairs. Take the news that Obama just suffered humiliating defeats in the US. Headline stuff, you might think. Nope. On the BBC US portal the big news is that an Italian judge convicts 23 Americans and two Italian secret agents over the CIA kidnap of an Egyptian cleric in 2003.

I heard Mark Mardell drooling about Obama and how “cool” he still is even after this bit of a a setback on the PM programme. Utterly pathetic. Did you hear him – he spoke as a fan, not a journalist.
The radical leftist agenda pursued by Obama the Cool is going to cause huge alienation in the coming year and it will be informative to watch the BBC do all that it can to try and protect the image of their man in the White House.
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  1. Beeboidal says:

    Mark Mardell did only a fair job in spinning these defeats. I think the prize must go to Jonathan Beale, who spun more vigorously and pushed the split leading to the Republican/Conservative defeat in New York very nicely.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    In celebration of the one year anniversary of the victory of the Bush haters (hatred of George Bush being the only actual platform on which the campaign was run, other than the racialist angle), BBC World News America ran a lovely tribute to Him.  It featured Bonnie Greer, who shares important racial traits with the President, praising him.  The theme was a bit precious:  different types of Black Music and a superficial mood association with His personality and style, with appropriate background mood music.  The focus was more on the man than anything else, continuing the Cult of Personality.

    This was a celebration, plain and simple, something the BBC would never, ever do for another President.  Yes, this was done for the US audience of BBC World Propaganda America, but that makes it even more biased and questionable.  And I assume it was shown on News 24 in the UK at least.  Even so, a fawning tribute is a bit unseemly.


  3. Travis Bickle says:

    Everytime i see that plug-eared gobshite Obama mouthing off in his usual cocksure braindead way, I can’t help thinking of Italian men who pull at their crotch a lot and walk bow legged.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mardell’s blog encomium is even biased in favor of His Health Care Plan For Us.

    It’s probably because it’s easier than governing. And he has made mistakes. The biggest over health care.
    Bill Clinton tried to write the bill while he was in the White House and it got shot to pieces.
    He has let the politicians on Capitol Hill have their protracted say. The result is a confusion of competing plans with different price tags.
    He will get a lot of advice following last night’s elections, and some of it, like this article by Robert Creamer, pretty sound.
    But if I was a presidential adviser, I would be more worried about reports that the health care bill may slip into next year

    So His mistake wasn’t that He’s trying to force on His subjects a radical policy costing well over 1 trillion dollars when the economy is in the trough, but that He didn’t do the right thing to make that policy happen fast enough.

    He follows with this:

    I’ve talked to lots of voters who are anxious about what will happen to their health care.
    They don’t know. No one knows. No one can know.
    Those who want to brand any outcome as costly big government interference easily fill the vacuum.

    Mardell is clearly implying that some outcomes might not be costly, big government interference.  His personal opinion on display.  He also presents this as if all the voters he spoke to are in favor of His Health Care Plan For Us, and are concerned that it won’t pass, or be good enough, or whatever.  I guess he never spoke to anyone who was against it.  His vagueness allows him to create the desired impression.  And he does want to create a specific impression for you.

    The Obamessiah keeps putting off a decision on Afghanistan?  It’s because He’s “looking very seriously” at it.  Any criticism of Him is dismissed out of hand as whiners demanding “microwave government”.  Once again the Narrative previously established by Justin Webb and Matt Frei is carried on. Any objections to His actions are from fools who just don’t understand, can’t grasp His intellectual prowess, and are merely impatient whiners who have no valid point.


  5. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    I expect that as the Obamessiah comes unstuck the BBC will revert to type and dismiss the US as a nation of reactionary, racist, individualist Christians who are simply too right-wing to grasp the blessing of Obama. Thus Obama will be cast as the hero let down by an ignorant American public.