Anyone listen to Al Gore interviewed – if that is the right word for it – on “Today” this morning? I was hoping that Naughtie might have found the time to ask Gore how it feels to be the first Green Billionaire, or perhaps why he has not given up eating meat yet, given the perils of meat eating highlighted by the IPCC no less! But alas, his fawning left no time for such questioning!

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6 Responses to YOU CAN CALL ME, AL!

  1. Mailman says:

    I caught the paxman interview the other night but it really wasnt an interview as the geezer wasnt in the studio and the questions were clearly scripted (and most likely pre-approved by Big Al).

    I also had to take a double take because I wasnt sure it was Paxman who was doing the interviewing, so “soft” was he. This wasnt the Paxman that interviewed the undercover mosque geezer…this was a fake Paxman who asked friendly non-questions.

    I mean, even the vegie question was a happy question and all that! 🙂



  2. Chris says:

    The questions I would have liked him to be asked are:

    Is it true you may become a billionaire through your investments in climate change?

    Why did you buy a condominium near the sea if you believe that sea level is going to rise so much?

    Why do you live such a carbon rich lifestyle if you believe that we should all cut down on our Carbon Dioxide useage?

    39 scientific errors have been found in your Oscar winning film, why haven’t you admitted you got them wrong?

    Why won’t you debate with Lord Monkton or anybody else directly on climate change?

    The chances of him being asked questions like these on the BBC are slim, but he want’s us to impoverish ourselves by following his advice so he should be scrutinized like any other politician.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The interview was done from the position that we are doomed from AGW if we don’t do something.  No mention that the science behind Warmism has been mostly debunked.  Instead, Naughtie asked questions about people not listening enough, getting turned off.  Not actual doubts based on a reasoned position, but just apathy or contrarianism are the only reasons people might not ask “how high” when the High Priest of Warmism says “jump”.

    And Gore was allowed to state that the “scientific consensus” is growing “ever stronger”, etc.  This was an advertisement for Warmism, nothing less, paid for by your license fee.

    And here people thought that the BBC was showing balance on this issue because of that one article mentioning that the debate is getting hot.  No, it’s fact according to the BBC, and the Beeboids view it as part of their remit to engage in social engineering to achieve their goal.


  4. DP111 says:

    A great artricle here

    The Greatest Scam on Earth


  5. DP111 says:

    It all started out with Anthropogenic Global Cooling. As that did not quite pan out, the politicians and their paid paid NGOs, switched to AGW. It should have worked but for the perversity of nature, and that bloggers were now present to say so otherwise. So now a switch has been made to what amounts to a “Heads I win, tails you lose”, scam. It is AGCC (CC- climate change). This can never be refuted, as in a dynamic world; climate is bound to be changing all the time.

    Now at last they have a means to tax the Western world, and give the money away to the Third world, in the main Africa for the foreseeable future. Why? It is unlikely that it to prevent climate change, as politicians are never motivated by long term social good. It has to be a very pressing need that has got all Western governments to bypass democratic hurdles, to get what they want – a need great enough, but politically impossible to reveal


  6. Guest says:

    It was either incompetent or a set-up (if an odd one for JP’s career).

    Having, or making money is irrelevant in this case… it’s what is done to acquire it and with it.

    Silly digs at lifestyle trivia in the manner attempted merely reflect badly on the interviewer.

    Al Gore could show a bank account that is bare, yet still live a mansion, fly private, etc ad never pay a red cent… by being the high priest in a green cathedral that seems blind to what, after splurging on the odd solar panel and long life lightbulb, he needs all this money for.

    And, just as important, and seldom sensibly questioned, is how effective the green $ he gets voluntarily, or wants by other means from others, is being in actually helping our kids’ futures.