Nice to see the BBC running every possible allegation against our Armed Forces when in Iraq. It suits their narrative and plays to the BBC meme that regardless of their sacrifice, you just cannot trust the British Army. Muslims are unhappy and Brits must pay. The “darker side” to the British Army allegations that the BBC loves to run sickens me. Are you content with how the BBC presents this?

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  1. Marky says:

    “Are you content with how the BBC presents this?”

    Nope, and noticed how the “new Iraq abuse” allegations have been the top story for two days now. **** ’em, if the BBC think I’m paying the licence fee for thier shit they’ve got another thing coming…


  2. Teddy Bear says:

    Flo, consider the context. The BBC are happy to support our troops and our society, at least as far as their mindset extends, with no problem, insofar as it doesn’t infringe on their own agenda. Where it comes to appeasing Islam in whatever form it takes, then we will be sacrificed. This is what the BBC show – time and time again.


  3. Kevin Law says:

    i was just thinking how typical of the BBC over these allegations. note they are allegations – not proven. but i am sure i almost saw a glint in the eye of the reporter on News 24. as if his subtext was ‘there you are – told you so. the British army are all a bunch of scum’. the BBC are disloyal, anti British and left wing. but sometimes they just step over the line and move into the obscene.


  4. Bob says:

    From what I can tell you want the BBC to support the army to the hilt and never dare criticise them

    They do stress the point that this is a very small minority of our soldiers – are the claims false? Sensationalised?


  5. George R says:

    Who are the enemies of British society, whom the BBC
     doesn’t name?: Islamic jihadists and their supporters.


  6. John Anderson says:

    And it was that awful Caroline Hawley who was positively cooing all the claims about ill-treatment.

    There is no way she should be allowed to give her reports of 30-odd “new” allegations without the BBC running the MoD statement that only 7 of the allegations are “new”,  the rest are rehashed.  Nor should Hawley be allowed to trill away merrily,  it sounded as though she was enjoying recounting the allegations.

    And NO WAY is this item significant enough to be 2nd main headline (sometimes first) right through the day on Radio 4 news bulletins.

    I think what we have is the malevolent Caroline (Tears for Arafat) Hawley PLUS a dhimmified,  pacifist set of news editors.

    When I heard her first report,  I thought it was just a blip,  other more serious news will supersede it.  But as the day went by,  it was clear the BBC were campaigning on this one.

    As usual.



  7. Paul says:

    The bias concerning the BBC and the UK military is quite plain.  It serves two purposes as others on here have commented.  The first is to serve a liberal disdain for the military.  The second is to placate Islam.  This can be seen quite clearly here in the BBC decision to shelve a documentary about the 7/7 bombers. 

    I mentioned this on my own blog and linked to the Times article that originally mentioned it.  Sad isn’t it that a documentary about the 7/7 bombers is considered ‘Islamaphobic’.  I.e. it tells the truth about radical Islam, something the BBC multiculturalists are uncomfortable with. 
    Another facet of their bias is a liberal disdain for the armed forces in General.  Case in point their decision to shelve a documentary about the heroism of Johnson Beharry who won a VC in Iraq. 

    Apparently this story was ‘too positive’.  Well I along with others regard the endless regurgitation of false abuse allegations as ‘too negative’.  But guess what those stories are allowed to run and run online.  There is a desire to appease Islam on one hand and denigrate the Armed Forces on the other.  I am appalled I pay for this crap.



  8. Pounce says:

    Part 1
    If we should contrast how the bBC reports on allegations of terrorists activity from British Muslims (or even violence for that matter) the bBC sticks firmly on the side of caution,  A counter balance is always aired, and if the evidence is overwhelming, they will point out that the people in the frame did so (Out of character) because how they feel about;
    Islamaphobia Iraq Afghanistan.
    That excuse is never afforded to the men and women of the armed forces. Yes the bBC reports on equipment deficiencies, but like all left leaning orgs the bBCs main objective here is the removal of all British armed forces from  its UN mandate in Afghanistan . They know that this government will not budge, but they can (And do) promote this agenda that our troops are not getting the support they need from the government so lets pull them out.
    Yes the bBC reports good and bad news, but have a good look at how it headlines them. Only the otherday the bBC ran the headlines that the Royal Navy watched two British people get kidnapped and did nothing.  The truth be told it wasn’t a Navy ship but a Royal Fleet Auxiliary Oil Tanker (RFA).


    • Pounce says:

      Part 2

      That bomb which went off at that NATO base in Kabul the otherday, err no the bomb went off on the main road well outside and targeted a convoy. Now the bBC reporter while pointing out the damage and the camp gave this impression that he was at the scene of the blast. The thing is reading the news from other news outlets you see that that blast happened in front of a bridge. A bridge that is missing from the bBC coverage. So where did that bBC reporter who wasn’t wearing his body armour or helmet make that report from seeing as the taliban like to set off secondary devices all the time? Yet he finishes off his report by demanding to know what good are British and American forces doing in Afghanistan.  That isn’t impartial news reporting that is giving your own opinion, which from the bBC seems to have been tainted with radical Islamic man fat.

      The bBC is the most traitorous left wing organisation going, which might help explain why a bBC Muslim reporter  alongside his MCB mate was refused entry into India this week. Oh I’ll accept that they were both part of a British council group going out to combat Islamophobia in the east.  But isn’t it strange how in any news coverage containing naughty ,naughty people the bBC is more than happy to bring out the MCB. Now contrast that with how they report the story about allegations of prisoner abuse. While inserting pictures of the Abu Gharib into the mix and talking about the damage this will do to the armies image abroad the bBC leave out that since 2001 only 1 British soldier has been found guilty of abuse  the rest have walked.

      Has the bBC ever posted pictures of the London blasts when reporting on Muslims arrested on charges of alleged terrorist claims?

      I rest my case.


  9. John Anderson says:


    Excellent post.

    Drop the 7/7 documentary because it is too critical of Islamists in our midst.

    Drop a documentary on Behary and his VC because it is “too positive”.


    That’s “balance” at the BBC.


  10. John Anderson says:


    There is endless evidence that Iran has supplied much of the IED materiel – and training –  in Iraq and now in Afghanistan.   IEDs that have killed dozens and dozens of British soldiers.   FACT.

    How much attention does the BBC give to this ?    Damn all.

    But if a few ‘ooman-rights lawyers,  living off the public teat,  trump up another set of dubious claims about the UK military,  the BBC splashes it all as a running top headline. 

    If I wer4e at the MoD I would ban the BBC entirely from war zones,  they are a fifth column.


  11. David says:

    Yet again Mr Phil Shiner is allowed to make allegations about rape, murder and torture without having to provide at least a smidgen of proof. I bet most if not all of these will quietly disappear when it comes to light that the Iraqis have been briefed by Shiner and his Iraqi legal team. AND most of the injuries on prisoners were inflcited by the Iraqi Army/Police and it was the British Forces that stopped a lot of this casual brutality which was the norm in BAsra for example. Shiner is a rabid left winger who loves making money off the backs of our soldiers as does his mate Martyn Day who kept the Kenyan allegations rubbish going for years before it was proved it was abunch of lies. Funny how the Beeb always forget to report this osrt of thing hmm?


    • Martin says:

      Shiner is a turds sniffer. He and his grubby friends simply trawl Iraq trying to find people who think they’ve been abused.

      Shiner is a nasty little man who is doing this off the backs of the tax payer.


  12. DJ says:

    What David Said.

    Shiner is a well-known lawyer and leftist kook. A *responsible* journalistic organisation should not be treating him as a disinterested seeker after truth. So where’s the ‘due diligence’ here? If nothing else, we have the right to know just how much he’s making from all this.

    Plus, how come the BBC’s Fire Marshals have stood down. You know those guys: the ones who keep criticising organisations and bloggers who report the wrong truths for being ‘inflammatory’. Isn’t reporting atrocity stories as fact kind of inflammatory too?


  13. Pounce says:

    Taken from the Daily Mail;

    A female Army medic faces investigation following allegations that she sexually assaulted a prisoner while he was detained at a British military base in Iraq.


    The nurse is the first British female soldier to face abuse claims by Iraqi detainees. The claims are among 33 new allegations of torture, male rape and physical mistreatment being probed by the Ministry of Defence.


    Father-of-three Hussain Hashim Khinyab, 35, says that after he was arrested by British forces in April 2006, the medic had tried to have sex with him at the Shaaibah logistical camp while he was lying on a hospital bed recovering from an operation.



    • Pounce says:

      Mr Khinyab, say his British lawyers, claims the nurse ‘tried to have sex with him, but stopped when somebody came into the room’. She is then said to have pleaded with him not to tell the doctor in charge about the incident.

      Ok help me here, who the hell (Other than a 16 year boy) would believe the above.


  14. DP111 says:

    Why is the BBC a collective dhimmi?

    Is the BBC a dhimmi by choice or blackmail?

    The BBC is a Left collective, but it is I hope not a revolutionary  Marxist collective. So why its alliance with Islam?

    The BBC is funded by the government – is the government forcing the BBC to act like a dhimmi – Why?

    What does the BBC or its paymaster gain by the BBC adopting a dhimmi stance?


  15. DJ says:

    Judging by what Pounce posted, Philthy Phil has started plagirising the letters page of Penthouse. 
    Seriously, the comedy writes itself – and it’ll have to, ’cause I don’t think we’ll be seeing any gags about this on Have I Got Lefty View For You or any of the rest anytime soon. Can anyone imagine such a bonkers complaint against liberal icons not being given the full duck house treatment by the BBC’s house comedians?


    • D B says:

      “Judging by what Pounce posted, Philthy Phil has started plagirising the letters page of Penthouse.”


      Dear Penthouse,

      As an avid reader I’ve always wondered if the letters are real, but now I can tell you about an experience I had recently.

      When I was detained for terrorist activities by the British Army in Iraq I was forced to undergo an operation at their military base in order to save my life. When I came too, a beautiful woman was hovering over me. She was a real stunner – tall, blonde, 36-24-36. “Are you the first of my 72 virgins?” I asked, expectantly.

      “No,” she purred. “Your suicide bombing attempt failed. I’m nurse Jones, and I’m here to make to you feel better in any way I can.”

      She bent over the bed giving me a great view of her… cont. p94)


      • D B says:

        Just noticed – in the context of the above, “When I came too…” is unforgivable. I did of course mean “When I came to…”


  16. Sharia Laws says:

    Hello Infidels.
    You should be more concerned about the bravery and heroism of our brainwshed operatives working within the mine-fields of Broadcasting House. Never mind that they are being paid by the blackmailed unsuspecting bourgeoisie British public, some of whom have more than one television set, with the assistance of a 3rd rate management, we will get you all !
    You have been warned Licence payer. There will be many more lop-sided stories to come.
    As for Jewish people being allowed to watch TV, please don’t get me started !


  17. piggy kosher says:

    Well sleazed.
    We should have more of this kind of analysis.


  18. John Anderson says:

    When one considers the kind of cowardly crap our soldiers faced out in Iraq,  I reckon they were extremely restrained,  a credit to the standards of discipline and good political sense in the British army.

    Never any of that flavour from the BBC,  though.   Just Al Jazeera stuff.   And it seems to be getting worse,  constantly raking up the past and grandstanding any claims by dodgy lawyers/so-called Human Rights bigots.


  19. Pounce says:

    Part 1

    This thread is about how the bBC glamorises any allegation against the British Military as fact and ensures that the reader is given as much information as possible of past allegations or actual incidents
    (1) in which to reinforce this view that British soldiers can only be evil.

    This past weekend the bBC ensured that it gave Top spot to a News story on allegations made by Iraqi people years after the event. When the Government put a stop to this “we want a Public inquiry” (I wonder why Human rights lawyers  would push for such a move could it have something to do with how much legal aid they can claim because an inquiry would last a lot longer?) The bBC headlined with “No Public probe into Iraqi abuse.” Thus instantly turning an allegation into fact.


  20. Pounce says:

    Part 2

    Now contrast how the bBC compares allegations against British soldiers against 5 men arrested in the Manchester area for terrorism.
    Five arrested during terror raids
    Five men have been arrested under the Terrorism Act after raids in Manchester and Bolton. Police said armed officers were not used in the operation, which took place at about 0400 GMT. There was no imminent terrorist danger to the Greater Manchester area. Those living in nearby communities would see a “high-profile police presence” during the day and would be able to discuss issues with officers.

    And here is how the bBC aired that breaking news,(See if you can find it)


  21. Pounce says:

    Part 3

    The bBC report quite rightly treats the suspects as “Innocent until found guilty in a court of law” it doesn’t link in past instances of terrorist arrests into the article neither does it run on its TV news pictures of British people blown up by Terrorists. Neither does it highlight just which community these people belong to, but the wording about how nearby communities  would see a high-profile police presence during the day kind of gives the game away.

    I’m sure the bBC will roll out interviews with people from these communities who will all air the same view that they are all good boys thus allowing the bBC to send the message that this is a miscarriage of justice.

    Yet a news story about allegations made against British  soldiers is given the Current Bun (Sun) headlines treatment . I wonder why