14 Responses to OBAMAWORSHIP

  1. North Northwester says:

    And so the united people welcomed the Glorious Leader: Great Philosopher, Mighty Architect, Foremost Agriculturalist, Premier Interior Designer, Noted Painter and Decorator, Prinipal Walnut Whirl Whirler, without a word of criticism or as shadow of a doubt or mention of 70,000,000 Chinamen murdered by Chairman Mao or some other guy when whatever.

    Read also: “Deadly racist comment by some chap in Staffordshire: 20,000-word article at Ten.”


  2. poochie says:

    Yeah, I know for a FACT that the BBC were busy arranging an Obamageist all across China. See those haircuts? Arranged by Mark Thompson. See those t-shirts with Oba Mao on them? Designed by Huw Edwards, printed by Kirsty Wark. See that flaming Obama statue with the grinning Chinese artist in front of it? Commissioned with LICENCE PAYERS’ MONEY by none other than JONATHAN ROSS.

    It’s disgusting. Thank you for pointing it out.


  3. deegee says:

    Let me see. Obama in a Mao jacket and cap is a compliment but Obama in in Muslim garb is tasteless and offensive?

    The BBC would not, indeed could not, have filmed this Obama worship if the Chinese Government hadn’t been in favour. Does that mean Mao is back in favour?


  4. poochie says:

    Did it occur to you that neither video is condemning or supporting a stance, but rather reporting on a particular phenomenon?

    It really didn’t, did it.


    • deegee says:

      I’m not sure that comment was directed at me but I’ll respond anyway.

      What I’m saying is public relations 101 at any university.

      The meaning of anything published (the jargon word is text) is more than just the words and images. Publicists salivate when they can persuade a newspaper or a television station to present their client visiting somewhere as news. Some call it PR. Some call it photo opportunity. Just as long as the presentation is or can be spun as positive. It is even more effective when someone other than the client or an obvious publicist makes the statement.

      The classic example was John Rockefeller. Faced with a public that despite his philantrophy was envious of his wealth he approached a PR firm. On their advice, Rockefeller became well known in his later life for the practice of giving dimes to adults and nickels to children wherever he went. If a journalist or a photographer was present (or invited) when he made this gesture it became news.

      If Obama was to say, “the Chinese love me”, it would be ignored or worse laughed at. For the BBC to say, “look at all these flattering images” it will be interpreted as reporting on a particular phenomenon. PR Magic!

      The BBC is well known for presenting photo ops as news. It would be acceptable or possibly unavoidable if they gave equal attention to Obama’s opponents or even occassionally presented an opposing analysis but they don’t.

      Think how the ‘message’ would be alterred by a throw away line. Mao Tse Tung may have been responsible for the deaths of millions but he does make a good graphic image.

      PR death? 


  5. poochie says:

    You know, when I said up there that Huw Edwards designed the shirts and Kirsty Wark printed them, that was sarcasm.


  6. Martin says:

    Male beeboid was literally wetting his knickers last night asking some other dozy beeboid about the Q&A session in China with St Obama. “Are they excited” shouted camp studio beeboid.

    More likely they don’t want to be put in prison or shot. The BBC also noted the audience was “hand picked” by the Chinese, what a bit like a Question Time audience then?


    • Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

      ‘literally wetting his knickers’ ? how are you aware of this martin?


  7. Umbongo says:


    There really is no point trying to enter into a serious discussion with trolls.  It only encourages them and, at the same time, discourages not only those who consider that B-BBC might be doing useful work by highlighting BBC bias but also – and as important – civilised defenders of the BBC.  By engaging the trolls you are doing their work for them.


    • poochie says:

      You’re absolutely right. These trolls are endangering our population of billygoats, and without the existence of talking goats, how on Earth are we supposed to prove BBC bias?


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Instead of reporting from a well-rounded perspective, the BBC chose to feed you White House propaganda instead.  The BBC coverage of The Obamessiah’s manifestation in Asia was heavily censored to show Him in the best possible light.  It was one historical moment after another, as far as BBC audiences would be aware.

    The BBC did not tell you about the embarrassing bow to the Japanese emperor.  The BBC did not tell you about how China rounded up a bunch of dissidents before His arrival to keep things quiet for His presence.  Yet, they did tell you He spoke about how China needs to work on human rights.  He brings Light, never mind about the darkness.  Essentially, rather than giving you the whole picture, which includes – *gasp* – concerns about what He’s up to, they BBC gave you a White House press release.  As far as those who look to the BBC for information would know, the only concern is that He might not do enough to save the planet from AGW.

    The Beeboids also make every effort to spin His failure to announce a coherent policy on Afghanistan, but that’s par for the course.

    The pro-Obamessiah bias at the BBC is only partially responsible for what is basically your license fee being used to promote the agenda of a leader of a foreign country.  The other primary cause of this heavily biased coverage is the visceral anti-Bush/Republican/Conservative/anyone not Postmodern Relativist Leftoid bias.  They still see the world as something that needs to be saved from that nasty Booooosh and nasty non-PC industries.  The same anti-US bias that made the Beeboids vilify Bush and the US as the biggest problem in the world (other than Israel, naturally), is making them celebrate every breath He takes.

    Because they agree with Him in his far-Left political agenda, and His continued apologies for everything they’ve always hated about the US.  The BBC bias is on display for all to see.