You could not make this up. But it’s true. A colleague at Cambridge sent me last night a link to the Futerra communications agency. It’s a swish outfit with offices in London and New York. Set up with the help of taxpayers’ money, it runs courses for a legion of big corporations (BT, Unilever), NGOs (Greenpeace, the Carbon Trust)) government departments (DEFRA, DFID), and it teaches them “how to communicate” (spread propaganda) about “Climate Change” and “Sustainability”. In other words, they are eco-freaks. Their messages include:

Forget the climate change detractors. Those who deny climate change science are irritating, but unimportant. The argument is not about if we should deal with climate change, but how we should deal with climate change.

Guess who their other clients include? Of course, the BBC. This is what the Futerra website says about our “impartial” £3.5bn-a-year public service broadcaster:

Various BBC teams have enjoyed training sessions on communicating sustainable development. Participants have ranged from producers for EastEnders to researchers on the CBeebies channel. We also developed the creative PR strategy for the launch of the BBC’s online ethical fashion magazine Thread.

The BBC courses were not specifically about “climate change” as such, but one look at the site shows that these people are fanatical about forcing change on the world by Orwellian propaganda, with “climate change” as the fulcrum. Its core message is “revolution“, under which it says its main aims are:

Sustainability, green, climate change, fair trade, ethical, CSR, eco-chic.

And the BBC spends our money sending its staff there. No wonder no-one treats Climategate seriously, they’ve all been brainwashed. To the boys and girls at the BBC, those who deny climate change are “irritating”. Full stop.

For the full gory details, you can download their brainwashing manual here. No doubt a copy is kept in every BBC desk.

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12 Responses to SMOKING GUN (PART2)

  1. cassandra king says:

    The majority of the British people have become “irritating” to these lavishly funded parasites now?

    Taxpayers cash is being lavished on the elite of the UK in order for them to brainwash and manipulate the UK population into following a giant fraud and they have the brass neck to call us “irritating”?
    Lets just remind ourselves which political parties are in on the AGW scam shall we? I am fully aware that my posts will annoy some but the truth sometimes hurts so I am prepared to accept critisism.

    The conservative party are fully on board the AGW scam, there is NO difference between them and the other two parties, Greg Clark is quoted as saying that only “believers in AGW should be allowed to attend the Copenhagen festival of lies”, the conservatives have launched a series of policies that would cripple the UK both financially and in economic competiveness, they are not able or willing to listen to sceptical scientists and they are deaf and blind to the climate gate scandal.
    I would like to know how many conservative party leaders have been on the cult brainwashing courses, I would love to see them answer some very difficult questions about the faked up consensus, but the fact is they are being protected and insulated from any interrogation, as long as they follow the AGW fraud they will be protected by bent MSM/fake consensus.

    What is the answer then? The tragedy is that there is not a real conservative party to vote for anymore, they have been bought off and are nothing more than a fake facade with the odd bone thrown to their grassroots, a vote for the conservatives is a vote for the same nasty dictatorship taking shape in the UK.


    • cassandra king says:


      We have become enemy, we have become obstacles in the quest for a new world order based on lies and fraud, imagine the consequences for us in the years to come!

      The political classes view their own people as enemies now, time to eject these scumbags now, time to destroy these parasites before they destroy us.


      • Marky says:

        Agreed Cassandra the three main parties have for many years been leading Britain towards slavery and despotism. Their goal is plain to see if you have the heart to look into darkness. The elite want the people to be completely subservient to the state and they’ve done well. I believe we haven’t got long now and have not much hope that the future will be a wondrous place.


    • Lloyd says:

      Fully agree that the Conservatives are indeed “on board” but certainly not to the degree that their Lib Lab counterparts are. If you are to hear a politician on TV or radio showing a degree of skeptisism then 9 times out of 10 it will be a conservative.


  2. Guest says:

    To be fair, they are open to feedback:

    RT @futerra: Best insults from climate change sceptics? Third Reich Propagandists.Pinko lefty scum.Eco-Nazis.Evil liberals?? Am collecting!

    Not sure what is to be done with this, but am betting those outbound, from ‘irritating’ to ‘deniers’ to….?…. will get equal airing. At least, when the BBC runs a show on the politicisation and extremist views that are colouring sensible (A)GW debate and mitigation advocacy.


  3. FrankFisher says:

    Climate change, climate change, climate change, every morning, every evening, never any questioning, never any countering evidence, never scepticism, climate change, climate change… The BBC – propaganda; it’s what we do.

    I once though you could reform the BBC, get a few Righties in there, make them expand their recruitment, end the nepotism. I just don’t think that’s possible now. They’re practically a department of state – the ministry of truth, that’s how they see themselves. It is of course how Orwell saw them.
    There’s no solution other than destruction. These people are the enemies of truth, and of england. They must go.


  4. ryan says:

    This is an excellent summary from the Wall Street Journal.
    The Web Discloses Inconvenient Climate Truths The world cannot trust scientists who abuse their power.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I don’t see how this isn’t a violation of the Charter and Agreement.  This is BBC management using license fee money to pay for the indoctrination of staff in what is at its heart a political issue.  These “courses” instruct Beeboids how to deliver a specific message on specific issues.  If that’s not an agenda, I don’t know what is.


  6. Teddy Bear says:

    I’ve heard that there are some concerned about a possible conspiracy involving the BBC and other organisations of a similar sounding type group called Common Purpose. 
    According to one poster
     Common Purpose teach how to impose power beyond legal authority.
    Those selected for training are chosen for their positions of influence and benefit to Common Purpose, not for the license payer.
    Common Purpose creates networks among its ‘graduates’ so as to better implement the nulabor social re-engineering project.
    Some claim that Common Purpose uses NLP – neurolinguistic programming – as part of its tools to control its graduates, or as part of its grooming of young people as potential leaders.

    Apparently Robert Peston the BBC Business Editor is on the board of directors, as well as on another of Julia Middleton’s (founder of Common Purpose) quangos – The Media Standards Trust

    The BBC itself ran an article about it A Secret Society? but that might have been a way to deflect criticism from the outset.


  7. thespecialone says:

    Robin and all at this site.  Please try your best to get this information to other blogs, all over the world.  It must be shown what is happening.  I would think a similar thing is happening all over the world too.  These people really do think we are ‘irritants’ dont they.