The BBC reports that the Dear Leader has said technology such as crime maps and online school reports will cut bureaucracy, as Labour attempts to halve the Budget deficit.; Ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Budget report, the PM said “efficiency savings” would help to save £12bn over four years – £3bn more than planned in the Budget. Great news. I suppose one might pause to wonder how £12bn worth of theoretical “efficiency savings” over four years is going to resolve public sector net debt of £804bn but obviously the BBC does not concern itself with such economic trivia. No, Gordon is in control and offering us clear red water between his kindly “efficiency savings” and the wicked Tories cuts. Vote Labour, you know it makes (non) sense.

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  1. Martin says:

    Scottish mincer Nicki Campbell fell for tihs clap trap from Liam Byrne this morning.

    Apparently scaking the top Civil Servants will save us some 5 nillion a year or something, makes you wonder how much they get paid!!

    All utter spin and nonsense.


  2. Backwoodsman says:

    DV, Just a thought , but would it be worth someone who understands the form for Freedom of Information requests, putting one in regarding the modding policy the beeboids are using to restrict comments on the have your say feature  on AGW pieces – they can’t all be in the que for bad language, this looks rather like censorship and I don’t think thats in their charter is it ?


  3. David vance says:


    Excellent idea – if anyone reading this is skilled in the art of FOI could they enquire as suggested?


  4. dave s says:

    It is all a fantasy. Even reporting Brown’s drivel is to condone sheer lunacy. But I suppose the BBC, together with the rest of the media, is obliged to report his ravings.
    The country is broke. The savings do not amount to a hill of beans.
    It is not going to make any difference.
    Somebody somewhere is going to have to spell it out and get a hearing. Don’t expect the BBC to carry it. It  has become a fully paid up cast member of Fantasy Island
    After all if Brown is to be believed their wages are going to be cut and there is even less likelihood of Thompson being able to afford a Bic razor


  5. Bob says:

    yes, yes – it’s all propping up labour, all red and all that

    take that sycophant, nick robinson:

    “There will be a debate now over who is most credibly promising to reduce inefficiency but it won’t a very efficient use of anyone’s time.
    The key to cutting the debt is cutting public spending overall, and the key to that is cuts to what the government actually does – not simply the cost of doing it.
    It is worth noting that Gordon Brown previously claimed that any efficiency savings beyond those he last announced would lead to savage cuts in public services.”


  6. Grant says:

    A couple of weeks ago that economic illiterate , Stephanie Flanders, said that the BA pension fund deficit was   £26 billion, when it is actually around  £2.6 billion.
    The Beeboids just don’t understand numbers, apart from their pay packets, of course.